3 Dead, 140+ injured. 2 Explosions at Boston Marathon: ONGOING UPDATES

Tuesday Updates: (will change if information changes, will be updated as information is provided)

A 3rd victim reported dead. 30 victims were transported under Code Red, so we have people whose lives are hanging in the balance.

This page contains a slide show with graphic photos of injured, and it’s a depiction of just how Americans pull together in adversity, as bystanders help them all.

ABC reports the detonations were remote.

One or two (depends on which source) other undetonated explosion devices were found. (Note: Neither is true. Useless MSN would give more accurate information if it were about Kim Kardouchian)

Police searched a Boston apartment, actually in suburb, Revere.  No link was found.

30 people were transferred under code red. 10 people have had amputations.

One person in hospital is under guard.

Pakistan goatfucking Taliban says they didn’t do this.

10 AM:

Press conference with FBI and sundry useless politicians getting mouth time. There will be a high police, FBI etc presence in the area, including local, state, National Guard and FBI will be questioning anybody and everybody they can for information. They are seeking videos and photos people have taken of the area, urging anyone who recorded anything to bring the information to them in hopes they will show some detail that will help.

They have strongly confirmed that there were NO other explosive devices found and that this information from the lame-assed press who sit on their asses waiting for any old tips to flap their lips over was inaccurate. Elizabeth Warren mentioned Obama because, let’s face it, nothing can happen without shining a spotlight on Obama’s ego. Her message was he is helping and nobody had to ask him. WTF.  Is that supposed to be some kind of miracle or something?


Tuesday updates above the line.

Explosions occurred near finish line. 3rd one at JFK Library.



I will update this post as I get information.

UPDATE: One of the dead is an 8 year old child. 8 of the injured treated at Boston Hospital are children. Conditions range from “Good” to “Serious”.



Cell Phone pics in real time. Live video cam at finish line.


CNN Witness Account.

CNN Video of explosions.



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  1. A friend from England sent a group email when it happened asking our friend from Boston to check in. I am glad she is not the athletic type and just hope she wasn’t there to cheer someone else on.

    So grusome. Prayers heading north.

  2. My daughter (who moved back to chicago this winter) is no longer doing marathons thank heaven, and her friends in Boston just got in touch with her to say they are okay and had already left the finish area before the explosions occurred.
    this is so terrible. My thoughts are with those in Boston today.

  3. 3rd bomb blast at JFK library

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with those in Boston Such a Terrible thing

  5. Cell phone service shut down in Boston to prevent remote detonations.

  6. Authorities have a identified a suspect, a Saudi national, who is currently being guarded in a Boston hospital with shrapnel wounds.

  7. OK updated for JFK Library. Thanks.

    If you see any videos I should add, post them and I will update.

  8. @mcnorman: Well when I googled the post thing, no one except the rt wing sites are picking that up.

  9. 5:24 PM EST: Of the Post’s “Saudi national suspect” story, a Boston police spokesperson told Talking Points Memo the Post’s “scoop” is bogus: “Honestly, I don’t know where they’re getting their information from, but it didn’t come from us.”</blockquote.


  10. Details still sketchy but NBC sites are saying that a suspect(s) is being held/questioned which is consistent with no arrests. I think the peacock is generally considered as left not right winged. I will see if I can get a link. Our Internet has slowed to a crawl.

  11. @ Fredster…got it from the NY page. I didn’t see it anywhere else. They also had covered the third explosion before anyone else di.

  12. I’m sure that whomever did this was caught on CCTV. They have cams everywhere for the race. Odd thing that was mentioned on the Boston Globe or Herald site…they used bomb sniffing dogs for the first time this morning before the run.

  13. @ Fredster I don’t Google anything anymore. I use Duck Duck.

  14. @ Mt Laurel…crawl is fast compared to what I’m getting now. lol

  15. Media is essentially useless anyways. If Justin Bieber belches or Kim Kardouchian shows her pregnant stomach, they’re on it.

  16. BBC gets everything first.

  17. McNorman, if they used dogs early before the run, then the bombs were brought in after the sniffing. Those dogs don’t miss.

  18. 6 children treated at Boston Hosp. Extent of injuries range from Good to Serious.

  19. A reporter who was running the marathon says he wife is missing.

  20. 1 of the dead was an 8 year old child.

