Happy Easter. If not, then Peeps On Earth.


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  1. Why is Cesar Chavez’ mug shot on google today instead of something Easter? I note that have no problem depicting muslim holidays on their main page.

  2. Happy Easter, Ms. UW and gang. Peeps on Earth whirled peas.

  3. Over 40,000 holocaust sites. That is astounding. Even the Aryan looking people went to reprogramming camps. Madness like we see in N Korea has a solid place in history. Lunatics often rise to the top.

    Never forget.

  4. You are very right, Karen. We should never fail to recognize the same creatures in different venues. And the middle east wants to do this again to Jews as well. The fact that people fail to see that or, worse, see it and cheer it on, is disgusting to me on every level.

  5. Happy Easter Upptyits He is Risen! 😉

  6. Happy Easter Upps, et al! and I wish everyone “Peeps on earth and whirled peas” as Karen said. This morning while I’m preparing the family Easter dinner I’m listening Peter Gabriel’s recordings “Passion” and “Us” most awesome music. What a musician. It is a beautiful day – sunny and clear and very Spring-like. We all deserve this kind of day whatever faith (or not) we profess.

    Thanks for the Bach. How wonderful!

  7. Happy Easter. Love the Fred and Judy video.

  8. Happy Easter. If not, then Peeps On Earth.

    And peace/peeps be with you as well.

  9. When I saw the article title “so its Easter is Hillary running yet” I had to laugh. Either way she gets lots of clicks whenever it is mentioned. And all those people with their big-ass checkbooks at the ready – where were you when we were struggling to send her $25 at a time to keep her from going under? They got guilt. Toss money at her and you’ll feel relief. They are clamoring for her or ready to attack her. She IS polarizing!!! Ha-ha-ha.


  10. Google mental infants on why they chose to put Cesar Chavez on their main page today instead of Easter:
    “It’s so hard for us to choose”. Wtf is hard about it. practically nobody knows who cesar chavez was, he is not a national holiday or a national anything, and Google is just plain malicious. If it were Ramadan, you would bet their logo would reflect it. I fucking hate Goodle and they need some adult supervision stat. Remember 2008 what their little snots did to us Hillary bloggers in blogspot?

  11. Pax vobiscum…y’all. 😉

  12. You’re so sexy when you speak latin!

  13. hahahahaha!!!

  14. I think the Caesar Chavez thing is tied into the new Republican outreach strategy by Dick Morris to reach out to Hispanics/Mexicans: “thank you for picking our food”.


  15. Buzzfeed said some folks…initially mistook the Doodle’s figure for recently deceased Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

    Yeah, what’s in a name? 😉

  16. Buona Pasqua, Uppityites.

    Yes, foxiladi, the Lord has risen indeed. Alleluia!

    Although probably in the minority, I think Cesar Chavez is a fitting Easter Google Doodle. This Chavez is NOT the Venezuela Chavez. This was a man of peace, a real Christian. For real food foodies, he is a genuine hero.
    Cesar Chavez was an American farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist, who, with Dolores Huerta, co-founded the National Farm Workers Association

    The Bach is fabulous.

  17. “Over 40,000 holocaust sites. That is astounding.”
    Just a few thousand are known by name but a few years ago the wild speculation was that 10,000 camps might have existed. It’s now 40,000, very few of the slave labor camps, transfer/holding camps had any survivors to document the camps existence. A few decades ago, I did a little research on the “camps” and it seemed to me that the “6 million” number was the bare minimum and the number of Jews exterminated was much higher.

  18. I knew which Chavez it was. Interestingly, not only did most people not know which Chavez he was, vast majority of people don’t even know who the hell he was. In any event, I hardly think of Chavez when I think of Easter. There are thousands of people who are christians of peace, most of them less controversial than Chavez, but none of them is a fitting representative of Easter, up to and including Chavez. In any event I don’t think Google gives a shit about Easter and didn’t expect anybody to think the guy had anything to do with Easter. What I do think Google wanted to achieve was achieved. They wanted to piss people off.

  19. Testing to see if I Effed up my firefox with addons

  20. Oh that worked. I am so excited. Carry on.

  21. I don’t think Google gives a shit. What makes you think it was deliberate?

  22. I think so because they are malicious little infantile snots. I don’t forget what they did to Hillary bloggers in blogspot, 2008. Little pissants in need of supervision. I led the way to the switch to wordpress and took a bunch of bloggers with me. It was survival.

  23. I agree on the Chavez thing. Although he was an honorable man, how many people around the world celebrate Easter? It’s seems like a deliberate slap in the face or maybe an “in your face” from Google. They do it because they can. It smacks of arrogance.

  24. You’re On about the arrogance, imust. I see Bing did Easter, but Bing is trying to get customers. Therefore they would do a St. Mary’s of The Prairies Day doodle if they had to. Google has that Only Game In Town attitude people despise. The kind of attitude that gets you Karma eventually. It will come. A company that snotty and arrogant, that spies on you left and right (even in your own yard and on your network!) and makes it so you have to be a techie to thwart them 75%, will have to eventually answer to someone.

    Too bad USA has no balls and can be bought constantly with contribution money. Countries in Europe already threw Google street view out. But not here. No sir. Cha ching! Our government “leaders” are big contribution hookers. They sell us for their re-elections. Google is to information and privacy what Monsanto is to seeds.

  25. I agree Upps. 🙂

  26. they are malicious little infantile snots

    Well, I can’t argue with that assessment.

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