Jodi Arias. Batshit Crazy Psycho and Thumbing Her Nose at Domestic Violence Victims Everywhere – While Enjoying It

To all the innocent victims of domestic violence I have known, and for all those who will come for help in the future, I truly apologize for the existence of Jodi Arias, a murderer who has made a mockery of domestic violence to a point where there will be women in danger who will not be believed — as if that isn’t already a problem that endangers women everywhere.

As you all know, I have been called a Feminist with every conceivable Adjective in front of the word and descriptor after the word one can imagine, from “Radical” to “Militant” to Feminist C*nt.  And I don’t care. But  you also know I don’t hand out free passes either, I see it and I call it. Therefore, I can’t give this freak a free pass, nor will I  apologize for it. I just have to do a post on this murderous little bastard. After watching days of her testimony and plowing through interrogation videos of this demon, Please excuse me if this post is slightly disorganized. I am writing about one really fucked up creature.

I am stunned. Stunned and afraid. If this psycho manages to get off with second degree murder  instead of first degree, she will be out dating, stalking and killing again one day.

Travis Alexander in shower just before his death.

Travis Alexander in shower just before his death.

I am also stunned that there are people out there who can still ask Who Is Jodi Arias? So let me tell you who she is.

Jodi Arias was jilted by her ex-boyfriend. She slashed his tires. She was caught peeking in his windows. In the end,  she bought and filled a couple of 5 gallon gas cans (to avoid service station records), drove from Utah to Arizona with her cell phone battery removed (to thwart location tracing), and showed up at his place. She had  a  day of kinky sex with him in hopes of getting him to take her on his trip to Cancun, but after she did her very best sex acts for him,  he was still going to Cancun with another, more normal woman. So…… Plan B kicked in.

She waited till Travis was in the shower and, typical of her recent and sinister habit of recording sex acts  and nudity, she took photos of him showering for posterity, using Travis’ own camera. Then she stabbed him below the heart, and continued stabbing him as he began bleeding out in the bathroom sink (GRAPHIC blood spray in sink) — before he tried to escape down the hall whilst being stabbed repeatedly. She stabbed him a total of 29 times, many of the wounds were in his back and the back of his head. Then she (WARNING! VERY GRAPHIC CLOSE UP OF SLIT THROAT) slit his throat from ear to ear, probably after he was dead. The cut was so deep, he was technically decapitated.

Did I mention she also shot him in the head?  She claims she ‘accidentally’ shot him first, but the autopsy revealed that he did not bleed from that wound — which means Travis Alexander had already bled-out and was already dead when she shot him,  no matter what she claims.  As a matter of fact, the spent shell from that shot to the head was (GRAPHIC) found resting atop already spent blood. So Jodi is lying about that, as usual. Slice it anyway you want, Jodi Arias killed Travis as many times as she could before she fled the scene.

She did do a little housekeeping before she left. She ran the dishwasher with a a number of knives in it, possibly including the one she stabbed him with. Then, after she removed her photos of the day’s “fun,”  she put the camera into the washing machine and ran it through a wash cycle. As it turns out, Jodi’s high IQ doesn’t include much in the upper left quadrant of her brain. She thought she erased all the photos of their afternoon of sex and of her murderous rampage, but had no clue that the memory contents could be recovered  in a crime lab. As an additional prize during photo recovery, the photos were all dated and time-stamped.  The photos recorded the gruesome murder in sequence, including a shot of Jodi’s own foot. After she dispositioned the camera and knife in the name of  Cleanliness, she then left the house and drove back home to Utah, on time to keep an appointment with another man. Somewhere along the way in this story, she also dyed her hair from very blond to dark brown. It appears from some of the photos on the camera that her hair had already been dyed when she killed Travis.

