The Mouseketeer who was as famous as Mickey Himself: Annette Funicello dies.

Heck, you can go anywhere and read about Margaret Thatcher right now. How many places can you go to read about Annette Funicello, huh?

Walt loved her. The kids loved her. Mickey loved her. And it sure looks like it was a simpler time, doesn’t it? And a more honest time, because Annette was right about one thing. She couldn’t sing.

Mousketeers debut and “Rollcall” on The Mickey Mouse Club show. 1955.


CNN honors her as only CNN can do, ensuring to show her at her sickest, because CNN enjoys being the sickest bunch of faux journalists on Tee Vee.

Important and suprising trivia: One more thing. If you doubt Annette’s impact on a lot of great things that followed thanks to her help, then slide over to 3:35 on this video and see Annette’s backup singers. They were this lesser known group struggling to move on up: The Beachboys.


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  1. Sad news. I always loved the MM Club shows. Some of the more recent Disney stars should take a lesson from her on how to make the transition to adulthood.

  2. Annette’s wedding was major big time to the fans. Shelley Fabres was maid of honor and they remained best friends through life.

  3. Shelley Fabares wishes Annette a happy 70th birthday. That would be during this last year as A is 70 upon her death.

    Wow shelley got really old. lol.

  4. She was good looking in the day, let this be a warning, pissants, next time you diss old people. You’re gonna get there. Shelley Fabares was better looking than you are right now, pissant.

  5. That wedding was a trip in a time machine. The way things were – not that long ago – right? Time is a jet plane.

  6. Oh, no. I know poodles and that is no poodle. It’s a rat who uses a lot of hair product.

  7. What a lovely tribute from Shelley Fabares. Very touching. Rest in peace, dear Annette. What a sweet and unpretentious lady.

  8. Annette Funicello started designing bears some time ago. She stopped in 2004. I found one in the mid 1990s and bought it. It’s a panda. There is one that has the MM Club t-shirt and ear hat. Very cute.

    Also, around 2004ish, there was a travelling exhibit of giant Mickey statues, each of which was designed by a celebrity. They were all eventually auctioned by Sotheby’s for charity. Annette did a design called, “My Sweet Angel.” It’s a purple Mickey with white angel wins, a white halo and a white heart. He’s standing on clouds. Very touching the see a photo of that on the day she passed away.

    Here’s a link to a pic:

  9. Yes I saw one youtube where some paparazzi saw her at a doll convention at a time when public visibility was rare. She may have stopped making bears in 2004 because that was the year she lost her ability to walk and was wheelchair bound. She lost her ability to talk in 2009.

  10. I just saw that video of her at the doll show. Despite the obvious disability, she still looked pretty.

    Here’s a pic of her with a real toy poodle.

  11. Yeah what I have seen with MS people, and I have had close friends and relatives with it, once they lose important abilities, such as mobility or speech, they fail more rapidly after that.That illness can become a prison.

  12. File this under OH NO HE DIDN’T!!!!
    B. Obama’s statement on M. Thatcher:

    Obama, in a statement from the White House, also focused on Thatcher’s success in breaking gender barriers. “As a grocer’s daughter who rose to become Britain’s first female prime minister, she stands as an example to our daughters that there is no glass ceiling that can’t be shattered,” the president said.

  13. Unimaginable. I count myself lucky to not have that in my family. But there may be hope. Canadian researchers report a 70% cure rate with stem cells and chemo. Interesting. I hope it’s true. This is a small clinical trial, but 70% is pretty significant.

  14. LOL, imust. Someone needs to remind Obama that England has been ruled by some remarkable women over a few centuries–Elizabeth I, Victoria, Elizabeth II.

  15. Hugo, I’ve always felt that some unknown environmental factor contributes. There have been studies of areas of the countries and the MS rate, and there are counties in this country that have a contraction rate significantly higher than the rest of the country. the chart is very very odd.

  16. I would not dispute that, Uppity. We’ve done a lot to foul our nest.

  17. There have been some theories floated about water supplies, Hugo. You have to figure something is amiss with a disease where the myelin is worn off and synapses start misfiring.

  18. Listen I worked for a huge corporation that buried its pcb tanks under the parking lot. They had their own water filtration plants. Once I reached high enough level to be privy to some bad shit, I realized that the beauuuuuuuuutiful and humongous aquarium in the touring waiting area of our filtration plant (where we filtered runoff water) was more than a thing of beauty. It was also a thing of Test. They would run the water through the tank. If the fish died, things were bad. Then they would clean things up and buy new fish. This was not just a single plant system. It happened all over the country. I’m not exactly proud of some of the shit I know.

    We had microelectronics clean rooms in plants and the cancer rate among the workers in there was startling, to the point where it was so difficult to get workers to take “promotions” to that room, they would be forced to hire new employees to kill.

  19. I don’t suppose I need to say any more.

  20. Seriously, if it involves a successful or powerful woman, Barack needs to stuff a sock in his mouth and STFU.

  21. Uppity, he needs to do that no matter what he is talking about. Words, just words – no different than in 2008. No actions to back up the words.