  21. This is so sad it takes a special kind of evil to do something like this.

  22. At least 90 injured.

  23. Goatfuckers, Foxy. You a betting woman?

  24. Obama made his ‘Don’t jump the gun” speech. Must be just another case of “workplace violence” (See Fort Hood) or “Domestic violence” (see ‘Bridges” goatfucker in Canada who beheaded his wife).

  25. Unless it’s another one of those Oklahoma nutbag cases.

  26. I’m going to see if I can find a live feed.

  27. I know that the dogs don’t miss. I have a BIL that works K-9 unit. This is so sad. The count at the hospitals is now close to 100 injured. That man that lost his legs is sheer horror.

  28. Horrible. I’m stunned and can’t think. Those poor people. Someone lost his legs? I’m just home from work and know next to nothing.

  29. Strange shit…Last night Al had tears in her eyes that she wasn’t running Boston this year….I usually hang out by the Marathon store where the first bomb detonated…..better lucky than good!!

  30. Sending Uppity and all the Uppityites good vibes. What a horrible, horrible thing.

  31. SHV~ I’m so glad you are both safe!

  32. Wow, un-fricken-real.

  33. TY madamab, Uppity loves you too.

    Whoa SHV!

    Looking for “black or dark skinned male”. “Possibly foreign national” from accent. Tried to gain access to area and was turned away, pulled sweatshirt over his head. Also seeking a Penske truck.

    Two other bombs were found.

  34. Horrible, just horrible.
    They’ve got to have a lot of video of the scene. Security cams and of course cell phones, that should help with the investigation.

  35. Fortunately, the large “medical” tent is very close to the finish line and two of the best hospitals on the planet are close by.

  36. Apparently FBI is swarming Brigham Young. Nobody has specifics. Yet.

  37. There were ball bearings in the bombs, which hit with great force, low to ground, causing loss of limbs.

  38. Also, watching the video clips, despite the MSMs description of
    “chaos”; the handling of a totally unexpected, sudden, mass trauma situation, was impressive.

  39. “Apparently FBI is swarming Brigham Young..**
    Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, formally Peter Bent Brigham Hospital…nothing to do with Mormon’s

  40. AFT and Swat Team sweep at Brigham Women’s.

  41. Yes sorry, Brigham & Womans. lol

  42. Well I see tweets citing how happy leading goatfuckers in the ME are over America’s “fear”

  43. “Yes sorry, Brigham & Womans. lol”
    Basically lived in that hospital for 10 years….some of the best years of my life. :>)

  44. well then you were certainly trained well. I need a physical.

  45. gotta change CNN, that idiot Piers Morgan drives me nuts.

  46. Don’t go to FOX…Hannity is well . . . Hannity. I actually tuned to MSNBO. it is at least different from the others. They actually reported this as an act of terrorism.

  47. April 15th, Tax day.
    I’m betting homegrown.

  48. Hannity is a serious asshole. I mean he’s matchless unless you include Tweety. Two horse’s asses, really. I can’t stand 30 seconds of either of them And that includes looking at them. Hannity looks like he has rubber hair and his face is that typical far right shiny plastic. He whines all the time, repeats himself to the point of nausea, and comes up with nicknames for people he doesn’t like — and he’s the only one who thinks they are funny. He’s infantile. And mean. Mathews is scheevy and looks like someone should run him through a carwash, looks like his mother cuts his hair and, in spite of all his money, doesn’t think he needs to fix his teeth. He’s infantile. And mean. Typical eccentric far left. But none of that is as bad as these two guys’ defective minds.

  49. bahaha Piers got run out of the UK on a rail. His involvement with the illegal tapping of phones will always follow his smarmy ass. He makes me gag. They SHOULD deport his ass. But the UK doesn’t want him back. I keep thinking who is this pompous jerk who got thrown out of his own country and thinks he should turn the USA into the country he got thrown out of? Especially considering that, when it comes to sharia and goatfuckers, the UK serves as a horrible warning to the rest of the west ..of what happens when you let Middle Eastern Islamic freaks run wild.

    As for his iQ, just ask yourself what moron would bring an illegal magazine on national television to talk about gun control? Doh.

  50. What does tax day have to do with mass murdering innocent people enjoying a sporting event? This seems extreme for a tax protest. I think M.E. terrorism.

