Well guess what? We can dance in the street too! And celebrate ALL night!

How beautiful is this?

Boston’s youth shouting USA USA! And only one ingrate.




And here’s how a REAL National Anthem sounds.




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  1. Okay now I have a real gift for all of you. Here is Wolf Blitzer losing at Jeopardy with………. MINUS 4600.

  2. What a dumbass. Fettucini? You must be f’n kidding me. Long and flat vs short tubes? Dub. Lawd that wolf is a dolt. CRASH! OMG.


  3. A real moron.

  4. I’m sick of that trashy family. They are lowlifes on steroids. And the mother is a 911 Conspiracy freak and hates America. So they can all stop pretending. Their demon spawn made a choice and he’s most likely going to die for it. Boo Effing Hoo. We learn from our parents. The older son was an antisocial shitbag. The younger son is lucky we let him live, but we only did it because we intend to get information from him one way or another. I don’t care what nice things they say about him, he Made A Choice.

    We are in a catch 22. If we miranda him right now, he will lawyer up and then we can’t get any critical information from him. By not mirandizing him, we are spitting on the constitution and one day that could hurt all of us, because let’s face it, our government has gone over way to many lines as it is. A rock and a hard place.

  5. Saudi nationals! Are youuuuuu kidding?? Saudi funds the vast majority of terrorism. They can pretend they are what they aren’t but they are the WORST of the lot. The Lowest of Low. They treat women the worst, and they hide in their little “Kingdom” and egg everybody else on. And she visits THEM?

    Possibly because they OWN so much of America now.

  6. On a better note, Uppity pot roast tonight.

  7. So the family traveled a long road. Well the lessons of that seem to be lost on their darling boys. or maybe not. If things were so bad over there that they had to move from country to country, then flee to the US, why did the father return to the place they fled? Then the son visits. Daddy needs to be interrogated by someone like the Roto-Rooter guy. Who is paying to fly his ass here?

  8. I have no sympathy what so ever for these killers and cowardly ones at that nor do I have any for their family. Well I do like the Uncle that is damning them for their actions. That Aunt in Canada the crap that brought them here needs to get her ass handed to her too.
    I hope the FBI puts electrodes on this dirt bags balls until he begs to talk. Screw his rights because in my mind a freak that can walk up and plant a bomb in back of babies is as low as it gets and we as a people should feel nothing about how he is tortured and treated from this point forward.
    I felt joy at looking at his brother and wondered how many marshmallows we could stuff in the holes . I thought there ought to be a contest to guess how many it took to fill the holes.
    Normally death bothers me but in this case I felt sheer joy. I think Boston should post his dead body picture on billboard outside of the town to show what happens to these ” poor shitheads” that think we need to die for their cause.
    But they won’t and CNN and the rest wont post it either because it is too horrible. I guess I am strange because to me the picture of the 8 year old we see daily standing there about to be blown to bits is better.

  9. Perhaps, just perhaps a few of the younger generation are figuring out that there are people who wish them dead. Simply because they exist.

    Who is paying to fly his ass here?

    I asked that question along with why he would even be allowed in the country. There are a lot of pieces missing form this story. I wish they would stop referring to those brothers as kids. Not kids. Young MEN. Of an age where they are responsible for their actions.

    Michelle Obama visits Saudi nationals in the hospital.

    MO going to that hospital – that should never have been permitted. Sorry. He was there for a reason and it was not to hold court. What info got pulled/what deal brokered behind closed doors with Val and company.

  10. Perhaps Michelle imagines those saudi pigs wouldn’t just love to slap a burqa on her and get her under control, nice and proper.

  11. I worded that last statement wrong. I think CNN thinks showing pictures of the bomber planting the bomb behind the 8 year old baby is better then showing the dead bomber. Some how looking at a victim about to lose his life is less upsetting then the crazed freak laying on a slab to the news reporters right. To me post his naked ass riddled with holes on billboards nationwide !