I guess if Jodi wasn’t going to Cancun with Travis, nobody was going to Cancun, including Travis. Did I mention that after she killed him and killed him and killed him, and after he bled out, she dragged him (GRAPHIC) back to the shower and dumped him there? (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS IN FOLLOWING LINKS: There was blood,  more blood,  more blood,  and more blood everywhere from the floor to the walls in that home. There were defensive wounds on what was left of Travis too, including his hand sliced open between thumb and forefinger, suggesting he tried to take the knife away from this maniac. There were also X-Rated or, shall I say, extremely naked photos of Jodi and her body parts in that camera, which I will not bother showing to please that Narcissistic little personality-disordered savage. From watching her at trial, she is already enjoying this far too much.

Let’s move on to sweet, innocent Jodi’s story of what happened –or should I say, several of Jodi’s stories of what happened. First, she insisted she was not even in Arizona when Travis was murdered.  Then when they arrested her and she was told they had proof she was there, (including her bloody hand print on the wall), she changed her story the next day. She said that she was there and two masked ninjas in black broke in and killed him in front of her. It was so painful for her to watch, too!  The killers, of course, left her alone because ……well…because she said so.

Now, about the gun Jodi used to shoot Travis in the head:  There is no indication that Travis Alexander ever owned a hand gun. In fact, even Jodi said he didn’t own a hand gun or any firearm of any kind. But then, when that story didn’t work,  she said he did own a hand gun, but kept it unloaded.  It was in a holster and then it wasn’t in a holster. When that didn’t fit the actual evidence too well either, she said  he had a hand gun and she saw him load it once.  Please note there was no box of ammunition in Travis’ home.  None whatsoever.  For those of you who don’t own guns to protect yourself against psychos like Jodi, you don’t just buy a couple of bullets. You have to buy a box of them. Let me put it this way: If Travis owned a hand gun, I’m Timmy and my dog is Lassie. However, Jodi’s grandfather DID own a hand gun for sure. That is, till it was reported stolen a month earlier. It was a .25 caliber pistol.  Care to take a shot in the dark and guess what caliber pistol Jodi shot Travis with? Take your time. I’ll wait…..

The hand gun was never found.

Watching this freak testify during her 18 days of Aesop’s Fables was hair-raising. Jodi had a habit of taping their phone sex during the time leading up to her murderous rampage, tapes in which she is oddly kind of sweet and innocent. Those tapes were played in the courtroom. Jodi seemed to enjoy that a  lot. I tell you the TV cameras were hardly capable of bleeping fast enough. And of course, the Defense made up a nice collage of audios of Travis saying all kinds of kinky things, with Jodi’s responses edited.

You know what? I could do hours on this evil  murderess who will set justice for real domestic violence victims back for years to come just for some fame. I’ll  just let her speak for herself. So here goes:


When they knocked on Jodi’s door to bring her in, she asked if she could take a few minutes to put her makeup on first.

Here’s Jodi immediately after she is told she is being arrested and charged with First Degree Premeditated Murder. She has a big concern. What’s her concern? She wants to know if she can clean up before they book her. Seriously. She is also really interested in how fast everybody on earth is going to find out about this, including  Travis’ family.

I forgot to mention that she also asked to see the photos of the crime scene after they told her she was about to be arrested.  When asked why she wanted to see them, she said, “Morbid Curiosity”. Now I hate to sound jaded here, but it sounded an awful lot like she wanted to check out what those photos showed so she could adjust her newest lying bullshit accordingly without conflicting with the photos.

Here’s Jodi in the police interrogation room, right after they told her they were going to arrest her for murder. What’s Jodi’s response?  She cries her little eyes out, and then asks if she can clean herself up before they arrest her. Later, the cop leaves  her alone and what’s bothering her, now?  Why, she’s upset that she didn’t do her makeup. Or as Jodi puts it: “Gosh”. She begins singing an interesting excerpt from  Dido’s song, “Here With Me,” specifically the part that goes, “I am what I am. I’ll do what I want” and “It might change my memory”.  You can see the official youtube video of that song here. 13 million people have now viewed it. After she sings her song, she then does a yoga head-stand. W.T.F. Showtime!

There is also a segment later on where they cuff her and she sits on the floor alone and flips her hair repeatedly back to front, to try to make it look hot for her mug shot.