    Pat from the Widdershins lives in Boston and her son and family were there, and she has the story over there. Mary Luke also in Boston. Fortunately they’re all ok.

  51. This is so upsetting. What the hell is next? The World Series? None of us is safe anywhere.

  52. I think Boston Boomer is from there too.

  53. Upps, agree with you about UK serving as warning, also most of the rest of Europe.

  54. Oh yeah, from Dakinikats.

  55. Welp, socal if we all lived in West Virginia, we’d feel safer. And closer. 2 million people, 8 last names.

  56. You know, sweet sue has a point. I mean I love blaming goatfuckers, but you can never tell if some nutbag got one of those crazy bugs.

  57. Oh well would you looky here. Here’s Fred Thompson pimping reverse mortgages to help his corporation take old people’s homes away from them as soon as they get a stroke. What a nice guy.

  58. Al just pointed out that on the video clips, the runners are so fixated on the finish line that they keep running when the bombs goes off. As soon as they cross, they stop their GPS watches, check the time and then turn to see WTF is going on. The 78 yo man who was shown being blown off his feet, got up and finished. She said that the Boston race, you can see the finish line for several blocks and after 26 miles you become fixated on that point.

  59. SHV, thanks for all your comments.

    Sweet Sue, sorry if my comment was offensive.

    Those reverse mortgages are really evil. Like those ads from companies wanting to buy your settlements for pennies on the dollar. Buncha crooks. Thompson should be ashamed. There are a lot of things I would never do for money and thats one of them.

  60. SHV, meant to say thanks for your knowledgable comments and insight. I could see some of them finishing and wondered about that.

  61. Socal plenty of europe is fighthing back. Merkel was the first to come out and say multiculturalism doesn’t work. Franch fights back too.

  62. Need a smile?

    Headline NY Post

    “Tiger puts balls in wrong place again”.

  63. Today is Jackie Robinson Day. At all of the MLB games around the country, all the players are wearing number 42. Its a special day at Dodger Stadium in L.A. to honor him.

  64. Upps, yes, also court cases taking them on in Netherlands and other countries and that law in Switzerland banning minarets, etc.

  65. LOL about WV. I’ve never been there.

  66. FYI
    The NY Post is not a credible news source. It’s akin to the National Enquirer but with a sports page.

  67. Yeah dwp, but the post sure comes in handy sometimes. Like now.

  68. I was thinking, No Tiger. Winning doesn’t take care of everything. Especially if you don’t win.

    And up Your Nose, Nike.

  69. Socal, WV, think Deliverance.

  70. Sorry UW,
    I commented after reading the third bomb at JFK Library. Wasn’t referring to the Tiger Woods’ balls headline.

  71. 8 names huh? Deliverance? I’m dying here.

  72. I have no doubt that they will figure out who is to blame pretty quickly. There were a lot of cameras in the area. They probably have a pretty good idea already, but don’t want to tip their hand.

  73. One of our Boston Puma friends knew the deceased 10 year boy and his family well. She told me his sister lost her leg and their mother is in critical condition.

  74. Hey dwp, I’m just glad to see ya.

  75. Wow that poor family.

  76. FWIW, today’s Boston bombing occurred about four blocks from the site of the Coconut Grove; the nightclub where 492 people died in a fire, Nov 28, 1942. The second deadliest single building fire in American history.

  77. Somebody, further up I mention they are looking for a black or dark skinned man, possibly a foreign nationalist due to accent He tried to gain access earlier and was refused, and he ” dropped eye contact” and put his sweatshirt or hood over his head or something. I was half listening

  78. Interesting.

  79. twitter 1:53PM on the page

  80. dwp, that is heartbreaking. Our sincerest condolences to that poor family. What a horrible day.

  81. That poor family is correct. This was supposed to be a fun, and happy day.

  82. mcn, what the hell!?!? That is freaky.

  83. socal, it’s all just weird. Like the dog sniffers. Upps is spot on, they don’t miss anything.

  84. I suspect that there has been chatter. Domestic or international? Who knows?

  85. mcnorman is it possible that the police found an unexploded bomb and they were prepared to set it off or disarm it? If you read all the tweets right before that one it makes sense.

