Poppy Harlow Is Outraged At Your Outrage Over Her Sympathy For Rapists

If she were a guy, she’d be a dickhead. Poppy Harlow, lacking the the humanity to see what she has done, and unable to apologize for her offensive coverage of the Steubenville verdict, is outraged over the backlash from this puke-worthy coverage of the two Steubenville dirtbags who raped an unconscious girl. Yay Team!

As a matter of fact, she’s not only Outraged, she’s taking it personally.

Instead of apologizing or listening to the complaints that the network was soft on rapists due to their Steubenville rape convictions coverage, CNN is outraged and dismissive.

Today The Wrap reported:

Poppy Harlow, covering the events in Steubenville, particularly hard.

“Poppy is taking this extremely personally as a woman,” said one executive. “She’s outraged that someone would think she’d do such a thing” as slant her coverage toward rapists. “It’s gotten so out of control.”

Thataway, Poppy. Blame the people you offended. It goes well with your style. Shame on you for even trying that schtick on the people you know you offended with your Let’s Hug A Rapist coverage.

You should take it personally Poppy. Because so do the rest of us. As a matter of fact, Candy Crowley’s comments that pretty much amounted to “That’s what you get for joining the military” on the subject of rapes in the military was already the only tipoff  I needed to convince me that CNN loves them their rapists and the victims of rape just plain always ask for it. But to cover Steubenville’s little barn animals as if their  sweet, promising lives were ruined by their victim is just a final straw.

You can cover whatever you want however you want to, because I would rather have pins in my eyes than ever watch anything CNN has to say any longer.

And by the way, this was NOT the “first time” we heard from these two scumballs, so you are wrong. Richmond did a revolting interview with ABC pre-trial, where he lied like the little bastard he is and blamed his victim. The only reason that little bastard was crying was “Nobody will want me now”. Meaning, he won’t get drafted by a team. Boo Effing Hoo.

And Mays had THIS to say, pretrial, although it wasn’t on National TV.

“I got Reno. He took care of it and shit ain’t gonna happen, even if they did take it to court.”

These two boys are scumballs. The only reason they are “Sorry” is because they got caught.

So fuck you, Poppy. Your “outrage” doesn’t even come close to the ourage you invited. If you have a daughter or ever do have a daughter, you had best pray that a barn animal like Richmond or Mays, with their ‘Promising Futures,” never take her to the prom.

**Note to readers: “Reno” is the POS coach who knew about the rape but kept it quiet. He’s the Paterno of high school. Unfortunately for him, the DA isn’t done with him either.


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  1. They should be ashamed of themselves. But if they had any shame, they wouldn’t make statements like this or offer coverage like this in the first place.

  2. Poppy hasn’t tweeted since that day. lol. She can be as outraged as she wants to be. She knows damned well she’s wrong. And you’re right. SHame on her.

  3. Poppy should be outraged her parents named her Poppy.

    I understand that Mike DeWine is not quite done with Steubenville.


  4. Bad thing about dewine is that he is anti-choice.


  5. Poppy is a narcissist. A girl was raped and she thinks this is all about her. Typical narcissist response of projection too.

  6. I think Jane Hanlin prosecuted the two barn animals. Dewine is all too willing to take all the credit though. But for now, so long as he’s onto the coach and other adults and students who were complicit, we’ll applaud him. But it did look like another case of the woman doing all the work and getting none of the credit. In any event, I liked seeing a woman go after those two little goats. Saw something about how she had to get her family out of town because of the threats.

  7. I gave up tee vee years ago due to the decline of quality. It is amazing how much people pay for cable every month to havegarbage delivered to their living rooms. CNN backs up the dump truck and unloaded on your floor.

    Remember the Zappa tune?

    I am the slime from the video…

  8. Reno, as a high school coach, is a teacher. Teachers are mandatory reporters of child abuse. He should definitely see some criminal charges brought right to his doorstep.

  9. Are there any twitter hashtags trending on this?

  10. imust, that is a great point. Reno, as a teacher IS a mandated reporter. He should lose his job if for nothing else than that. Nevermind he set the bar so low that his boyz can crawl over it.
    I can’t believe it has taken so long to cross my mind. Thank you.

  11. Hashtag


  12. The Cheating Generation strikes again. Harvard stripped of Quiz Tournament Titles.

  13. So much for Spring we are expecting 6 inches of Snow!!! 🙄

  14. Foxy, the groundhog is in hiding. He is so dead.

  15. I heard he was stewed up in a pot with carrots and potatoes. 😆

  16. Poppy should be ashamed of herself. 🙄

  17. Her name is Katherine. Middle name Julia.

    She apparently prefers what must have been her overly cute nickname as a toddler. I assume she thinks “Poppy” makes her special. But then,she is not even trying to be a real reporter. She just plays one on TV.

    I think a lot of the people they now have on camera on supposed news shows are frustrated actors hoping for their big break. If they succeed, poor Anita might have to work with them at some point. Not sure the “Poppy” and “Candy” contingent understand that for most actors, it is a job. Often a tough job with a lot of uncertainty. Not a trip to Disneyland.

