Artist uses kittens to recreate classic album covers

As a musician, a co-founder of a record label and a vintage poster dealer, New York-based artist Alfra Martini is a woman of many musical trades. But in her downtime, the cat owner uses kittens as her muse to recreate classic album covers

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  1. I linked to this a while back and love them. So adorable. Here is the tumblr site – scroll down to the Village People.

    The YMCA vid is needed here with the kittens. Calling Lorac. Paging Dr. Lorac. Sending out hammock vibes to Lorac. We got some disco video empty spaces around here especially late at night.

  2. towards the end, maybe page 7, there is the iconic hair halo shot of Dylan’s greatest hits. I own about half of those albums and these pics made me crack right up.

    Btw, did you see that the guy who stole TOTUS is going to jail for 7 plus years? More than they give rapists. Do what you want with wimmenz just keep your hands off the TOTUS.

  3. 7 years for TOTUS, slap on hand for rape. I cannot help but tweet this.

  4. Speaking of kittens – i’m still in love with Ash. He is just so amazing.

    look at the little bugger and try not to say awwwwwwwwww.!/Ashquatch/photos_stream

  5. Ash video – adorable as can be. also gets some help from siblings. they were all too cute. the regular bowl was too small so on super bowl sunday john put a big bowl in the room. ash was still too floofy. his whiskers are a foot long.

  6. It was TOTUS’ own fault…..wearing those skinny jeans all the time.

  7. Horse frees friends. kitteh yum yum. dog howls and plays music. paralysed dog walks. And the amazing skidboot. animals are amazing.

    there are annoying ads but worth it.

  8. Hahah typical roo roo hound. I did skitboot a few times here, he’s gone now. Brilliant dog, as ACDs all are.

  9. Wow, ASH got really beautiful. His body now matches his head too.

    I’m still a Newtie fan though.

  10. It was TOTUS’ own fault…..wearing those skinny jeans all the time


  11. Check out this scheevy pervert whose “culture” helped him out.

  12. The above link is from my kindle so it came out as a mobile. It is a chase by the Florence police that is intense.

  13. In Pa and NY etc. Chance to see aurora borealis tonight around 8 pm. Go check it out on local sites to see where and your chances then go look up outside.

  14. Hahahahaha.

    I have a lot of these albums too! Love the Led Zep.

  15. Bad news Fred. I am not techie prone and have no idea what that all means but it sounds like WP is vulnerable and so therefore is this site.

    Upps, is there another type of site we could move to if it becomes a problem? What about the archives? I know how security is foremost in your planning of all computer activity.

    I hope this isn’t an ending of WP. Wow that would suck.

  16. I loved the Janis smile kitten.

  17. The way I read it karen, they are using corrupted computers to take over the wordpress servers and then using those webservers (of WordPress) to do their denial of service attacks. What it seems like they are doing is taking over the wordpress servers.

  18. WP thing: use strong passwords. Don’t use the default admin account.

  19. Well first of all it sounds more like they are targeting web sites that use wordpress software. There are two facets to wordpress. One is, which is the home of all the free blogs like ours. The other is, which provides administrative software to web sites that have separate servers from Free wordpress. These people own their sites, unlike us, who ‘use’ a free site owned by If they wanted to inflict some serious damage I highly doubt that the free blogs are what they are after. We are mostly small potato people. We get a couple of thousand visiters a day as opposed to, oh I don’t know, breitbart or DKos who probably get milions of hits a month. Most all the .com sites you visit use wordpress, so you get the picture.

    That’s not to say they won’t Eff with our little blogs too, but I don’t imagine it’s their primary goal. In any event, I have harped more than once that mods here should have complex passwords. Maybe now’s the time to remember that. I change mine often and it’s not an easy one. You should do the same, because even if they can’t hack my passoword they can hack yours.

  20. As for an alternative to wp, this is the end of the road for me. Otherwise I would have to buy a .com, which in itself is cheap, but most people don’t realize you have to pay for servers and the more traffic you get and the more space you take up (we have like 4000 posts here) the more expensive things get. Then you have to get WP software and then you are stuck managing the blog in ways that take a lot of work I am not willing to do. I got a taste of that at NO Quarter, and solved some SW problems for them. After seeing the shit that can go wrong at No Quarter, let me just say No Thanks.

