High School bans skinny jeans on girls so they don’t “distract” the barn animals

Now here are some school administrators who should be whacked in the face with a brick, or at least ganged-raped by their students with a viral youtube record. As excellent cheerleaders for Rape Culture, they blame girls for rapes perpetuated by boys who were brought up as barn animals. Instead of teaching the little criminals that rape is illegal, they want to continue chastising girls for being girls, and teach them that it’s their responsibility to not get raped by some little pencil-dicked bastard whose parents are too busy to mention the word “Respect” once in a while.

No kidding. You can’t make this shit up. (lined words mine):

A controversy at a Petaluma junior high school over a new dress code restriction on the kinds of pants girls can wear has upset students and parents.

At Kenilworth Junior High in Petaluma, a school administrator pulled all the girls aside Thursday afternoon and told them they couldn’t wear pants that were “too tight” because it distracts the rapists in-training in the school boys  who were raised in a barn and, like all barn animals, hump whatever they want without permission.

No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.

That’s not the point, says Jerelyn Kruljac, who wore skinny jeans Friday in solidarity with her daughter and her friends. “Boys need to be taught to respect women no matter what they’re wearing, and that’s a big deal.”

A1TQvy6CEAILvFaAs you can see, even a Junior High girl understands this. Only barn animals don’t Get It. Well, barn animals and stupid adults who run schools. But then teaching respect is way too much work compared to punishing girls for boys’ behaviors. So give it up, Jerelyn. Obviously you are asking for it. Because Skinny Jeans now mean “Yes”.

Shape up, girl,  learn from Rehtaeh Parsons, who killed herself this week because she obviously asked to be gang-raped by 4 barn animals in her school who then made sure the photos they took went viral, which in turn resulted in Non-Stop Slut Shaming and social media propositions from all the barn animals in the school. The little cockroaches who did this were not charged,  because apparently pictures of a rape isn’t ‘Proof enough”. But hey, they are ‘reopening the case’ now that she’s dead. I know that makes everyone feel better.

Yeah, Jerelyn, little sister,  if you’re waiting for your  frigging school to give a shit that the boys around you  can do what they want to you with a wink and a nod, don’t hold your breath. Because if you’re a girl, it’s your fault. That is exactly what your school just told you. And this is just one more thing that can be fixed by 50,000 women with torches and pitchforks standing on the Capitol steps.

Here, we have a non-apology from the school assistant principal, right after the Higher Ups couldn’t be reached for comment.

“The guiding principle in all dress codes is that the manner in which students dress does not become a distraction in the learning environment, and we get that guidance from the California Education Code. I sincerely apologize that my remarks went farther than the intended message we wanted to deliver,” said Kathy Olmstead, assistant principal.

Yes, you read right. A woman said that. A woman who leads in a school. And we wonder why women can’t get any respect.

Boys wearing jeans with the crotches rub-faded and a sock stuffed in them, no problem. Boys in tight jeans, no problem. Now why is that?

So far, girls in this school who fail to wear the right pants will continue to be sent home to change so that the boys’ boners don’t get out of control. At least until parents like the one below sue their Rape-Culture-Infected asses off. And I hope they win big. Hit em in the wallet and their hearts and minds will follow. Only then will they Get It and start focusing on the perps instead of their targets–because it is their responsibility to provide a safe environment for potential victims ( also known as girls) instead of  potential perpetrators.

“It is not our girls’ fault that these boys have quote ‘raging hormones’ they can’t control,” said Lisa Simond, a parent of a student.

By the way, they aren’t the first school to do this. So what do you think? Maybe we just need to make American students all wear uniforms so the girls won’t be distracted by the boys on steroids in their tanks — and rape them. Or just maybe one day one of these girls will slice one of their dicks off by surprise. I do hope she takes photos just like the boys do.


I also accidentally ran across this video of a school in PA that banned………are you ready?  UGG Boots. Oh well, at least they won’t get you raped. Maybe. Truth is, I’d be thrown out of that school too, as I wear UGGs all winter. I also own some skinny jeans. Try and do that to me, you little fuckers and you will be peeing sitting down for the rest of your cockroach lives.

UGGS. Bad!



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  1. Food in boots – I never thought of that! Thanks for the tip.

    Gurls shouldn’t be allowed to wear dresses or skirts unless they have on a school emblem embossed chastity belt. And the girls should not be allowed lipstick because it will make them look way too hot. They also should not be allowed red clothes because they make the girl stand out and red is the valentine color and that signals rape messages. They must stop wearing belts since that accentuates the waist line ànd that is too close to forbidden zones that they should hide. Oh fuck it – just put those little tramps in burquas.

