Thousands pay respect to marathon victim Krystle Campbell

For Freedom Fairy and myself, there is something about Krystle that encapsulates the reason for exponential outrage at the crapbag who is lying protected in a hospital bed right now.

Maybe it’s because we’ve seen a number of heartbreaking  and positively haunting shots of her desecrated body immediately in the aftermath of the first blast.

Krystle was at the finish line taking photos when these two bastards removed the light from her eyes and snuffed the life out of this vivacious and life-loving young woman with so much good life ahead of her. I know the light was out of her eyes because I saw her before her photos were removed from the internet once she was Identified. It was easy to recognize that the lifeless, ashen young woman with the surprised yet vacant stare was Krystle in death, her face virtually untouched, the life snuffed out of her, and her gruesome and horrific unforgivable  fatal injury noticeable. It will haunt me for life.

She was just an all-round beautiful kid.

Her funeral is today. I will post a video if one is available.



And should you or anyone else try to feel sorry for the rat bastard they are about to coddle for about five years before he even gets to trial, I will play the video below, which I regard as the most upfront and personal video of what happened that day I have seen to-date. I know you have seen many videos, but you haven’t seen this one. Here, you will see Americans at their best as they desperately rip the fences down to get to the dead and injured. You will see how We Do What We Do in times of duress. Please watch it as it is like none other. It is not sullied by Media producers. There are no dead bodies to see. Instead, you will see America and what We Do when the going gets rough. And keep it with you as a reminder of what this piece of shit really deserves when others start bloviating about that poor terrorist’s youth being taken from him.

It’s time we start caring about victims more than we care about shitbags who snuffed out their lives. What about Krystle’s youth? What about an 8 year-old boy’s youth? Fuck this killer’s youth, that’s what I say.  It’s too bad for a lot of dead and maimed people that he was ever born to his obviously trashy family. The only good thing he achieved in his life was taking out his own worthless brother by dragging his handcuffed ass underneath his getaway car. He needs to be removed from the gene pool.

Anybody who pines, feels sorry for or pleads for the life of the little bastard who did this had best stay away from this blog. Be warned.



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  1. thanks for posting this. it’s rather cathartic.

    well done.

  2. Thanks for posting the video.

    It’s time we start caring about victims more than we care about shitbags who snuffed out their lives.

    Word. Unbelievable that there are actually people excusing this back-stabbing, ungrateful, child-killing little dirt bag.

  3. Exactly Uppity! If I read one more article that says, “He followed his big brother around like he was a puppy” I’m going to scream!! He is not a cute little innocent puppy, he’s a cold blooded killer.

  4. They should rip his legs off at the thigh like he did to Krystle, the fucker.

    I saw the photos. Freedom Fairy saw the photos. McNorman saw the photos.

    I don’t give a crap what happens to him just so long as it’s not good.

  5. I can’t beleive we give citizenship to members of trashy families like this. The apple stays close to the tree. Let me tell you, Russia is an ally with this. We should have let them obliterate the Taliban in Afghanistan when they wanted to and they were right then too. Instead we sent that shithead Zbig over there to tell them how “God is on your side”. Yeah I have that video too. And now we have to look at his vapid daughter on the so-called news. We never learn. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. If it looks like shit and it smells like shit, don’t pick it up because sure as hell it’s shit.

  6. I need to purge here, I hope you don’t mind.

    FF and I have been emailing for days about Krystal. This is because we both saw her dead. When we saw her, we knew she was dead. We just didn’t know her name yet. Then when the pic of her came out in the press, We Knew Her Name. The pics of her dead were rapidly lifted from the slide shows around the net once it was realized it was Krystle, which was a good thing for her family, but I knew and I was haunted. In the past few days, we got to see more views of her and saw what happened to her. It made us more haunted. i felt as though I was intruding on her death, it was that haunting. It was so personal.