    Even if blogspot cleaned up their google spy act, I wouldn’t use them again. I don’t want to go back to html just to change a sidebar. And it’s finicky about letting in people who don’t want to open up their computers to Googles bugs and cookies. I can’t comment on blogspot blogs unless I give them my computer. Fuck that shit.

  21. Denial of Service means the enchilada goes down. It doesn’t necessarily mean you lose everything. It means WP will be working like maniacs to reverse the DOS attack. However, if they are using passwords and a random generator to get into blogs, they all that needs to happen is they hit onto your password and then they can delete their blog or do pretty much anything to it if they want to.

    Hey Karen, if the entire wp server set went down there would be nervous breakdowns. And a lot of homes would get cleaned for the first time in years. hahahaha.

  22. I was on my kindlefire and i lost all service to the internet. It said i had full wifi but i couldn’t get on. So I went to my desktop and got on but then it all stopped too and everything wasn’t working and the cpu was huffing and puffing like it was on speed. (it is only a year old so no reason for it.

    I figured it was the attack and you shut down the site. Then I thought it might be the Aurora Borealis which also causes computer knockouts.

    maybe? it is up now and whatever it was has passed. Maybe my server was protecting itself from the solar flares and space rays.

  23. From MSN

    “Tonight the northern sky is supposed to light up like a thousand dragons chasing rainbow rivers through the Technicolor waterfalls. Although its nothing that boring; its actually charged solar plasma streaming toward Earth at 4 million mph. Americans in New York, the Dakotas, even as far south as Kansas might be able to see the aurora borealis, which is estimated to occur around 8 p.m. EDT. ”

    I’m working tonight so will keep looking out the window.

  24. Could have been any number of things Karen. Including your ISP having issues. For sure it wasn’t anything you did. Sometimes this stuff happens. I gave up festering over DOS attacks, if it’s going to happen I can’t stop it so if we end up caught in the crossfire and go down the drain, at least we can say it was a great ride while the wheels worked, right?

  25. I just noticed i never changed the blog clock to DST.

  26. I just noticed i never changed the blog clock to DST.

    I was fine with you just staying on uppity time.

  27. Bahhahahahahaha.

  28. Was wondering where you were off to, figured you were having some hot time or something.

  29. Oh no, just being miserable with the allergies and then Wed, lots of bad weather. No tornadoes or anything.

    I had posted the green apples thing on TW and Quixote had this link, which I think does point to this being an issue where blogs are hosted at other sites (you know what I mean)

  30. Yeah it could wreak some big havoc, Fredster. And I don’t really know how they can prevent it either, so long as the attackers have the powerful equipment and software. The really BIG sites are all using WP too, this would be a MAJOR trashing.

    Bummer on the allergies.

  31. I’ll bet is working on some kind of code to give users. It’s a race, I’m sure. WP programmers are no slouches either. So, fingers crossed.

  32. Karen I just fished a post you did a 3 hours ago out of spam. lol.

  33. Trivia: Little Green Footballs was originally a serious far right conservative site. And then one day, they had an ephiphany and completely switched.

  34. The really BIG sites are all using WP too, this would be a MAJOR trashing.

    Yep, when I went to I checked their client list and there are some biggies there, like NYT and I think CNN too.

  35. And then one day, they had an ephiphany and completely switched

    that’s why I was surprised when BB over at skydancing mentioned it. I had them in the back of my mind as right wing. Surprised when I got there.

  36. NYT and CNN. No loss there. lol

  37. I knew you were going to say that. 😆

  38. Hey upps, check your counter on the left side.

  39. Counter looks fine to me. What’s up?

  40. For me I’m just getting text line of “wordpress visitor” with the hyperlink but no count.

  41. I see a count

  42. Hmmm…lemme try another browser.

  43. anybody else see what Fredster sees?

  44. Do you have ghostery? If so, you need to whitelist

  45. Strange, it’s showing the count in I.E. but don’t see it in FF. Gawd knows what’s going on with FF.

  46. Ghostery. Click on the icon and unblock statcounter. Be on main blog page first.

  47. you need help with that? I can do a step by step if you do.

