The Peeple Have Spoken!

What would Spring be without the annual Peeps Diorama Contest?  Fortunately, you’ll never have to know because here at Uppity Woman Blog, we bring you all the news that’s fit to eat!  (Yes karen for clinton, I’m looking at YOU!)

Now I know what many of you peeps are thinking….Peeps are not fit to eat!  So what….have you never had a Peep PIE???  (A little birdie told me it’s great!)

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 12.42.14 PM

Or how about a Peep Fondue??Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 2.19.51 PM Deepeeplicious, no?

Okay,now that we’ve established that Peeps are in fact, good enough to eat…..  on with the Peep Show!

Being the good Catholic girl that I am…..Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 2.28.04 PM

Okay, okay……so maybe I’m not THAT good……none-the-less……

One of my favorites was the Papal Peeps!!

All those Peepinals lined up  at the Peepclave wearing their funny hats was truly a sight to behold.

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 12.53.40 PM

Even the Peep…I mean the Pope himselfScreen shot 2013-03-27 at 2.22.19 PM was peeping at the show!     And who could blame him? How often do you get to see 115  men of the cloth dressed in their finest…..cloth??

Maybe once in a generation?  Or sooner if the current man of the peeple pope decides to resign……

Don’t everyone get your tail feathers all ruffled up.  I mean no offense to Pope Francis.  He does seem like a very nice man and it is refreshing to see a pope not wearing Prada for a change!

Besides, I thought it was the Devil who wore Prada anyway!Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 1.14.02 PM

But I digress….and I can’t do that….it’s not my blog!  Sorry Uppity!  Back to my peeps!

Staying with the Papal Peep Theme….here are a few of the clever runner ups, starting with our previous pope John “Eggs” Benedict giving his last speech to the peeps below:

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 1.20.49 PM

And a post-retirement pope on a well earned vacation…….Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 1.21.13 PM

Before revealing the winner of the Peep Contest, here’s one more entry that I couldn’t resist.  She’s All In for a reading of her book, All In, yes Peepla Broadwell herself!Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 1.22.44 PM  Also promoting her soon to be released book, 50 Shades of Army Green!

Okay, I’ve kept you waiting long enough.  The winner of the 2013 Washington Post Peep Diorama Contest is………….Twinkies, Rest in Peeps, featuring the Pope himpeepself, coming out of retirement and back from vacation to preside over the Twinkie’s funeral.Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 1.23.20 PM  Notice the Twinkie will be buried alongside many of his snack cake friends, Ho-Ho, Snowball and Fruit Pie….PIE????  Wait a minute!  Fruit PIE died??  Why didn’t anyone tell me!!!??!!!!!!!!

Take heart Peeple….the loss of Twinkie and all of our Hostess Treats may be a lot for us to bear.  But remember….we’ll always have Paris…..Peeps!

Photo credit:  Paris Breakfast Blog.

Photo credit: Paris Breakfast Blog.


73 Responses

  1. PEEPS-perfect!
    I think that for now you could change your name to imusthavepeep. 😉

  2. imusthavepeeps. Darn autoprintwhatitwantsyouto instead of what I want !!

  3. For you movie buffs, a peep version of Zero Dark Thirty:

  4. Since the Supreme Court is in the news…..this is “Clarence Thomas Makes a Peep”.

  5. I remember when Clarence “Pubic Hair” Thomas made lots of Peeps in his hearing. I also remember each and every one of the senatorial pigs who helped him set up Anita. Waving to that walking cadaver Alan Simpson and remembering Joe Biden saying, “Women are like that”.

  6. Poor Oscar™ has new bail rules. He can travel anywhere he wants now, while What’s Her Name gets to stay put six feet under.

  7. How about, “Are you a scorned woman?” or “Do you have a martyr complex?”

  8. I like the Ex Pope one. The Pope In Boca.

  9. Yeah those boyz are going to have to wait for an entire generation to die for their sins to be forgotten, imust. Too bad for them it’s their own generation and they will have to die with us. Actually they are older, so they get to die first. Boo Hoo.

  10. Did you notice Karen has been scarce every since you pointed out that edibile hotel?

  11. Yes, I thought this peeppost might lure her out but perhaps she is still munching on a windowsill.

  12. I’m so happy that poor Oscar has the freedom to go where ever he wants. Being holed up in his uncle’s mansion must have been such a hardship! He should visit Roman Polanski and they could commiserate with each other about their hard luck stories.

  13. I’ve been working on the railroad. Whistle while you work. All work and no play makes karen hungry.

    Food shopping was interesting last night. It is still snowing here and my cravings were at an all time high. I had to fight that shopping cart all the way to the checkout door. I somehow ended up with lots of veggies and fruit and only a little bit of jelly bean type crap.

