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  1. Excellent tweet Uppity!

  2. Kansas passes anti-abortion bill declaring life begins ‘at fertilization’

    I’m feeling sorry for straight women–you all are fast running out of safe states to live in.

  3. Don’t you know that it’s worth every treasure on earth to be young at heart?

    The old guy tickles me. Today, he would be called a drain on society.

  4. Are there any avid readers here ? If so I would highly recommend Fern Michaels ” sisterhood series. She is a writer about strong women. I love how they ( the sisterhood ) exact revenge on the men that have wronged them.

  5. When Jimmy Durante was fifteen years old, he and Eddie Cantor, who was sixteen, had an act, together, in Coney Island.
    Jimmy played the piano and Eddie sang. They took requests and what they didn’t know, they just made up.
    I’ll bet it was wonderful.

  6. Hey Utah, third wavers want to know if there are Cliff Notes to those books.

  7. Awwwwwwww!!! I love Jimmy. 🙂

  8. ROFFFFFFFF yea do they even read these days ? I read and love it. Beats hell out of watching that damned one eyed monster. I have to say I am so sick of politics, world news and all the one sided spin which side spins it. I have a 14 x14 room that is wall to wall book shelves and Need more space to house books. Reading has never let me down.

  9. Maybe it is fantasy but the real world is just too damn crazy for me these days.

  10. I’ve slept on a waterbed for 40 years. I just drained and sliced up the last one I will ever own. It took all day and I’m still not done with the frame. I will sleep on the guest bed till I move – whenever that is. Still waiting to sell this house and get approval for the one I found down there. I wish I could make everybody happy but first I need to be happy myself! I do more for others than for me. It does make you feel good. I am a natural nurturer and sometimes too much so.

  11. Just for that Karen, you can have half the zucchini bread I have baking in the oven.

  12. As for bo’s sexist remark – we are not surprised. He was always covering up his ignorant remarks with a WORM. What he really meant was that she was very skilled and capable but it came out as a piggish – man, this chick idle smoking hot.

  13. Half? Oh, ok. It smells great from here.

  14. That aroma is my special secret ingredient. (And only half because, y’know, the baker gots to eat!)

  15. I hate auto correct. Wtf – idle should be IS. The definition of is – is -is.

  16. Yeah, you’d think someone who was “articulate and clean” would get it. But noooooo.

  17. Unfortunately I am obviously a defective Italian, as i am not fond of anything with zucchini baked into it unless it is a hot savory dish (traditional Frittata), a soup (with potatoes, carrots and a minestrone base) or a salad (raw). Defective I tell you. Defective.

  18. Last time I slept on a waterbed was college. I do sleep on a Company Store Deluxe featherbed though. I tell you that thing promotes sloth.

    I think we should live blog your move, Karen.

  19. Utah I ditched the vast majority of books. They can take over your house. I’m into minimalism these days. I want space. Easy to handle space. Actually, an echo would be good.

  20. In fact I wrote a satire letter to Company Store about my featherbed once, about how featherbeds Promote Sloth.

  21. Great tweet, Upps.

  22. Last time I slept on a waterbed was college.

    Same here. But, I’d do it again for some of Sophie’s zucchini bread.

  23. Touche, Sophie!

  24. Not interested in that feather bed eh?

  25. Which tweet?

  26. Hahah Soph, no sense of feeling sorry for me. If I get pregnant I will name the baby SURPRISE!

  27. I like the live blogging karen’s move idea! 🙂

  28. Yeah me too. I mean it’s pure Gold.

  29. She’s getting ready to hit the ground running. She even drained the water bed.

  30. I saved all the best stuff and gave away or tossed anything I didn’t either need or like a lot. I still have 5 big pieces of furniture to give away. I will drag them outside when the weather is nicer and put a FREE sign on them – if I don’t find somebody to take them.

    I used to leave it all till the last minute but now I must do a little at a time over months so that I don’t over do it. Laundry or wash items and then pack a few boxes at a time. I packed my wool coats. I hardly needed them here – will only need them there if I travel someplace cold in the winter! Seems silly to keep them but I love them and they are excellent quality.

    I will be so busy packing the truck and driving on moving day that I won’t be able to blog much. I will likely have a closing that day too. The 15 hour drive will be a good rest – so I can unpack!