    Her face was untouched, almost angelic. She had that daze of death, and you just Knew. I saw saw horrific injuries. as you did, yet the only person I keep remembering is Krystle. I can’t forgive this. I will never forget her face, untouched, her upper body untouched and bloodless. And that look of surprise in death.

    I’m sure Freedom Fairy needs to purge too.

    Krystle needs to be talked about to fully realize what a slmy demonic piece of shit that “poor little boy” really is.

  7. “Krystle needs to be talked about to fully realize what a slmy demonic piece of shit that “poor little boy” really is.”

    You need to tweet this.

  8. I couldn’t do it in 140 chars, FF, because I would have to qualify her death pics first.

  9. Yes after her funeral, they will stop talking about her all together. We will hear 24/7 about the Jonas brother look alike that was brain washed and such a “good kid” with a promising future, etc. It makes me sick. It occurred to me….why don’t they talk about him as an “alleged” good kid?? I mean if things are “alleged”, then everything about him is “alleged.”

  10. Rise above a moment for a cute piece of Boston sports trivia. I asked why it is that they sing that horrid song Sweet Caroline and found this.

  11. Click on that link in the tweet above. Blew me away.

  12. Alleged my ass. Another word I am sick of. I mean, some people are “alleged” and some people just plain DID IT AND EVERYBODY KNOWS IT. They are NOT “alleged” Nor are they “suspects”.

  13. Family picture. The guy to the left is unidentified relative. The little bundle of joy is Tamerlan. The other little bastard hadn’t been spawned yet.

  14. The little freak called his mommy as the Watertown shoot out was about to start. One thing is clear the father, mother and Aunt are big liars. I do not think they are in denial – I think they know more than the rest of the world and they all belong in jail for harboring terrorists and aiding and abetting. The father said his son only slept and ate for 6 months at his home in Russia. The neighbor says Tamerlan was only around the fathers house for one month. Where was he the other five months? The father knows.

    I hope they do come and they end up in prison.

  15. The first time I saw her beautiful face she tugged my heart. I have a daughter who shines like that too so I can almost imagine her mother’s pain. She is like so many Irish friends I had growing up – funny, smart, cheerful, friendly, honest, hard working, freckeled and cute and yet if dressed up – instantly glamorous. You can see all these things in a picture of her. Her twinkling smiling eyes. Her humble pride and spirit. An unforgivable loss of an unforgettable young woman.

    Those vermin would never understand or show respect to her in life if they met her. The younger one did drugs daily. Such a good boy my ass. Not one hair on his head was good. His expression shows humorous as they stand at the bomb drop point in the pic. Other pics show him with no emotion at all. Very quiet, very hidden behind a wall of blank expression going about his life like normal after he caused this all. Mentally disturbed little rat fuckers.

  16. votermom, on April 22, 2013 at 7:46 AM said:

    Thanks for posting the video.

    It’s time we start caring about victims more than we care about shitbags who snuffed out their lives.


  17. When I first saw the pix of the brothers several days ago, I thought their eyes look dead, soulless. Even in the pix where they’re smiling.

  18. Karen, that is a lovely description of Krystal.

  19. The family of the dumb woman that married the older brother put their house up for sale.

  20. CNN John King has been flushed down the CNN rabbit hole for this bullshit. I can’t understand why he’s disappeared. He’s no more full of horse shit than the rest of that “news” staff making shit up. (Corrected to right video). By the way, look at the comment in caps someone made at the youtube, and then someone like him wonders why some people think the way they do.

  21. The evil deviant went back to school the day after the bombing, casual as can be. From Huffpo:

    “Zach Bettencourt, a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth — where Tsarnaev was enrolled — said Tsarnaev casually discussed the bombing with him only a day later. Bettencourt, 20, noticed Tsarnaev sitting on a bench at the gym, listening to his iPod.

    When Bettencourt brought up the bombing, he said that Tsarnaev responded, “Tragedies like this happen all the time.” He said that the two of them then discussed the issue but that he did not remember the exact words of their conversation.”