    That hotel pic made me laugh out loud – very out loud. It was also surprisingly disgusting! That woman in a tub of food was gross! I wouldn’t eat that crap. They put food on THE FLOOR. ICK!

    I do have standards, you know. I only steal from clean homes with good chefs who cook well balanced and healthy meals.

  14. Oscar is free to go find himself another woman. I guess they will be lining up to date him now. They just better wear a flak jacket when they go to the loo. And they should also have one of those life alert pendants around their necks for when he is off his anger control meds.

  15. From John Bartlett of the Critter Room kitten cam:

    Public Service Announcement: The Lily and cats

    This Easter, please do not give away or bring lilies into your home if you or the recipient has a cat. They are highly toxic to cats and can cause kidney failure if even a tiny amount is ingested. The gastrointestinal and nervous systems may also be affected.

    Every part of the plant, even its pollen, is toxic to cats but the flower itself is the most toxic.

    Signs of exposure usually show up 6 – 12 hours after ingestion and the first signs are vomiting, lethargy, loss of appetite, tremors, and seizures. Kidney failure typically follows and its signs are increased thirst, dehydration, increased urination initially followed by lowered urine output and finally no urine output. Death typically follows.

    If you suspect that your cat has ingested any part of the lily plant, including pollen, consult your veterinarian immediately. The toxic element of lilies is not known at this time, so there is no antidote.

  16. I live in a plant-free home because of the cats.

  17. Same here lyn, but I do have some of them where they can’t reach them. There are a lot of plants that can kill a cat and most people don’t know it. I do have herbs growing and have resigned myself to ‘sharing’ some of them. lol.

  18. Karen there is no end to the damage I can do shopping when I’m hungry.

  19. PEEP PEEP. 🙂
    Rule number 1 in shopping Never go hungry. Eat first. 😆

  20. Rule number 1 in shopping Never go hungry. Eat first.

    Unless you don’t mind staring at a bottle of picked pigs feet on your counter an hour later.

  21. Passing the kleenex to the next person to watch this Newtown ad:

  22. When I went shopping with my ex he was like a little kid. I had to say no to him or he’d fill the entire basket with things bought on a whim. I’d pick ground beef and he’d pick a cake shaped like a carousel or something like that. He simply wanted everything and when he came along our food bill was out of control and our cabinets were stuffed with things we did not intend to actually eat. Of course his “desire for more” was part of everything in his life. He wanted a pool table he didn’t use and an exercise room he didn’t use and a car that was out of his range. He’s still like that. Cannot be happy with what he has no matter how much. I am the opposite, grateful for everything and frugal since I need to be realistic. I live within my means, he lived like he wished he could.

  23. UW, did you say Pickled Pigs Feet? Almost as good as the Pickled Hardboiled Eggs:)

  24. For you outdoorsy types. How about Peeps on the BarBQ?

  25. You can’t make this PEE up.

    Waiting for the wimmenz version to arrive. I have been in that stadium for concerts. Color me nauseous.

  26. UW, here are some of my peeps!

  27. OMG karen is that pee/game/urinal real??? That’s just crazy!

  28. Apparently the Chicago Tribune also has a Peep contest to rival the WaPo one. But, being Chicago……here’s “Too Many Peeps, Not Enough Buses”
    Nevermind….controlling Chic Trib won’t let me post the photo. I’ll describe it for you:

    It’s a paper bus crowed with Peeps and a bunch of Peeps outside the bus.

  29. WTF with that urinal game? Men can’t aim for shit so how the hell are they going to control their aim for a video game? They already pee all over everything like an untrained puppy. Maybe the game will accidentally get them to hit the center of the urinal.

    Hillbilly I assumed you posted a video. I can’t see them from admin panel any longer, but I took a shot and went through the regular members’ comment section, and all I can say and do not every invite me to your relative’s parties. I did think the skit with the cop was hilarious though.

  30. Let us not forget out standby, Alfred Hitchcock’s The Peeps

  31. Drunk Peeps:

  32. ROFL! I forgot about Hitchcock’s “The Peeps” [shiver]!!

  33. How to get rid of unwanted peeps.

  34. Michelle Obama’s keeping us fit not fat! Let’s move!

  35. Don’t put up Peeps On Earth. I reserve that for Easter.

  36. Watch somebody see that comment on a scan, get the idea and put it up. Countdown to naked fool…..

  37. Those old Peep Posts are classic! Warning heeded!


    In other words… Justice….NO PEEPS???