    Uhaul – no frills. I will likely hire helpers to load and unload. Uhaul has people at a decent rate here and there too.

    What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I am a strong old bird.

  31. karen, no need to worry about blogging on your moving day….we can do the blogging for you! It’s what we do! 🙂

    On another note, Washington Post is having a Sweet Sixteen vote about the 2016 race. Hillary is has already beat all the Democrats and is against Rubio. So far she’s beating Rubio by a mile.

  32. I don’t eat fast food normally. Mcdonalds has wifi and I can post when /if I stop at one like I did on Lily day. Let’s just hope I move before winter comes again. If I am still here in November I will just have to slash my wrists.

  33. What imust said. We’ll do the heavy blog lifting!

  34. I’ll even throw in videos of sharks and pythons eating people and shit.

  35. Upps, the zucchini bread is just something to do with the excess zucchini. The bread would taste just fine without it! I get a lot of zucchini over the summer and there’s only so much giambotta, ratatouille, and grilled zucchini I can do. The rest gets shredded in the food processor and frozen to become either quiche, frittata, or quick bread material. Funny, I get so bored with zucchini and corn over the summer, but in the winter and spring, they’re real treats.

  36. Karen, here’s what we’re gonna do–we’re gonna get about 4-6 Uppityite volunteers to relay you and your truck from your old home to your new home, just like we did with Lily. I have an extra large litter box for the occasion. Do you prefer cedar, pine, or clay litter?

    And we’ll need a pie.

  37. oooh…oooh…ooooh! PIE!

  38. Sounds like a plan. We’ve got the people with the most organizational skills right here at UW, and that’s a fact jack. Nobody can do a live blog like we can. We’ve got this covered, Karen. Your trip will go fast, time will fly and we will all have fun. It will be like we’re a bunch of illegals in the back of your uhaul with you.

  39. About zucchini, Sophie. My father had a theory he called Pass The Zucchini. He believed that at the end of the summer, odds are you could get your own zucchini back. Kind of like fruitcake. After all us dagos go prowling for all those zucchini flowers to eat, the countryside is inundated with overgrown zucchinis the size of a small dog. So you come home one day and you find a zucch on your doorstep. You already have five and you are friggin sick of zucchini. So you pass it on. Next thing you know, it’s August and, if you made an identifying mark on that zucchini, you find it’s the one behind your door again.

    And I love that you know the word giambotta.

  40. Ah Upps I love the look of books on a book shelve. Just something about it. I always wanted to have my own library and now I do. Extra comfy chairs and peace and quiet in there. I have to admit though I am thinking about getting a Kindle to down load them and read my black heart out. I just never understood anyone not liking to read but so many just don’t enjoy it. My folks always read . We rarely had a TV on in the home and pretty much that is how it is here. Both my kids prefer to read a good book rather then watch TV too. Seems the grand kids like reading as well.
    I have down sized a lot of things in the house but my books stay !!
    I like an echo too lol. Makes cleaning a breeze. Two things I must have and that is every darn kitchen gadget know to man and books. Shoot ok make it four. DOGS and cameras and boat loads of lenses and I am good.

  41. Sssshhhh don’t tell anyone but I likes me my zucchini. However must agree by the end of Summer I have had enough but I do can it with onions and tomatoes in tomato sauce for Winter.

  42. Feh I’ll trash that. Warren isn’t worth spit.

  43. Now about zucchini again. It’s all water, so I never thought of freezing it. Doesn’t it get all soggy?

  44. Warren isn’t worth spit.

    The good rev? Were you gonna say something snarky about the kid?

  45. I love zucchini. Its hubbies favorite veggie. I keep meaning to do the flower recipe, and always forget.

    I just clicked on Huffpo and the front page headline is:


    with a cool pic of Hillary underneath. Its 3 years to the ’16 campaign, but its all anyone ever talks about.

  46. Fredster, you have a good eye, I didn’t even notice that! Laker says to ask you about Auburn btw.

  47. What do you guys think about freezing steak? Does it wreck it?

  48. Socal, well I was reading the comments to try to play catch up so I saw it and I was wondering if upps meant the rev’s kid.

    Tell Laker Auburn has been dirty since before they got Cam Newton from juco.Their program was sooo out of control under Chizk it wasn’t even funny. The dad was shopping around Cam’s services for $$$s and some people think what Auburn did was to funnel the money to the dad through his “church”.

