IRS: Leading By Example and Using Tax Money Extorted From Your Wallet Wisely

The IRS spent $60,000 to make this “Training” video. After having been caught, they admit this is not an example of good “stewardship” and then just carried on as usual, making fun of   the small, defenseless Americans they scare the crap out of and shake-down for every penny they can take from their quivering hands–with or without a heart attack. This makes the IRS America’s only legitimate terrorist organization. There was a time when the Mafia was prosecuted for the same kind of shake-down behavior.

I guess I’d better run off and prepare for an audit now


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  1. The video is stupid to begin with and from what I’ve heard there was a lot more going on in Anaheim than “solving” tax loopholes. None of it shows good “stewardship”, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. Gang, you want to take a look at Fredster’s post over at Madamab’s pad. I had no idea all the work Mariska Hargitay does for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. She’s definitely not “Just another pretty face”.

    Fredster is a tried and true feminist. Go show him some love.

  3. Thanks for the shout out Upps. I was like you; I didn’t know about her foundation and the other work she does for sexual assault and domestic violence either until I read the WaPo article. She’s an amazing woman.

  4. Who’s the boss? Cat taking dog home video. (video below upps!)

  5. Oh shit!!! I have that video scheduled for the morning. I can’t see it but I KNOW it’s the same one. Guess I will have to publish it now.

  6. I keep getting into your head. See what the Hillary sisterhood has done?

  7. Yes and you also keep getting into my refrigerator.

  8. I have three words for this video: effing political appointees. They bring in their unqualified, unprofessional cronies and plant them in the public affairs and training divisions and give them a bloated budget to come up with nonsense like this or those CDC zombie attack videos. They are condescending a–holes and apparently very immature. And, unfortunately, this reflects on the federal employees who are out on the frontlines trying to provide quality service to the public. In this case, we have IRS employees meeting face-to-face with taxpayers to help them get their taxes filed, and we have some dickheads who will never see a live taxpayer or solve any tax problem. They are not public servants; they are political sycophants giving a black eye to real public servants.

    And the Obama administration has managed to find the most bizarre of these creeps. Must have something to do with Axelrove.

  9. Years ago I was a bookkeeper for a guy who had several businesses. My mom worked for him for years and his accountant was a friend of the family. The guy was legit. His books were accurate and spotless. His accountant and I were accurate to the red cent every month and each year at tax time we balanced every book and did it all without a single computer. We had giant heavy books all over the conference table.

    My boss was audited one year and it was hell and cost a fortune. It was all we did for weeks and we were dealing with it and mounds of aggravation for a long time.

    Two years later the same bastard comes to our office door and we all said “oh noooooooo not again.” The bastard knew our books were clean and he knew we did not want to go through hell again. My boss took him out to the parking lot with the accountant and another boss. They came back in and said he won’t be back. I found out months later that they gave him a free car that day.


  10. I’ve audited operations–not tax-related– and if an auditor doesn’t take the time to do it thoroughly, they are not doing their job. Not doing a thorough audit when the taxpayer is paying you to do a thorough audit is ripping off the public. May as well not show up at all.

    Example: FAA audits repair and maintenance records and does a half-ass job.

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