  22. Another beautiful woman, Adrienne Adams, a dance instructor, lost her foot. Her husband is a Capt in the Air Force.

  23. The little prick. THey should have killed him in the boat.

  24. That woman that married tamerlan must have major brain cells missing. I read where she was in a Burqa soon after. I tell you true, some women take more time and care picking out a swewater than they take picking out a husband. And please do not tell me she didn’t suspect something about his tude, because that HAS to be bullshit.

  25. A husband disappears for days at a time and a wife doesn’t think SOMETHING is up? I bet he smacked her around good, too. The burqa crap alone should have been enough to have her running from him like her hair is on fire.

  26. More Americans killed at the hands of sub-humans that should have never been let into the country. F the Russians, and all Muslims that support this type of behavior.

  27. I am in complete agreement Upps…they should have finished what the coward tried and screwed up. They have enough to go on by tracking through the two scumbags that they picked up in his housing complex. I understand that there was a car with diplomat plates that took off with two girls while the FBI arrested the two males.

    I will never forget her eyes either. We didn’t get the pics of the Hell that Hassan created for those at Ft Hood. It’s a shame because I will not let go of any of the photos of the wounded after the bomb blast. They are seared into my heart and my mind. I am sure that they will stay there until the day that I die.

  28. Upps, his wife worked 70-80 hrs a week as a health care aide. She worked so that the pos could watch the toddler. (Silly me, it’s a girl…doesn’t count.)

    I don’t get it? The wife is the daughter of an ER physician and a mother that is a nurse. WTF…schlepping for hours on end and not seeing her child while the jerkoff is praying 5 x a day?

  29. Yeah she worked and he hung out in the gym pumping iron. He must have found the G Spot. Moron for marrying him, she is. I don’t feel sorry for stupid her at all.

  30. Her parents must have flipped out and cried for weeks when they found out she was going to marry this cockroach.

    McN, you can bet her parents watched the child while the POS pumped iron all day. Thank GOD that child won’t grow up with him around.

  31. Lots of people trying to view this post and getting blocked by their government, country, school, whatever. I see their cgi bin block feed in stats.

  32. What a role model! BTW, Okaz the paper that has outed so much of this reported that Meechelle had visited the Saudi that was deported in the hospital while excluding visits to those who were wounded. Anyone else reading this?

    “Yesterday, Michelle Obama, the wife of the American President, visited the Saudis in the hospital who were injured in the Boston bombing, Abdul Rahman Ali Isa al-Salmi al-Harbi and Noura Khaled Saleh al-Ajaji, to reassure them of their health,” begins the article before explaining the students’ injuries.

  33. I don’t recognize that site.

  34. I couldn’t find any articles about the victim I mentioned above, Adrienne Adams. Her husband used his belt as a tourniquet to slow the bleeding. Anderson Cooper iinterviewed her and her family. She says she will dance again. She looks like a lovely person. Tons of articles about the pos brothers though.

    Thats weird about this article being blocked.

  35. Upps, it’s the site that had a pic of that lovely young Saudi man that was in the hospital that was supposed to be deported. He was the first to be suspected. Then a diplomat shows up and he’s taking pics with him as well. The kid is gone now. Some sites are reporting that he was flagged because he was on a terror watch list. He has relatives of questionable repute.

  36. I hate to sound like a prejudiced person, but it also really pisses me off that the pos in the hospital, besides being taken in by this country and undoubtedly given all kinds of aid, was also given a university scholarship. I know dozens of parents who are tearing their hair out becuz they can’t afford to send their bright kids to a university and have to send them to JC for two years first, and scholarship money has dried up all over. One girl I know who trained laker to take over her food bank coordinator position, a brilliant girl, who did her 2 years at JC before she graduated high school with great record, applied for over a hundred scholarships and got next to nothing. Thats just one example. But this scummy family gets handed everything. There’s something really wrong with this picture.

  37. mcn, I was wondering what happened to that guy.