  49. You mean after it’s been cooked?

  50. No, I mean raw. (I knew what you meant).

  51. imust, if your family likes steak, Gelsons has porterhouse and tbone for half off. We had some for dinner tonite, very good. I never buy steak becuz its so damn expensive.

  52. Okay I was hoping that’s what you meant! I’ve frozen them before, but I take them out of the wrap/tray thing from the store and put them into the good ziplock bags. I mark the date on the bags too so I don’t leave them in the freezer too long. I try not to leave them for over, say, 3 months.

  53. Thanks!

  54. Socal: Back before Katrina, I would order the ribeye and New York strip steaks from Omaha steaks. They came frozen in dry ice and I just put them in the freezer. Now those were vacuum packed and they would be good for a good while longer. The ribeyes were great for me to just grab two out of the freezer before I left for work and then I could pan fry those in a skillet that had the grill things in it. Perfect quick dinner with a nuked potato and veggies for me and the momster.

  55. Awww, what a nice son you are!

  56. Hey, that just made it easier on me. I could do the ribeyes in the pan and then I’d grill the strip steaks.

  57. I’ve bought Omaha. Like fredster said, their steaks are packed in dry ice and they are beautifully vacuum packed. Makes a huge difference in freezing. I freeze beef, pork, etc, lamb, chicken all the time, but I vacuum pack them. They last a long time if they are vacuum packed. Air is the culprit. So just make sure you get all the air out of the bag, socal, to avoid ice. Fredster is right about supermarket packing, if you buy meat that way, take the meat out of it, it has air in it. When you poke it, the wrapping collapses because of all the air. Another good choice is freezer paper. When I make my own turkey and beef burgers, which is always, I pack each one in freezer paper before doing anything else. I don’t vacuum wrap them because they aren’t going to be there long. I weigh them off at 4 oz each and not only use them for burgers but when something calls for burger meat, since I know four of them is a pound. How well any meat does in the freezer is really all in the packing before you freeze it. Take the time and the meat will be fine.

    In winter I grill on a stove grill, it’s one of those long cast iron things that covers two burners, ribbed on one side, flat on the other. I like it because we prefer our meat grilled to broiled. Here’s the grill
    Of course, you don’t have winter but I showed it for those who do. You get nice grill lines and you lose the fat too. Other side you can make pancakes and eggs, etc.
    Also have had one of these for years for smaller grilling

  58. Now about zucchini again. It’s all water, so I never thought of freezing it. Doesn’t it get all soggy?

    Yes, it’s mostly water and freezing, then defrosting does release more of that water. It’s definitely not the same, but I have to do something with the excess zucchini in season. Perhaps this year it will be compost.

    I vacuum seal everything I freeze too and everything lasts way longer than one might expect.

  59. Fredster, end cut rib eyes are my absolute favorite but they are soooooooo full of fat. That’s why they taste so good. My mother used to buy a whole ribeye and have the butcher slice it thin and we would have these most delectable grilled rib eye steak sandwiches piled with red onion on Kaiser rolls.

  60. I use a vacuum packer but not for everything. If I know it’s going to go fast, I skip it. They work great and I have one that’s a zillion years old but they are a pain in the ass. I’m one of those people who hates appliances on the counter when they aren’t in use, so I store those things away and sometimes I get lazy. If I could design a kitchen, I would have all the appliances on the counter behind roll top covers, with a socket behind each one. Use it, make toast, slam the thing shut when not in use. I’d have a pantry sized room off the kitchen, like a workshop, with an island and blocks. Just go in there, make a mess, come back out to the kitchen with the goods for cooking.

  61. lol Uppity another quirk we share. I too hate kitchen counter clutter. I have a cupboard ceiling high for all appliances. Never understood having tons of them on the counter tops. Bare clean counter tops is a must here.
    I use the old white butcher paper to wrap my meats in. Never had freezer burn or ice on my meats and they last very long. As a hunter and downing dear old Bambi or an elk it is the only way. I have one of those vac things but find it too expensive to do an Elk or deer that way and a PITA. I usually have deer from one season to the next and the meat is always just as good a year later. Main thing is not to allow your freezer door to be open all that long or many times it creates the ice issue. I use the vac thing for veggies from my garden, well those I do not can. Increasing my garden this year too. Going to be the size of a foot ball field lol. Can not see a need for grass when I can grow goodies to eat.

