Cockroach of the Week: Daneta McPherson: Despicable Repeated Abuser Of A Terrified Disabled 5-Year-Old


Meet Daneta McPherson. She apparently gets her jollies bullying and terrifying five-year- old special-needs children–and one in particular.

I want to stress that the five year-old special-needs child being tortured in the video below by this despicable swine suffers from multiple disabilities.

One one occasion, this cockroach grabbed the boy and made him hit his head on the side of the bus. She even threatened to take him home with her! Can you imagine? One thing I cant imagine is the fear this child has lived in for God knows how long, or the helplessness and panic he experienced each time he had to board that bus with this animal.

And this is not the first time at the rodeo for Deneta. No sir.

Witnesses (and surveillance videos) say she REPEATEDLY terrorized and bullied this same mortified child. In fact, this POS is charged with stalking the child. From the looks of her on the video, it appears she could benefit from an exorcism.

Cockroach, going where she belongs.

Cockroach, going where she belongs.

You only need to listen to this poor child’s heart-wrenching wails to know this women deserves to be shot at dawn and left bleeding, shot again at dusk, and then fed to wild dogs. In the public square.  The  gene pool of the world is NOT a better place with her in it. And if by some terrible misfortune she has any children of her own, I hope the authorities have the good sense to remove those children from her demonic clutches permanantly. Do this right, Port Lucie! Please tell me this creature is not out on bail and walking around in public.




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  1. This makes me ill. And what’s up with the other adults on the bus? Why did they let this go on??

  2. For the life of me I just do not know what is going on in society. Good thing that was not done in front of me I kid you not !!!!!!!!!!! As you know I carry and I defy one person her to say I would not be justified in taking her out !!!!!!! This stuff makes me madder then anyone knows.

  3. I just went looking for Florida court records, but their searches cost $$$. Unfortunately, this does not even sound like she was charged with a felony. Stalking does not seem like a serious charge. And she is out on $20,000 bail. Unfortunately, the courts will probably put her on PBJ or a STET and send her to anger management. People get away with a lot of bad stuff because we don’t have enough hanging judges. I hope the parents go punch the stuffing out of her. The court might release them on their own recog.

  4. Unfortunately, this seems to happen alot. People are so afraid of being sued that they just passthe garbage. We had one sub in our school district who started fondling 6th grade girls in the classroom. The young men had the sense to surround him and have the girls go to the office to call 911. Turns out he was a repeat offender. Big suprise.

  5. Well check out this POS. He sexually molested and killed his girlfriend’s SIX MONTH OLD daughter, got the death sentence and it now pleading for mercy because he only meant to molest her not kill her.

  6. Hillary’s first public appearance!!!
    Oh yeah and joe biden was there too.

  7. My union started during the historic “I am a man” protest. They got a 10 cent raise and King lost his life for justice.

    The way it was – we will never forget.

  8. Verna Owen’s 100th birthday rap.

  9. Well we all know Joe Biden is not beneath stealing quotes. He already got thrown out of a presidential election once for it. I worry about him not. He’s a buffoon.

    And CNN is croaked about how Hillary said she was going to enjoy her private life so how come we’re seeing her? As if she is supposed to go up into the woods and be a hermit. Name me one public figure who left their post and DIDN’T go on the speech circuit. Even the shamed ones do it.

  10. CNN needs another rapist or woman killer to swoon over.

  11. Hillary looks fantastic had a hair trim I love it. 🙂

  12. The Hillary knee cappers were all such “trashy” people and they have kept the karma fairy so busy.

  13. The clip on youtubes is only a minute long. Haven’t found her full speech yet.

  14. We were so right in 08. They are all fawning now but what if another male with hopey changey bs comes along?

  15. Everybody still angry about 08? I am. And I want revenge and to even the score and make thing right. If she runs we all run – the whole way till election day.

    If she announces we need our running shoes ready and we will hit the streets with boxing gloves on till we hear the words Madam President. For every little girl out there in the world who needs to be told she can do anything and be anything.

    We want this in our bones. I am wearing my Rise Hillary Rise shirt today and I am still pissed off that we were robbed.