And now, for Jodi’s mug shot. Not only her mug shot, but her explanation the next day to 48 Hours on why her mug shot looks like it does.


Yes, that is Jodi’s mug shot. As you can see, she remains broken up about Travis’ death which she continued to insist she had nothing to do with. She can barely contain her fear and sadness, right?

Now here’s Jodi’s explanation of her mug shot: “I knew it would be all over the internet” and “Smile, say cheese!”. Yeah, she said that:

If that doesn’t make you shiver all over knowing this woman was walking the streets all these years, I don’ t know what will.

Once Jodi found out the photos were recovered, she changed her story. By the day after her arrest, Jodi’s story changed from her insistence she wasn’t anywhere near Travis when he was killed to an account of two intruders killing him in front of her, and then letting Special Jodi go free and untouched.

Here’s a 48 Hours documentary of this psycho with a major Personality Disorder “In Her Own Words,” where she spins the story of how two intruders killed Travis in front of her.  You should watch this. I mean, you really SHOULD watch it. You really have to see how twisted this woman really is and how well she spins a story about a relationship and a murder.  Very detailed. Her story of the ‘intruders,’  complete with well-timed tears, is an especially chilling revelation of how decayed this this pathologically lying maniac really is inside. Of course, What’s- Her- Face who was interviewing her on 48 Hours is right there stroking her with that signature sympathetic voice only reserved in the press for the worst among us and rarely reserved for victims.

If  this documentary doesn’t make you understand how much Jodi Arias is enjoying the aftermath of this gruesome crime, then just try to think of how much she enjoyed actually killing Travis Alexander about 30 times:

Today, Jodi Arias’ story at trial is, she  admittedly killed Travis in “Self Defense,”  but she only remembers the parts that help her in trial, and has amnesia about simply everything else. Jodi claims she was a victim of Domestic Violence. And I’m Cleopatra.  And if Jodi Arias wasn’t a  psycho stalker that Travis couldn’t get rid of, I am also Kate Middleton. Jodi walked away from that planned bloodbath with a slightly cut finger.

Can I rest my case now? If not, let me know, because I have enough shit saved on this sinister freak to fill ten more posts. Suffice it to say that Jodi Arias needs to be removed from the gene pool because the world is not a safe or better place with her in it. Let’s just say that  Jodi’s last fame-appearance should be a photo of her brain being studied  post-mortem. For the good of humanity, I hope this jury has the good sense to put a fork in Jodi Arias.

Say! Would you like to see Jodi in the jail talent contest? She won the turkey dinner for her cell-block mates. Kindly remember that if you catch her doing  her well-timed Crocodile Tears during this ongoing travesty of a trial.

And here’s Jodi’s new Trial Look. She  woke up one day just before trial and suddenly needed glasses. Just like her attorney. Here she is in court with her attorney, ala  The Patty Duke Show. She’s not crazy. Nah. Incidentally, this trial has already cost the people of Arizona nearly a million dollars. Cost to Jodi Arias: Zero.


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  1. Great, Great, Great

  2. TY I need a nap!

  3. Very good synopsis of this psycho. I had no idea the trial has cost the taxpayers of Arizona almost a million dollars.

    I can’t see how a single one of the jurors could buy her BS, but stranger things have happened. Hopefully there isn’t a stray sympathetic moron sitting on the jury.

  4. Incredible. That’s all I got to say. Great post Upps! I admit I have not been following this but I don’t watch Headline News either.

  5. Somebody, statistically, if they see a lot of a woman defendant, which explains why they had her on the stand for 18 days—they build up sympathy, especially a good actor like Jodi. Then, they find it hard to assign the death penalty. That’s the idea. There is no question she’s guilty, but the defense is working to save her life, so they are pulling out all the stops that make it likely.