  12. One of my daughters just recorded this moment at FB. I’ve stolen it without permission:
    “I was picking up lunch for [my granddaughter] at the bagel place, and the Red Sox game was on in the background. After I placed my order, I noticed that The Star Spangled Banner was starting…so I put my right hand over my heart and mouthed the words silently, same as I always do. One by one, the other customers in the store stopped talking…and we all stood quietly and watched. It was MAGIC. It’s not the place I usually go for bagels [so they likely did not know her]. I guess somehow I was meant to be there to experience that powerful moment. I know there are a lot of things in our country that need to be fixed…but we are a work in progress, and our hearts and spirits are still strong and unconquerable. I will always get tears in my eyes when I hear our National Anthem…and I will ALWAYS love America

  13. FF found the site photo that got yanked, of who turned out to be Krystal Campbell, dead, with an EMT’s two fingers on her carotid, seeking a pulse. We both saw this pic on monday and then the press globally removed it from sets of slides, thank God. FF and I discussed it and we both agreed about two things.
    1. It will haunt us for life.
    2. We will not put it up on the blog where people can search for it.

    Death is so personal. I feel like apologizing to her in her death for seeing her that way.

    But let me tell you, I don’t give a fast fuck what happens to this little shitbag. I hope whatever it is, it hurts A LOT and ultimately ends in his miserable death.

  14. This article says the Tsarnaev brothers were double agents

    hired by US and Saudi intelligence to penetrate the Wahhabi jihadist networks which, helped by Saudi financial institutions, had spread across the restive Russian Caucasian.
    Instead, the two former Chechens betrayed their mission and went secretly over to the radical Islamist networks.

  15. Sophie, I’ve been ignoring that article, guess it was too much to embrace. But after a look at their “About’ tab, I have to be impressed with DEBKAfiles’ awards and testimonials.

  16. Yes, Pam. they are generally a reliable site.

    What I also find interesting is that the FBI investigated the older brother in 2011. Yet, they ask the public for help in identifying these guys?!

  17. On the other hand if you look back on the 16th Debka said the bombers were three Saudi nationals and they had all the bells and whistles why they came to that wrong idea. I think the spy angle is full of holes.

  18. Wow Pamela. Just Wow.

  19. Utah. Photo of one dead cockroach, at your service
    *********GRAPHIC******** and I DO mean GRAPHIC

  20. Been following the whole thing from the other side of the world. I’m so sorry you’ve all been traumatised with this despicable shit. And I’m so thrilled your wonderful LEOs got the job done so well, and so fast. Now all we have to do is wait for Obama to Benghazi the entire disaster.

  21. Pamela. That is a right wing site and they call obama Hussein and feature Glenn Beck.

    We have a pretty good country and our police did what they had to. I hate the conclusions of Police State in that article for starters. Horrible. Some nerve they have to fault the police and first responders for doing their jobs well!

  22. Oh and both RWNJ sites are linked to newsmax and conspiracy theory sites. They have ads about the end of America due to obama etc. Find me something based on evidence. Not something from sheer speculation.

  23. Karen, where is that? The closest thing I can find from the 16th is that they said “the investigation has in fact homed in on a suspected terror cell of three Saudi nationals, very possibly tied to Al Qaeda.” Which is not quite the same as them saying it was.

  24. On Miranda–can a lawyer please weigh in here? Isn’t Miranda specifically about being informed of your rights? Don’t you still have your rights, even if you are not reminded you have them? I thought we could stay silent and have an attorney whether or not the authorities read us our rights.

    Also, isn’t it kind of stupid of the authorities not to Mirandize the perp? Why would they want to risk blowing the trial in the event it was found that he should have been Mirandized in this case?

  25. Is Dailymail reliable? If so,

    The three New Bedford cockroaches they pinched last night had a BMW with a license plate “TERRORISTA#1”. U of Mass college students, 2 male cockroachs, 1 female cockroach.

    The cockroach in the hospital tweeted a pic of himself with the car. Photos in article.