  16. ACK it’s mobile and popped up that spyware Real Player. Gotta find it on the regular youtube.

  17. Ok the yahoo one is good.

    Yeah I hate to say this, but I’m not beyond saying it about the boyz either, as in Harry comes his hair with an egg beater and cuts it with a bowl on his head……….but I really HATE hillary’s hair as long and stringy with that limp flip, as it’s been. It really has not been a plus. Looks better but still not there. She’ll figure it out. She’s like many high powered women, who don’t have time to think of primpo. So she needs a person to do that for her. The one she had was not doing her justice with her hair.

  18. Bahahaha Huffington. She probably had some tantrums and smashed the walls. You can tell she’s got a nasty personality.

  19. The carnival ship that was in port being repaired broke away from its moorings and is up against a cargo vessel. One shipyard worker is missing and they are searching the river for him. They are incompetent and need to change their management and training plans at the very least. Did they tie it up with a jump rope?

  20. Carnival seems to do whatever the hell they want to anybody on their ships. And if you ask me, they are grossly negligent with respect to preventative maintenance and safety checks. If they were an airline, they would get their asses jacked. You would have to put a gun in my mouth to get me on one of their ships.

  21. Laker says thank you for all the bday wishes. He & a friend got into a friendly argument at school today with some religious kids about women being inferior to men. Laker said he told them women were smarter, live longer, better managers, etc.

    Stephen Colbert came out and endorsed his sister against that Appalacian Trail Hiker. I hope she wins. How bad were the other repubs running in that primary that they chose Sanford?

  22. Did you guys see the story about bark signing a bill that had a Monsanto protection clause hidden in it? Jon Stewart did a segment on it tonite, will be available on his site tomorrow. This country is so fucked up. The corporations run everything:

  23. socal said:

    Laker says thank you for all the bday wishes. He & a friend got into a friendly argument at school today with some religious kids about women being inferior to men. Laker said he told them women were smarter, live longer, better managers, etc.

    Good for Laker!

    I saw the Jon Stewart piece on that Monsanto protection stuff. Disgusting!

  24. Well speaking of cockroaches, (I’m mixing metaphors or whatever) but look at this p.o.s.

  25. But we know how he really felt in ’08:

    Piece of crap. 👿 If she runs and goes on his show I hope she rips him a new one.

  26. Well I had a comment disappear. What I said was that we know how Matthews really felt back in ’08 and if she runs in 2016 I hope she goes on his show to rip him a new one.

  27. Okay I must have two comments in spam. Whenever you return Miz Upps or anyone else, please release one of them .

  28. Fredster, I saw that bsnbc thing. I almost choked to death!

  29. socal: My missing link (ha!) was to a HuffPo piece back in 2008 where Matthews was caught badmouthing Hillary and the Clintons in general. If she runs I hope she does go on his show and just tears him a new one.

  30. Well I’m writing something here that is making my comments either go into limbo or spam and I’m not too sure why.

  31. Fredster, you broke the site. lol.

    Tweety can go pluck himself.

  32. Well I’m writing something here that is making my comments either go into limbo or spam and I’m not too sure why.

    Because wordpress hates you?

    Don’t see anything in spam though. Lay off the hot sauce!

  33. I fished Fredster out of the spam jail uppity.

  34. Tingly has lotsa company Fredster. Karma is going to be a real bitch. The collection:

  35. Ah thank you imust! Fredster thanks you too I bet!!! Must have been his turn.

  36. The Vital Voices night ended up being a love fest for Hillary. What did Biden mean by his remark. No wimmenz like her? She is a person first, a woman second. There is no person like her of any gender as qualified as she is for any job she wants.

    Her bundlers are geared up. They really are putting pressure on her and they just might drag her to the start line and draft her. Once she gets to that line she will be unstoppable and we won’t be able to keep up with her. IF she starts she will not stop for anything.

    Fingers crossed.

  37. Hey Karen, Giant Mosquitoes the size of quarters set to invade Florida this year.

  38. I have bats, mice, flying squirrels, chipmunks, deer, raccoon, possum, and thousands of grey squirrels here. Oh and those lovely stink bug – shield beetles that are harder to get rid of than bed bugs.

    I will hate the heat for a few months and the bugs, but I don’t think I will be forced to stay indoors in pain for 6 months out of the year and run for my car to go to work and shop only. My bones don’t hurt there.