  86. That sounds plausible imust. These creeps got lucky if they actually had 5 devices in place. Too bad none of them went off on the perps.

  87. “‘I just have to get over the finish line’: Runner speeds past bomb to complete marathon”

  88. Jackie Robinsons widow was at the Dodger game, and Harrison Ford was there (he plays Branch Rickey in the movie 42) and threw out the first pitch.

  89. Yeah I really find the dog sniffer thing odd. That’s why i think they were planted later. they came in the crowd, maybe had them in knapsacks or something. Everybody carries them to these things in a crowd. So it wouldn’t be suspicious. If they ‘lose’ one after it’s set down, who would notice?

  90. agree with imust. Possible.

  91. One of the injured was 2 years old.

  92. In the old days, the Mafia would have helped find these guys and then, of course, nobody else would ever find them again. That’s starting to look attractive.

    They’ll find this creep or creeps and it will be another Fort Hood carnival, that bastard is still alive and calling the shots. If it’s domestic terrorism, the justice will be faster. If it’s a goatfucker, we will cowtow to the bastard, help him grow his beard, give him his special meals, give him a special prayer mat, a goat to sleep with, give him plenty of publicity for his handlers back home, and five years from now, his judge will be fired for not kissing his hairy ass. And THAT’s what’s wrong with this country. We treat victims like dog shit and we will practically blow a jihad bastard who killed some of ours.

  93. We have a 3rd death.

  94. Mesa, CA, man blows himself up on his own front lawn of his FOIL WRAPPED house. Explosives found in home. Another survivalist psycho. Glad he killed himself instead of others.

  95. ABC reports the detonations were remote

    Police searched a Boston apartment, actually Revere. They’re getting closer, you can bet.

    30 people were transferred under code red. 10 people have had amputations.

    One person in hospital is under guard.

    Update: Apartment search of ten hours yields no link.

    Pakistan goatfucking Taliban says they didn’t do this.

  96. This page contains a slide show with graphic photos of injured, and it’s a depiction of just how Americans pull together in adversity, as bystanders help them all.

  97. Uppity at 7:41 am
    Well stated.

    DWP: Most unwelcome news about young boy’s death, sister’s amputation, and mother’s injuries. A terrible burden. Please know that my condolences are with them all.

  98. Press conference with FBI and other sundry useless politicians getting mouth time. There will be a high police, FBI etc presence in the area, including local, state, National Guard and FBI will be questioning anybody and everybody they can for information. They are seeking videos and photos people have taken of the area, urging anyone who recorded anything to bring the information to them in hopes they will show some detail that will help.

  99. Elizabeth Warren mentioned Obama at the press conference, because let’s face it, nothing can happen without shining a spotlight on Obama’s ego. Her message was he is helping and nobody had to ask him. WTF. Is that supposed to be some kind of miracle or something?

  100. Just to keep you nervous, a ‘ghostly blob’ was ‘found’ in space and it can mean all kinds of horrible things you should think about day and night. I say it’s where the Mayans landed. Serves them right. They couldn’t even predict their own demise and we sat around believing their calendar bullshit. 15 minutes of fame for the Mayans and then off to space as a ‘ghostly blob’.

  101. Upps too early to rule out that Revere apartment the Feds searched. They removed bags of stuff from there last night and are presumably still sifting through the collection.

  102. According to the Daily Mail (not the most reliable), the revere apartment belonged to the Saudi fellow apprehended at the scene by a concerned citizen.

  103. A Saud. Shocked. Shocked I tell you.

  104. Breaking, USAIR flight 1716 at Logan stopped on ground for security check.

  105. Her message was he is helping and nobody had to ask him. WTF. Is that supposed to be some kind of miracle or something?

    Yes, and the clouds part with background angels singing.

  106. Yes NES, that Revere building raid isn’t really big news except to those living in the building that can’t get any answers.

  107. @ NES

    Law sources told the New York Post that after the man was grabbed by police, he smelled of gun powder and said, ‘I thought there would be a second bomb’ before asking, ‘Did anyone die?’

    Doesn’t sound very innocent to me, how about you?

  108. I watched one news program last night with my mother so she could take it in at her own pace. That was all I could handle. She does not watch much TV during the day – and then she puts on stations like Antenna and ME with old reruns.

