Nike’s Usual Bad Taste. And Tiger Woods’ Usual Complete Lack Of Humility.

Nike, increasingly known for focusing its advertising on the World’s Biggest Scumbags, is back helping Tiger show the world what an arrogant sack of shit he really is. A match made in heaven, for sure.

No, Tiger. Winning does not take care of everything. Because once again you have shown that you can’t be fixed. Eventually, though, Karma will visit your humility defect.



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  1. Women – lab rats for the Manhattan Project – doing the work TPTB did not want to expose men to.

  2. Yep Tiger. As long as your dingus is happy, your golf game is #1. Good to know.

  3. And Tiger is now the BFF of our POTUS doncha know going golfing together in Florida.

  4. Yes, imust, because winning takes care of everything. /s

  5. Right Sophie. Our prezzie, Mr. “I Won”.

  6. Nike lost me at signing a deal with Michael Vick. Tiger doesn’t bother me, but Michael Vick makes my head spin. Tiger’s women were adults with a free will. Vick’s victims were among the most vulnerable.

  7. laker did volunteer work at Tigers Tournament, and got to be around a lot of the golfers. He said they were all talking about what a douche he is.

  8. ott, but in Feinstein’s PBS documentary about 30s & 40s dance music, Gene Kelly’s widow more or less said the same thing as this Nike tag line about the womanizing character Kelly played in “Pal Joey”…. as long as he danced well, he could win over the women in the audience who loathed his character’s behavior. Obviously, in the end, he didn’t win over enough people because the show was a flop.

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