  26. In the above they are proud they were the only ones to report the Mideast terrorist connection. There is a reason they were alone in that reporting. Their initial investigations led them to conclude it was likely Al Qaeda. Their previous articles are gone it seems. The subject starts with this one now but they allude to previous findings.

  27. Upps those kids should all be deported. If they are citizens then they should be fined for the tickets and car (theft/ lack payment) and be tossed out of school. The parties are over.

  28. I consider the Daily Mail and other British news outlets a bit more reliable than their American cousins, quite frankly (even though they may be owned by Rupert Murdoch). They are muchg more willing to print articles critical of the turd-in-chief than our sycophantic press.

  29. I was watching Fox earlier when the blonde lawyer was hosting (Megan?) and her and another lawyer were saying they didn’t need to mirandize him because there was enough evidence to prosecute him without any admissions he may make, and if they mirandize him he has a right to an attorney who would probably stop any interrogating of him to find out if there are any others who have helped or are in league or whatever. Miranda gives you the right to an attorney and warns you anything you say will be used against you in court. So they are using this public safety loophole so they can interrogate him.

  30. The crazy Aunt (if it wasn’t a hoax caller) tried to spew her “good boys/set up” angle today on a radio show and the host basically told her she was in denial and then cut to commercial. He would not give her a propaganda platform.


  31. Karen, I agree. It is really galling to think of these nasty punks coming here and being given university educations that middle class Americans can no longer afford, driving Beamers & Mercedes, and breaking the law at every turn.

  32. Good for the radio host. I hate to see the family of these swine get reality-show-type celebrity out of this tragedy. Who cares what she thinks anyway?

  33. It’s blowing snow outside!

    Thanks Global Warming!

  34. Exactly socal. The miranda thing is not for proof. He’s a dead duck there. It’s for interrogation to get the rest of the goatfuckers who helped him out.

  35. Agree Tony. UK always gets our news first. Sometimes they get news that’s being blocked here too. Forces the US fake media to cover it.

  36. Upps, very true about the UK and US media! Its really hot here, like summer, btw. A few days ago it was chilly.

  37. Sophie, NES has some strong feelings on the miranda. She’ll be along I’m sure.

    She has grave reservations when our country starts dropping miranda because of what it can lead to in the abuse department for American citizens. The cockroach is a citizen.

  38. Not a newsmax fan either. Too far off the cliff. Alex Jones-y.

  39. Underwhelmed. Thank you for those words. Yeah Holder will help this POS out. WHat can we expect from a guy who thinks Mexican cartels killing Americans with our guns we sent them is no big deal? Or a guy who thinks that threatening voters at the polls with a billy club is tantamount to runnng over a mailbox?

  40. You know, screw this shit. FOX calling him “The teenager”. That moron Shep.

    Nowhere to go for news anymore. Sickening.

  41. I just came across this Politico piece that discusses 5 legal aspects of the bomber case.


  42. Socal and Upps, the point I made earlier was that Miranda does not give you these rights–the Constitution does. Miranda is merely informing you of these rights in case you did not know you had them. So, what exactly does one who is not Mirandized lose if they already know about their rights?

  43. Sophie, very interesting article about the bombers being double agents. There has to be an explanation for the FBI having prior contact with the older brother and not knowing who he was in the bombing pics. Maybe they did not disclose that they knew as a method of flushing them out and trying to learn who else was involved.

  44. Sophie, your question about Miranda is a good one, but if one does know one’s rights, but is not Mirandized, wouldn’t the burden of proof to show the defendant possessed that knowledge fall on the prosecution? The defense can just say they did not have that knowledge and get evidence suppressed.

  45. Hugo, that’s the second part of my point–failing to Mirandize only hurts the prosecution.

    We need a lawyer!

  46. IMHO, The Daily Mail is part news, part celebrity gossip, part pot stirrer, and sometimes a bit off the grid. However, I find they actually are far more accurate and up front that the Washington Post (or the NYT) on real news.

    It is easy to identify the more outlandish pieces in the Daily Mail and like with any source – a few grains of salt help. They are hated here in koolaid NPR central because they say global warming is a crock and square salmon is simply not natural not to mention that their readership is the lowly middle class.