  38. @socal

    You aren’t the only one peeved about how the funds are doled out. I have very mixed feelings about how asylum is granted and what happens after. For the most part, I think it all works out in the end. Then there are those families that come and are looking for a handout only to become disenchanted with how much that handout is.

  39. I think he’s gone. Recall that he was supposed to be deported and then not and then he’s gone, but then there are pics of diplomats visiting him circulating everywhere. He is related to a bunch of scum. I think that is why he was on the terror watch list. Who knows?

  40. I was wrong, the Saudi kid has yet to be deported. How did this kid get a visa to come to school here if he is on a terror watch list? Calling Janet.

  41. Uppity Woman has done the best job blogging for the victims of this terrorist attack. ❤

  42. Just like Upps said,

    Breaking: Bombing suspect won’t be charged as ‘enemy combatant’

  43. We’ll get to pay for circus II.

  44. Uppity, righteous rant. I was watching Anderson this morning becuz he was talking about the victims. I went to make breakfast without changing the channel, and the next thing I know, Ashleigh Banfield & whathisaname Dershowitz were whipping each other into a frenzy because the pos wasn’t mirandized. Didn’t hear them talk about the poor victims rights at all.

  45. mcnorman, here is a cbs boston report of the obamas’ hospital visits.

    They stopped at several hospitals as is expected of their status. With a full press corp following them and the eyes of the nation and the world focused on Boston it is not likely she would do such a thing.

    Snopes has a lot to say about rumors and is a good place to check anything that might be less than fact checked and more than made up just for the sake of discrediting and smearing.

  46. @Karen

    Hmmm, I’ve only seen pics of Barry with the injured. Wonder why Meechele isn’t in any of those?

    I don’t care too much for Snopes after 2008. IMO there is a lot of covering for Barry on that sight otherwise it’s okay.

  47. The only pic on that boston cbs site is of michele in a hospital.

    google hospital, boston, michelle obama under the image site.

    speaking of 2008 – Hillary was robbed and it is going to court finally (sorry this is a Fox link, the devil has the story…)

  48. I guess babyface’s mommy is going to have to ask herself why the guy that was carjacked by these clowns would state that he owned the marathon bombing?

    From the affadavit

    19. Near midnight on April 18,2013, an individual carjacked a vehicle at gunpoint in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A victim of the carjacking was interviewed by law enforcement and provided the following information. The victim stated that while he was sitting in his car on a road in Cambridge, a man approached and tapped on his passenger-side window. When the victim rolled down the window, the man reached in, opened the door, and entered the victim’s vehicle. The man pointed a firearm at the victim and stated, “Did you hear about the Boston explosion?” and “I did that.” The man removed the magazine from his gun and showed the victim that it had a bullet in it, and then re-inserted the magazine. The man then stated, “I am serious.”

  49. here’s one. clearly this little boy is not a terrorist or a saudi national…×450/

  50. @ karen

    atleast someone is talking about 2008 and how that election was stolen

  51. Shitbag will be tried in civilian court. The charge? Using a weapon of mass destruction. No mention of murder. Secondary charge? Malicious destruction of property? Get me off this planet NOW.

  52. Sean Collier’s name is not mentioned either. Legal Insurrection hints that the state might go after him on the murder charges. One way or another someone is going to take the pos down.

  53. That’s not the point McNormam, the point is he is a terrorist who blew up people with premeditation, and the FEDS should be charging him with murder AND go for the death penalty, not the state. This is pathetic.. It would be laughable if it weren’t such a travesty.

  54. The fucker has THREE public defenders and SOON some hot shot will show up to help them out. We will PAY for that. THEY SHOULD HAVE KILLED HIM IN THE BOAT.

  55. I understand and it angered me even more when the WH said that he would not be tried as an enemy combatant. WTF is an enemy combatant if this isn’t?

  56. I’m with you…they should have finished what stupid didn’t do properly.

  57. Are you watching teevee? Turn it on…Canadians foil terror plot…Toronto to NY train.

  58. Well what do you expect from a president who called what that freak Hasan did “Workplace violence” We are so screwed. People are WATCHING this. ANIMALS are watching this.