  6. I wonder, is it life w/out benefit of parole in AZ? I hope so.

  7. Good point that she sets women back with her bogus claims of domestic violence. I know a woman who made that claim and was provided with a lawyer pro bono by a well-known women’s group. Well, the lawyer has come top realize that this poor “victim” is a liar and tends to be the violent crazy one. Poor lawyer is sick of her. So, what’s the likelihood that the lawyer will ever again offer pro bono services for victims of domestic violence now that he has been played by a fake victim?

  8. Usually the court appoints lawyers to people who have no money. It’s kind of hard to say no to a judge.

  9. She got this one from the YWCA to represent her in a divorce/child custody case.

  10. You needed to get this out. I know only what you’ve mentioned up till now about this case. I don’t want to look at any of the graphics. I will take your word for it that it was ugly. The gun theft and the gas cans show this was premeditated and the jury should all agree on that. Not that they will – but they should. This would make a good horror movie.

  11. By the way, there was a third gas can on her charge card that she claims she returned to Walmart, but walmart nixes that there was a return by her. The other two were borrowed.

  12. OT but I have to say this. Has anyone here used that Stevia in coffee? I bought some because everybody is bragging on it Well it was the worst shit I ever tasted, barring NONE. It tasted like somebody squeezed a cactus into my coffee. HORRIBLE. I threw a whole box away. And the coffee.

  13. Hugo, that’ll teach that lawyer to go to the YWCA. lolol.

  14. I tried stevia last year once and gave the balance to a coworker. She likes it and I thought it was rat poison.

  15. She looks like that other nut job octomom a little. Are any ex boyfriends in court to testify that she is nutso? She must have a psycho past history. She didn’t just wake up one day as an average person and snap. What did she do for a living? Does she have drug or alcohol issues? What was her education? Was she a teenage delinquent?

  16. I don’t know the answer to these questions, Karen. I do know she has an acrid relationship with her mother. No father mentioned. Lived with grandparents at times. Someone mentioned she got a GED diploma so she must have dropped out of high school. She is VERY bright. I mean VERY bright, as so many psychos are. Far as I know, no mention of alcohol or drug problems, just a major manipulator and very self-absorbed.

  17. ROFL rat poison. It might as well be. Horrible bitter taste. Not just aftertaste. It tastes just as bad WHILE you’re ingesting it. VERY bad. Bleck. I cannot believe people are into that. You would almost have to suspend your taste buds to wave the Stevia flag.

  18. Here’s how self absorbed she is. Travis is telling a room full of people a story of, ironically, how he nearly got killed. A gripping story. They are all riveted to his story. Except Joooooooooodiiiiii, who is bored stiff because it’s Not About Her.

  19. Thanks upps. She must have learned that violence somewhere.

    The brand I bought was Truvia stevia. I use splenda, equal, and even the pink crape if that is the only sugar free sweetener offered. I have bought store brands and they were all fine. One teaspoon of Truvia and I never opened that jar again. Awful.

  20. Here’s what the state says happened. There IS a photo of a slash to his scalp here but there are no other photos of him. The shot is nothing compared to the other photos so I think you can handle it to hear the rest.

  21. Interestingly, the press and men who knew her keep implying she’s pretty and hot. I do not find her pretty at all, so no accounting for taste.

  22. omg Upps, this is chilling. You must have nerves of steel to pull all this together. I haven’t looked at any of the Jodi Arias stuff either online or teevee. I hear so many sad stories and meet so many damaged people at work that I tend to run in the other direction when I’m home. This made me cringe and feel really ill. And I didn’t look at any of the photos or videos. I took your word that they were a ghastly. I wonder if there any unsolved murders of young (or old) men in those western states. She may have done in every male in her life from her absent father to her dead ex.

  23. BTW my daughter just moved back from AZ after having me and dated a seemingly normal, yet psychopathic, man. I could tell you stories that will make your skin crawl about what he was doing, but I won’t as who knows where that will lead. Needless to say the AZ police were called on more than one occasion – once while she was here at my home. You can only imagine how relieved I am that she is back here. He was one twisted person. I wonder what is in the water in Maricopa County.

  24. Thanks upps. She must have learned that violence somewhere.

    Not necessarily. She might just be wired wrong.