    I find if you check the BBC and Daily Mail you can gain a far better understanding of many news items. Both seem to have more actual information that our own MSM. Like the BBC, they often print our news before our own outlets can decide it they should. They do seem to like the USA – unlike so many – but they can be very snarky and they love their not quite acceptable reputation. Not so fond of Obbie.

  47. They missed the connection. Russia was worried he would travel there and cause havoc. The Russians did not share their info on why they were concerned that’s he would be involved with radical underground groups in Russia. The FBI dropped the ball. The FBI did not reinvestigate him upon his return. They did not know till they had a name to enter into their vast records system.


    The world is getting to be such a complicated mess. We’ve come a long way from Barney Fife and Andy of Mayberry, sadly.

    Modern times require new rules. The old ones do not stretch to fit freaks like these who make In Cold Blood seem like it was mundane.

    It is so draining and so difficult to deal with the insane crimes today.

    And then there are the court dramas dragged out on teevee as they become spectator sports for the masses. And the guilty go free.

    Crazy world.

  48. Until a lawyer arrives, here’s an overview of the SCOTUS ruling. This might answer your question.


    ‘The Court further held that “without proper safeguards the process of in-custody interrogation of persons suspected or accused of crime contains inherently compelling pressures which work to undermine the individual’s will to resist and to compel him to speak where he would otherwise do so freely.” ‘

  49. I’ll see if I can find NES.

  50. The Politico piece discusses the medically unable to understand part of it too. And also that a judge will likely inform him. If they do not read him his Miranda he can still request a lawyer and will get one without delay and with no further interrogation. If the guy is as smart as they claim he is he will know to ask for an atty.

  51. Charges have not yet been filed against Dzhokar Tsarnaev and he is presumed innocent.

    I’m sick of hearing this crappy line too, and “Alleged Suspect” when you KNOW a POS did it. Sickening. WTF is the matter with us?

  52. He’s in the Jewish hospital too?

    i hope they bris the bastard. Half way up his dick

  53. ABC is reporting his mommy is coming to visit him, too. She says she lost two sons. No regard for what the scum she produced did to other people’s babies.

  54. I am sort of hoping he lasts just long enough but not too long.

    Still trying to figure out why the boat would not have been checked in the search. Do these terrorist experts never read Agatha Christie or watch Columbo. Heck, even Scooby would have have figured a covered boat would be a good place to hide from fake ghosts. I would have assumed that garages, tool sheds, dumpsters, playhouses and such would all be checked.

    They knew the probabilities were exceptionally high that the Terror#2 was in or near Watertown and was injured. Too many bureaucrats that missed the obvious? Just waiting for him to weaken or for the arrival of special equipment and using the shut down as a cover? Looking for associates and other information that will never see the light of day and used the shut down to keep people out of the way ? Did they know/suspect about the boat and the call made them move earlier than planned?

    Thinking way too much.

  55. Mt. Laurel, maybe they checked the boat and found the cover and ties in tack, then the rodent crawled in after they searched that area.

    But I do think they intentionally lifted the shelter-in place request so that he would move or be seen by a member of the public. I think it was a strategic move. But I’m just speculating about their rationale.

  56. I’m also wondering why we don’t revoke his citizenship and declare him any enemy combatant. Off to Gitmo. Naturalized citizens can be denaturalized.

  57. Hugo, I was wondering if naturalized citizens can have their citizenship revoked. I think we need some really strong deterrents for terrorism. And I’m also sick of all the pc crap for these jihadists.

  58. I looked it up, socalannie. It’s a remedy under the law, but the burden of proof for the government is high. I think engaging in acts of terrorism within the same year citizenship was granted could meet the burden. Wikipedia has a list of denaturalized citizens. A lot were Nazis, but some seemed less serious than blowing up innocent people, such as lying.