  39. If you signed up for Ready for Hillary then you got the email with Carville’s big face on it. Here is the start of the letter – go join for your own letter! He asks if we are Hungry for Hillary. He knows me!!!

    “There hasn’t been a presidential election in my lifetime when Democrats have been as united behind a potential candidate as we are today. The enthusiasm and hunger for a Hillary Clinton Presidency is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

    So I’m not going to waste my time writing you about how great Hillary is or how formidable she’d be — you know it already.

    But it isn’t worth squat to have the fastest car at the racetrack if there ain’t any gas in the tank — and that’s why the work that Ready for Hillary is doing is absolutely critical. We need to convert the hunger that’s out there for Hillary’s candidacy into a real grassroots organization.

    Hillary had to give up all of her political organizing activities when she became Secretary of State. That means it’s up to us to build this thing from the ground up.”

    They are determined. 🙂

  40. We have the fastest race car and she has more gas in her tank than anybody out there. The rest of them have nothing but hot air. Carville goes on to describe obama’s campaign with awe. Give the devil his due, he did have a hell of a propaganda machine and organization – from the internet to the tv to the magazines to my mail box direct from the DNC his team was ruthlessly fighting to win. (sickeningly so and horribly in your face lying and doing dirty deeds, but they were ready.)

    I am going to start laying the Hillary is AWESOME seeds at work tonight. Nobody will know I am laying eggs in their brains!

    Time to start conversations about her in gas stations, supermarkets, work places, schools, bowling night, whatever. Just in case she does say yes.

    If we all beg she just can’t say no. Right? We want HILLARY.

    Something tells me the sisterhood of the pantsuit is going to get behind this woman like there is no tomorrow. We had our historic half black man – now we want REAL history. Wimmenz of the world unite.

    She’s the one, and lord knows we’ve had to wait for her.

  41. Looks like everybody is out enjoying spring. Guess I can malinger on writing for a few days. heh.

  42. It is still freezing here. It was 20 something when I came home this morning. Supposed to hit 50 briefly tomorrow afternoon. Brrrrr.

  43. It’s actually a nice sunny day here. We sure needed it. Needlenose pissed. No snow anywhere.

    My cats are following the sun around the house. lol.

  44. Roger Ebert dead.

  45. Thank y’all for removing me from da spam. Yep it seems tweety had an unguarded moment on the acela train and let out his true feelings for Hill and Bill which were not good. Putz.

  46. Fredster, you know spam here. It does what it wants and nobody escapes.

  47. Speaking of squirrels, I have a black one. Is it true they are good luck? I seriously wonder how long he will live on my land between the dog and area cats, but hey, I can’t tell him where to live. Most of the squirrels (and I had every squirrel in the county here at one time, i swear, including the little bastard who got in my basement and pissed and shredded everything) left here long ago.

  48. I got that Carville e-mail. I’m kind of sick hearing all the backstabbing media drone on about Hillary and inevitability this week. But that e-mail from James is encouraging. And, can’t wait to read her new book. She signed a deal. I hope she does a tell-all, but I think she has too much class and intelligence to do that.

  49. @hugo: Was the Carville email from joining the ready for Hillary thing? I signed up for it when I saw it here.

  50. Hugo, there was an article today about her book and it says the subject will be strictly her role at State. It will cover the 4 years and not the tumultuous prior two years. I didn’t save the link but google key words -hillary publisher book state dept – and ot should come up.

  51. Yeah Fred. I signed the pledge and gave them my name and email. They are building their data base – and that is one of the rare instances where I would give them it gladly. They can have my address phone numbers dob, long form birth certificate…

  52. Talk about shitholes. They kidnap dogs in Viet Name and Thailand and eat them, just like they do when they come here to the USA.

    And apparently, even rabies doesn’t matter to them.

  53. Fredster the Carville e-mail is for signing a pledge, but I think I had already signed it at the Ready for Hillary website. I’m signed up and follow the PAC on FB and Twitter.

  54. Didn’t our prezzie eat dog when he was a kid learn’ all about foreign policy?

  55. Karen, I just saw an article about the scope of Hillary’s book. Can’t wait to read it and I’m glad she’s doing it. No point in letting “historians” put their spin on her legacy as SOS.

