2nd Dirtbag captured alive. Now we will have to listen to his insulting drivel for 5 years

"Lovely Lovely Kid"

“Lovely Lovely Boy”

Here’s a short list of CNN descriptions of this POS Dzokhar, or however the hell you spell his stupid name. He’s not worth me looking up the spelling.

His brother is dead on a slab — as he should be. In a Jewish hospital. How Karma-riddled is that? Who said there is no God?

However,  this twit had a day in the sun. Or under a boat tarp, if you will:

“A good normal kid who didn’t want to harm anyone”.

“He’s a true angel!”

“He’s just a lovely, lovely kid!”

The real CNN Love List is much longer, as CNN spent the entire day bleeding from their hearts over this terrorist, collecting warm, fuzzy comments about him.

I fully expected them to haul out Candy and Poppy, fresh from their wailing wall over the poor poor rapists in Steubenville. Today, CNN used Brooke to do some bleeding. I actually saw her say “I’m sorry” twice to this goatfucker’s uncle. CNN just loves them their rapists and terrorists. Brooke, Candy, Poppy. Where’s Bambi?

Eventually, after nearly throwing up in my mouth, I clicked off CNN and tweeted them.

So now, the Fort Hood Rerun begins. This POS won’t get to trial for years. He will grow a scheevy beard and everyone will yell “Racist” and “Bigot” and “Islamophobe” because we rightfully hate his fucking guts for what he did. We will have to listen to his trashy family, all of whom appear to be a few bottles of vodka short of  a case.

It’s already started, you know. The US Attorney’s office made a statement tonight that the “decision” to go for the death penalty hasn’t been made yet. I can’t help but think Eric Holder is more likely to offer this swine a job than ask for the death penalty.

So just as a reminder of why this POS should die, here’ s a photo of him with his pressure cooker bag — standing right near a certain 8-year-old boy Who Is No More.

So don’t waste your time telling me about how awful the death penalty is. In this case it isn’t awful enough for this evil little bastard.

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  1. Oh the irony….bombing suspect is at a Jewish Hospital (Beth Israel).

  2. Brava Upps! Could not agree more!

  3. That pic of Krystle Cameron I saw on Monday (I didn’t know it was her till TV showed pics of her) should be up in this post too. I saw it. Freedom Fairy saw it too. I saw an EMT with her fingers on the carotid of a young woman with a vacant stare, and said to myself, that girl is dead. The pic disappeared after she was ID’d. But it will stay in my mind and never leave.

  4. Just had this conversation with the owner of the diner where I picked up my dinner tonight. I reminded her of the little 8 yr old boy or the young woman who cared for her gramma, the young Chinese woman who risked coming here without family. I mentioned he cop at MIT and the transit cop. they’re either dead or suffering — along with heir families. I said I’m done with this crap. If anyone wants to come here to inflict harm like that on innocents, I hope they fry.

  5. He’s in surgery. We have to pay for that.

    I bet SHV and Tony Stark would love to be the surgeons tonight. Ooops! he died!

  6. imust that photo is ingrained in my head. That Krystal looked so lovely lying there. And you could tell she was gone.

  7. “Oh the irony….bombing suspect is at a Jewish Hospital (Beth Israel).’
    “News” media is worthless…First said that he was taken to Mt. Auburn, then the MGH and now the Beth Israel; same hospital were his POS brother died. I wonder if you still get to screw 72 goats if your chest gets cracked and you die in a Jewish Hospital???

  8. It’s ironic any way you look at it. He hates America but our hospitals–whichever one he’s at–will work hard to save his life. Maybe he’ll learn something from it. One can always hope.

  9. Yes Uppity, it was the same photo (to answer you from the previous thread.)

  10. I swear imust, we are becoming more simpatico by the day.

  11. SHV did you see my comment about you?

  12. Scary isn’t it Uppity 😉

  13. SHV did you see the photo of his brother on the slab. They yanked a hole in him big enough to drive a truck through. Heart massage I assumed.

  14. Scary isn’t it Uppity

    Oddly, I kind of like it.

  15. I guess it’s what separates us from the savages. He killed innocent people. He hates America. So what do we do? We capture him alive and then we treat him and save his life instead of bashing his head in with a baseball bat and finishing him off like we would really like to do. It’s what makes us better than the shithole he was born in.

