Kmart makes it okay to ship your pants right here.

So what do you think this will do for Kmart’s sales? Running off to buy some stock…


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  1. Picking my jaw off the floor.

    Did I just see that for real or was that some kind of joke?

    They are desperate and have managed to crawl right into the mud. Walmart killed them off. Are they appealing to the pick up truck nascar beer belly trailer park crowd? (No offense Hillbilly if that is your family description – he he he.)

  2. I do not like the ad, but I actually think it is kind of effective. If the goal is to get you to remember that Kmart will ship things to you….it works. The question is whether it will turn off more people than it gains.

  3. Unreal. Does everything have to go to the gutter these days. I am sorry if Kmart can’t compete it is just pay back in my opinion. Walmart is only doing to them what they did to Zody’s , Two guys, Montgomery wards and a ton of mom and pops when they moved into a neighborhood. It is business and they could not compete. Now they have to go here. Sorry but if Kmart fails I know some will miss them but I am not one of them.

  4. I predict this will make sales go up. Visibly.

    This is now a society of young people who love a pig selling insurance, a sneaky baby talking smack, including to baby girls, on the phone –to sell online stock brokers, you name it. This is their taste. In a HUGE way. Kmart is targeting them and it will work. And believe it or not, a whole lot more people are laughing at this commercial than offended. Especially a large portion of the walmart crowd. From a marketing to audience standpoint, this ad is absolutely brilliant.

  5. My boy played the ad for me during drivetime & I rolled my eyes at the typical adolescent vulgarity… But I’ll have to admit I chuckled.
    You’re right, Ups, this will probably be a smashing success.

  6. Oh yes sales will go up but Walmart will compete. Like it or not they are the Kmart of the 80,s. I remember all the jokes about folks that went to Kmart back in the day and they had the rep of Walmart. When a Kmart came in the businesses died and the area around a K mart went to hell. Now they act like they are the old Montgomery wards or something else. I do not shop at K mart because the quality off their crap is just that. If I have to buy crap I am going to pay less for it lol.
    Out here a Kmart parking lot is a ghost town and most are gone. It is the way of the world. Sometime soon a store will come in that will kick Walmart to the back seat just like walmart did to Kmart and Kmart did to so many others.

    I remember the jingle the kids sang to those who shopped Kmart when I was a teen and did not shop Aldens Monkey Wards and Sears. ” Kmart Kmart rip off store. Come in rick and go out poor” Or we would say ” I see you are wearing cameaparts”

  7. My folks dressed us from Macys, Dillards, J.C.Penny etc and our clothes held up. Poor kids that had to wear crap from Kmart were always having their clothes falling apart. It was like I say Walmart in it’s day.

  8. From the comments, I was expecting much worse. It probably will do very well with the target audience. I have seen worse and I watch very little commercial TV. The Skittles commercials come to mind.

  9. Skittles is worse than repeatedly saying in effect Chit your pants over and over? I haven’t seen the skittles one, i don’t watch TV. I will go look for their web site.

  10. cute ad may get some stock. 🙂

  11. I found the skittles ad they say is offensive. A woman kissing a walrus and saying it is her boyfriend. Weird but not profanity. Bestiality undertones and you have to wonder what they were thinking making that one too.

    There will be kids running around the house yelling Shit Your Pants with glee, oh joy. My mother’s generation would have washed their mouths out with soap even if they said Ship but meant shit.

  12. It is very odd. Skittles has had several that are beyond belief. They go for shock value. Some have been banned. I catch them mostly at other people homes. I now keep a bag of books/puzzles/DVDs for emergency babysitting. It has now been months since I inadvertently caught one of them. Bleach would not be adequate. These are not the old chase the rainbow ads. .

  13. So, I stayed home to do my taxes and have had music on all day. I turned on the computer to you all, then got a text saying there was a bombing at the Boston Marathon near the finish line. It must’ve just happened. I’m really shocked.

  14. 2 dead, 20 injured.

  15. New post with raw video up.

  16. Injuries up to 48.

  17. 49

    6 critical

  18. No arrests yet….:(

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