    A local man was undergoing brain surgery to remove fragments….you get the picture. one of the other family member was also injured. After seeing mention of the family that lost a child, it hits home that this is likely a common scenario as, in addition to the families of runners, many in the area had the day off and would go to view the event as a family outing.

    That video is – interesting? They do not say – but infer that if there were drills scheduled – someone knew and used it as a cover screen.

    Did see speculation that it had to be more than one given the weight of the bombs and that those delivering were not likely the ones who actually set things off but told to mix in with the crowd (and take their chances).

  109. Her message was he is helping and nobody had to ask him. WTF. Is that supposed to be some kind of miracle or something?

    Yes, and the clouds part with background angels singing.


  110. I’m not buying any information from these lazy assed news orgs until I confirm. I have already seen what assholes they are on this issue. They take ANY source and run with it because they don’t want to mess their hair and makeup and go actually do some investigative reporting. Or if they do send someone it’s that Poppy idiot who is guaranteed to say the word “Heartbreaking” and not much else.

  111. Martin Richard, his young sister, and mother were at the finish line to cheer mr. Richard who ran the marathon. When his father crossed the line, Martin ran up to him but his father kept walking, so Martin went back to his mother and sister.

    Mr Richard was very active in the community, that’s the reason do many know him and his family.

    Murphy is from Dorchester, and most of her extended family still live there. She has a new post up at PumaPac.org:
    “Dorchester Punches Back”

  112. Uppity
    That is why I used “speculation”. Although the speculators I have seen/read (I prefer print) are reps from the various acronym agencies in and about DC – not the news people.

  113. Pressure Cooker. That explains how all those ball bearings got lodged in what they called “People’s Viscera”. In other words, the pressure cooked shot those bearings at such speed, they landed inside people’s intestines and other soft internal organs. Good God. What a POS.

    Pressure Cookers. It doesn’t get more dangerous than pressure cookers. I don’t care what anybody says.

  114. dwp I meant to stop by to see Murphy today. I will do this.

  115. Murphy is spot on. Very well said. It is from her heart.

  116. Thanks for the link to murphy. I read her while on the train coming home from a conference. Right now, Fox has photos of a bomb from the crime scene in Boston.

  117. Yup, the Yankees have class. Saw this one too:

    Yankees on Boston

    Makes me proud to be a Bronx Bomber.

  118. The entire country stood with NY once too. It’s what we all do. After all is said and done, politics and social issues and ANYTHING else aside, Americans are inherently good and helpful people when the rubber meets the road. When it counts.

  119. Indeed Uppity. As you would say: It’s what we do.

  120. Exactly, Sophie. It’s What We Do.

  121. I used to live in Boston. In fact, I even used to watch the Marathon from along the sidewalk near Copley Square. Whoever did this, I hope their genitals get torn off by a woodchipper.

  122. Obama is helping and nobody had to ask him???? Warren is now officially getting on my nerves. Surely she knows that feds, state, locals have all established procedures for coordinating efforts in response to such events and those procedures were in place before his useless ass was still community organizing. Agencies have been doing tabletop exercises for sometime now. Shame on her for being uninformed.

  123. Thanks for the updated info Upps. Of all things, turns out my next door neighbor was on her way there to the finish line when it happened. She goes to Boston 2 or 3 times a year for conferences. (I thought she was in San Diego, where she goes a lot.) Her corporate masters kept her and a couple of her friends late after their meeting, so she missed it. Her hubs came over today to talk about it. The stories and pix are unbearable. We will all go nuts if they don’t find the perps soon.

  124. The Yankees thing is nice.

  125. Hugo I am not so sure Warren is uninformed. I suspect it’s more that she is required to mention Lord Obama to interject him into the dialog. I suspect that feeding his ego and turning all things into About Barack is a requirement, kind of similar to feeding your hamster daily.

  126. Whoever did this, I hope their genitals get torn off by a woodchipper.

    Sounds like a great plan.

    I suspect that if Bostonians get their hands on this cockroach before the authorities do, the plan just might come to fruition. We can hope.

  127. The 8 year old boy who died in this inexcusable tragedy…his mother has a brain injury and his sister lost a leg. For this family alone, I hope everyday people get their hands on the POS who did this.