  56. Look at how scared those poor dogs are piled in that pen on top of each other. Let me tell you you don’t ever want to live anywhere near a viet namese. Those people will eat anything and your pet is not safe near them.

  57. It really ticks me off that our fabulous job-creator corporations have sent US jobs to Viet Nam. They eat dogs and make our clothes. Nice.

    BTW, engineering students in India have designed anti-rape underwear. Seems to work like a taser.

  58. Gag me:

    President Obama assessed the beauty of California’s attorney general Kamala Harris, calling her “the best looking attorney general,” during remarks at a fundraiser in Atherton, California.
    “You have to be careful to, first of all, say she is brilliant and she is dedicated and she is tough, and she is exactly what you’d want in anybody who is administering the law, and making sure that everybody is getting a fair shake. She also happens to be by far the best-looking attorney general in the country – Kamala Harris is here.”
    “It’s true! C’mon,” he said as the crowd laughed, according to a report provided by a print reporter at the home of John Goldman, an heir to the Levi-Strauss fortune.

    Yeah, you have to be careful alright Barack! You don’t want to upset those wimminz. They might get all riled up and then have to get settled down again….periodically, when they’re feeling down…


  59. What a jerk. (The prezzie, in case you’re wondering.)

  60. I think he was mocking the obituary controversy about the rocket scientist, what was her name? Brill I think, I’ll look it up. But just recently, a famous woman scientist died and the first sentence was about what a great Beef Stroganoff she made and the NY Times had to change it.

    Yes, here it is:

    Anyway, he’s like that, mocks things. He thinks he’s so clever.

  61. What a tool.

  62. Hey Sophie, imust, et al, if you want to write something go ahead. I’m taking some time off to get some stuff done.

  63. Finally warming up here. I opened the car windows and put the screens back up. 7 months of cold and gloom are over. Hallelujah.

  64. Same here. Nice day. All the trash the lazy assed city workers left behind is out there all around the city too. People cleaning up everywhere.

    Mr U is making red clam sauce for dinner and I am sitting around waiting for the bell.

  65. See Still4hill on Hillary’s acceptance of a position on the US Global Leadership Coalition’s National Advisory Board.

  66. Thanks Upps. I’m glad Hillary joined it, so they have some brilliant and powerful thinking there.

    Some of the members of that board are pretty scheevy. At least Rumsfeld isn’t on it.

  67. Totally J about your dinner. I’m swamped doing a last minute tax receipt roundup and no time to cook today. Back to work. {whipsnap}

  68. Asked “What’s next for Hillary” the crowd goes wild – standing and cheering. She’s going to get a lot of that. Women woke up finally.–politics.html

  69. Haha I was just gonna post a link to that. She gave a speech and they were cheering for her to run outside the building.

  70. See Karen? I told you Tuxies are magic.

    And that link to the cat whose time was up I posted yesterday, she was in Florida. If you were in Florida, you coulda taken her. Don’t know if she made it. She was a sweetie too.

  71. Pope callsl for action on priest sex abuse.

  72. Hey gurl, it’s all better now.
    On Friday, the White House confirmed that Obama called Harris to apologize for causing a “distraction” with his comments.

  73. I had a oouple of go-arounds on twitter over this. Always making excuses for democrats and especially him. Saying his remark was “ill advised” and shit like that. Bullshit. It wasn’t ‘advised’ to him, he’s a freaking sexist pig just like alwayss.

  74. I hate those kind of comments, you always get the “what’s the big deal? She IS good looking??” or the “Geeze you can’t even compliment a woman anymore??” When the point is purposely missed that a woman only is judged first by her appearance. He wouldn’t have introduced a man with that kind of comment. Just like the Obit of Yvonne Brill, the rocket scientist.

  75. Michelle goofs and calls herself a busy single woman

  76. That obit was revolting. That writer should have been fired for that shit. The woman was a genius and he’s talking stroganoff. Asshole.

  77. APA lumps pedophilia in with “fetishes”..

  78. Another non apology from a sexist pig. “distraction” is a great way of giving the finger to every woman who was offended. I’m surprised he didn’t say it was “ill advised” or “Inartful perhaps”.

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