Tell me they aren’t on something.


On a more, um….solemn note, I see Grumpy Cat has made it to the Friskies commercial circuit.


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  1. Nipping? 😆

  2. Nah, it’s way bigger than that. More like Ludes.

  3. Is this kitty performance art? Not sure what they person was going for by piling stuff on them. They are cute, but they are no Henri.

  4. Definitely zoned out. That one cat slept through all the scenes.

  5. “They are cute, but they are no Henri” LOL!

    I don’t know, the Grumpy Cat thing was kind of sad. Like they were making fun of her or something.

  6. socal Grumpy Cat is famous. I mean that cat is raking in the bucks because she’s a sweet cat with a grumpy look and tolerates all the attention. The cat appears to be a siam/persian mix, the persian part gives her the pushed face without the smile. The cat is a golden goose and I suspect it gets treated VERY well.

  7. Is that his dressage horse? Maybe Mom Romney can do some shuttle diplomacy.

  8. I don’t think so Hugo. He’s too crude to even know what dressage is. He’s a lowlife. I just think he got the best horse money could buy while his people are dying in the street. It’s a gorgeous horse.

  9. The horse thinks he’s a little twit and an asshole too

  10. Yes, that horse is stunningly handsome, and it worries me when abusive dirt bags have access to animals. I hope the horse kicks his ass.

  11. Yeah well that second pic suggests that might happen. Then they will kill the horse.

  12. Yep. He’ll end up on the dinner plate for the inner circle.

  13. I was just saying this morning that we need to send a drone over there and remove his chubby ass from the conversation.

  14. More pics of him on the horse and some other inner circle types on horseback. What a joke. Must be the polo club.

  15. Yeah the onion used a couple of those shots.

    One of them, pointing at a machine, is a replica of the stupid moronic shots his old man used to take. You know, touring the rice factory or the Marlboro Knockoff factory and pointing to equipment as if he knows shit about them or even cares.

  16. we need to drive a drone up his baby fat ass, he’s a blight just like his idiot father. I swear that family is dull normal, the whole lot of them. These are not bright people.

  17. We sent some Stealths over to South Korea, so they are now capable of flying over his moronic ass and taking him out without him hearing a thing.

  18. We already fought one war with that stupid family. This time we shouldn’t be polite about it, just turn the place into a parking lot for South Korea and be done with it. Give some of those poor victims forced to live under that rule a chance to migrate the hell out of there first and then remove the whole family from the gene pool. Maybe then north koreans will have some hope. And some food.

  19. Glad to see the new pope is shaking up things. I don’t expect much from any of hem as a Lebanese woman (and a heretic at that, having fled for the Episcopal church), but I do love St. Francis’ message and am cautiously optimistic about the change this pope can bring. The hierarchy forgot that they are but humble servants. They haven’t been serving, but rather enjoying the spoils of their offices. That Francis is “militantly humble” as the article says, is fabulous.

  20. Those horses are probably better fed than the peasants uh people there. The other word was Kim’s term for his citizens.

  21. Conditions and life are terrible for north koreans. It looks like a war zone and Dear Leader’s voice is heard from loud speakers everywhere, while people are starving on the ground and in the streets. Filthy conditions and they live in fear. If they can still walk they had better show up for those “celebrations” and parades too. What a terrible inhumane family of tyrants that has a hold on human beings who are guilty of nothing other than the misfortune of being born into a shithole created by a crazy family.

  22. Holocaust was even worse than they thought. NBC covering it. It’s a miracle.

  23. I love that horse. Seems like a travesty that such a lowlife piece of trash should be riding him.

  24. Sanctions do not work for these despots, you know. They take what they can get for themselves and leave their people to die in misery. But they feel no punishments themselves. It’s not as if they have to worry about being re-elected. They’re despots. They are there for life. That freak Chavez treated his people like dog shit too. He squandered all their assets and left them with no food. I hope if there is a hell he is in agony, the rat bastard. And his replacement is carrying on his legacy. Where there is socialism there is never good news for the vast majority of the people. It’s a fact. We complain, but the truth is, our poverty is a wealth of riches compared to theirs. Their social net is death. They have nothing and their own despots go to other countries for health care because theirs is in shambles. Venezuela has an embarrassment of assets, their people should be living well. All of them. This is what dictators do, they suck the life out of their assets and their people.

  25. North Korea blows up white house in propaganda video. These people are very very insane. They produce war videos and feed their bullshit to the people.

  26. Propaganda video of American city under nuclear attack. I am glad obama is shoving it up their asses. We should do just that. If necessary, do what we have to because this guy is insane just like his old man. It’s in his genes. If they want us to take them seriously then we should show them what it means when we are serious. And China really needs to be reigned in, they are the real enemy here. They can’t be trusted and they LOVE war. It’s really sad that the entire west doesn’t see that.

  27. Amnutcase over there in Iran must be having a fit over that holocaust news. He denies it happened and now it’s getting bigger. Can’t wait to hear his point of view on the new evidence.

    We should free North Korea from its inhumane conditions. Too bad those people don’t rebel like they do in the ME and did in China. This goofball needs some resistance. Off with his head!

  28. I know I used the term peasant further up, but really, peasants would probably have it better than the N. Korean citizens. It *is* a damned tragedy the way they have to live exist.

  29. Upps, I know about Grumpy Cat, she is everywhere. I’m sure you’re right and she’s a sweetie and has a good life.

    We were channel surfing a couple of weeks ago and saw Dennis Rodman on Leno and stopped to watch him talk about his visit to that lunatic in N Korea. The lunatic invited Rodman (seriously…Dennis Rodman ffs) and Rodman went like he was some kind of ambassador. I’ve been to South Korea btw, it has lots of middle class and rich people and college education is very important to them. Very different from the pix and footage I’ve seen of NK. My friends family there said people there are afraid of NK, but try to ignore it.

  30. Happy Easter! Old Peeps are like old McDonalds meals–well preserved.

  31. The kitties are very Sphynx-like and appear to be following a “birdie.” They all have one of those gigantic bells around their necks and the white one in the hat really appears to enjoy “dressing up.” Un is a Kindergartner trying to get attention. He can be stroked by bizarre types like Rodman, … maybe he wants to play dress-up too. Face it: Obama, Un, Rodman – they all want to be the princess. Only the kitties know how to really get attention.

  32. …and the Grumpy Cat’s in a T.A.R.D.I.S. not a box…it’s bigger on the inside.

  33. thanks for the cat in the middle of all the creepy news. Ugh.

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