How to sell a FORD to a bunch of women-torturing Goatf*ckers

Here are the infamous FORD ads in India.

FORD apologized. Big Fucking Deal. Corporations always apologize after they degrade women in ads, but only if the pressure is big enough. The thing is, ten years ago, they wouldn’t have DARED make this ad. But then it IS the Middle East. This is just a regular thing for those throwbacks to Pithecanthropus Erectus. I’ll just bet the Indian Goatfucking Ad Partner in the ME that made these ads is still under contract with FORD. Incidentally, the agency is named JWT India, just in case you are moved to tell @FORD what you think of them doing business with them. On the other hand, FORD probably owns the agency. Just a guess, though.

Going Global has its consequences, boys!

Oddly, this is just how I picture the Kardouchians on any given day, if it would rake in some money. They are probably thrilled about the publicity.

Italy, however,  is seriously pissed off, not that Berlosconi wouldn’t be caught in this kind of position, given the opportunity. Otherwise they wouldn’t give a shit about women being bound and gagged either.



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  1. Horrible, just horrible. But I’ve read comments that defend the ads as satire. They claim that it’s actually pro-women because it is mocking Italy’s prime minister and his behavior toward women. I’ve heard the satire argument before in defense of demeaning women and I don’t buy it.

  2. I wondered what still4hill was going to do after she resigned. There is still plenty of Hillary happenings to keep her busy putting out updates. Hillary is keeping it interesting and is actively running on the fast track as always. 2014 and wimmenz are top of her agenda.

    Go Hill.

    And still4hill reminds us about how important Florida is should Hillary run in 2016. I will hit the ground running and voliunteer until I drop.

  3. Yeah, satire. They’ve been laughing at violence towards women since I was a child and even before then. Grandma told me stories about boys who dipped little girls braided hair into ink wells. Ha ha, ink in their hair was all the rage. Purple nurples– (twisting of nipples) was all the rage in my teenage years. Ha ha black and blue and pain. Binding and tagging women – ha ha. They can’t blabbermouth on about shoes if they are hog tied.

    Really humorous to see women depicted as sex slaves and French housekeeper costumes too at halloween.

  4. YOU CAN TELL THEY WERE MADE BY A MAN Horrible, just horrible ;evil:

  5. imust, nobody knows better than you and I, as writers of satire, how much truth there is to it. Satire scratches below the surface. I don’t care if they are satire. They are a reflection of the creators’ warped minds.

  6. Yes I agree Uppity.

  7. One of the guys involved in the gang rape of that girl on the bus (who subsequently died in Singapore) committed suicide in jail. Good for him.

  8. Good. Now they should give his belt to one of the other barn animals and tell him to hurry up, you need the belt for his buddies.

  9. They just finished up the 27th annual Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival in nola and they always end with a “Stella” shouting contest to find the best Stanley (or the best shouting Stella in some cases). It’s hilarious. A New Yorker won. I am not surprised.

  10. Judge Judy’s son harbored an illegal who is a child rapist. He didn’t know his personal trainer who lived in his home was an illegal alien. He only hired him for 10 years and now a sherrif says he is shielding the criminal because he is running for DA.

    What will his mom do to him? She must have known about the rapist illegal who did n’t pay taxes and lived in her DA sons home and kept him buff. Money cannot buy morals.

  11. It’s about time this mess was ended. The drug companies already get more time in the U.S. to keep their patents than in other countries.

  12. Ford has been on my boycott list since the mid 1980s. Just when I was thinking they learned their lesson about selling crap to consumers, they come up with an ad campaign that shows they think women are crap. There is no good explanation for it, and no adequate apology. Stick it, Ford.

  13. What a load of crap! I am so tired of seeing ads, and t.v. shows that degrade women. Showing women bound and gagged? Crap.! I also notice how many American commericials now make white guys out to be fools and embiciles.

  14. That’s the thing with so many ads–someone always has to be made out to be the idiot. Even the machine tool calendars with the hot babes for every month–because nothing says a quality drill like a pair of double Ds–so the machinist is made to be the idiot there and he doesn’t even realize it! Perhaps the consumer who buys those products is the idiot.

  15. I honestly do not have a clue why I cannot see any videos in the comment section, or even an indicator that there’s a video there…. from the administration comment panel…..that goes for Firefox, IE or Chrome.

  16. upps, are you running ad block?

  17. Yeah, I’d like to see someone do a satire of castration. I’m sure that if any woman did a satire of torturing men, she’d be off to a looney bin in no time. But brutalizing women is a time honored tradition.

