Boston Marathon Travesty, Ricin Letters & Elvis, and Waco Explosion Thread Continued…

UPDATE! Below is video photos of the two guys the FBI needs to find. You can contact the FBI at 1 800 Call FBI or go to Everything is confidential. Pass these photos around You never know where they guys are now.

***********End Update**********

The previous thread has gotten hundreds of comments with slower loading, so we Continue shaking our heads.

Authorities continue to seek out two Pieces of Shit known as suspects, who have been Identified visually via videos and photos from nearby businesses and Marathon attendees. They do not have names associated with the faces. At least, that’s what they say.

Personally, I hope Bostonians get their hands on the perps of this travesty first–and are left alone with them for ten minutes.



He's REALLY doing Jailhouse Rock now.

He’s REALLY doing Jailhouse Rock now.

As for the Ricin letters, I’m sure Mississippi’s Elvis Impersonator (I’m rolling my eyes here) Paul Kevin Curtis is not “approving” the message he’s getting now. How’s that grab ya, Paulie?

The letter this asshole sent to the President didn’t reach anywhere near the White House, as they have an offsite mail processing center which intercepts poison pen letters from morons just like the Curtis.

I don’t care whether you like a president or don’t, nobody has the right to attempt or intend harm  to a President Of The United States. Period.

Burn Paulie burn. But first, sing a couple of bars of Jailhouse Rock for us, will ya? Fuck you, asshole. Your next big gig will be in prison, where the taxpayers will be grudgingly feeding your crazy ass for a long long time to come.


I guess EPA should have checked before filing that safety report.

I guess EPA should have checked before filing that safety report.

Now onto the massive explosion in Texas:

So far, Texas says they have no reason to suspect that the fertilizer factory explosion is anything other than an Industrial Accident. The blast was so loud it registered on the earthquake monitor and nearly leveled the town. The mayor described the blast as like “A nuclear bomb”.

The plant was right near a nursing home, which was also leveled. Houses 50 miles away were shaking.  This is a horrible tragedy in a state that rarely regulates ANYTHING industrial.  National Guard troops are on their way to the site and air quality will be monitored – since, no pun intended, but this shit plant is giving off  the highly toxic gas known as Anhydrous Ammonia.  Want to see the Hazmat Warning Label for this stuff?

Their “Safety Report” to the EPA  regarding the FIFTY-FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS OF ANHYDROUS AMMONIA ON SITE indicated “Low Risk,”  with a Worst Case Scenerio equivalent to a hangnail. –and the EPA ate that shit.  They said in thier report that the “Worst Case” would be a “Ten Minute Gas Release”. I guess they didn’t include explosions, hey? Incidentally, this plant was once fined by the EPA for not having a safety plan, so they started filing these so-called “Safety Reports”. EPA is far too busy thinking about light bulbs and bogus carbon units to be bothered with this stuff, I guess.

Raw Footage:

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  1. obama and gmo poster:

  2. Our press is saying 15 dead and 180 injured. of course that could be something they just made up because it sounded right to them and they wanted clicks on their stories for ad dollars.

  3. Lots of info on the WSJ site. Some of it might even be accurate.

  4. How sad, we have to go do our own journalism.

  5. GMO poster is too kind to him.

  6. Good thing we have smart people here at UppityVille, who can ferret out bullshit from the media and get us all some real information. Any corrections to this post, bring it on!

  7. Fox (LOL) says a phoenix elementary school has “Repordedly” (lol) been evacuated due to bomb threat.

    From now on, I think we should put LOL in parenthesis whenever referring to our useless media.



  9. Used to house people

  10. Entire streets are gone.

  11. Holy Shit. I gotta put that up.

  12. Did they evacuate buildings when the fire started? Because if that pic mcnorman posted is typical, how the heck did anyone in that building or others in the area escape unscathed. Not to mention what that ammonia gas must be doing to lungs/eyes even with masks.

    My memory may be foggy, but was it not fertilizer that was used on Oklahoma City bombing? It is not to be taken lightly. And this

  13. As to letter writer, I assume he is, as they say, a few cans short of a six pack. Who, in this day and age, would think that a letter addressed to anyone at the White House, Senate, etc., would go directly to that person.

    The message would get further if you just bitched than anything that tosses up a red flag for threats of any nature.

  14. I just caught up on the post down below and I see Fred was connecting the same dots. Oklahoma, Waco,…

    It is home grown or some group that wants it to look home grown. Now who would that benefit??? That little boy man that threw the tantrum yesterday? Taking the tin foil hat off and getting back to my research.

  15. The flyover video is really sad. Everything was just blown up to smithereens. This image is the front of that apartment complex.

    I don’t know how they will recover bodies.

  16. Yes Mt. Laurel, fertilizer was used. There was a fire and then something set off anhydrous ammonia.

  17. Another sad day Pray for Waco.

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  19. ack, three links – save me from spammy.

  20. how does anyone survive that kind of blast??

  21. leslie, you hope that you can crawl your way out (one man did when his home roof collapsed), or that you are young and can take anything. A woman who was walking around the football field at the school said that her little boy was hurled into the air atleast 4′. He’s okay.

  22. @ Mt Laurel Ammonium nitrate is what was used in OK.

    Authorities suspect the blast was set off by a truck or rail car holding a large quantity of ammonia nitrate that somehow caught fire or blew up. The Obama offical told The Post that investigators are now trying to determine whether the ammonia nitrate-carrying vehicle was on the fertilizer plant’s property or on an adjacent site.

    That question is critical, the official said, because the plant does not list ammonium nitrate as a chemical that it handles under the plant’s emergency plan on file with federal regulators — as it should be if the plant does handle such a chemical.

    That’s why they won’t speculate on whether this was an intentional act.

  23. how does anyone survive that kind of blast??

    If you are into a god, that’s how.
    If you are not into a god, it’s called Luck.

  24. Mark Sanford – keep walking ad:–election.html

  25. Since all new commenters to go mod anyways, I think I can Up the number of links allowed to three. I’ll check.

  26. Thanks for fishing me out, Upps.

    If I lived down there today I would have ended up with all three cats! I could not pick one. A dozen others were too damn cute and cuddly to leave in a shelter, too. I wonder what the adoption limit is? I better start buying toys and litter and food now and stocking up.

  27. The FBI released video of two young men with baseball caps and backpackers in the crowd at Boston. They look like average kids walking down a street.

    It is on FBI youtubes. I am on kindle and it gives mobile links.


    Autocorrect changed backpack and added ers.

  29. Mcnorman
    Thanks for the update. Intentional or not, It sounds ominous in terms of the size of that load if it was a full rail car.

  30. I’ve posted the FBI photos and contacts in a new post.

  31. I didn’t fish you out Karen, can’t take credit. An unknown mod did it.

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