  2. Idiot school admins like this is why I’m glad my kids go to a charter school.
    They have a uniform – shirt w/ logo & any khaki pants/skirt/ shorts – the only real rules are that the length of the khaki should not be above your fingertip when standing; and that shirts are tucked in.
    Phones are confiscated by teachers if they are on during the school day.

  3. Food in boots – I never thought of that! Thanks for the tip.


    Yeah there ya go. Burquas. That’s the ticket! But not before we shame them into understanding how shameful their bodies are and how dangerous they are to the poor innocent boys they force to rape them.

  4. Are they also banning guys from wearing their pants below their asses ? No I doubt that because guys have a right to show the girls what they have and will give them right ?
    Let’s see girls what you have. I marched and raised hell in the late 60’s to get you to be allowed to wear pants to school. I fought hard for your rights you have today and paid dearly. Stand up and wear your Ugg boots, skinny jeans and whatever because women in my time were not allowed to either and we fought and fought hard. We were sent home, suspended and treated like shit but still continued the fight and won !!!!
    You young girls must stand and fight because you have no idea how bad it was for women in my age group before we fought and won. Do not allow this mentality to take hold again !!!!
    When I was a girl it was common place to blame the girl for the boys actions. It was always the girls fault ALWAYS !!!!She was asking for it or she was a tramp and on and on. Women that brought rape cases to court were further raped by the court of public opinion and the courts themselves so they chose to hide it and the rapist walked away free to assault another and the women lived with her shame. Imagine that you are raped and you live in shame and the rapist gets a badge of heroism and joins the big boy club.
    My God Upps I had thought we had gone beyond this mentality here and I see it only smoldered in a closet somewhere to turn back into the raging fire of women are guilty.
    Where are the mothers ? Go to these schools in your Uggs and skinny jeans with your daughters for Christ sake !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What I would love to see is a bunch of women with guns on their hips and a sign on them saying ” Rape me you bastard if you dare !”

  6. Or a sign that says, I Shoot Low.

  7. I do think if there were a rash of rapists getting their balls shot off and left to bleed out before calling 911, it would go a long way toward making the ones who are still intact Think Twice. I’m serious here. If women started making men wince about rape, things would improve rapidly.

  8. Tuxie Bat discovered.

  9. Anonymous says they are going to release the names of the little bastards who raped that girl. Good.

  10. Needlenose wishes all your pets a Happy National Pet Day!

  11. utahwoman, on April 11, 2013 at 10:01 AM said:

    What I would love to see is a bunch of women with guns on their hips and a sign on them saying ” Rape me you bastard if you dare !”


  12. My sister’s high school started a similar dress code. It is obnoxious, and plus it is ridiculously hard for girls to go into a store and even FIND non-skinny jeans these days. But you’re right it’s definitely much harder for a boy to not rape a girl, so I guess it’s fair….ugh.

  13. Back in my day it was the Hiphuggers that were oh so sexy.

  14. I am so serious Uppity. Women that stand pro gun control got it wrong. It is what it is going to take. Women have to understand laws do not protect them against this scourge of women hating men. Women are the first line defenders against crime to them and their bodies. I know I learned the lesson the hard way and feel no woman should have to learn how I did. Any bastard that encroaches on my space will find himself on the business end of a hair triggered 357 mag and a short tempered woman. Yea I am small and may look like I am an easy target but I say like my hero Dirty Harry, ” go ahead punk, make my day “

  15. There have been human beings on earth for how long now ? And in 2013 we still blame women for the actions of men !!!!!

  16. Hey Uppity Smokers! I know we have a few. Good news! Barack’s budget contains a buck a pack tax increase. Cheaper to take drugs!

  17. McN. Hiphuggers with a short tank.

  18. Yeah when I went to school, besides walking uphill both ways, we weren’t allowed to wear pants at all. In fact you couldn’t even walk into the school with pants on in the middle of freezing winter, even if you changed in the girls’ room. We walked in that Effing snow and cold in skirts and knee socks. Our knees got numb. But nobody gave a shit.

  19. Back in my day it was the Hiphuggers that were oh so sexy.

    This takes me back. While on my annual traveling tour one the summer with two of my mother’s sisters, they picked the pattern set below out to make some tops and shorts as my luggage had been damaged. The halter tops were easy peasy as was the tee. The aunts made the hip hugging shorts and bell bottoms. They were nuns. Still in full habit complete with over-sized rosary beads. They must not have gotten the memo.