  62. Ahh, the dilemma of appliances and gadgets vs. counter space! It’s a well-known fact (HT Cliffy Clavin) that out of sight is out of mind. The kitchen corollary is if the thing is out and visible you will use it far more often than said thing being stored away and unseen (especially if said thing is behind or under something and requires you to bend, reach, or need more than two hands to get it).

    My vacuum sealer is in the cabinet over the counter, on the bottom shelf, with nothing in its way. It is directly over the spot that I use it. I did this deliberately because I obtain a lot of food that is irreplaceable (a side effect of being a local/seasonal eater and impatient with the whole canning thing). I hate throwing away food. Of course, with the vacuum sealer getting the prime real estate, the ice cream machine suffers.

  63. Thanks for all this info. Yeah for the Uppity cooks!

  64. Yes butcher paper is super for freezing, Utah. What I call freezer paper, lol. It’s kind of the same stuff but with wax in it too. The heavy white stuff. Sometimes brown. When I go to the polish butcher, I always use their paper tightly wrapped if I am freezing, then into plastic bag. Butcher paper is great for freezing fish too IMO.

  65. Thanks socal, we do like steak! But our Gelsons is closed! I was so sad when it closed it was my favorite store. If I want to drive a bit, there are two others south of me. Too far for weekly grocery shopping.

  66. The budget cutting proposal from bo regarding the chaining on Soc Sec which will cause cuts to baby boomers and current seniors is starting to get noticed. I read it when it came out and said BOHICA.

    Upps, you are always on top of the crooks who stole our SS lock box and also how much bo hates seniors and boomers. This will be a rant from you that will write itself.

    The ironic part is the Reps are asking for it and they will end up screaming THEIF at bo in the 2014 ads as they show him pushing granny off the cliff.

    Btw – someone with CDS just made an anti Hillary message to me. It warms my heart. They are so scared the gurl is gonna be the boss.

  67. Talk about cockroaches!!! For this story we don’t find out who the cockroaches are because they are minors.

  68. Imust, proves that no good deed goes unpunished. Thankfully she is alive and the 5 criminals are caught.

  69. This is great – prepare to laugh at loud at the reason we haven’t all roasted due to global warming. The ocean absorbed the extra heat. You cannot twist pretzels as much.


  70. LOL what a bunch of clowns. They are smashing into each other trying to look legitimate after nobody bought into their 21st Century equivalent to the bomb shelter scare and Y2K substitute all rolled into one.

  71. I think we need to start naming minor cockroaches. If they are old enough to act like a barn animal, they are old enough to be named and tried just like all the other cockroaches.

  72. Just catching up, was watching my LSU Tigers whoop Kentucky in baseball; swept the series. 🙂

    Never had one of the vacuum packers but you could tell the difference just from the Omaha steaks. They are pricey, but they were worth it for me and the momster just for the ease of them. And i loved to grill the strips.

  73. The tweet at the top of the thread.

  74. Not interested in that feather bed eh?

    Roflll. Does it come with a zucchini bread offer?

  75. Hahahahahaha…”crispy critter,” etc.
    Reading that crotch-bomb post was a treat!

  76. Upps, check email when you can.

  77. Wow those paintings NES posted are some of the wierdest shit I have ever seen and I’m not kidding.

  78. 15 of 21 has a pancake with butter obscuring his junk. Shouldn’t that be a waffle?

  79. 15 of 21 has a pancake with butter obscuring his junk. Shouldn’t that be a waffle?

    One of them had a pic of Palin with *something* in her crotch. Why are all of those pics of Obama nekid?

  80. Apparently this ‘artist’s spesheeeeeeealllllity is painting pancakes. I didn’t make that up.

    As for Obama nekid, Obama is as skinny as a linguini and he has him beefed up with muscles and it’s rediculous. But I an’t even discuss this shit as art because it is more than mildly disturbed stuff.

  81. I’ve had the distinct feeling for awhile that art has gone the same way as music. People with mediocre or no talent are doing the Rap Crap.

  82. Hell Sophie, sane women have always avoided Missouri.

  83. These paintings by Dan Lacey, also known as The Painter of Pancakes, shows his portrayal of the president of the United States in a series of unique paintings. Lacey’s artworks can also be ordered as posters at Dan Lacey’s blog.

