Photos of two people FBI seeks and how to contact FBI

FBI has released these photos of two people of extreme interest regarding the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Pass these photos around. They are from this link. You never know where these guys are now.

You can contact the FBI by calling 1800 Call FBI or go to FBI’s Boston Marathon tips site. All contacts are confidential and FBI asks that you focus on ONLY these photos and not any other photos on the internet you might see.













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  1. Probably flew out of Boston, Logan Monday PM and are now in the KSA.

  2. Maybe it’s just me….bit these two guys look more like OWS types, or Columbine types, than anything else. The FIRST thought I had was THEY thought “Bigger than Columbine”….

    Odd, perhaps. But it’s what my gut said. No Right-wing thing, maybe no foreign things…and only some chance the OWS types….but that doesn’t make sense.

    Seems they wanted to out-do some recent tragedy. IMO

  3. Maybe they are just the ones that do the drop off?

  4. The one in the white hat looks pretty young to me. And home grown, like you said FF. But then looks are just looks. Who the h knows. By now they are long gone from Boston, that’s for sure.

  5. FF it’s awesome to see you here again.

  6. FF, what do you think? Photoshopped or not?

    White cap on the far left moving quickly but calm faced.

  7. The Saudi National who was a person of interest says he was apologized to “Profusely” and promised “Special Health Care” whatever that means. Where can I get that?

    Also mentions twice that The Blaze was the source that said he was being deported and it was not true. But then who even knows if THIS article is true either.

  8. No CBS link from that tweeter?

  9. I know. Upps, I have to wonder what is going on? I did see one that made me laugh…”names narrowed down to MA phonebook.”

  10. I guess that pic is why FBI insists we pay attention to no other photos other than the ones they provide.

  11. About the Saudi kid…that is an unusual piece. There was confirmation of the deportation by a guest named Emerson on Hannity. The pic is from a Saudi paper. I won’t link here. I saw it this morning.

  12. I can’t remember who on a senate committee confirmed deportation. That was out this morning as well.

  13. “mcnorman, on April 18, 2013 at 8:24 PM said: Edit Comment

    FF, what do you think? Photoshopped or not?

    White cap on the far left moving quickly but calm faced.

    Nope, but if you real zoom in, his NOSE looks fake…

  14. Is there any Saudi guy who isn’t slime? I know I know, that was a shitty thing to say, but I am beginning to think that, whacko as the Afghanis, Iranians etc are, it just doesn’t get lower than the Kingdom of Saudi.

  15. Thanks Ups – it’s been a very odd time.

  16. …”names narrowed down to MA phonebook.”


  17. It’s a 50/50 split on Reddit over a photoshop.

    The kid was going to be lynched if he stayed Upps. I have read that the kid has some nasty relatives. Maybe it was his national security?

  18. Speaking of ickiness…Soros obit has just been pulled by Reuters.

  19. FF, I thought OWS too.

    Good to see you.

  20. Soros is dead?

  21. Well you know we love ya, FF. Specially me.

  22. OT. This Pope is the best. Wants the truth about Nazi dealings with the Pope to come out – good or bad. And he is funny! Trapped in Rome!

  23. Steven Bognar @BogsWBZ
    CLARIFICATION: sources tell CBS News investigatiors have LEADS on possible names of suspects in vi

  24. Oh LOL. What a clown squad.

  25. Like I said, I hope Francis has a food taster.

  26. Either way, Tom Hanks may have a new movie idea.

  27. I read that they have a photo of the white hat suspect actually setting the bag down right next to the little boy who was killed. If that is true, thank God they didn’t release it. That boy’s family would be devastated to see that.

  28. I’m having second thoughts on the suspects. I don’t think they’re OWSers or even Americans. I think they dressed like what they think Americans look like. The backward white hat is what bothers me the most. Like they put on costumes that looked American.

  29. The guy ink the white cap reminds me of Sean Penn. I thought of him as soon as I saw the photo.

  30. Maybe it was Penn. He hates America enough.

  31. Sorry, had to run an errand. I wonder if Soros saw his obit?

  32. @imust
    I have doubts about them being citizens. The pics released so late means that the FBI has already run them through all kinds of databases and have come up empty. No financial reward offered. It is also very possible that the kid in the white cap is wearing a prosthetic nose? Ex does prosthetics for movies. FF said that the nose looked fake.

  33. @ Karen

    Not only that, but Francis is refusing to give out bonuses this year.

  34. Yeah, if he wanted to hide that nose, he would have had the hat on front ways, not backwards.

  35. Not only that, but Francis is refusing to give out bonuses this year.

    I spit my coffee on my screen.