    The Pink Stuff was smeared by Don Rumsfeld’s Monsanto people in preparation for introduction of Aspartame. They hid test results and data, up to including dead animals, and they didn’t die from the pink stuff either. The studies on saccharin were flawed in that they gave the rats the equivelent of something like half a pound of the stuff a day or something ailly like that I’ll use sweet n low any day before I touch aspartame.

  25. I swear leslie I was exhausted when I finished this post.

  26. Wow. Glad your daughter is safe. God, how scary.

  27. Yuck. Sick stuff. He had a tastefully decorated room. How long did they know each other? Did she live in Utah and he lived in Arizona? His expression in that shower pic is fear and disbelief and disgust all at once. I avoid all violence and have for decades in movies, etc.

  28. There’s nothing in Maricopa County water, because I’m here and I’m just fine. I don’t know why psychos like her surface here.

    She is one screwed up chick. I’ve been peripherally aware of this case mostly because once I read what she did, I didn’t want to watch the circus. I hope and pray that she’s sent to death row – she’s not just a murdering little liar, but a psychopathic (plus probably dozens of other psychological issues) murdering little liar.

    Throw her slutty, lying, murdering ass in death row.

    I will have *zero* faith in juries if they let this little psycho off.

  29. Just watched the 48 Hour video. Apparently she wants the death penalty because she thinks she answers to a higher authority. So why doesn’t she just tell her lawyer to back off and take the sentence she gets?

    And she apparently used his camera to photograph his murder. Twisted!

  30. I’m glad you all mentioned the stevia stuff. I’ve seen it in the stores and thought about trying some. Now I don’t have to. I guess I’ll stick to the yellow packs.

  31. UW, you nailed it. The signing in the interregation room–a song about memory? And then her aside to herself about how she should have put her makeup on? And all the taped phone calls…sounds like she planned to murder him ages before she executed her plan (no pun intended) and kept the tapes as trophies to relive her trysts. Serial killer with the trophies, hmm. But, the tapes came in handy when she and her defense team wanted to put him on trial as a pervert.

    Gee, Jodi, sorry he ditched you. You don’t kill people who reject you, you move on. I am not sure if she should get the death penalty because she is crazy person, but she sure should never be free range again.

  32. Glad I mentioned it then. No sense of ruining someone else’s cup of coffee. Next time somebody says Stevia to me I’m going to look at them and say WTF is the matter with you, did somebody yank your taste buds?

  33. I’m a honey person, I put honey in everything for sweetening, but it’s just not made for coffee. You either drink it with sugar or something artificial or black and I can’t do black coffee at all. I gotta have my half and half. I hear that if you drink it enough times without any sweetener, you get accustomed to it but I want to enjoy my coffee, not get ‘accustomed’ to it.

  34. I am no fan of stevia. I don’t want something to taste sweet if it isn’t also going to BE sweet. So, I don’t do any artificial sweeteners. I use honey, maple syrup, and if those won’t do, then plain old white cane sugar. I’m lucky I like my coffee with milk and no sugar because neither honey nor maple syrup really work in coffee. I also can’t get behind agave. Obviously, I never do HFCS. I think if you do real sugars in moderation, it’s not the worst thing you can do.

  35. The only coffee I like is the coffee I make at home. I use two different coffees and add just a touch of Saigon cassia cinnamon. It is simply yummy. It’s the only coffee I drink.

  36. I’m a honey person

    Well hello hunney! 😆

    I used the blue packs and then when Splenda came out, tried it and liked it.

    Shit! Missed the first 15 minutes of walking dead so now I’ve got to wait for the “encore” showing. 👿

  37. I agree Sophie. Sugar isn’t an enemy in serious moderation. I sometime use a little in my coffee. The trend to completely not eat this or that is just plain stupidity. Everything is good. Tons of anything is not good. About cane sugar. I don’t think most people realize that not all sugar is cane sugar any longer. If the bag doesn’t SAY ‘Cane sugar” it’s beet sugar. Pisses me off that we are losing the label war on tons of fronts. I want to know what I am buying. Some will tell us beet sugar and cane sugar are essentially the same, so then my question is, how come beet molasses is completely inedible and has to be discarded, and when they make brown sugar out of beet sugar, they have to use cane sugar molasses?