    Long memories are a blessing and a curse, I guess.

  22. Adore them both, weren’t Shelley and Annette married to the same record producer? Lou somebody?
    Pink hair or no, Shelley is beautiful. Forget diamonds, cheek bones are forever.

  23. No they didn’t marry the same man, Sue. They were best friends for many decades. Shelley’s married to that mash guy Mike Farrell for zillion years. she was previously married to that lou guy so sayeth wiki, so you’re right there. But Annette was never married to him. Her first husband was the jack in the video. That wedding video told me all I wanted to know about him, dago greaser, wanted her home and cooking and cleaning and never going back to work. She died with a second husband she was married to for a long time.

  24. That first husband looked just like my family tree back then. I know the type too.

    I hope when the glass ceiling breaks in the US a “feminist-look-a-like” is standing under it.

    The Hillary articles come out hourly. What are they saying now? lol lol

  25. Hey, Uppity, in my county, there is a huge track of land that was used by heavy industry years ago and later used as a dumping ground. Some developer bought it and “cleaned” it up a bit and the money-grubbing politicians fought to ensure permits were issued for more than 2000 homes. Construction has begun and they are lovely homes, but they couldn’t pay me to live in one. They will likely be sold to people moving to the state for DOD jobs and they will not be aware of the history of that land. But no one will notice because that portion of the county already has one of the highest cancer rates in the nation.

    I saw a video on the TV this morning showing Annette in recent times and in very bad shape. Glad she’s at peace and her long battle is done.

    That wedding video showed Frankie Avalon sitting with Don Rickles. OMG! Don Rickles at a wedding. But I think he was in one of their movies.

    Gotta run.

  26. Hugo if that was a dumpster for industry, you would wish you had a thousand for every toxic tank burdied there. Wise move to avoid buying there. Eventually when crap leeches, the EPA will place the onus for cleanup on the home owners too. If they are still alive.

  27. Hugo I know someone who bought a piece of property a number of years ago. The property had housed a factory back in the early 1900 thru the 60s. They tried to sell the property years later and the potential buyer did an environmental assessment, during which they found numerous tanks buried below the earth. They refused to purchase unless the tanks were dispositioned. I don’t need to tell you that the cleanup would have cost more than the sale total.

  28. Two great ladies condolences for the families. 🙂

  29. I was a little late for the original run of the Micky Mouse Club so first memories of Annette are from The Wonderful World of Disney.

    I saw she and Shelly interviewed not long after Annette’s initial diagnosis. Annette had been reluctant to meet Shelly for a birthday lunch. She admitted that she was not sure she could face eating a crowded restaurant because people often thought she was drunk as her motor skills were not dependable even in the early stages. It was one of the most interesting interviews as you simply saw two women who had been friends through thick and thin. They may have been teenage idols, but there was a much deeper beauty within each of them.

    I have always heard the old guard swear on a stack of bibles that Don Rickles, in person, is one of the sweetest people around. That his act is just that – an very very convincing act.

  30. I remember going to great lengths to make my straight hair poof up like hers. I thought she was fabulous.

  31. She was a dago McN. Thick and dense and dark. Probably natural wave too. Unlike myself who has hair straight as plank.

  32. Attention UWites. Bill just got followed by Grumpy Cat on twitter. He’s a made cat now.

  33. Uppity, that track of land in my county has many waterfront lots on one side. WR Grace Chemicals shares the waterfront even now.

  34. whoa hugo, you’d have to put a gun in my mouth to get me in that water.

  35. Well who woke up NOW? Not that anybody listens to anything they have to say any longer.

  36. As backlogs double, veterans turn on Obama. LIke they actually thought he gave a fig. It’s his last term, he’s in fuck you, I don’t need your vote mode, silly.

  37. OMG this is hilarious. “Really fillin’ out those pants today, Jerry!
    When a compliment to a woman is and isn’t a compliment.

  38. Yep, there’s a lot of dissatisfaction with Obama today. Chained CPI, a ginormous VA backlog, and the Blue Angels are grounded for 2013. Most of the boo-hooing is over the Blue angels. People like that government funded entertainment, even when we’re cutting Head Start and cutting Medicare payments for chemo patients.

    Interesting article linked above on feminism. Nothing like internal squabbles to hold ourselves back. The mental illness facet is very interesting and unfortunate. It’s easy to use that to discredit someone who had some brilliant periods.

    Coincidentally, CNN is reporting that McConnell intended to use Ashley Judd’s history of depression to derail any attempt to unseat him. Someone has it on tape and gave it to Mother Jones. Scummy to attack someone for depression after she handled it appropriately. The Repubs have not evolved much from the Eagleston days.

  39. Just finished the New Yorker piece on Firestone. Wow. Brings back memories of the meetings of various interest groups back in the day and how they were all dysfunctional but managed to show up and pull it together for a rally or march or big event (gatherings of half a million in DC) and then fall apart again over little BS. Dead right when they told the left to fuck off. And yes, amazingly the feminists stupidly gave other groups their hard to raise contributions. And they took last place at the back of parades and worst booths at events – they were just like the women of the occupy movement at times. Yet they also managed great spurts of activity and made great strides – and they did educate other women and inspire. It truly was the best of times and the worst. Many were so close to the raging fire and suffered such persecution that they became scarred – burnt.