  59. “TERRORISTA#1″

    I assume that the car in question is registered in a state that only requires a single back plate. That leaves the front open for “fun plates”. They are often sports team logos, school logos, etc. PA is one state and you see lots of Steeler plates on the front. Terrorista is a very odd choice. I think in bitter clinger land this would cause comment. Ivy schools – not so much.

    Hugo, I agree that the lift/not lift was intentional. Sometimes playing dumb can get a suspect to play his cards. That increases the probability that someone will spot something since everything has been shuttered down.


    Actually, revocation could send a message. But under the current administration? Not sure this would play out unless they have something to use as a barter chip.

  60. From Big Pink Anyone see the Maher smackdown on Islam?

    On HBO’s “Real Time” on Friday night, host Bill Maher entertained CSU-San Bernardino professor Brian Levin, director of the Center for Study of Hate and Extremism, who maintained that despite the events in recent days, religious extremism isn’t only a product of Islam.

    But Maher took issue with that claim, calling it “liberal bullshit” and said there was no comparison.

    “You know what, yeah, yeah,” Maher said. “You know what — that’s liberal bullshit right there … they’re not as dangerous. I mean there’s only one faith, for example, that kills you or wants to kill you if you draw a bad cartoon of the prophet. There’s only one faith that kills you or wants to kill you if you renounce the faith. An ex-Muslim is a very dangerous thing. Talk to Salman Rushdie after the show about Christian versus Islam. So you know, I’m just saying let’s keep it real.”

    Levin referenced outspoken Islam critic Pamela Geller as an example to refute Maher’s claim. But, Maher argued there was no comparison and denied he was Islamophobic.

    “I am not an Islamophobe,” Maher replied. “I am a truth lover. All religious are not alike. As many people have pointed out — ‘The Book of Mormon,’ did you see the show? … OK, can you imagine if they did ‘The Book of Islam?’ Could they do that? There’s only one religion that threatens violence and carries it out for things like that. Could they do “The Book of Islam” on Broadway?”

    Levin said “possibly so,” to which Maher seem dismiss his entire argument going forward.

    “You’re wrong about that and you’re wrong about your facts,” Maher said. “Now, obviously, most Muslim people are not terrorists. But ask most Muslim people in the world, if you insult the prophet, do you have what’s coming to you? It’s more than just a fringe element.”

  61. All his nastiness aside, Maher does not like Islam and never has. He has made fun of them profusely. I have to go dig up his Islamic “fashion show” and you will get just how much he hates Islam.

  62. Fifth annual fundamentalist fashion show.

  63. I’m sick of hearing this crappy line too, and “Alleged Suspect” when you KNOW a POS did it. Sickening. WTF is the matter with us?
    That was one of the most interesting things about the dog and pony show with the Gov., mayor, police, etc. last night. The Feds. ie. prosecutor, FBI, ATF, etc., there was no “alleged”, “suspect”, etc. it was “The Perpetrator” and variations there of, no doubt in their minds that he did it and no PC crap.

  64. That’s what he IS SHV. The Perp. And a goatfucker

  65. And my money is on CAIR providing him with a lawyer. Another organization we coddle that should be driven from this country. They show up at the scene of the worst offenses here, their fingerprints are everywhere and their FOUNDER was the most extreme of extremists and a huge afficionado of Sharia. A nasty creature.

  66. Mt. Laurel you hit on a problem too. They want you to report people who talk violence and hatred toward the USA. Well no offense to MA, but in Cambridge, that’s every other person.

  67. Naturalized citizens can be denaturalized.

    Interesting point.

    I think we should drill his ass full of holes and then deport him dead.

  68. I’m sure CNN will put his mother up for an exclusive bleeding heart interview with Candy, Poppy, Brooke and Barbie.

  69. I suggest that Maher do a goat beauty pageant as well. lol

    Yeah, the comments about “suspected, possibly innocent” murderer are just sending me to the moon. Utter bs.

  70. We need a new law that says if you are a terrorist who kills or tries to kill Americans, and you are convicted, you should be immediately taken from the courtroom and killed, after which we drag your ass out the back door and send you back to the shithole you came from.