  18. “Poppy,” yeah that name adds gravitas….

    Oh, and she is offended because she was not lauded for her ground breaking coverage. Tough—-; you can figure out the second word, you’re smart folks.

    “Poppy” is like something straight our Susan Brownmiller’s book on rape and the blame the victim so one can labor under the delusion that if I am a good girl in a partriarchial society this won’t happen to me. What an idiot. Keep the pressure up….Maybe they will fire her dimwitted ass.

  19. It is increasingly clear that they hire anchors based on how they look on TV, not on their ability or dedication to journalism. A fair number of them are there because of Who’s Your Daddy and are complete tools. Think Luke Russert.

  20. Effing groundhog. My dog is right. In addition to being really stupid about the weather, they eat your entire garden. They dig a trench you don’t even know is there till you break your leg. The only good groundhog is a groundhog in my dog’s mouth with me yelling DROP IT! Second only to possums.

  21. I have simply GOT to do a post on Jodi Arias. After watching her testify and act out for the cameras, and after watching her in the interrogation room when the cops left her alone, I am absolutely positive she is a psycho. If she doesn’t get the murder one rap, she’ll be out on parole dating and stalking again. A truly crazy woman. She stabbed her ex boyfriend she was stalking 29 times, then slashed his throat from ear to ear, then shot him in the head. We’re talking one crazy bastard here.

  22. Uppity, I wish you could read at the NY Times site. Sometimes they do have “good reads” on subjects. This is a goodie:


  23. Her name is Katherine. Middle name Julia.

    She apparently prefers what must have been her overly cute nickname as a toddler. I assume she thinks “Poppy” makes her special. But then,she is not even trying to be a real reporter. She just plays one on TV.

    Well bless her heart. 👿

  24. I think Jane Hanlin prosecuted the two barn animals. Dewine is all too willing to take all the credit though

    Well, that’s typical isn’t it?

  25. Rockin’ Post!!! And comments. I hope some twitter savvy person links this article to “poppy”. I hope some of the losers at cnn see it. I can’t believe she would choose that little girl nickname for her broadcast name. Compare her to the journalists of our generation, women who were out in the field with men, often in dangerous situations, not wearing designer clothes and having their hair coiffed and makeup done. And using their real names. fgs.

  26. I hope that idiot coach goes down also.

    I haven’t had any time to pay attention to the Jodi Arias thing, so a post would be very welcome.

  27. It’s likely they use names like Candy and Poppy so they won’t be seen as a threat. The whole sexist crap of broadcast “journalism” has been disgusting from the beginning.

  28. It’s likely they use names like Candy and Poppy so they won’t be seen as a threat.

    On the bright side, she did not deign to style herself as “Mimsy” !

  29. Oh, this is the best video for supporting gay marriage ever!!

  30. Cutesy nicknames and shortened names with a Y on the end has always been a great way to keep women in their little girl subordinate places. Someone tried that on my once. Once.

  31. Sophie, well done. There are response vids from straight men and then at least two versions from straight women. The original is best.

  32. I didn’t even know there’s a video posted. I can’t stand this any longer. I see nothing.

  33. I can see videos in comments in Chrome. Sputter………….!!!

  34. I am perhaps more sensitive to cutesy as I have a name that often gets the ie/y attached. My father taught me how to print and write my full name and how to introduce myself using my proper name. Nicknames were reserved for a very small circle of family and very close friends. To this day, I never introduce myself using the diminutive form and do not encourage its use.

    I have often wondered why, if people like the Y sound, they do not simply give children names where is occurs naturally. There are some very nice options. Amy, Lily, Emily, Bethany.

  35. I can see videos in comments in Opera. Firefox plays videos at the source site but not those embedded elsewhere. All that white space is a bit surreal.

  36. No–Jane Hanlin did NOT prosecute these 2 little ratbastards. Marianne Hemmeter did. Jane Hanlin’s precious little boy Charlie Keenan is/was a star player for Steubenville and was rumored to have been in on the set-up of Jane Doe. In fact, Jane Hanlin first told Jane Doe and her parents NOT to try to press charges because she didn’t think they had a case. Jane’s in deep with the usual ol’boy network in Stupidville.

  37. And I watched ABC’s ’20/20′ interview with the precious lads and their families. No mention was even made about Jane Doe until well into the program. I’m glad these 2 got the gavel thrown down on them, and good for Mike Dewine to go after the rest of these enabling shit-stain rape collaborators. Also hats off to Alexandria Goddard, the woman who blogs as Prinnie and took screen shots of lots of the tweets and pictures that some of these monsters had posted on the ‘net. If not for her, and then Anonymous, we wouldn’t even be discussing this case.

  38. UW, Gotta do a post on Jodi. All aboard the crazy train. Nothing says “I’m a crazy lady” like trying to be your attorney’s doppelganger. Love how she is able to explain the unexplainable, like unicorns, and how stabbing someone 29 times, slitting his throat, and shooting him is self defense.

    She shouldn’t get the death penalty, she should get a date with Oscar.

