Real Men.

I couldn’t find the original of this video on youtube. However, plenty of thieves from the Let’s Cheat Our Way Through Everything And  Steal Anything  We Want generation have posted it–with their own totally dumbassed titles besides. If you find the original PLEASE post it so I can update, as no thief deserves the traffic for this video. But it seems these days that, no sooner does a creative person with a brain actually produce something, when a slug who can’t do anything well but steal, appropriates it for him/herself.  (Update: I found the original and updated). I think what people do with other people’s intellectual property is a sign of of a morally bankrupt society. Who wants to hire people like this?).

steubenville27n-8-webThis original of video was produced by University Of Oregon student Samantha Stendal:

A film student was disgusted with the Steubenville, Ohio, rape case coverage, so she directed a short video to spread a message she felt was glaringly absent: Real men do not rape.

Samantha Stendal, a sophomore film student at the University of Oregon, gathered a few friends to act in her anti-rape public service announcement, “A Needed Response,” after the high-profile trial of Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, who were convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl.

“I just wanted something positive out there,” Stendal told the Daily News, “especially after there had been so many negative responses and people going directly to victim blaming.”

The video shows a man stumble (sic) upon a sleeping woman.

You can read the story here.

You go girl. And thank you to Justin Gotchall for acting like a Real Man should act.

Bless his heart. He wasn’t raised as a barn animal. He was raised by real parents to become a human being with a  brain, heart and a soul. Tell me who you would want to marry your daughter………….A Steubenville Team Member and Barn Animal………or this guy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Uppity. Short, sweet, and to the point. Kudos to Ms. Stendal and Mr. Gotchall. Hope the message, “Real mean treat women with respect gets through to the “bros”.

    On another positive note, Uppity, it brings me great pleasure to be the bearer of good news: The Washington Post VIIth Annual Peeps Show Contest Winners have been announced, and the dioramas are on display. They have to be seen to be belueved. You can also go on-line to vote for your favorites, so “The Peeple’s Choice” can be seen. See:

  2. All I can say, is that this Hillbilly believes if a person has the brain and ability to do a job, then hire and pay them. And dudes that hit, rape and other wise abuse women, are not men at all.

  3. Uppity, sorry I didn’t’ get the complete entry for the WaPo Peep contest, because trying to type/copy from cell phone (another story). Link may not load, but trust me, it’s there. Will try to update when I get chance.

  4. I too hope the message gets through. After witnessing the misogynyfest of 2008 I had almost lost hope that something like this was even possible.

  5. Yeah I’ve had the Peeps link, just didn’t get to it, Liberty. Maybe I can talk imust into doing it. I thought the papal ones are especially hilarious. They make it hard to capture their pics though, want you at their site, big pain in the yazoo.

  6. A papal peeps post? I dunno….I’ll have my peeps call your peeps and we’ll do lunch.

  7. Thank you I must and Liberty – that’s it! I’ve tried to copy links from the Browser on cell to other pages, but only worked once. (Time to go ask for assistance.). I typed all of that by hand.

    I liked the Pope officiating at the Twinkie funeral, and Pope enjoying retirement, too. Some are understandably D.C.-centric. Still need to check out all of them when I get the chance. Enjoy!

  8. Aww, can we clone him?

    As for peeps, there is a receipe for Peeptinis in Women’s World Mag. (Yeah, I read it in line at the grocery store. Better than reading the Enquirer and the three headed calf stories.)

  9. Well yeah Papal but they have others as well. My peeps would get in touch with you but the dog ate them.

  10. It was quite brutal too.

  11. A peeps thread is just what the dr. ordered.

  12. I know I posted that peeps video and I can’t see it. lol.

  13. I have no sweets in the house. Imustgototown. Peeps are not on my list. Must have chocolate and/or jelly beans.

  14. I really don’t like marshmallows so peeps never even come close to my pantry. Bleck. I did taste one once, tasted like perfume to me.

  15. OMG Karen will eat everyone’s lodging while they sleep!!!!

  16. Talk about eating you out of house and home!

  17. Lmfao

  18. Edie Windsors remarks on DOMA:

  19. I tell you, I just heard one of the phone sex tapes they played at Jodi’s trial and all I can say is, if that tape were me and the whole world heard it, I would be so embarrassed, I would WANT to be out of society for life. I might even want to be executed. lol

  20. Thanks, UW. That video from Samantha Stendal was outstanding!

  21. Does that running penguin have Peeps in his basket????

  22. That video by Stendal was great! It ought to be required watching for
    young men!

  23. Did someone mention PEEPS?

  24. Loved bottom vid.

  25. That vid was great, and I had Laker watch it as well. Standing O for Samantha and her friends. Upps, I don’t know how you find these videos.

    The edible hotel sounds gross.

  26. Thank you, Uppity, for the Peeps video – the parody of John Lennon was very clever. Also, ghe photo of the decapitated Peep is downright scary. Biting off a Peep head will never be the same for me ever again 🙂

  27. Sophie posted the Windsor vid. Thanks, Sophie, that made this straight woman tear up. Love is love and it shouldn’t depend on which dangly parts are included.

  28. Oh, the Stendel vid is the “how to handle a drunk woman” vid. yes, upps that was a great find.

    *more coffee*

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