  38. Did you see where the dairy industry is lobbying FDA to allow aspartame in milk now? Apparently they think this will improve the sales slump. SOmebody please explain to them that the reason milk isn’t perceived as Doing A Body Good anymore is because of the hormones they add and the antibiotics they also feed the cows to help out with the pus from the hormones. Now they think tossing in the most frightful of fake sweeteners will help their cause. Milk has been seriously defiled. I wouldn’t feed it to a stray.

  39. I wanna try this when I can find some of it.

  40. If the bag doesn’t SAY ‘Cane sugar” it’s beet sugar.

    Absolutely correct. I didn’t used to have a problem with beet sugar until they approved GMO sugar beets. Game over for me. If the label won’t even say beet sugar, it sure as hell won’t say GMO beet sugar!

    Yup, saw the aspartame crap. Also saw the Monsanto Protection Rider pass the Senate. Thank you Mikulski for nothing.

  41. Did you see where the dairy industry is lobbying FDA to allow aspartame in milk now?

    OMFG! 😯

  42. Yeah it’s now being recommended that farmers buy LIABILITY INSURANCE against law suits from Monsanto. Tantamount to just telling them if Monsanto wants to ruin them, they will win in court. We are so screwed.

  43. Professional bakers and chefs won’t touch ANY beet sugar. They said it affects results.

  44. Well if that thing was in the Senate, Mary Landrieu probably voted for it. There’s a big Monsanto plant in the state and I’m sure she’s gotten her contributions.

  45. Gotta fix something to eat. BBL.

  46. Fredster if you want a real treat and you can find it, which is hard, try Vernor’s Ginger soda. Unfortunately, even though it’s the first Ginger Soda ever made and doesn’t even resemble Ginger Ale, they make it in Michigan and only sell it in Michigan. Lucky for me, my friend Stonelion lives in Michigan and ships it to me. If you try to buy it online, it costs a fortune and she picks it up on the real cheap. I am addicted to that stuff.

  47. Sophie, i do notice that more milk farmers are labeling their containers about BHT and antibiotics. Some of them got the message. LOL I recently saw a milk container that said something to the effect that “Our farmers TRY to avoid BHT and GMO feed”. Oh yeah, I’ll buy that. Fortunately, in NY there are plenty of small dairies, so we can still get some decent milk that only has milk in it. At least until they get drummed out of business for selling it for ten cents more.

  48. I’m so glad you reminded me of the cane sugar issue. I bought sugar last week and although the Food4Less had 5# for next to nothing, I bought the domino sugar and couldn’t remember why, but I knew it was because of Uppity.

  49. Fredster, I’ll take a ham sammich with swiss and hot mustard. Get on it.

  50. I was in the supermarket a few days ago and saw some guy loading up on Marie Callender frozen meals and nearly had a stroke. I said to him, you know, there’s no Marie cooking up this comfort food for you like the commercials say. It’s ConAgra and the food is full of genetically modified frankenfood. To which he responded, What’s that?

  51. Smart sugar girl, leslie. Just make sure it says CANE on the bag.

  52. Fredster, I’ll take a ham sammich with swiss and hot mustard. Get on it.

    LOL! I’m reheating some homemade soup a friend brought over to me and a sammich, probably bologna and cheese, yeah the processed “American” kind.

  53. Baloney. Oh my God.

  54. I don’t think Domino makes anything other than cane sugar. At least at the plant in nola. My dad worked there for 15 years.