    Yesterday, I posted a slide show of photos, and I saw one shot in which I was sure the person was dead. It was a young woman and an EMT had her fingers on the side of her neck, appearing to check for life, I thought. She had that vacant look and I thought it was my imagination. Then later I saw the photo of the 28 yr old woman who was killed and recognized it as her. They removed that photo from the set now. If they hadn’t, I would have been finally 100% convinced that our press is pond scum. I will not forget that photo.

  128. Uppity Suspicion:

    Barack said the T word. He called it Terrorism. I suspect that he did that because he believes this was not done by his good friends over in Goatfuckistan. If it’s domestic, why gosh darn it, it’s Terrorism.

  129. Westboro Baptist Demonic Church and Boston Victims. Look for them. Perhaps this time somebody will remove these nasty evil freaks from the gene pool. We can hope.

  130. Please don’t be so quick to jump on Senator Warren. She has been On, On, On since her first day. I personally can’t stand a certain Sr. VP where I work yet have been known to say pleasant things about him in public.

  131. If anyone can tell those Westboro thugs to shove it, it’s those wicked tough southies.If I were a Westboro member I wouldn’t show up in Boston anytime soon.

  132. I still say if you want Obama to take care of your needs, you gotta stroke him. He’s a narcissist. It’s a requirement. And yea, I said plenty of nice things about assholes higher than me. It’s called job security and Future. As for Warren, I saw that video of that meeting with the bank “regulators”. She ripped them a whole new one and if wall street fears her, that’s good enough for me for now.

    Leslie, I agree, Boston isn’t going to show them The Love. That’s why I hope they keep their promise and show up.

  133. So what’s that Senator Wicker done that gives someone the imagining that they have cause to send him a poison letter? I mean, I never even heard of him.

  134. @Upps

    The old days, this would all have been taken care of by the mob.

    Parades and events were safe. Those thinking about doing anything only thought about it unless they were suicidal.

  135. Stupid moron tries to poison a guy for THAT? Psycho! Whomever did this really should NOT be anywhere NEAR a gun. Ever! Background checks should be retroactive for crazy bastards like this.

  136. Ok, I hate to harp, but this goes to my argument about the danger of pressure cookers, which, as you know, I saw explode once.

    The bombs in Boston were exploded low to the ground. The pressure cooker LID was found on TOP of a BUILDING. In real life, you don’t need a bomb for one of these things to do some real damage.

  137. The “t” word is a salty one for POTUS.


    Maybe he didn’t want to offend some of the cretins on the list?

  138. I agree with Uppity that it will probably turn out to be domestic based on the prez’s use of the T word.

  139. Tweeted to me by H44.
    Make sure you read the last paragraph in the link!

  140. Say, I saw a video with a woman who looked a lot like NES —throwing herself on Thatcher’s casket.

  141. Counting down till NES shows up…..

  142. Yup. Score one. They are looking for a white guy in his 30s.

  143. BBC says letter with “suspicious substance” was mailed to Barack Obama. Listed as “Breaking news” with no link.

  144. “They are saying that he was one of the GOP that voted for the gun ban filibuster.”
    IMO, just more political street theater. Wicker was one of 16 R’s who voted for cloture. An “R” Senate seat from Mississippi is the safest in the country. There is no way that the Rethug. Sen. leadership wanted to block a floor vote. Win or loose, there is no way that any gun law is getting trough the HR. With a floor vote, the seven “Red State” Dem. Senators are in the hot seat no matter which way that they vote.

  145. Completely OT, but noteworthy. This article pertains to fraudulent drug trials and what happens once the fraud is discovered. Or, what does not happen. The fact that a former FDA Commissioner is openly criticizing the handling of the case described in the linked article speaks volumes. The former Commissioner was the last real watchdog for public health.


  146. I’m still not on board with Warren. Her questions at the bank regulators hearings were off based from my POV, but I think we discussed that in another thread. And if someone is knowingly kissing the ass of an undeserving twit, that’s not going to earn my respect. All Obama did was move his lips. Bush lackeys did the same thing to prop up his incompetent ass.

  147. In this world of power, Hugo, people do what they have to do. I know you know that. Warren’s way too far left for my taste but yes, you and I had our go around on the bank thing, which I loved. Nobody ever talks to those clowns like that, it makes me happy.

