You see? It’s what We Do.

It’s been a long long time since our National Anthem made us cry.

Boston Bruins and Buffalo Sabres. The first game since the Boston Marathon Travesty.

We Endure. We Come Together. It’s What We Do. And It’s Why We Will Always Prevail – Because You Can’t Stop Us.  We Won’t Let You. And That’s That.

Get your tissues. Or maybe you want to sing along too.


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  1. This was a wonderful moment. Very touching.

  2. Japan just got smacked with a nasty 7.2 eq. Enough to rattle everyone, but no tsunami.

  3. I love the man who realizes he still has his hat on and removes the hat and places it over his heart. You can tell he is of a certain age.

    Japan had a 5+ earthquake yesterday as well. And there was a 4+ in France.

  4. I was there, Upps.

    Singing loudly. And proudly. 🙂

    And, breaking news right now, there is lots of activity around Boston. Two arrests made in Watertown, possibly one or both of the bombing suspects. Lots of speculation.

    An MIT college cop was shot and killed earlier. Chase ensued, and ended up in Watertown (outside Boston). Massive police presence. Shots fired and bomb detonations. Then, they got a guy. Striped him naked on the street. Could be, COULD BE, one of the bombers.

    Then another arrest. So, two men in custody. Maybe bombers?


    That’s the update right now.

  5. Rev, thats wonderful that you were there. We are watching the news. Hopefully, this is it. They just showed a pic of one of the suspects in a crowd and his backpack on the ground. Its chilling to see it. All the photos of the event seem to be putting together a clear picture.

  6. Yes, socal, it was a memorable experience. Normally, as Sabres fan, I hate the Bruins. But, for that night, there was only love all around.


    Only ONE man in custody. Another still on the loose. Police are telling people in the area to NOT answer their doors.

    A police source tells CNN that the naked guy they got is quite possibly one of the bombers. The taller of the two guys from the pics, the guy in the black hat. Strongly hinting, but not verifying, that he is the guy they arrested tonight. If so, great police work. Only 3 days later.

    And, hopefully, they get the other piece of shit.

  7. Yes, only 3 days, that is amazing. NBC just showed someones video where you could hear all the gun shots. supposedly they had a bomb also, a neighbor wrote about it on Huffpo. Fredster says the cops are going to go door to door to look for the 2nd guy. I wonder if anyone there can sleep.

  8. CNN says they have to do a controlled detonation of one of the bombs. Also, there were explosions during the gunfight.

  9. CNN says the FBI says the suspects watched the carnage that their bombs created, then casually walked away. Feed ’em to sharks I say.

  10. It sounds like they had a lot of explosive devices.

  11. Fox News is saying that the Boston PD Chief says Suspect 1 is dead and the White hat suspect is on the loose?!?! I thought suspect 1 was the naked guy they took into custody? (They made him strip to make sure he didn’t have bombs on him.)

  12. via CNN, one suspect was shot and taken to the hospital and died. Another suspect sill on the loose. They are very carefully saying that at this time they don’t have any info that ties this to the Marathon bombing.

  13. they have a live news conference on CNN now.

  14. Fox News: Police Commissioner confirms one suspect dead, one at large. How did he die?

  15. They want people shelter in place and not answer a door unless they can tell it’s a cop. Now the cop is saying the person they are looking for is the white-capped guy from the bombing.

  16. Thanks Fredster. I’ve been clicking around all news channels.

  17. I think he died when they were being chased in the stolen Benz exchanging gunfire.

  18. Is the one who was shot the naked one they put in a police car?

  19. I think the naked one is the clothed one they put into the car after they had him strip and photographed him.

  20. Press conference over.

  21. So the one who was shot is Black Hat from the marathon bombing. Is he also the suspect they made strip? Was he wounded when he was lying in the street?

  22. 9,000 police officers in Watertown says CNN. Huge manhunt.

  23. Wow.

    Watching all this too.

    It now seems naked guy was not a suspect in this at all. I think they just released him. Suspect 1 was shot dead.

    But, for sure, Suspect 2 is on the loose.

  24. Socal, now it seems that naked guy was not involved at all. CNN said they they think he was let go.

    Naked guy was not Suspect 1. Suspect 1 was killed.

  25. War Vet: I also think that’s the way they explained it. They are doing the door-to-door searches.

    Seems like all they are doing now on CNN is rehashing the events.

  26. Ok, thanks. Was he (naked guy) the guy whose car was carjacked and held prisoner by the bombers for half an hour, or just someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time?

  27. You guys haven’t gotten much sleep tonite.

  28. lol. I’m a night owl anyway, socal. These are my hours. Writer’s hours are not usually 9-5.

    That’s a good point you made. Naked guy could have been the guy they stole the Benz from and then let him go. Or maybe he was just in the wrong place. Don’t know. Poor naked guy. I feel bad for him now.

    Especially because I keep calling him Naked Guy.

  29. Rev, yes, I was feeling bad for him also! Be awful to know millions of people are going to see that.

  30. FOX news is showing a video of the gunfight in which suspect (POS) 1 was killed. Terrifying. Also a report that these guys came to the US “to kill Americans”. (Police now calling them from the ME.)
    Overnight 1 cop dead at MIT another cop in hospital. It’s amazing how this search has progressed.
    Rev, the opening of the hockey game was stirring. Thanks for being there.

  31. Boston is in lockdown. Classes cancelled at Harvard and MIT. What an insane night this has been. I hope they catch the other guy soon.

  32. A doctor from the hospital where Bomber 1 was taken said he died from bullet wounds and blast wounds, from the explosive devices they were throwing around. It looks like he got what he dished out to those innocent people at the marathon.

  33. Holy Shit! WTF did I sleep through?

  34. One is dead? GOOD! I am SICK of watching these fuckers parading around coddled for YEARs with no justice. Just kill them and parade them DEAD.

  35. Just heard he had explosives on his body! Thought he was going to take some more humans with his animal self on his route to his virgins. Fuck him. Die you swine!

    Next, elimiate that other one. Drag his naked ass in the street and let the families of people he killed and maimed at him.

  36. Upps, it was the craziest night. Agree, I hope they nail the other bastard. They say he is only 19! 19 and evil. They just said they’re from Chechnya.

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