  71. Oh yeah, I forgot, “troubled” that have difficulty assimilating. Well, you know how I feel about that bs.

  72. We are a very tolerant nation, but enough is enough. CAIR can go back to their cave as well.

  73. And if by luck you get a life sentence, you will serve it in Texas.

  74. Of course, you can always hire a brother to run your alive ass over and over with a car. Chief of PD said that the older goatlover was alive when little babyface ran over him. Touching.

  75. Texas now has lots of different gangs from Mexico that just love their newbies. Sometimes they are traded.

  76. Yeah little brother dragged his miserable ass under the car for 50 feet. You gotta love karma.

  77. UK saying that FBI is now looking for 12 people.


    If true, this is very significant.

  78. “But I do think they intentionally lifted the shelter-in place request so that he would move or be seen by a member of the public. I think it was a strategic move. But I’m just speculating about their rationale.”

    The Colonel, or one of the others in command said the boat was outside of the perimeter they designated. Based on trials of blood they found, and knowing he was severely wounded and on foot, they didn’t think he could make it beyond the area they designated to search. He admitted they fell short by a block.

    I don’t believe their move to suspend to shelter in place request was strategic, at all.

  79. Omg! Dragged his own brother 50 feet!! These people are scum. I think committing an act of terrorism should more than qualify to take away a naturalized persons citizenship.

    We saw some FBI guy interviewed tonite (I think cbs) and he said that they believe younger brother tried to kill himself in the boat, that they think he put a gun in his mouth, but didn’t point it upwards, and the bullet just went out the back of his neck. Thats why he can’t talk.

  80. He’s intubated and sedated socal. He can’t say anything until the tubes come out. If he did try off himself, he’s more of a coward than I thought. I am still waiting for a silent majority in the Muslim American community to rise up and cast out radical extremists.

  81. mcn, also waiting…

  82. So, we wait together socal. Let’s hope it is soon. 🙂

  83. God, what a horrible week its been. Over a hundred people died in Texas, right? Were those homes by that plant? Why would they build homes by a fertilizer plant?

  84. Yes it has been a terrible week. When an attempt to poison the president gets no coverage, you know some bad shit has come down.

    Sophie, you know, we could sure use a Lily update post to warm our hearts.

  85. Well, once again I’m off to work. But, I did get to read this thread. You all are awesome! One of the links from mcn took me to a story that Perp #2 partied with friends after the bombing as if everything was A-ok
    What a jerk. I ope everyone has a happy Sunday. I’ll be back later today.

  86. The cockroach can’t talk. Injured in the throat or some such shit. Hand the little bastard a pen and paper. Or put your hands around his neck and squeeze, that should fix him.

    He’s going to use his youth as a defense, you know. Like the kid who kills both his parents and then pleads mercy because he’s an orphan. I’m telling you, they should have obliterated this POS in the boat.

  87. Warm and fuzzy break. I saw this and I just just HEAR my dog saying this stuff. (WARNING, the ad is GREAT but do not feed your dog this shit. The stories of illness and worse are legendary).

  88. You wouldn’t believe the bullshit crap those goatfuckers are printing on their sites about how the FBI blew up the marathon. With “proof”. Seriously, these people are pond scum. I’m not even going to dignify them with a link.

  89. I was here earlier to catch up on last night’s discussion of media and reliability – thanks to the sharp minds at Uppity’s for the discussion. Now there’s a whole other segment of the string to relish.

  90. Yeah I thought of that dirtball Bill Ayers when I heard there were ball bearings and nails. That’ how the weatherman scum rolled. He’s probably their consultant, anyways. Another shitbag who not only got off scott free because daddy was a big shot, but who has infected our school systems for years.

  91. Look at that shitbag Khalidi. He’s a prof too. And that Eward Said, but he’s dead and in hell now, thank goodness. Our colleges are RIDDLED with this scum. This is where all the Jew hatred is disseminated.

  92. I thought of Khalidi and the tape that the LA Times swore it would release. I’m not holding my breath.

  93. Squee Break. New Post up.

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