  55. American Sugar Refining, Inc. is the world’s largest cane sugar refining company. The company produces a full line of consumer, industrial, food service and specialty sweetener products. Across North America, American Sugar owns and operates six sugar refineries, specialty sweetener production facilities and a strategic warehousing and distribution system that provide seamless production and delivery of its products to customers across the United States, Canada and Mexico. In Europe, the company owns and operates sugar refineries in England and Portugal. The company markets its products through its premier brand portfolio: Domino®, C&H®, Redpath®, Tate & Lyle®, Lyle’s Golden Syrup®, Sidul® and Sores®. American Sugar is owned by Florida Crystals Corporation and Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida, two Palm Beach County-based companies who farm, mill and refine sugar in Florida.

  56. Baloney. Oh my God.

    I do have a nice tomato to with it. 🙂

    Awww…Merle got turned into a zombie.

  57. Yes I heard Domino is cane. I will buy any sugar that says PURE CANE on it, though.

  58. I notice supermarket chains keep putting out bags of their own brand of sugar and sell it really cheap, and you just KNOW it’s beet sugar. They also like to pimp their own brand of milk.

  59. I like stevia! As for the post….very chilling photo of Travis.

  60. And today’s winning search term in my blog stats from America’s Finest on the internet is:

    woman having sex with baby puppies

  61. Interesting, I was looking up USA’s sugar consumption since it is a target of health complaints so often, and I just found out that the USA is surpassed by miles in sugar consumption by India, European Union, China and Brazil. The range is from 26,500 metric tons a year (India) to 10,365 metric tons per year (USA), so the difference is significant. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if their obesity rates are higher than ours, considering their comparatively higher consumption of sugar???

  62. Fredster, do you ever fry that baloney? If you get past the massive amount of grease in the pan and don’t listen to your arteries hardening, and you put it between two slices of bread with some melted cheese and mustard, it’s a treat.

    I rarely eat it, but every once in awhile, the kid in me jumps out and I remember how good it tasted with hellman’s and lettuce on white bread – and I capitulate.

  63. Uppityj@1034: Eh, that’s never been a big one for me (fried baloney). Now my dad liked it. When the momster was in the hospital or something, and he and I would be there, he would fry up some for a sandwich and I’d find something of my own. My biggie for something like that is scrambled eggs with good cheddar mixed in and put it on a sandwich. When we were doing something like that, Chloe the little human food addict would run back and forth between us seeing who was going to pinch off a piece of sandwich or give her scrambled eggs in her bowl. She usually got both. LOL!

  64. On the sugar consumption, could it possibly be because we have so many items that have high fructose corn syrup now and the other countries don’t? Just wondering.

  65. Thanks for the tip about Stevia. I usually keep a few packets of artificial sweeteners around because my mom is diabetic. I had thought about picking up some stevia because my sister just raved about it. I shoud have known better, LOL! I’ll trust all your opinions.

    I didn’t know about beet sugar though. I thought all sugar was cane sugar. I usually buy name brand sugar, but a few weeks ago the store brand was on sale really cheap and I bought it. The sugar doesn’t look the same at all, now I think I know why, thanks for the tip.

  66. I really don’t know how any rational person on that jury can not convict her of 1st degree. But then common sense and rationality are in short supply these days. Imagine you sitting through this trial as a juror. I have tried and I myself given the evidence and her demeanor would go for getting her 86ed from this earth as fast as I could. But that is me and I know how others have bleeding hearts for the poor poor criminal and not the victim. She is a sick SOB and I care not if she is nuts ( we already know that) she will not get better and will do this again. This kind of thinking is why we have school shootings and numerous other killings. Killers are going to kill unless you get them first. Once one has done something like this we need to stop giving them another chance to do it again. If this piece of work gets out in 5 years 10 years or 20 she will think she was wronged and will find another person to abuse, stalk and kill !! Kill her and live safe !!!
    As for artificial sweeteners there is not one out there I would use to other then to feed it to my enemy. They all taste like shit and you do not get used to that crappy taste. A little sugar never killed anyone and me I like to use raw sugar if and when I feel the need for sugar. Sugar in coffee is nasty. I use a tad bit of cream but put sugar in it and I will spit like a sailor lol. Not big on sweets per say but every now and then I crave something sugary. Aspartame is the worst thing ever. I hate water and so I like the flavored ones but that shit goes right through me and so I resent them using it in anything. I had to hunt high and low for a flavored water without that beetlejuice in it. I mean it really makes me ill and not just taste. I have an allergy or food intolerance to it.