  148. Ricin letter broke by BBC, of course, to white house, is confirmed.

  149. I don’t care if you love or despise a president. Any president. You don’t send poison letters to one unless you are Effing out of your gourd. The person who did this is toast. And should be.

  150. Gotta run. Play nice.

  151. Maybe my real problem is with the televised hearings which I believe are nothing more than a forum for political grandstanding and I think she did that just what the rest of them do. The questions she asked were simplistic and the answers cannot be. I would welcome hearing her or any of them sit down and have an honest and full discussion. I want to hear complete answers, not just watch some politician play gotcha. That’s all that happen during those hearings.

    I’m not much for going along to get along. I would choose to say nothing instead of giving credit where it’s not due. Systems are in place and he did not put them there.

  152. I really like Warren, and can cut her a lot of rope becuz she is new to her position. I believe she genuinely wants to fight for the middle class and poor.

  153. I can’t believe aspartame is still legal. Or that people still use it when there are so many safer substitutes. You can buy stevia in any grocery store now.

  154. Wow! Kudos to law enforcement officials for such a rapid arrest.

  155. Hang on to your coat Hugo…PD in Boston says no arrest has been made. Very strange stuff is happening.

  156. Looks like a piss fest on that arrest. Who gets the prize?

    I don’t think that this was supposed to be let out. JMO.


  157. MSM in Boston saying that the only thing that is being denied is that they have made an arrest or that someone is in custody. I think that they probably have someone that they are chatting with right now.

  158. LOL! Before I saw the arrest report on the AP, FOX, CNN, and WaPo, I saw NBC cut into regular programming with a special report that basically said something is happening but we don’t know what. At least they were closer to the truth.

  159. We misinterpreted Hansen. He had a good reason to call half the population vaginas with an apostrophe. We misunderstood him. It is all our fault. We vaginas are too dumb to understand his brilliant penis.


  160. Krystal M. Campbell, 29. RIP

  161. Hansen mansplained.

  162. OMG stevia, socal. Don’t even mention that shit to me. I bought some (seriously overpriced I might add) and I thought somebody squeezed a cactus in my coffee. No way that stuff is something good, I don’t care what anybody says.

  163. Warren got sent to the white house woodshed over what she wanted to do to bankers. She got dumped. So I tend to believe her on this one.

  164. I mentioned upthread that the link to photos I posted upthread contained a shot of Campbell. I am sure of it. I thought, that person looks expired. An EMT had her fingers pressed against her carotid in the pic. She seems to have been a really good kid. Her grandmother was on TV and it broke my heart.

  165. I am just as concerned about the situation as any one else, but the new yorker is reporting that the suspect is not a Saudi National. He was actually an innocent student who had suffered as a result of the bombing.


    Let us not be quick to point fingers before the facts are known.

  166. Uppity, I probably agree with what Warren wanted to do to bankers.

  167. I thought we all pretty much assumed here that it’s a domestic terrorist given that Barack actually said the “T” word. We’re still waiting for him to say the T word on Fort Hood. That, he called Workplace Violence. Allahu AkBar.

    It was established that the search of the Saudi’s apartment yielded no link. So I don’t see anybody here declaring him It.

  168. “Do the bankers”. ROFL I adore you Hugo.

  169. I will repeat i don’t believe anything our lazy assed press says because they never get out of their chairs and will say or print anything anybody tells them, because journalism has been dead for a long time.

  170. Decades ago, I was in a journalism program and thought that was a good career choice. Thank goodness I abandoned that because I’d be really embarrassed now.

  171. A few Pumas commented thst Murphy was on Fox News this morning. Could have been from last night’s vigil.
    Anyone here catch it?

  172. Hey Hansen,
    It isn’t castration.
    It’s surprise circumcision.

  173. Uppity!! you’ve got mail…

  174. I use liquid stevia with valencia orange flavoring. I put it in everything. I’m trying to cut back on as much sugar as possible. Even been making sugar free brownies with agave & xylitol. Splenda has a new sweetner out called nectresse which tastes really good.

  175. There is some bad stevia out there, you’re right about that. Still, nothing is as bad as aspartame.

  176. The news has really been annoying. Half of what I’ve heard on the news is retracted later.

  177. Quiet young 20 year old Saudi being deported asap. But he was cleared, right?

  178. Barack visited today with the Saudi foreign minister today.


    Minor details probably discussed. It’s been a rough day for teh won.

