At least somebody is responsible and knows the way home.


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  1. I love that smart cat.

  2. Looks like a Jack Russell. That cat has him well-trained. I don’t know of any who are that well-behaved on a leash.

    Looks like they live in a war zone. The walls are a mess.

  3. I will tell you that, without fail, my dog does exactly what my cats tell her. I am not kidding here. I’ve seen her unable to enter a room because she got A Look. I find this very interesting, as she could eat one of those two little shits for lunch. But there is the matter of the Five Razors. I also think she just plain loves them and they know it.

  4. Obama appoints first woman Secret Service Director

    Those boyz must be freaking out. They’ll think twice about dipping their wicks, spraying and marking their power territories from now on. I gotta give Barack a kudo on this one.

  5. Cute cat & dog friends. Interesting that Newt would say that. He really has a fixation with futuristic stuff, going back to the moon and driverless cars and all.

    Cool about the first woman Secret Service Director.

  6. From the Newt piece:

    “Driverless cars would cost trillions of dollars to develop—and don’t have to be financed by government money—but would enable “people who are blind, aging or had too much to drink” to get where they need to go, Gingrich says.”

    OMG. We already have transportation for blind, drunk and elderly people. They are called cabs, buses and bumming a ride off another person. He wants these driverless cars, at trillions of dollars just to develop, on our already dangerous roads. Blind, drunk and elderly people would not be buying $100,000 spiffy driverless cars anyway. And what if the drunk tells the car to go to his old girlfriends house because he wants to beat the crap out of her? Or if he tells it the wrong thing and it goes up a highway in the wrong direction – without a driver.

    And what about his plans for getting to the moon again? And, laugh, about investing money in cells regrowing your own brand new kidneys so you wouldn’t need expensive kidney dialysis!!!

    There is a reason nobody listens to him anymore. His marbles are all over the floor and he is clueless.

  7. When I saw the SS director was a woman I too had to give the devil his due. It is good to see that regardless of the person who put her there.

  8. I agree Karen. I should do a post on that appointment. It’s high time those pigs stopped using their power for filth and started walking with two feet in one shoe. Only a woman can clean up that mess.

  9. OMG. We already have transportation for blind, drunk and elderly people. They are called cabs, buses and bumming a ride off another person. He wants these driverless cars,

    And who’s at fault when there’s a malfunction, AKA an “Accident”?

    Listen, I’m no spring chicken but I think that, after a certain age, everyone should be taking periodic road tests. I’ve seen too much. I could tell you stories. I know one elderly woman in her 90s who had two accidents in less than a week, and one was really bad, and she’s still on the road. Furthermore, she lied about what happened but, unfortunately for her, it was near a public building and there was video. You would think she would have had her license revoked. Nope. And she’s as arrogant as she always was and has no business on the road. She doesn’t give a shit who she kills.

    I also think drunk drivers should be hauled off the road after the FIRST offense. And the last thing I want to give them is a driverless car.

    Newt is simply batshit anyways. He’s so desperate, it would be laughable if we weren’t talking about the running of America. He’s the worst of Opportunists.

  10. Just imagine the Consumer Reports April issue the first year a driverless car is on the market. lol. Our auto companies can’t even design a heated seat without setting your ass on fire.

  11. You can do one on the SS director or you can do one with a photoshop of Newtie and Callista in a driverless car on their way to Tiffany to buy some manly baubles for his pukey self.

  12. I just got off the phone with a friend who is a driving school instructor. Her family has been in that business for 50 years. She is still laughing, i bet. Funiest thing she ever heard. She damn near gets killed everyday in NYC on the roads even with dual brakes. She said, stop the presses, we are going to be obsolete if Newty gets his way. We won’t need drivers ed, we can all just sit back and have coffee and read a book in our cars. Oh, wait, that is what the LIRR is for. Followed by screams of laughter. (Long Island Rail Road for non-NYers)

  13. Dammit. There is a cat at work, it is a tuxie, it is young and adorable (looks a little like Ash and Bishop but not floofy) and it is homeless and looking for some love. We all feed him/her but nobody can get close enough to pick it up. It snuggles up to a pipe nearby and rubs and purrs and it peeks in the door to my job with a look of longing. We are all captivated by it. The mean old stray tom cats that live on our huge wooded complex scare this kitteh. She runs away and hides when they are around. Everybody is saying as soon as they catch her she is going to be headed for Florida. (with me) They can tell I am in love.

    Dammit. I said I am not ready yet. The cats don’t listen. And I didn’t want a tuxie.

  14. Karen, you could get a humane trap for the kitteh from your local shelter(s). Sounds like a stray not a feral. He’s just scared to trust. That’s the type of cat that, once trapped and brought home somewhere, just calms right down and becomes a pet. I’ve seen plenty of them. Forget the color of the cat, Karen, and think of the condition of his heart. That’s far more important. And Tuxies are magic. Anyone who has owned one knows that. Just my two cents. If not, someone else at work might want to adopt him before the Tom kills him.

  15. I see driverless cars as a possibility. Heck, we already have a leaderless country. We could call it the Obamacar!

  16. Hahahaha, love when you sharpen your rapier, imust

  17. Thanks to potus good news about the first woman Secret Service Director. 🙂

  18. Yeah foxy I gotta do a post on that secret service appointment and zap those pigs. Gloating comes to mind.

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