  16. This a about the young woman, Lu, from China. It’s USA Today but there is a brief video and short message from her family. It shows she managed to make herself a home away from home. Of course, being Chinese, she was an only child. Apparently a much loved daughter. This is the face I keep seeing. I think it might be because the bombing happened so close to one of horse-face’s numerous blunders as SOS.


  17. Lots of celebrations when the police captured the Lovely Boy.

  18. OMG imust. Stop! I was just going to post this

  19. Incidentally, those goatfuckers known as the palestinians were cheering in the streets over the bombing.

  20. oops….sawwwyyy.

  21. I’d be bound by the Hippocratic Oath to keep the scumbag alive to face justice, UW. However, I’ll be comforted by the fact that soon his fellow prison inmates will have his ass to play with for a long time.

  22. What a difference between the RESPONSE to the USA between MURDERED Lu Lingzi of China – who was from a “solid Communist Party family” whose DREAM it was to come here and the dirtbag ISLAMISTS who was handed everything on a silver platter for free before he killed her.

    “She loved her new friends and her professors at Boston University,” and ” …she fell in love with Boston and its people.”

    didn’t we read that Dirtbag number one didn’t HAVE any American friends and he didn’t understand them?

    Well…word of advice to ISLAMISTS in America…if you stay at home making bombs all day instead of going to dinner with friends or to concerts or whatever, chances are YOU won’t have any friends either.

    In this case, clearly the “politics” of Communism vs the “politics” of a small-d “democracy” wasn’t enough to turn HER into a fanatical bomber. The indoctrination of Murderous Islamic teachings?

    See the results over the past week.

    And Ft. Hood.

    And Benghazi.


    It’s time the world – AND THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY stood up and said NO MORE!


    This country is build on immigration. To use a familiar term, Immigration was always Safe and Legal. And people came here and they ASSIMILATED instead of COLONIZING. And that is what is wrong here. They couldn’t WAIT to get here and become PART of us. Now they can’t wait to come here and KILL us. Then there are those who escape a SHITHOLE and come here. When they get here they try to turn us into the SHITHOLE they left. I blame our government for IGNORING a s system that always worked well for EVERYBODY.

    Now it’s like leaving your doors and windows open so ANYBODY can walk into your house and do ANYTHING they want.

    Remember that turd who was caught pissing on young girls when walking behind them on the street? The judge let him go because he was just “Culturally confused”. Bullshit.

    IF America is so awful how come people risk life and limb to come here? When was the last time somebody risked their lives to move to Iran? Russia? Afghanistan? Pakistan?

  24. I’d be bound by the Hippocratic Oath to keep the scumbag alive to face justice, UW. However, I’ll be comforted by the fact that soon his fellow prison inmates will have his ass to play with for a long time.

    Tony, I knew you’d say that.

  25. I wish I could find a youtube of the vid FOX keeps playing. Huge crowd of young people yelling USA! USA! as the different police authorities leave, cheering them. These would be OWSers and now maybe they do SEE the threat posed here. It is touching to see young college people cheering for their country.

  26. Uppity, First, stellar post. I have it FB’d ; hope it brings you traffic.
    About that video – I think the young crowd also sang the National Anthem. Saw it on tee vee last night somewhere. Was in and out of sleep. Could not believe spontaneous crowd would burst out with “Oh say can you see…..” But they did. SInce it was not “USA” coupled with “Obama Obama” I guess the whole thing needs to be made rare.

  27. I need a youtube!!!

  28. UW I just tweeted you link to a UK article with the video high up. Guess I may as well put it here – could not get the video alone though.

  29. They are yelling USA USA! I NEED THE YOUTUBE.

  30. Pamela, funny you mention it. The traffic here has been wild!

  31. Must then be careful what I say lol.

  32. THe Guardian vid you tweeted me is awesome but I can’t use it. Must have youtube. I know FOX keeps playing it too but NO youtube. Lousy rotten press. Put it on youtube FOX! Shitheads! Let us SHARE it.

    SOmebody HALP! I need a video of boston’s youth cheering USA!!!!

  33. Will WordPress let you play the video contained in link I gave at 9:02?

  34. ok. boo on wp.

