I Guess Robbery Was on His Bucket List: More of America’s Finest.

It probably would be a whole lot less degrading if you just got a job doing pretty much….anything.



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  1. He had a job there filling buckets with fish and came back to fill the bucket with a chit-head.

  2. I bet he votes too.

  3. Good Day Upptyites. The Sun id shining. 🙂

  4. 😆 and id is shining bright. 😆

  5. Oh good Gawd, that was that fool from Slidell! 🙄

    Just hope he didn’t reproduce.

  6. Check the video here. He peeps thru the door and then remembers the camera being there and gets the bucket!


  7. Dumbass. His bucket did not match his outfit of camo!

  8. oh that video is great. Slidell, reminds me of NOLA and Jazz Fest. And lake pontchatrain and a week of non-stop blues and the best barbeque i’ve ever had that dripped all over your napkin that you HAD to put on your lap.

    Reminds me of Lucinda Williams songs too. She sings about Slidell.

  9. OMG ROFL Fredster. What a tool.

  10. Reminds me of that other vid of the guys who tried a robbery and looked like the keystone cops banging into the door trying to get out when the owner shot at them.

  11. Fredster do you know if they caught him or was the bucket a good deal?

  12. Oh no, Upps, they got him. There was just enough of a glimpse of his face that the owners recognized him.

  13. karen for Clinton: So you stayed in Slidell for Jazz Fest?

    best barbeque i’ve ever had

    Did you try some Crawfish Monica?


    sorry about the source of the link

  14. Oh God, I can’t believe that sign fell on them. How awful.

  15. Hey Fredster, it’s Karen. She might have been the one who ate the statue!

  16. I know! That damned airport just went through a couple hundred million dollar renovation and then the damned thing falls away from the wall!

    And from what I read on other news sites they now aren’t sure where the family is from.

  17. Hey Fredster, it’s Karen. She might have been the one who ate the statue!


  18. No fredster, we stayed in one of the big hotels not far from the quarter just off canal and rampart. It was in 2002 Pre-Katrina, thankfully. We all did eat well. Not into seafood but had my fill of brisket.

  19. The strawberries mixed in iced cold lemonade with some pralines to snack on ohhhh and the baguettes with iced coffee down by the river and ribs that made me cry. I would have eaten only hot dogs though as long as I got to hear the music. Blues from heaven everywhere I went. Pinetop was in the record store playing piano and fiddle on a tiny stage. Keb Mo and Dr John played in the clubs after the fest. 30 bands that were each worth the trip. And the art of the place is unforgettable too. Beautiful and different city that lived up to all the hype.

  20. What statue? I didn’t eat any marble. I just had a big bowl of soup, two slices of pizza and a bowl of popcorn and I am STILL hungry.
    I eat food – I am not PICA.

    Like the song from Oliver – food glorious food. Lol

  21. LOL Fredster, you can handle the question. Hahahaha.

  22. No fredster, we stayed in one of the big hotels

    Oh okay, was wondering since you mentioned Slidell.

  23. LOL Fredster, you can handle the question. Hahahaha.

    Oh no…you brought that up! 😆

  24. Reminds me of a stupid crook story that I recently heard. A crook tried to ‘return’ a printer to WalMart without a recipt. Upon a discussion about return policy and looking over the printer, the employees pulled out a couple of pieces of paper that had counterfit $100 bills on it. Well, the crook continued to refuse to leave, and needless to say, the cops had been notified and were on thier way. He continues to argue, the cops arrive, arrest him and find 10 more counterfit $100 bills on his person – yeah, crooks are not very bright.

  25. Coward!

    You got dat rite!

  26. mmmarvel@11:50: LOL!

  27. LOLOL MMM. I gotta go find that video of the keystone cops robbers. BRB.

  28. Damn. I gotta learn to use tags in my posts.

  29. Found it and the video is “no longer available. Damn. 65 year old woman clerk and five keystone cop robbers.

  30. Found another copy. ROFL killing each other to get out of the store, driver drove off and left two of them behind. The one I had was a straigt video with no news crap.

  31. Get out that Idiot’s Guide to Nostradamus. After a week where the dynamic duo BO and JO were in full stupid mode, a meteor flies across the DC sky. Afterall, JO JO spent more money than God because he evidently could not find Italy and had to stop off in both Paris and London for directions. BOBO told Israel to chill because he does not worry about Canada blowing him out of the water and those fun loving goat people in the middle east are even better neighbors.

    I actually did witness the fireball/meteor/piece of a missing plane engine they were attempting to plant as evidence of the horridness of sequester.

    I was driving on the Beltway heading home to Maryland from work in Virginia. Traffic was actually moving rather well and then all of a sudden cars just slowed and many stopped. Very bright and colorful.


  32. Uppity that’s hysterical!!

  33. I’m just watching HLN story on a son who called 911 declaring that he heard a shot from his father’s bedroom and he can’t get in because the door is locked, and then he goes on to say his father is “bleeding from the mouth”. So the 911 operator says, You can’t get into the bedroom because it’s locked, so how do you know he’s bleeding from the mouth? Anyways,the moron shot his father dead, locked the door from inside and then broke the sliding glass door to the bedroom to make it look like somebody broke in. unfortunately, when he smashed the door after he left through it, the glass flew all over his dead father. Then he entered the house through another door and left glass fragments he stepped on all over the carpet. So it took them about 4 seconds to figure out who did it.

  34. Uppity@1: 26 – Doh!

    JO? I”m guessing that might be J.B. as in the veep. I saw something about him being in London.

  35. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/vice-president-biden-racks-500g-hotel-bills-article-1.1296973

    You know in that movie about Palin and McCain Sarah kept calling him Joe O’Biden.

  36. That kind of money for Biden is insane. That was some expensive photo op. If he thinks he will be our next president he is mistaken. No way. No how. He is a clown – even in his multi million dollar pics. Foolish waste of our tax money.

    Upps, still waiting on the statue explanation. Sounds as if there is something interesting I missed. I tried to google statue eating but only found the mundane. Fred is it risque? I am all ears. Lol

  37. Okay about the statue remark, Karen,
    Fredster DMd me some photos of an awesome food spread in celebration of the new pope by Catholics. I mean you wanted to pluck that food right out of the photos! And there, in the middle of this droolworthy spread was one out of place statue of the Virgin Mary, just to point out that this gluttonous feast was “religious”. So I joked that I hope nobody accidentally ate the statue.

  38. Lol. And here I was googling it. I figured it must have been on a TV show. I always miss those common culture questions. People are astounded when I have never heard of big stars.

    They loves them some lavish gluttony and some false idols and some fill In the blanks. I think we need a Jesuit VP and Pres.

  39. It was late/I was tired.

    I guess the J’O and B’O was prominent last week because they were both doing caricatures of what they think is Irish (Is that not RACIST??).

    And they spent a bucket load of money on the St. Pat’s day shenanigans as well. Sequester is for the peons.

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