    Vintage Simplicity 5640 70s Mod Pattern with Halter Top Pullover Top Bell Bottom Hip Hugger Pants or Short."bell bottoms",

  20. Hey did you all hear about Weiner’s second coming?

  21. Hey Uppity Smokers! I know we have a few. Good news! Barack’s budget contains a buck a pack tax increase. Cheaper to take drugs!

    I heard that yesterday on NPR and thought, “What a stupid thing.” For a society that claims they want to encourage people to quit smoking, they sure do use cigarette taxes to fund a lot of important programs. Either that, or they really don’t give a shit about the programs they’re funding with cigarette taxes–they’re just looking for something that looks good on a political ad. If all the remaining smokers quit, where will the 4-year-olds go to preschool?

  22. @ Upps @ Mt Laurel You are both riots. Gosh that brought back a lot of memories. LOL

  23. you should check out the fb group, The Watchers (facebook.com/thewatcherz). Its their mission to report and bring down this exact kind of page. I’m the founder and will be posting that offensive page, and hopefully within a few days, our group can bring it down.

  24. Rehtaeh’s mom talks about the barnyard defecation wanting to apologize. Gees, this woman is a saint.

    ‘He said he’s very sorry and that he didn’t rape her, she wanted to have sex with her.

    ‘He did say he circulated the photo and he did brag about it. He’s concerned for his safety now. People know who he is because he circulated the photo.

    ‘He just said he was being an idiot and he was just bragging and it was wrong, that’s what he said. He still insists that he didn’t rape her.

    ‘I tried to tell this guy just because she wasn’t fighting and screaming she was too drunk to fight you off or even be able to think properly. She wasn’t even there, she wasn’t even with it. I tried to explain to him that that is rape.

    ‘He said he wasn’t a rapist, he would never rape somebody. I tried to explain to him, that’s what they don’t understand, the concept. He said he was drinking too, but (he) wasn’t as drunk as Rehtaeh.’

  25. That’s a real point Sophie. But I never thought they wanted everyone to quit, because of the revenue. I find the preschool idea laughable, considering what comes after is so dumbed down. I also find it more than a little insulting that they aren’t touching medicaid but are slashing medicare. Interesting statement there.

  26. What really gets to me is that these cretins refuse to understand that they have violated another soul in the most horrible way possible. Skinny jeans or grandma’s balloon underwear, it makes no difference.

  27. ‘He did say he circulated the photo and he did brag about it. He’s concerned for his safety now. People know who he is because he circulated the photo.

    Boo Effing Hoo you little fucker.

    Note he’s blaming his victim, of course. I hope he’s terrified. Positively terrified. Fucker. I hope somebody grabs him and shoves a baseball bat up his ass and then maybe he’ll get it.

  28. Why don’t these assclowns ever have the pleasure of meeting up with a Jody Arias?

  29. I know that is a vile thought, but that beautiful young woman was destroyed by a pack of unthinking cretins. I just can’t get past what they did to her. Not one of them has any semblance of decency. They all participated and are now only worried about their asses. Sick.

  30. Ready for Hillary – week one – there is a video today. Sickest is on board and you just know Mr. “Hijacked” “you bet your ass” is on fire for some justice. He took names and wants this to happen so bad.

    I had those old familiar tears of happiness watching the signs waving for her again. I am ready to donate a little a week and I am going to see if they have RFHill tshirts and lawn signs.

    We will not take no for an answer. I will work with the unions to fire people up until she says YES.

    Dee Dee is in too. We Are All not only Ready – we are long overdue.

  31. Mcnorman, I am sure candy and poppy are comforting them that they were such good kids and they shouldn’t have to feel bad.

  32. My auto correct on kindlefire changed ICKES to sickest. Ouch.

    Fixit fairy…

  33. you an probably turn off autocorrect.

  34. Puppy tied to train tracks and left there to die was saved by a quick-thinking train engineer. The dog is so popular right now, he shut down the shelter’s website.

  35. I called their service at Amazon the day I got the kindlefire to complain that auto correct is mandatory. Also pisses me off that when you clear history it does not fully clear it. The historyfile looks as if it has cookies even after you clear cache cookies and history. It sucks. Months later websites you clicked on one time come up in open windows.