  59. Isn’t wonderful to hand the savages of the world the welcome mat? I really despise what this administration has done. We are all in jeopardy. No borders, welcome mat to all (including relatives), etc. It doesn’t end.

  60. @ FF
    I had read that the creep who was BFF with this guy didn’t attend the memorial service or the funeral.

  61. Well why would he? He’s probably a terrorist too and doesn’t want to be seen by the feds. Show me who your friends are and I’ll show you what you are.

  62. Slit throats. Such a GOOD BOY! AN ANGEL!

  63. They had a service for that pig? They should have deported his dead ass in a body bag.

  64. Heard an iview on the radio today. A friend of GF#2. Said, paraphrasing…”Of all the people I know, if you had told me GF#2 was involved in this, I would have told you 90% of the people I knew could have done this, but GF#2 would have NEVER come to mind”

    think about that.

    He too had a real common name. In Iraq.

  65. Nobody cares what his mother thinks, McN. Anybody can see she’s trash. Second only to the crazy aunt who belongs in the attic.

  66. ff that is chilling. on 9/11. brutal and gruesome. yep, that sounds like the angels to me. fallen angels, hells demons. such a lovely boy.

  67. There is a long explanation of the charges at the NYT. They can go with the death penalty.

  68. from the nyt (for upps)

    The suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was charged by federal prosectors as he lay in a bed at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, officials said.

    In a criminal complaint unsealed Monday in United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, Mr. Tsarnaev was charged with one count of “using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction” against persons and property within the United States resulting in death, and one count of “malicious destruction of property by means of an explosive device resulting in death.”

    If he is convicted, the charges could carry the death penalty.

    During the bedside arraignment, a magistrate judge advised Mr. Tsarnaev of his rights and the charges against him, according to court papers.

    The affidavit accompanying the complaint provides the fullest picture to date of the evidence collected so far by F.B.I. agents and police detectives, who have been working around the clock since two blasts seconds apart silenced the cheering crowds and wrought chaos along the race’s route.

    The affidavit, sworn out by Daniel R. Genck, an F.B.I. special agent assigned to the Joint Terrorist Task Force in Boston, cites the surveillance video that helped identify the two suspects, and details their movements before the blasts, describing how and where they placed the backpacks that the complaint says contained bombs. It also describes Mr. Tsarnaev speaking on a cellphone, then apparently taking a photo with it.

    It said that the explosive devices — which it describes as “low-grade explosives that were housed in pressure cookers” that also contained “metallic BB’s and nails” — were placed near metal barriers along Boylston Street, where hundreds of spectators were watching the marathon runners as they approached the finish line.

    In chilling detail, taken from surveillance video, the affidavit describes how a man it refers to as Bomber Two, which it identifies as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, walks down Boylston Street toward the finish line with the thumb of his right hand hooked under the strap of his knapsack, and a cellphone in his left hand.

  69. “He then can be seen apparently slipping his knapsack onto the ground,” the affidavit said.

    Video from the nearby Forum restaurant shows the bomber remaining in place, checking his cellphone, and even appearing to take a picture with it, the papers said. Then he appears to look at his phone, and appears to speak on it.

    “A few seconds after he finishes the call, the large crowd of people around him can be seen reacting to the first explosion,” the court papers said. “Virtually every head turns to the east (towards the finish line) and stares in that direction in apparent bewilderment and alarm. Bomber Two, virtually alone among the individuals in front of the restaurant, appears calm. He glances to the east and then calmly but rapidly begins moving to the west, away from the direction of the finish line.”

    “He walks away without his knapsack, having left it on the ground where he had been standing,” the court papers said. “Approximately 10 seconds later, an explosion occurs in the location where Bomber Two had placed his knapsack.”