  67. Oh lol sugar in milk are they shitting me ?? I mean milk in and of its self is beyond gross now put sugar in it. Vile just vile.

  68. Fredster get out of my head. I was thinking HFCS even as I wrote that. But if they really wanted to do a useful study, this would be it.But as a standalone piece of information, it doesn’t look as though sugar itself has caused our weight problems in USA. How about if we toss in inactivity?

  69. Utah, not sugar in the milk. Aspartame. Worse.

  70. I read EVERY label for HFCS. If it’s on the label, the product literally flies back onto the shelf. Boston Legal once had an episode about HFCS that turned me into a militant about it.

  71. Thank Heaven that Jodi did not spawn a bad seed. Shes pure evil.

  72. Best way to avoid HFCS is cook your own food and dump sugar drinks. Anything that’s sweetened is sweetened more cheaply with HFCS. The movement against them hurt them. I know this because they started mumbo jumbo TV ads about how HFCS is “exactly” like sugar.

  73. Here’s their Schtick.

    Reminds me of Monsanto arguments against labeling and their argument that there is no “Proof” GMO harms you. Of course there isn’t. They’re collecting data. Off your body.

    The studies showing no diff between sugar and HFCS were sponsored by Tropicana, Quaker and PepsiCo. And the Corngrowers, of course.

    List of products with no HFCS.

  74. A what if just came to me…what if Jodi had met up with Jerry Sandusky?

    They both love attention. Heck Jerry is still call it a misunderstanding. Just a thought.

  75. McN, I suspect she’d rather meet up with OJ Simpson.

  76. Oh now that would be an interesting meetup.

  77. I heard Jerry Sandusky was appearing on NBC this morning. …..NBC – figures

  78. Yeah I’m sure NBC will give him love and adoration. After all, TEAM!

  79. DC got four inches of snow and you would think chicken little made the sky fall. That’s a dusting for us.

  80. Upps it is snowing here and will still be snowing at midnight. If it doesn’t stop I am giving Arias a contract for a certain groundhog and OJ can be her assistant.

  81. Karen we had some real snow last week, daily, but it always melted. Today is bright and sun-shiny out, but then I just took my50,000 units of Vitamin D so that could be why.

  82. Fredster get out of my head. I was thinking HFCS even as I wrote that

    well it immediately crossed my mind when I read that. I thought “well hell, that’s because we’re getting fed all of that HFCS.” And for such a big difference between the countries it could be the reason.

  83. Of course she’d like to meet up with O.J. Simpson. They share the same birthday! (July 9th)

  84. She’s not just nuts, shes freaking evil. I hope she gets the death penalty. I feel terrible for the poor family and friends of her victim. It’s really scary to be a parent these days, you don’t want to smother your kids with protectiveness, but for the love of God, its really painful to see things like this and think of all the psychos out there, waiting to get their disgusting hands on your kid.

    I pray this family gets justice.

  85. Upps, you did a first rate job on this.

  86. Thank you socal. I felt like a rung out rag after it was done.

  87. I think this jury will be hung. I hope I’m wrong but I have a feeling. There is a witness on right now who is awesome, an expert on domestic violence, and although travis has not been mentioned once in the several HOURS she’s been on, the defense is doing a great job of inuendo while asking very specific questions. The witness, she is extremely compelling, tells riveting stories of cases and I tell you I bet the jury is glued to her. She is very professional and very knowledgable. From the trench, unlike that other academic clown they had on for several days. He was a bust. A lot will depend on what the prosecutor does with her on redirect. Ironically, I see JODI is many of her stories. As the Perp.

  88. I felt wrung out after reading it. You must have needed a xanax and your favorite whiskey! 😉

    There are so many lunatics these days…is it me, or are there way more of them than there used to be?

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