The way you imagined it vs. the way it is.

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  1. Bwahahahaha!!! 😆

  2. I can’t believe the cat didn’t have lunch. But other than the birdie, there is all kinds of noise going on in this house to disturb a kitteh’s sleep.

  3. For a good laugh read this. You can’t make this crap up. They coulda been a contender but they both thought they should be numero uno.

    Yep, those two are both winners. Real winners. rolls eyes.

  4. Fred that dove should be a poof of flying feathers. Poor kitteh. Sleepy.

  5. Gingrich and Santorum. I do beieve I could beat them myself. lolol.

  6. Yes you could Upps. 🙂

  7. Hello you little ray of sunshine you dear Uppity. Listen when it comes to any of these pieces of work we have ” representing” us you could beat any of them R or D. To me their is no difference. They are killing this country and have for the most part killed the middle class. Their is not one politician out there right now I would rush out and vote for NOT ONE !!!

  8. Jodi Arias post going up soon. I am spent just writing this.

  9. Ford ad of bound and gagged wimmenz. I am surprised we are allowed to drive and vote. This is outrageous.

  10. Ten years ago they wouldn’t have DARED make that commercial.


  12. Ten years ago they wouldn’t have DARED make that commercial.

    Well, they made that advert for Ford India. They treat women like shit there anyway so they probably see nothing wrong with it.

  13. Fredster, I suppose a woman in India in bondage should at least consider herself glad to be alive even if she is tortured. God, the Middle East men are animals. But still, FORD should be ashamed of themselves for doing that to women, regardless of where. They’ve been caught and America is not happy. SO I hope they sell a lot of cars in India because they won’t be selling one to people like me or you.

  14. And Upps I wasn’t trying to be flip with that response (I just looked at it again). Really, they probably figured that was just fine for over there and as you said, they’ve been caught now.

  15. methinks I made you gun shy Fredster. I shall have to buy you a present.

  16. methinks I made you gun shy Fredster.

    Oh no…it was just as I reread that I thought it maybe came off as too flip or smart-assed. That wasn’t my intention.

  17. Well Fredster, I know your style and I knew you were being satirically disdainful.

    Karen, problem is, they can’t find the gun so they can’t say it’s grampa’s gun and she claims she bought the gas because it was too expensive in Arizona compared to Utah. Or some such crap. So the premeditation charge is really all circumstantial without proof. Same goes for dying her hair in ready to blow town, or to not be recognized. She’s a crafty demon, that one. Fortunately, the jury gets to ask questions in Arizona, and they asked her over 200 questions. You could see her glee when she thought she got the best of them on a question. Seriously, she gets this smug smirk. Anyways, the questions were reallllllly sarcastic and more than suggestive they don’t believe a thing she says about anything, any time. But then we don’t know whih jurors wrote the questions, and if there were any who didn’t ask one. All it takes is one sucker. There is no reasonable doubt she killed him, it’s just a question of 1st or 2nd degree.

  18. penguin with Easter basket!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolollol! it makes the bad news stories go away!

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