    Her story is bitter sweet. Tragic and heroic. She changed little nationally and was only one person living in chaos and trying to herd cats but yet she moved mountains for those who heard her message.

    It all strikes a familiar bell. I was highly involved with similar groups very nearby and the major organization NYPAC in two offices 15 blocks north of Washington sq. The author did a fantastic job researching interesting stories from her life – like the visit to the guardian of the first wave with the portraits on the walls and the need for each cadre to name themselves after a first waver so as not to let their heroic efforts be forgotten.

    We were (ARE) our own worst enemy sometimes. Women who fight over who is leader or knocking the very women who get grass roots efforts off the ground. (Or the Hillary hashed type women who should know better.)

    Thanks for a great read.

  40. Mt Laurel, Rickles was a nice guy. He owned the apartment building across the street from me and other buildings in Long Beach on Long Island NY. His tenants had it good. He made sure the places were well run and the quality of life was good and family oriented and the elderly were cared for. Safe, clean, friendly buildings and the prices on apartments were fair.

  41. If the budget doesn’t make the left go bonkers then they just aren’t paying attention. They have no need to protect brand obama anymore. They had their orgasms over their Messiah and now they are back on earth and things are getting ugly.

  42. His sweetie remarks and vibrating cell phone were what a feminist looked like. To them. Maybe they can see him a little clearer now that the brainwashing koolaid is all drank up and gone.

  43. Hillary offers a commentary at The Onion on whether to run in 2016 or not.,31994/

  44. Fred the funny thing about the onion piece is that bo really did think that way and even got caught saying it. The onion isn’t far from the truth about bubba. Lol. He has a gift for speaking in bowling alley or ball room or think tank.

  45. Fredster, love the Onion piece. Speaking of Bubba, he was on The Colbert Report last night (at the CGI):

  46. Karen, right on, ironically, the same shit is happening today. Today, the leaders are still always men, even if it is a women’s issue. And we are still “told” to put our ‘issues’ on the back burner because there are more important things to think about. In fact, during the last election, we had that very argument and the cavalier way women were blown off in the face of REAL offensive intents of shitbags running for office and their affiliates who sometimes made a habit of saying exactly what was on their own minds, reallllllllly pissed me off. And yes, women have this TERRIBLE habit of dropping EVERYTHING for other people’s causes, when the same people they drop everything for, tells them to fuck off when they are needed. Screw that shit.

  47. I am looking for a youtube of hillary’s women in the world speech to put up. Anybody? The full thing, not clips.

  48. I’m looking at it now but it’s not youtube I can’t post it. That tina brown I want to spit in her hypocritical face.

  49. karen and sophie: Ya gotta hand it to Bill on that one.

  50. I don’t see it on youtube yet Uppity.

  51. I sure miss quality tv shows for kids like this:( UW, is wordpress having issue? I can no longer view the site stats page. I figured you would no the 411. 🙂

  52. Bill & Chelsea were on Colbert tonite also, Colbert visited the CGI science fair-type event. Laker & I both thought Colbert went too far and was pretty much an asshole. Chelsea didn’t look amused and Bill had a forced smile. We usually like Colbert, btw, but not tonite. Laker said Stewart would have handled this event better and I agree with him.

  53. I wasn’t around when the first Mouseketeer thing was on, but my big sis loved it. I loved all her movies, although I still wonder why she was the only girl that wore those one-piece bathing suit. It seemed odd. I know she is huge, but the studio could have custom made her a bathing suit top.

    Agree that her first husband was a scheeve. All that garbage about her not working and having a bunch of kids. gag.

    I do remember Shelly Faberes and thought she was so beautiful when I was little. We watched the Donna Reed Show. My sis had that dumb song on a 45. My old boyfriend told me that she (Shelly) also couldn’t sing and that they recorded it a phrase at a time, so she could stay on key. Now they have this shitty technology called “auto-tune” which alters a bad singers voice and keeps it on key, so now young kids listen to these young horrible singers like Britney, and call them “singers”. (Britney was on the new Mouseketeers Show btw, funny coincidence)

  54. I met Don Rickles when I worked at the Country Club. He was nice to me, but I didn’t know him well.

  55. That Onion link about Hillary is perfectly Hillialarious! Thanks for that Fredster!

  56. Upps, I promise I will read the New Yorker piece tomorrow!

  57. No I can’t embed cspan. Hell I can’t even SEE videos any long. I am getting pretty fed up with WP. Hillbilly, you think you got problems? Hell if it’s not one thing it’s another on WP now. I had that stats page problem for a month but it went away, now it’s your turn.

  58. I also think it’s really disgusting that the video isn’t on youtube. If that were one of the boys in the band you could BET it would be up.

  59. Great, I got a stats infection:)

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