  36. I saw that dog story but was afraid to click on it.what a sweetie.

  37. Whoo Karen, on RFH. I’m so ready. So ready that I have enough energy to keep going from now until election day! (Mandatory Disclaimer: I’m not into coercing Hillary to run (as if she could be coerced into anything). I want her to know there’s a huge community on her side who will go every step of the way with her.)

  38. Ari, thanks for approving my request to join The Watchers!

  39. I have asked and been told by more than one politician (local, state and national) that they know taxing those horrid smokers goes over well in terms of PR. Many people view this as positive because you are making “bad” people pay and forget that if those bad people all give up smoking the pet projects go up in smoke.

    In reality, they want people to smoke more, drink more, use more gas, and so forth (in Maryland they started taxing ice cream – just in time for last summer). This way they can keep taxing and the “bad” people switch out with each tax. Eventually, everyone will be taxed for at least one thing that politicians have convinced others is a horrid vice. Bloomberg is their idol.

  40. Yeah, we’d never tax hedge fund managers.

  41. Soph honey, can you toss a link to the watchers on fb so others can go there and thank her?

    I don’t think she’ll see your comment in this thread though.

  42. I’m dying to tweet an answer to jodi Arias that her art will be even MORE valuable after they stick the needle in her arm.

  43. Karen, here’s the rescued dog’s latest pic.

  44. @Karen I’m sure. Making them feel “badly” is so wrong. sigh

    I do hope that their names are released as well as their FB, MySpace, etc sites. Let that follow them to every prospective employer.

  45. Eh I can’t read that facebook page. Have to login, and as you know, I do NOT use Facebook.

  46. This has to stop. It must stop. I read about that girl on the NBC site. I can’t imagine her parent’s pain. They didn’t know until after her death.


  47. Reading about all these high-school rapes….my daughter used to complain that I wasn’t very well-liked amongst her school friends. She said they called me ‘hard-core’. Good. Mission accomplished. I wasn’t trying to be their friend, and they knew it. They also knew that if they messed with her, I was going to come after them and carve them up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Some of her female classmates weren’t so lucky.

    This shit has got to stop. It’s about time the tables were turned. That’s the only thing these shit-stains understand: a dose of their own medicine. Name and shame them. Then the rest of the would-be rapists are going to think twice about it when they see what others have suffered. That’s what I call a deterrent.

  48. Good deterrent is to drug the scum buzzards, surgically remove their precious gems, sew the sack up and dump them back where you drugged them then mail their nuts back to them in a baggie of formaldehyde. I got that plan out of a Fern Michaels book and I really like it.

    About the smoking thing. Correct me if I am wrong here but wasn’t the main bitch about having to pay the health care for a smoker and wasn’t that what the tax was all about in the first place. I am laughing my ass off at how the non smoking public is still paying for them. No change there moving along lmao. It was just a way to fund other crap while singling out a select group.
    I have said it before that the ones that supported this and the ban will be crying when they themselves are singled out for doing something. Ohhh guess what it is happening and although it ticks me off I do get a chuckle out of it.

  49. God, what an intense post and thread! My heart is pounding after reading about these horrible rapes and that poor little dog. What a sick fucking world. Thank you for the lovely pic of Needlenose, something beautiful to look at.

  50. Fluffpo has a story up about Paul Ryan urging the “pro lifers” to work harder. He says he wants to live in a country where “abortion isn’t even considered.” There are some great comments in the thread. Here is one:

    “i agree that abortion shouldn’t even be considered BY ANYONE BUT THE WOMAN NEEDING IT. because it’s none of your friggin business, goppers. stop using govt to FORCE your religion on women who don’t share it. you scream about the preciousness of the second amendment while crapping all over the FIRST amendment for women and gays.”

  51. This article really pisses me off. That rule is the lamest thing I’ve ever heard and I hope the girls wear whatever they want. All the girls and guys I know have been wearing skinny jeans for the past 5 years or so, and I don’t know any guys that thought the girls were “asking for it”. My homeschool group that I grew up in was run by strong women and we were raised to respect all women. My mom says this reminds her of when she was young and when women were raped, people asked if she was wearing a mini skirt or tight sweater. You would think we’d be past that crap by now.

    Needlenose looks awesome.

  52. I’m really glad the names of the boys who raped that poor girl will be released. There should never be protection for boys that do that. Its way past time for males of all ages to know there will be severe consequences for rape (and that includes raping of boys). I love Utah’s idea!

  53. You have to chuckle with glee to see these slimeballs Feel The Fear when they are exposed. Gives them a small glimpse into what they did to someeone else. Little cockroaches.