  48. I don’t have ghostery and can’t see anything that’s blocking, like adblock. Went to the main page and did a rt. click on it and could not see anything that was blocking it.

  49. IMO one of your addons is doing it. I just tested it with ghostery and if I let them block statcounter, I can’t see the numbers on the blog either. it has to do with statcounter being able to know you exist. If it can’t see you, you can’t see it. It’s kinda like that.

  50. How about on your cookie list over in the Privacy tab? Check for statcounter

  51. I love a person who is willing to and not afraid to rumble with a browser.

  52. The generic answer when you can’t see something is always…….something in your browser settings is blocking it. Like I can’t see videos or even their links in comments from the admin panel. I know it’s one of my own computer settings that is affected THREE browswers. Yet I can’t figure it out and I hate myself for it.

  53. Awwwwww my puppy is having a moan dream.

  54. I wonder what dogs dream about. Seriously. When they twitch and cry or moan. I’m sure they have dreams but what DOES a dog dream about?

  55. You might try clearing your cache if you were able to see the counter before today.

  56. It’s set to allow the cookies for statcounter until the session expires. I even disabled adblock for your site in case that was doing anything odd.

  57. and wp just ate a comment. I put one in about what dogs dream about and it ain’t here.

  58. Adblock wouldn’t do it, it’s not an advert or bug.

  59. It’s like being Sherlock Holmes isn’t it? LOL. Do a cache flush.

  60. I don’t use WP stat counter. It’s grossly incorrect. Most bloggers don’t realize they have way more traffic than they think.

  61. Some blogs drop a gazillion cookies, some inadvertant from their sidebars. I keep mine clean and the ONLY one I send is statcounter And of course WP.

  62. Hey I have an idea. Ass backwards. Load ghostery and then hit my blog. I’m SURE it will show statcounter blocked. Then you can unblock it from there.

  63. I am such a sick person. This kind of shit if fun to me. It’s like winning over browser power.

  64. Do you use cookie killer?

  65. I’m going to do the ghostery thing but when I click on “wordpress counter” the link it goes here:

  66. Nope, no cookie killer. I’m getting ghostery now.

  67. Gotta restart the browser now. I do ***HATE*** addons for firefox. 👿

    be back in just a few (I hope!)

  68. Addons, once you see what they are really up to, are GREAT security things. Cookie Killer, you can see in a glance what cookies are operating at any time and zap them. Once you visit a site that you need a cookie from, why should that cookie stay around when you leave? Ghostery to me is invaluable. The best of all of them.

  69. I recently installed NOSCRIPT and it’s busy at first, but once you figure it out, you control java and java is a very dangerous thing left unwatched. Yet, if you turn it off completely you really take the gas on countless sites, can’t see shit, freeze up, etc.

  70. statcounter is blocked by ghostery so I don’t even see the hyperlink text to the counter. I’ll try unblocking it now.

  71. Unblocked and reloaded page and now the hypertext link is there but no image of the counter. Grrrrrrr!!! 👿

  72. Funny because when I blocked it with ghostery, I got what you were getting. Then when I unblocked it, I saw the statcounter. WTF.

  73. I’m surprised FF doesn’t just come back one day and say, Is That YOU Fredster????????????

  74. Can i axe you a question? Were you EVER able to see my counter or is this new?

  75. Yeah, I’m certain I was seeing it before. this time I was just scrolling back up and that’s what caught my eye was to just see the text there.

  76. That IS wierd. You haven’t fiddled with settings have you?

  77. This is truly strange. I had do not track me installed so I disabled that and then reloaded the page and that was awful looking so I enabled it again. And now it seems I’ve lost my wp stuff. It’s obviously something just in f.f. that’s doing a number but I’m not sure what. I’ll have to sit and play with this shit and probably disable ALL the addons and then start putting them back. I hate that shit.

  78. Unfortunately that’s the only way you can go. But I guess you can ask yourself how important this is to you. I mean do you really care if you can see my hit count? Sometimes I look at things that way when I get sick of fiddling.

  79. I have to get to bed or I’m going to wake up with my face on my keyboard. lol. xo.

  80. I mean do you really care if you can see my hit count?

    Not that much. LOL!

  81. How about I report the hit count to you now and then. lol.

  82. Love the kitty albums!

    Thank you!

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