    In the court papers, Agent Genck says that he compared the driver’s license photo of Mr. Tsarnaev to the video images, and that he believes “based on their close physical resemblance, there is probable cause that they are one and the same person.” He also compared the driver’s license photo of the other bombing suspect, Mr. Tsarnaev’s brother, Tamerlan, with the video and said they were one and the same person.

  70. The White House said that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev would not be tried as an enemy combatant. “We will prosecute this terrorist through our civilian system of justice,” said Jay Carney, the White House press secretary.

    Mr. Carney noted that it was illegal to try an American citizen in a military commission, and that a number of high-profile terrorism cases were handled in the civilian court system, including that of the would-be bomber who tried to bring down a passenger jet around Christmas 2009 with explosives in his underwear.

    Mr. Carney said the government had gotten “valuable intelligence” from suspects kept in the civilian judicial process. “The system has repeatedly proven it can handle” such cases, he said.

  71. These are the documents and the complaint filed:

  72. From the Bill Ayers Education System!

    “The reason we didn’t know he went to Russia is because the name was misspelled.” says Lindsey Graham.

  73. ff – it answers your questions earlier about which bomb killed. Each bomb killed someone and injured scores of people.

  74. Very good post Uppity. I agree we should remember the victims and to hell with the shitbag in the hospital we’re picking up the tab for.

    WTF on the charges, why no federal murder charges? MA doesn’t have a death penalty. I thought that was the reason for federal charges. This is utter BS.

    PS I thought of you last night……I made a caramel, apple, walnut pie for my hubby…..he loves apple pie.

  75. Karen you must have been posting while I was. Thanks for the information. I’m glad the federal charges can result in the death penalty, not hearing murder charges it had me concerned

  76. thanks karen – perhaps more details will come out. I KNOW for a fact where one victim was…and it was bomb 1

  77. I made a caramel, apple, walnut pie for my hubby…..

    Oh. My. God.

  78. LOL on name spelling FF. I’ve been seething over these two cockroaches for a week and I SITLL not only can’t spell their names butI can’t even remember the names well enough to SAY them.

  79. One night I was talking to friends about these two roaches and I ended up calling them the Brothers Karamazov because I couldn’t remember their names riddled with rare consonents.

  80. I can remember Tamerlan because it is very, ahem, familiar… missing just one letter at the end. A vowel. lol.

  81. This is why I was so disappointed they bothered to bring him in alive. This evil little freak became a citizen 7 months ago. If ever there is a valid reason to revoke naturalized citizenship, you would think committing acts of terror and murdering and maiming innocent people would be it. If the law doesn’t provide for it, then they need to change it stat. This will encourage other gfers to come here and go thru citizenship before they carry out their barbaric attacks.

  82. Very true about the names. I can’t remember them either. Their evil faces I will never forget.

  83. Uppity, don’t fall for it. Somebody is using that to lure you in. She is then going to get your address to supposedly send you the pie but instead will auction it off to the highest bidder.

    Somebody, Uppity would agree you should send me the pie. Um, For safe keeping, yeah, that’s the ticket.

  84. socal, I hope when all is said and done that is part of it too. Revoke his citizenship as soon as the guility verdict is read. And then I hope the Boston people fill the bars with parties celebrating loudly on the day they fry his ugly little American-hating goat fucking ass.

  85. Israel Deaconess Medical Center

    I love that he’ at this hospital. I think they should bris him right now. All the way up.

  86. “could” carry a death penalty does not inspire me when it comes to this bunch.

  87. 90% of the people I knew could have done this

    Great friends, cretin!

  88. This piece from the Atlantic by a Harvard Law Review 3rd year fellow, is excellent. It points out what the press, the public and even the officials have gotten wrong this week about Miranda.

  89. Hide the pie somebody. hide the pie.

  90. uppity, a cockroach on the FBI most wanted list for child porn is being detained in Nicaragua. The guy is a great candidate for a cockroach rant from you. He was a teacher, FCS.