  38. The PIE in me….or the PI in me….has gotta love this one!

  39. Of course that mustbefollowed by the Oscarpeeps!

  40. UW, not only will I invite you to my parties, I will pick you up in my truck, give you a pair of overall-shorts to wear, and make you my horse-shoe tossing partner:)

  41. Gee thanks, Hillbilly

  42. lol imust, considering his change in income, he’ll be owing a whole lot more in the future. Damn, I hate when shitbags win

  43. OMG! LIFE OF PEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. We have a winner!

  44. I even have a NASCAR one peice swim suit for ya to:

  45. Oh yeah I’ll bet that’s a really nice looking suit.

  46. I have to be extra careful as my Cadbury bunny Kittie and my foster tuxie will chew at anything. The only plants at cat level are wheat grass, catnip and Gerber daisies (not any other kind of daisy). I put them in nice planters and replace as needed. I can extend their life in warmer months by giving the plants a respite on the deck. Cut flowers and other plants are only up high where kitties cannot reach. They are never on the decl unsupervised – so that is where all the other greenery must stay. No overwintering plants.

  47. A Hillbilly swim suit modeled by none other than Jethro Bodine!

    Some fashion never goes out of style!

  48. One never knows what lurks beneath the surface. I have not heard mention of Picked Hard Boiled Eggs in years. I loved them. This was often the destination for many a Easter Egg when coloring went awry (gray is not attractive even when spelled grey).

    Because trying to correct poorly dyed eggs does not go as smoothly as this:

  49. Oklahoma dentist from hell. Practiced 36 years. What a cockroach.

  50. imust, hilarious post! Amazing how creative people can be with those things. My Mom would put those chick peeps in our baskets when we were kids. I never ate them. Gorged on all the chocolate.

  51. I saw that about oscar getting permission to leave the country and participate in races again. w t f. Justice must be an absolute joke in SA.

  52. Thanks socal! I’m with you on the peeps. Always in the basket, but used as decoration. Like the parsley of Easter!

  53. BTW. Raise your hand if you ate the ears off the chocolate bunny first!!

  54. okay okay. I ate the ears.

  55. Parsley. ROFL.

  56. For the record, I think Parsley is an under-rated herb.

  57. I know. Aren’t you supposed to eat the parsley as an after dinner digestive aid? Or is it for good breath? Whichever, most people I know just move it to the side of the plate out of the way! Poor parsley, it gets no respect……like peeps!

  58. Parsley is GREAT for your pet’s breath and it’s good for them too.

  59. I’m really liking this Pope Francis. He broke with tradition today and washed the feet of……[gasp]….females!!!!

  60. {Raising hand} Also ate the bunny ears first.

  61. LOL! Thanks for voting socal! Itmustbetough to be a chocolate Easter bunny!

  62. ~imust~ I smiled when I heard the “popal” footpath news yesterday and thought of you. Then this morning I wondered about my workplace colleague who is so very skeptical about Francis. I hope she is paying attention.

  63. leslie, I cannot get over this Francis guy. He is the real deal, finally. Everything he’s done shows he walks the walk and not just talks the talk. I am so, so impressed by him.

  64. Me too, karen, and I left that arrogant church decades ago. It’s good to see a humble person in charge of those arrogant vatican beanie boys, those bishops with their opulent adornments, a religion of hocus pocus and rituals with leadership that prides itself on instilling crippling guilt and a sense of unworthiness upon everyone else but themselves. I wish this pope well and look forward to the reaming and clearing of a hierarchy that is the antithesis of Jesus and everything he taught. I do hope he has a food taster.

  65. This gets my vote for best use of Peeps.

  66. I agree Hugo! 🙂

  67. So Karen and Upps ~ I like Francis, too. And I’ve been saying he needs a taster ever since he got out of the Popemobile and waded into the crowd. Now that he visited a juvenile detention center and washed the feet of women and a muslim, he is red meat. Fortunately there is no meat on Good Friday so I imagine he’s safe for today. My mother would have loved this guy! It makes me smile to think how pleased she would have been. 🙂

  68. My mother would have loved him too, leslie.

    I read where he has never used the popemobile. He was in the square in an open topped jeep.

  69. Opps! My bad. But it’s the happiest “my bad” ever.
    I said I was “hopeful” when he chose the name Francis. And even more so when I learned he lived in an apartment in Argentina and he rode the bus. But bypassing the red shoes and sticking with his trusty black shoes and leaving the gilt and glitter and calling the church hypocritical, well that sold me for sure.
    Holy Thursday’s foot bath was icing on the Easter cake.

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