  179. Deported? Weird. Reminds me of when Bush had the bin forgottens flown out after 9/11, at least according to Richard Clarke.

  180. Got a link to that deportation thing, McN? So he was here illegally. Nah, that never happens…

  181. socal, you mean some stevia is good and some is bad? I bought In The Raw and it was HORRID. I mean, one use and I threw the coffee out. It was THAT bad. It was SPIT THIS OUT RIGHT NOW bad.

  182. Anita, I answered you but got no response. So assuming you are busy with life, I am going to pull the piece until I hear from you.

  183. ROFFFLLLLL. That was me on Thatcher’s casket. Priceless quip.

  184. Mcnorman, don’t know about that Saudi student, but I’m betting that the perps are Arab or Pak young men. Or at least ones that hail from that background.

  185. Hugo, I’m totally not on board with Elizabeth Warren either. Also, I think she’s poison to the chances of our girl Hillary. Watch the Hillary-hating bots rally around Warren as the “true liberal.”

  186. Hint, hint:

    A member of the city council, Al Vanek, said a four-block area around the explosion was “totally decimated.” Other witnesses compared the scene to that of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, and authorities said the plant made materials similar to that used to fuel the bomb that tore apart that city’s Murrah Federal Building.

  187. Interesting take, Fredster. I thought of the Oklahoma thing too, but probably only because my brother died on that day.

  188. Re: Thatcher’s casket. You’re a good sport, NES.

    Re: Warren, president. I would bet everything left in my 401k that, not only would hillary beat her but so would Andrew Cuomo. I think Americans are tired of the far left and far right. Her rough edges not even included. And she does have rough edges.

  189. NES so you think this isn’t domestic terrorism, then, yes?

  190. NES, the Pak Taliban goatfuckers said they do not take responsibility for Boston.

  191. Uppity said: Interesting take, Fredster. I thought of the Oklahoma thing too, but probably only because my brother died on that day.

    And what was the *reason* for OKC bombing? Waco and David Koresh’s death in Waco.

    1. Boston bombing on Patriot Day
    2. Ricin letters
    3. Waco fertilizer plant explodes.

    It has been in the back of my mind that Boston was possibly a militia thing and now these two others.

  192. Getting even MORE interesting, Fredster. Some serious thinking you’ve done.

  193. Well these things are happening too quickly and seemingly (?) together. I dunno but it makes you wonder.

  194. I really think you’re right and I’m kind of awed. As in Why didn’t I think of that?

    They are rather…..um coincidental.

  195. YOu gonna write that up, Fredster?

  196. YOu gonna write that up, Fredster?

    Uh no. Saturday is “light news” day and I had something else for Tuesday completely off the Boston thing. It’s still too soon to know about the Tx explosion and scant info on the ricin thing now. I don’t know what else I could add about the Boston attack that hasn’t been said by Pat, MB and chat.

  197. Think I’m going to crash. The nap I had around 8ish or so is wearing off. 😉

  198. Yep, must agree our Hillary is an uppity woman. She just learned how to do it with quiet charm most of the time. She has the passion and the fury lightly concealed. I love when she gets the “I’m going to eat you for lunch” look.

  199. I understand the way Fred thinks because I do the same thing. People wonder what I am talking about until I reexplain it in more detail – all the time. Weave facts together till it makes a picture. Jigsaw puzzle logic. Drives my friends and family nuts accidentally and incidentally.

    It may not be connected in real life. The events might be coincidental – but detectives should be drawing the same web right now.

    Whether home grown or foreign this all seems heavily planned and perhaps inter related.

  200. @ NES Saudi kid being deported confirmed as a note on Hannity (yes, he grates me too). I wondered about the burns and quick hospital stay? I also wonder about the kid running in the opposite direction from the blast with sheared pants. Seems very odd.

  201. That Waco fertilizer plant explosion is pretty bad. Leveled half the town or something. 170 injuries, 15 dead, that is, if the news is the truth. Missing firefighters too.

  202. Karen, I thought of the ricin letters as possibly related, but not the fertilizer factory.

    They are still looking for the suspects, have ID from videos but don’t know WHO they are.

  203. I am closing comments on this thread as it is comment intensive. New thread up.

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