  91. I love coming here to hear Upp’s righteous rants 🙂

  92. Somebody eat that pie quick. 😆

  93. I came to help out with the names. I read a comment that Bostonians have taken to calling the brothers “Speedbump” and “Stoner”.

    I think it’s pretty obvious which one is which and I say we defer to the residents of Boston and call them by the names they picked for them.

    The pie is safe in my kitchen, I’m way down here in Florida.

  94. Speedbump and Stoner…PERFECT!
    Well AP is reporting that they were moved by religion…but they won’t say which religion.

  95. “…but they won’t say which religion.”

    That’s so stupid. You can bet your ass they would be happy to publicize it t’wer it any other.


    In case you forgot – it’s radical Islam. The only kind there is these days.

  96. McNorman I like speedbump, but stoner is too nice for the other little turd. I think shitbag or xysma is a better name.

  97. Thank for such a wonderful rant about the Krystal on behalf of all true victims everywhere.

    Is the dead brother now considered a double victim because the poor little man was misunderstood and then his brother ran over him?

    I really really really just wish they had left the second perp in the boat and let mother nature deal with him.

    Now I have to hope for a nosocomial infection. The odds would be better elsewhere. As much fun as it is to have him stuck in a Jewish facility, why did they take him to such a good hospital? There are quite a few hospitals in the Boston area. They must have passed several OK but not top notch on the way.

    Yes, I am still outraged. And the more attention they give to such useless vermin while downplaying the real victims, the angrier I become

  98. One video of the funeral

  99. Florida you say, hmmmmm. Very interesting. (ala schultz)

    lol. Upps, are you rolling on the floor yet?

    *whistles a happy tune*

  100. It is so heart wrenching to see that funeral. The family is in shock. So senseless. I hope she didn’t suffer much and died swiftly.

    There is a better place than this one that she now calls home.

  101. Somebody, I’ll take any of those for the live one. lol

  102. karen for C. I posted the link about Michelle obama visiting the saudi national. It was from yahoo news and the last paragraph said it was plausible so I posted it. I see that it has another source that I’ve never heard of though.

  103. So sad about Krystal. What a waste.

    My job (not affiliated with the govt, a county, or a school) blocks social media sites. WordPress in the URL is enough for the block, no matter how job-related the content might be.

    As folks have noted, using a weapon of mass destruction is a capital offense. This is the Feds, not the state.

    I must be really lucky because I have not heard anyone defend or feel sorry for the POS. I suppose I should disclose that I don’t watch CNN. I don’t care how influenced he was by his brother–he had his own brain and his own conscience and they both failed.

    I do want him to have a fair trial, beyond reproach. They have enough to fry him going by the book.

  104. The source of Michelle Obama visiting the saudi national is from a saudi newspaper. If I’m not mistaken they’ve had a couple of articles about the young saudi, his injuries, and visitors. Walid Shoebat’s site and a couple of other sites have supposedly translated the articles; but unless you can read the original article you have no idea what it actually says only what the authors say the translated version says.

  105. The Saudi National story is promoted heavily by Glenn Beck and the Blaze types. I read what they all had to say and there was no meat, no evidence, nothing but links to other sites (their links to Fox for example) that were not legit. They lead no where and their story was not backed up at all. The whole thing stinks like bull crap to me.

    Did you all see that his judge is a woman? More karma for the little in a Jewish hospital getting a bris boy. A woman judge. That makes me sooooo happy.

    He was lucid she concluded and he nodded yes a few times and it seems he was able to speak somewhat and said no at one point.

  106. A woman judge, roflmao!!

    I don’t know about Beck promoting the story about Michelle visiting the saudi???? I don’t follow Beck. I did see some links on some different sites and the ones I saw led back to Walid Shoebat. I think that’s his name, I know his last name is Shoebat.

    I would say though if some story traces back to Fox, whether you like Fox or not it is considered MSM. I may not like some of the stuff on MSNBC or in the NYT, but that doesn’t mean I automatically discount them as a news source. Are you saying Fox reported that Michelle Obama did visit this kid??? I haven’t seen any story linking back to Fox about the supposed hospital visit.