  39. AnnE, what is really freaking me out are the tapes of her interrogations. First the story that she wasn’t there. Then the story that she was there but two ninjas in black broke in and killed him. Then they left her alone after they looked at her driver’s license. And then the cop telling her he knows she did it and she say agasp….are you SURE? I couldn’t have, if I hurt travis I would beg for the death penalty. Then they leave her alone and she does all these wierd things. Then she says she wants to see the photos and he says why do you want to see them? I immediately guessed it was because she wanted to make sure the next story she made up wasn’t going to conflict with the pictures. THEN she asks if she an clean up before they book her and asks if the press will be there and will his family know and then comes that mug shot all made up and smiling like it’s a graduation pic. And telling 60 minutes she did it beause that’s what travis would do, smile and “say cheese”. I mean this woman is a freak of humanity. She is ENUOYING this andit shows.

  40. Look of this bullshit story on 48 hours

  41. Ah thank you for that information on Hanlin! And good on Hemmeter. Funny how nobody knows her name, kind of like nobody knows the name of What’s her name killed by Poor Oscar. Funny how everybody knows the DA’s name and he didn’t do the work.

  42. After seeing all the comments y’all have made on this Jodi Arias thing, I’m glad I missed it all.

  43. “She shouldn’t get the death penalty, she should get a date with Oscar.”

    Haha! Good one!

  44. More like she deserves a date with OJ. They both deserve a date with each other.

  45. This is what the prosecution is alleging so far that begs for the death penalty in the case of Jodi Arias, currently starring in “The Jodi Arias Show” in an Arizona courtroom:

    1. She stole a gun from her grandfather in May 2008.
    2. She planned a “road trip” to “get to know” a new guy in Utah as a cover for at side trip to AZ where she would murder Travis, the ex bff.
    3. Borrowed 2 gas cans to fill her tank and not have to stop for gas in AZ where receipts might be available.
    4. Shut off her phone for at least 12 hours so the “pings” could not be traced to the state she was not supposed to be.
    5. Rented a car, demanded it be white, so it would not stand out.
    6. Turned her license plate upside down so it would not be traceable.
    7. Showed up – I think unexpectedly – at 4am at Travis’s house and engaged in a day of sex as a last ditch effort to entice him back into life.
    8. While taking a shower, he took pictures as a ruse then when he turned his back she stabbed him repeatedly until he staggered into the hallway where she then cut his throat.
    9. She completed the act by then firing a bullet into his head, dragged him back into the shower to wash away any traces, where she left him to rot for the next 5 days.
    10. Made an effort to “clean up” the crime scene by deleting the pictures and throwing the camera into the washing machine without realizing that the pics – some of which recorded the event – could be rescued by forensics.
    11. Testified that he “tied her up” with a rope that he cut into lengths as a means of justifying how the knife was at hand in the bedroom.
    12. The bullet recovered is the same caliber as the gun stolen from her grandfather’s house but she claims it was Travis’s gun though there is no record that he ever owned one. The gun is supposedly somewhere in the desert.
    13. After the murder she made her way back into Utah telling the new boyfriend that she “got lost” en route and had “found” her phone charger under the front seat of the car which accounted for her being “out of touch” for those crucial hours.
    14. Proceeded to “climb all over” the new guy only hours after murdering Travis.
    15. Is now claiming she was in a “fog” from the time she shot him in self defense to cover up the 29 stab wounds and cut throat she says had to have taken place after she shot him. The prosecution says she stabbed him first which contradicts “self defense”.
    16. Is now claiming domestic abuse and PTSD as a reason for her actions.
    17. Is now claiming that Travis was a pedophile and abuser although there is not a shred of evidence to support the assertions.
    18. Has lied repeatedly about the events, first claiming she wasn’t there, then claiming “2 Ninjas” did it, then finally “confessed” when the forensics begin to pile up against her.

    The prosecution asserts that she “stalked” him for months, breaking into his bank accounts, reading his e-mail, slashing his tires and those of a woman he dated, broke into his house, and spied on him by peeking through his windows. She was obsessed.

    Jodi Arias is “crazy smart”, enjoying every moment in the spotlight by revealing the most salacious moments of their relationship and dragging Travis down into the gutter for the sheer pleasure of doing so.

    My opinion that this premeditated murder was planned when he sent her packing to CA in April, thus ending the relationship for good, and she put her plan into action then executed it on June 4th, 2008 in a cold blooded manner.

    She is a psychopath who deserves the death penalty but whether she gets it is another matter. All she needs is one juror as a hold out who views her with “compassion”.

    Sorry for going on so long but I am glad that I am not the only one fascinated by this case. Riveting.

  46. Glad somebody else sees what I see in this psyho Jodi. What REALLY bothers me is what she has done to the stories of women who were TRULY victims of violence and abuse. For that alone, i hope she dies. But I’m working on a post on this and it all pretty much says the same thing you’ve said, only meaner. I am getting tired of the word “Alleged” when it is clearly documented that a POS did the things they are ‘alleged’ to have done, though.

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