Major Cute Overload Warning

As a Corgi fan, I can only say I can’t stand it. I want him. Now.


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  1. They don’t make ’em like this anymore. Maggie Thatcher RIP.

  2. The above link to the NYTimes led me to scrounge around that site and find a MoDo article about Hillary running. I won’t link to it – she doesn’t deserve the traffic. Page one of her article had me nodding yes and page two made me remember I was reading the opinion of an overrated jerk who does not truly know what happened in 08.

    MoDo is still a pissant obot.

  3. MoDo is one awful writer. Long before Obotcity, I often wondered who this woman knew because there is no way she made it where she is on talent. She is a horrible writer. 75% of the people I know could write a better column than she does. Toss in her perpetual anger issues and all-around nastiness, not to mention going whichever the way the wind is blowing, and you have a prime example of “How The Hell Did This Person Get From There To Here?”. Peter Principle Personified.

  4. I just came across this and had to share it.

    Where’s My Pony? sometimes has an answer. Look! A kid who listens to her parents! And has some gratitude. Alert the media!

  5. SSI is 2 and a half times more people than in 1970 per capita rate.

    And there is a loophole where people can collect uninsurance and disability at the same time. 1/4 of the people who disappeared suddenly from the job market have gone on to disability. I’ve seen it at my job but this is rampant and all over. A friend in NY said she sees it all the time there too recently – people who worked for years are now leaving the work force for a small gov’t paycheck and for many, a side job of off the books income.

  6. Oh sure, Annie got her pony. The rest of us can hold our rearends and wait for bo to deliver ours.

  7. Yeah Karen, I think I said last year about how I went down to the SSA building to help out an elderly neighbor and there was standing room only and there was only ONE elderly couple in there. The rest were young people on SSI. I was there for HOURS waiting and the place just kept filling up. Everytime a person left another one walked it. I asked about it when they said they were sorry for the wait, it seems everybody was tied up with SSI people. And there were translators too, out there talking to them, cha ching.

  8. On the flip side of Annie and her pony, let’s talk about some little brats. I bet Rocky is glad he’s got that little girl to guard him.

  9. Oh that MoDo She is really a tool 🙄

  10. I love thatHillary is everywhere you turn. The press is obsessed with her more than we are even! No matter the story they tie it to her. I guess horseface is boring them. Kerry who?–politics.html

  11. It is cicada year on the east coast. 17 years ago I lived on long island and the tree trunks were full of them. 17 years before that I lived in queens and the brick walls were even covered with the shells. This is the third time in my life and this time I am in the forest. Uh oh. They live under tree roots while they hibernate…

  12. Annette Funicello died. RIP.

  13. Aw, Annette Funicello had MS really really bad. She suffered big time.

  14. Foxy I bought one of modo’s books, the one about are men necessary or some such title. It was so Effing badly written I never finished it.

  15. Shakesville nailed dowd in 2008: “the world’s most obnoxious feminist concern troll”

  16. What a collection of fucktastic dirtballs TMZ uses as writers.

    Annette was bigger than Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling combined. She was the fantasy — largely because of her breasts — of millions of teenage boys.

  17. All the links are highly appreciated, Upps.

    Shakesville was a great site and the guy from Media Matters nailed Dowd.

    Annette was always a class act. Thebeach boys looklike they are 12.

  18. The link disappeared to the Annette vid now.

  19. Love the pony video. Nice barn that pony has.

  20. I trashed the link Karen because I put it in new post that’s up.

    Hugo, yes the pony had a good barn and even the barn cats looked like they had it made in the shade. Most barn cats aren’t that friendly, but they aren’t taking any chances by not showing everyone how happy they are in that barn. Obviously the family is of some means, but the important thing is they didn’t act dysfunctional, which in itself is almost unbelievable these days. Looks to me like Mom and Dad thought Annie earned that pony so good on Annie.

  21. I have barn envy. That one looks brand-spanking new. I work at a therapeutic riding center and our facility is very nice, but not that nice.

    And, if I ruled the world, all kids would have a horse. They really are good for the soul. I see kids light up like Annie when they come for lessons.

  22. Shelley Fabares wishes Annette a happy 70th birthday. That would be during this last year as A is 70 upon her death.

    Wow shelley got really old. lol.

  23. She was good looking in the day, let this be a warning, pissants, next time you diss old people. You’re gonna get there.

  24. Hugo when i was a child we had two horses. Well, my brother had a Palomino and I had a painted pony. It seems a developer wanted that land where the stables were for a new mall and the owner of the stables wasn’t selling. So one day, the entire stables burned down and all the horses died. Shitbags.

  25. She still pretty, just has more character.

  26. Shit these comments are in the wrong thread. I gotta move em.

  27. Hugo put comments in the thread on Annette, okay?

  28. NEW THREAD, folks.

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