    Same holds true of these bully people. Ought to throw them in an environment where they get bullied day and night, see how well that works out for them. I honestly do not understand the mean-ness that is so prevalent among young people today. I mean they are really mean. I went to public school and NEVER saw the likes of this. It would NEVER have been tolerated either.

  54. Here’s a man who was found strangled by an escalator.

    And a guy who strolled into Home Depot and severed his own arms with drywall saw. On purpose. WTF.

  55. I did witness a new girl in our school get bullied by the mean girls. It only happened once. It was not tolerated. Every participant was suspended for a week. The girl’s parents didn’t put up with this crap either. They moved her out to another school.

  56. The suspended student’s parents also did their job. Parents actually felt shamed by their spawn’s behavior back then.

  57. These days they just cheer them on. 👿

  58. Unfortunately fox, that is the case. Sad statement on our society’s state of affairs. 😦

  59. That’s the key here. If was bullying someone at school and my parents were told, my ass would have been grass. I blame the parents, I don’t care. Many of them aren’t even parents any longer, they think the school is there to raise their kids, and plenty of schools try really hard to overreach into parental responsibilities too. It’s become symbiotic and it’s ruining the raising of America’s children. For starters, respect is learned at home. You raise a barn animal, he or she is going to act like a barn animal. too many kids are rewarded for just inhaling and exhaling and they aren’t punished when they are little assholes. Therefore they think they can do anything they want to anybody. Why not bully, nothing ever happens when you do. Why not rape, nothing ever happens when you do. Not at school and not at home. This has become a recipe for an entire generation of cheaters and morally and emotionally bankrupt children with no conscience.

  60. We need to start NAMING these little bastards, regardles of their age and if they KILL someone with their barn animal behaviors they need to be tried with MURDER. As ADULTS.

  61. I have been following that story Uppity and it further strengthens my views of abortion. I know everyone here will disagree with me and claim women have the right to do it but I can not in my mind make a difference between say Sandy hook kids and the millions killed yearly in abortions. Life is life to me. What I have to go along with is that the law says they can do this and so be it. I do not understand why though even in rape when there is the morning after pill.

  62. Those were third tri abortions Utah. Mostly illegal in states except when mother’s life is in danger. Some of these women were induced to birth, they were that far along. And the filth is just what it was like in the old days for all abortions, except for the rich. i do not feel the same about an early abortion, however. Kermit teh quack performed illegal abortions. And wehre the Eff were the state regulators, he hadn’t been checked in something like 17 years.

  63. There was a young girl the next town over who went to a house party, passed out, and was raped by three of her “friends.” Eight days later she killed herself. Of course, they had distributed the photos of their exploits via text. Mike DeWine AG of Ohio said this sort of stuff goes on every Friday night all across the country. It used to be that when girls went to parties and got drunk, they “pulled a train,” because nobody believed these sluts were being raped. They asked for it, right?

    This should be a Rodney King moment for the country –whites didn’t believe that blacks were brutalized by bad cops until they saw the video. Now there is evidence that young women are being gang raped and all it rates is a “ho hum,” or an admonition for women to wear burquas to avoid rape. Aren’t these bobos saying that men are animals and have no self-control? Pretty insulting.

  64. Uppity! As usual funny, in light of awful. Irony? We had to petition to wear Levi’s to school here in CA in the 70’s. It was a feminist thing once upon a time — because girls could only wear skirts! hahaha. In a way, I was in that group of post-Girl Scout girls who made up the petitions. It’s tragic for these girls, in this era. So tragic. Omg. Hugs. — from one with skinny jeans/yoga pants/uggs.

  65. IMO Gosnell is no different than a back alley butcher. How that man’s clinic (surgical suite if you can call it one) could have not been inspected in over 15 years is beyond me. He knew darned well that he could never get anyone properly trained to work with him. He had kids from highschool assisting and administering anesthesia. Who knows what his version of medical practice has done to all the women that he serviced?

    The medical practice by which he carried out this business was a filthy fraud in which he overdosed his patients with dangerous drugs, spread venereal disease among them with infected instruments, perforated their wombs and bowels – and, on at least two occasions, caused their deaths.

    Only time will tell. As for the msm, it is an outrage that Gosnell is labeled as local criminal activity. The Washington Post gave that answer. Every woman should be able to know what a back alley butcher with or without a medical degree is. I don’t believe that Gosnell is isolated, not for one minute.

  66. Agreed on Gosnell, mcnorman.

  67. Barnyard’s Got Talent. lol

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