    Ever notice that society has a word for hating women that is bandied about, misogynist, so that places it in the range of normal since it is named. But man-hating is a concept that is so awful and unspeakable, the word for man hating, misandry, is rarely, if ever used? What does that say? Misandry is like voldemort, the name that can’t be spoken.

  18. I am from firefox but not from the other two. And i’ve had adblock for years in FF. Never was a problem with respect to this.

  19. Just wondering. It’s obviously something that’s changed or been changed recently. Honestly I’m getting so sick of ff I’m about to uninstall it. I looked at their latest update and issues. There were a ton that were resolved or fixed but just about the same number that were unresolved. And they release shit like that. Go figure.

  20. Fredster I’m having the problem in three browsers. So it’s either WP or me. Hard to believe it’s me when it’s THREE Browsers.

    I block FF updates. I do not let them give me new versions until I decide they are debugged.

  21. It’s not even a blank space either. NO indication whatsoever that there’s a video. You could type ‘Here’s a video” and all I will see are your words and no video. That includes if I put a video in the comments section from thea admin panel. I can see them if I am looking in the comment section the same way members do. But I have no idea they are there because I read comments from the admin panel.

  22. But I have no idea they are there because I read comments from the admin panel.

    That’s bizarre and because of it being in the 3 browsers, makes me think good ole WP has done something. I know it’s a dumb question but did you check WP support?

  23. Not yet. I’m holding out hope it’s WP. It does seem odd that it’s happening in three browsers, so it can’t be some setting I have with cookies or something. In fact, In IE I have no settings as I never use it. I just went there to check to see if it works in IE.

    Usually I can figure things out if it’s a setting. This is reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy odd.

  24. I tried looking through “recently changed” and didn’t find anything there and the info for viewing comment thru admin looks like it’s old.

  25. You’re right of course, Karen. If a woman did a satire on castration she’d be whipped.

  26. I don’t have full admin over at TW so I can’t replicate what you are seeing here.

  27. Okay upps. I went over to TW into the dashboard and clicked on comments and saw all comments. I grabbed a youtube and put in the comments on the made page and then checked it in comments and I can see it there. Clicked on it and it played.

  28. Ah too bad you don’t have admin privileges, it would be great to know if it’s a problem elsewhere. Don’t worry about it, I’ll buttonhole McNorman

  29. You saw it from the admin panel or from the regular comments section? Which?

  30. That POS Jodi Arias. I’m seeing a video of her in therapy saying when she was younger she kicked their dog. Talked about how she and her family never could “care” for a dog so he lived outside tied up but hey they gave him food and water. So she says she was dumping the garbage and the dog got loose and ripped the garbage bag with the diapers and she got so mad she kicked him and he ran away and “I never saw him again”. Son of a bitch I hate this fucking woman and I hope she dies.

  31. Okay, from the dashboard going down the left side I have a tab for comments to see all comments (never used it before). I put a youtube link in on the member side and submitted it. Then I went back to the dashboard, clicked on comments again and I was able to see the video and play it.

  32. Wait a minute. Imust, you have admin area privileges and probably read the comments from the panel, right? Do you see videos posted in comments when you are reading from the panel?

    Im flustered her because this really hobbles me. How can I do a good job in comments if I don’t even know a video was posted?

  33. When you click on the blog name, you see DASHBOARD and without clicking on it you see COMMENTS, right? Click on COMMENTS from there, not from dash. Then try it. You must have full mod privileges if you can do this.

  34. I think it might be a google conflict because they own youtube now…and you know I kill anything from them. But it’s odd as it’s recent and I changed nothing.

  35. I have disabled all addons in two browsers and STILL can’t see that there’s a video from admin comments

  36. sophie are you reading comments from the admin panel?

  37. if so, would you post a video and then tell me if you can see it from the panel?

  38. Uppity I can see videos in the dashboard comment section.

  39. I just posted one above and I can see it in admin comments. Can you?

  40. no. It’s completely blank. Just your screen name and no comment, no video.

  41. Usually I can solve these gremlins. This one is making me crazy. I’ve got a few more ideas, so I’m going to work some more on this.

  42. Well that didn’t work either.

  43. Those ads are just wrong. There must not be anyone doing any worhtwhile work in quality control.

  44. I am so sick of ads making women out to look like they only want to be laid or ads making us look like torture is a good thing. Fuck Ford. Never liked them anyway but this is not satire it is showing the women hating men they are cool and Ford supports their hate !! Damn I wish the young girls and 20 somethings would get mad like we baby boomers had and do and get off their butts and fight. Cripes how long will women have to fight for a rightful place in this God forsaken world ? Why do we have to fight for equality and respect period ?

  45. Well that didn’t work either.

    I know that’s driving you nuts!

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