  35. NOPE. must be youtube. Free WP won’t allow scripts.

  36. Every once in awhile somebody tries to TELL me it can be done, but it’s usually because they are using the wordpress that they download to their .com. It’s a different situation.

    I KNOW that video is out there on youtube.

    I can’t get help. I do wish more people would respond when I ask for help. It’s not like I constantly do it FCS. I have a post and I can’t publish it because I can’t get HELP. So now I will spend HOURs so somebody can stroll in and see what I found.

  37. Interesting statement. A Zillion videos of the blast. Can’t find one fucking video of Boston celebrating USA. I do have several celebration videos, but I don’t have the one shouting USA!

  38. Is this it?

  39. The Montgomery County uncle gave an interview on NBC this morning and he seems to think the older brother was radicalized as far back as 2009, and he mentioned some Armenian influence. He said it has nothing to do with the Chechnyan problems because the boys had nothing to do with that. He also slightly pointed the finger at the mother, who is not Chechnyan, by Tazikistani. The uncle said the older one kept mentioning God every few words, but clearly had no idea what he was talking about.

    Pardon my spelling.

  40. Just the USA chant, short clip:

  41. Don’t you want to smack that one A Hole who says It took too long to find him? What a moron.

  42. imust – TY for finding the one with national anthem!!!!!

  43. A HUGE thank you to YOU Pamela. You are Always watching

  44. I had the national anthem posted but it was only up like an hour and more stuff happened. I am putting it in a later post today with this video.

  45. Thanks Imust. I got the whole thang now. I will put it up along with other awesome videos later today. And leave it up all weekend!

  46. Hahah I couldn’t even see you put up videos. Just a blank. I could tell by your words only. Have to open the comment to get the link. lolol. WP. Yeesh.

  47. WOOT! I LOVE watching these videos I have from last night.

  48. The press needs to shut down that trashy family.

  49. Family. About the sister in West NY NJ (don’t you love the name of that city?) who wanted to be nowhere near a camera or mic, one media source felt she wanted authorities to know she’d not had anything to do with the brothers for some time. And having demonstrated that by surrendering her computers, phones & whatever else for inspection, she hoped to be regarded as sane, innocent.

  50. Poppy was heard from late at night, Uppity. Apparently she was kept off the air until after the big stuff was finished. Sometime around midnight I heard her little voice on a phone in report. I didn’t pay much attention, I think she was talking to cheering students or something equally useless. I just saw her name at the top of the screen and hit “mute”.

    Actually I thought Anderson Cooper did a pretty good job last night. He was constantly having to interrupt speculation, stop, verify…if I were him, I would have yelled, “just shut up” to the babblers.

  51. “SHV did you see the photo of his brother on the slab. They yanked a hole in him big enough to drive a truck through. Heart massage I assumed.”
    Heart massage and put a clamp on the aorta to try and keep blood flowing to the heart and brain. Showed Al the pic after she got home late, her only comment was “Sweeeet”.

  52. “Sweeeet”.


  53. Mary Luke, “Mute” is a good thing to hit when confronted with someone who lets people call her Poppy and expects to be taken seriously. Ah well, there will be another rapist for her to swoon over soon enough.

  54. Pamela, that one account of this horrendous family did mention the sisters seemed okay, but for the forced marriages.

  55. It is going to be 29 degrees here tonight. I must bring winter coat and gloves to work. Didn’t we hear it is spring a while back? Musta been hallucinating.


  56. Yeah I still need heat at night. That global warming is really killing us, isn’t it?

  57. I was so relieved last night when I finally got off the train from work that I scarcely realized it was snowing. This morning when I got up to go back to work, I was in a hurry to get in the car, when I realized I had to SCRAPE the ICE off the windshield!! It’s April 20 for heaven’s sake.

    Once again, thank heaven for the arrest last night.
    Hooray 1st responders !

  58. “The real CNN Love List is much longer, as CNN spent the entire day bleeding from their hearts over this terrorist, collecting warm, fuzzy comments about him.”

    wow, you’re starting to sound like a Republican [teasing] ;->

  59. wow, you’re starting to sound like a Republican [teasing] ;->

    I’d like to think I am not only starting, but have all along, sounded like a person who thinks for herself. I’m not a good little party sheep that needs a party program to follow without wavering when it’s appropriate. Like, say, for instance, you. [teasing]

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