Cat Sings Along With Accordion


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  1. adorable.

    have you seen the cat Maru? They have the cleanest house in the world and they pamper their cat like no other. Many peaceful vids of an exotic looking kitteh.

  2. Yes I know Maru.

  3. Well not personally lol

  4. They have claimed he’s a scottish fold but his ears belie that, unless he’s a throwback. lol
    For your giggles:

    Update: I just ran their channel through translator. Maru is in Japan

  5. Probably boring trivia, but still trivia: A cat with swirls is called a Classic Tabby.

  6. More trivia. Maru means “Round” or “Rotund” lolol

  7. First love the singing kitty.

    As to the previous post on those wonderful ad girls, I’m bringing this comment up to the top post so it’s not lonely down below.

    I just saw another of those commercials for semi-fake yogurt* and it hit all the main points: rapture over product, stereotypical pitch girl and so on.

    Smug girl is supposedly attending a shower and given a choice of semi-fake yogurt (because every shower I ever had to attend had a full display of yogurt on ice sitting on the coffee table) or iced sugar cookie. She is quite proud of herself and makes sure she conveys her superiority to all the other attendees.

    I thought the stale cookies looked better. You could at least dunk them in coffee for some flavor and, if homemade, they might be made with flour and eggs and real cane sugar.Not Frankenstein inspired ingredients.

    *Has the consistency of runny pudding but claims to meet minimum ingredient standards for yogurt.

  8. The house of cats.

  9. NES you need to read my tweet to you about your link. It is not an article, you appeared to tap into some system code over at WSJ.

  10. Thanks Upps. Will fix it shortly.

  11. I love that cat. Mine run like a bolt of lightning out of the room when I play the kantale.


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  13. My cats snooze to Mr. U’s guitar and singing to them. Not sure if that’s good or bad. But they’re used to music in the house, so nothing makes them bolt except rap. Hell rap makes ME bolt.

  14. Karen, I just noticed you posted a maru video. I of course didn’t see it from the admin panel and had no idea it was there. Thus I posted a video too, and I couldn’t see mine either. I’m reading from the regular comments area right now.

    I am truly getting sick of WP.

  15. Folks, if you can remember, when you post a video just give me a tipoff that one is there. It is completely not visible from admin panel for me. Not even a link.

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