    Some of the weirdest paintings you will ever see in your lifetime:

    Yup. All righty then.

  84. Check out this goatfucker ‘advising’ a woman whose husband hits her at a UK “Sharia Council”. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22044724#TWEET712894

  85. Shouldn’t that be a waffle?


  86. Obama paintings….

    Why does Palin have a multicolored willy?
    Why does O have his hand up Justice Ginsberg’s gown?

  87. The most interesting thing about the paintings is how effeminate they make O’s body look.

  88. Re Upps goatfucker link:
    God, it would be awful to be born into that religion, wouldn’t it? Something to be thankful for.

    Did you all see about the 25 yo woman diplomat that was killed in Afghanistan by the goatfuckers?


  89. from imust’s link about the Hillary office hostage taker:

    Eisenberg’s long criminal record also includes two rape convictions.
    He was sentenced to 10 years for rape in Worcester, Mass., in 1985 but escaped the next year and committed another rape, prosecutors said. He was sentenced to 11 to 20 years for that. He was released from prison in March 2005.

    This scary psycho needs to be locked up for good.

  90. Uppity said: because it is more than mildly disturbed stuff

    Oh I agree!

  91. Oh I remember when that guy did that. I didn’t know he had such an extensive background though.

  92. We let rapists out. That’s our first mistake, but then the only people they hurt are women so no big deal. The guy sounds like he is a sick SOB who has been TRYING to get himself incarcerated in a mental institution not a prison, and that seems like where he belongs. Just reading his history is a tipoff that he’s sick. Just another sign of how stupid our mental health system is and how easy it is for some crazy to fall through the cracks. Would anyone here be surprised if this whacko opens fire somewhere now? Huh? Do we think he’s going to bother getting a permit for a gun if he wants to do this? Look at his history. He’s mentally ill. Period. So they put him in a halfway house environment and he did what he always does, seek attention of the mental health system, but instead they will find him, pick him up and and put him in prison again, then the halfway house will come again, and if you ask me, they should round up all these asshole shrinks for being inept at their jobs. But they are too busy re-writing the rules so that shitbags like pedophiles are placed in the “fetish” category so they can get a slap on the hand and go fuck up some other kids. I’m telling you, our mental health system is out of its mind and that’s no pun. It won’t be long before child porn will be categorized as a fetish too Remember I said this. Right now, a guy with thousands of horrific child porn pics on his computer does less time than some twit caught smoking marijuana.

  93. Upps there was a story floating around that a state worker, an executive with high pay and connections, had porn on his computer and it was discovered by investigators at the state capitol offices that monitor all state locations. His wife works at his location but not in his private office. This man is still walking around the job and getting paid. He hides it well. I thought he was a decent and respectable man. He must be stupid as hell to have that stuff on a state job computer. When you log on it tells you not to go to unapproved sites and it tells you activity is monitored and every move is saved. I only use the work computer for work. I would never check my email or even open a news or political site. This clean cut man is the last person I would have suspected. That is unnerving. Don’t trust anybody.

  94. That guy is scary imust. Revolving door justice system.

  95. Karen, a bunch of perverts in the Pentagon got caught with child porn on government computers and we never heard another word about what happened to them. That’s because nothing happened to them. The SEC had a shakedown with so much porn on their computers, one of them had a whole drive full of it. Crickets. There was another org too, I forget the name. Wait, I have links…

    We are paying perverts every single day out of our tax money and NOTHING changes.

    UPDATE: It was the NSF. and they asked for stimulus funds right after they were caught too.


  96. I remember that Upps. I know this man, well I thought I did. His wife must be horrified.

  97. We need to take care of our armed forces. That goes without saying. But what do we do about the current 10 million current and ex troops currently on the Pentagon medical budget? This is an enormous problem. 10 million people on Tricare with no fees is, according to this article, like GM giving all its income to people who no longer work there.


    The VA budget handles retirees it says. With a 487 BILLION dollar reduction – now what?

    We give socialized medicine to large segments of the US population. It is just the average Jane and John doe working class paying for it.

  98. Great comments, albeit OT, on that 2010 link, Upps. I cut and pasted one of your classic righteous rants in that thread. Wow.

  99. God knows what the rant was, karen. lol. When it comes to me, Rants R Us. lol.

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