  36. McN, if I were reuters I would worry soros might buy them.

  37. hahhahahaha

  38. Disclaimer from Spanish pressure cooker manufacture.

    Our pots “not intended” for bombs

    Yes, the MSM is a mess. Honestly, forcing the cookware folks to address their product in this way is just sheer genius.

  39. What they REALLY should be disclaiming is how you don’t have to be building a bomb for a pressure cooker to explode right there in your kitchen.

  40. McN, I’m sure the bonus thing is the last straw for the beanie boys and their concubines.

  41. I swear I’m falling in love with Pope Francis.

  42. What they REALLY should be disclaiming is how you don’t have to be building a bomb for a pressure cooker to explode right there in your kitchen.

    That is a special recipe Upps.

  43. Yeah, I’m kinda becoming a fan of Francis as well. I’m a bit surprised that he won the chair. Certainly, they knew what was coming down the pike, right?

  44. Yeah McN, I guess nobody told them he was a Jesuit.

  45. Teen terrified after the Post put his and his friend’s photo on the front page as Boston suspects.

    Our press can no longer be trusted. Please bear that in mind every time you buy something they say.

  46. I am glad that he went straight to the police.

  47. Gunshots at MIT.

  48. Woah, the guy in the wheelchair who had his legs amputated identified the creeps that are being sought.

  49. Jeez, maybe one of these assclowns has been cornered?

  50. Maybe mcnorman.

  51. This is just nuts. I really hope that it was just some dimwit screwing around with bottlecaps.

  52. Twitter says there is an officer down.

  53. Oh Shit. Enough!

  54. They are saying it is a robbery suspect who stole the gun from the officer and then shot him. Life threatening injury.

    The gunman is still loose on campus.

  55. I didn’t know that the campus police had actual weapons on campus.

  56. I should put this up. Cripes.

  57. so it’s not terrorism, then.

  58. Don’t think so.

  59. Maybe just a robbery. Don’t know. But MIT on lockdown.

  60. I just put a special post up. Because we all need it.

  61. That officer has died from his injuries. Another very sad event in Boston.

  62. Oops
    Sorry mcnorman, posted link to Bloomberg before I saw that you had posted same.

  63. Did they kill the perp, I hope?

  64. Live feed is talking about ME males that are armed and paid cash for gas in a Mercedes. Sounds very ominous.

  65. No worries dwp. 🙂

  66. No, they have not caught the perp(s). Gawd, I hope that this is not tied to the marathon. It’s really creepy listening to this PD live feed.

  67. Apparently, the Mercedes is now heading toward NY.

  68. That Mercedes was carjacked.

  69. Might be related to marathon…

    BPD says the MIT shooting suspects may be heading to New York — remarkable. The match the description of the two the FBI revealed today.

  70. Shit, they are talking explosives and grenades now. This has to be related.

  71. Reporting loud explosions and shots fired.

  72. The feed is amazing. If this is tied to the marathon, I hope that the PD finishes these pos off.

  73. Bomb squad called out.

  74. Request cell phones to be powered down. Multiple locations for devices.

  75. They are in Watertown MA where they are holding a perimeter.

  76. Multiple agencies are in place, including FBI

  77. Late to the dance as usual. I’m watching on CNN.

  78. If anyone else comes around, where is Watertown in relation to Boston?

  79. So I take it mcn that watertown is within the metro area?

  80. CNN says 2nd man now in custody. First one was stripped and taken away like that.

  81. Nite Mcnorman.

  82. Fredster, can you believe this?

  83. They’re saying the second one is in custody now. Mindblowing.

  84. Yes but then CNN came back and said they didn’t have both, but rather the first one from when he was nekid, but now with clothes on.

    But CNN just said the MA state police is advising people in that watertown area NOT to open doors and such unless the person on the others side is an identified police officer since there is still a manhunt going on in the area. Says the police are operating on the assumption that these two have something to do with the Marathon bombing.

  85. Now CNN says cops will be going door-to-door in Watertown.

  86. This is mindblowing. Those poor people. I would be terrified.
    Fredster, should we move up to latest post thread?

  87. There’s a new one? Yeah I guess so.

  88. Morning Fred! LOL It got too wild last night.

  89. Somebody PLEASE write these two assholes’ fucking names down for me please so I can cut and paste. WTF is it with these cretins with names full of T’s and Z’s and precious few vowels?

  90. Dzhokar A. Tsarnaev, 19, and said the dead suspect was his brother, Tamerlan Tsarneav, 26.

  91. I had to get out of CNN, they were started to do the Islam blowjob. I figured I’d see Candy and Poppy soon.

  92. Morning…uh afternoon! We had a squall line come in during the night/a.m. so along with the thunder/lightening I figured I might as well stay up to see if they got the little bastard in Watertown. Apparently not yet. 😦

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