  107. imust, i didn’t see your link to yahoo. I saw the one mcnorman did to the saudi site with the broken link. i tried to google it but all the stories came up needing translation and it was not a safe site. I did find the yahoo repeat of the story asking if they thought it might have some merit or whatever, but again, that is not evidence and it isn’t anything but repeating the other sites way out there story. Glenn Beck and the Blaze said they’d make an announcement today (they said this the other day) they did. It was more of the same.

    The whole thing is Rand Paul asking Hillary about the Guns going to Turkey all over again. When they asked Napolatano about it with one of their classic insanity and bullshit filled long questions filled with psycho babble – she responded that it was all so full of error and non sense that it wasn’t worth her answer. She couldn’t give an answer except for nothing like that is going on at all.

    They are conspiracy theorists. They aren’t happy with the capture and death of the actual bombers. They want more. They want it to be obama’s fault. They want it to be a two headed baby.

    The real story is bad enough and intense and unreal as can be imagined. The past week has been unthinkable and yet it happened. There is no there, there. The investigators would be screaming if there were suspects getting away and fleeing the country. Too many people are working on this case to allow obama to cut a deal and let this kid go.

    It didn’t happen. Michelle certainly didn’t see him exclusively or at all, i would guess. Even their picture of her is a slighly different black dress. She is wearing pearls in the real pictures.

    Too much real news to digest. If something comes of any of it, I would bet it will never be what Beck or Rand or the conspiracy nuts said it was.

  108. Ok, best quick way to recognize bullshit is to do a search and see if the first sites that show up are bloviating extremist turkeys. WOrks for either side. For example I just searched “Saudi hospital michelle” and what showed up were worldnet daily, the blaze and various other freeper sites that have the credibility of a fox who just left the hen house. It’s how I recognized in three minutes that Obama did not spend 4th of July in France. If you look close enough you can actually see the originating site, also known as the Instigator. you will also see them all quote the exact same words from that site, just like good lemmings. Try it.

  109. Speedbump. ROFL.

  110. There were links about the Saudi national that the Blaze linked to that supposedly went to Fox. The Blaze said Fox confirmed things. The links were all broken. I tried to search the Fox site for the stories and they weren’t on there. The author they mentioned had no such article on the Fox site. It was likely scrubbed when it was found to be bull crap.

    The first few days of the bombings so many goofy stories were floated as to who it might be and why. Some people aren’t letting go of their stories. The whole Saudi National thing was also being followed by some homeland security people in congress, Peter King I think was signed onto one of the letters. It is 4 chronic whiners asking silly questions to try to make it look like obama is in bed with the Saudi’s and sold out our country in an unscheduled meeting. His wife too….

    The whole thing is tabloid.

  111. Exactly, Upps.

  112. Karen, unfortunately, Krystle did not die instantly. FF uncovered another set of photos and she knew what happened to her and lived to bleed out. To me, Krystle will always come to my mind whenever that cockroach’s name comes up. As does the trash he was spawned from and the awe I am in that they are still walking around and Krysle is not.

  113. As soon as I saw it was a woman judge I laughed as I spurted out – he is used to women in long black robes. Get him Marianne Bowler.

    His brother is rolling in his grave in hell over the Jewish Hosp. and Woman Judge.

  114. I have said before that people underestimate the far right’s ability to use the internet. They are experts at spreading crappy rumors and they do it very quickly. There is a bunch of core sites that get the shitball rolling. The same site names are always at the top of the search, carrying the shitball and then rolling it downhill. The equivalent to DKos, Media Matters, Think Progress, etc. They refer to fox like the far left refers to msnbc.

  115. I read somewhere that the line to attend Krystle’s funeral was almost 1/4 mile long. Many stayed outside. There is a Getty image of a young man in a tree across from the church wrapped in an American Flag. Krystle, Lu, Martin and Sean’s death have touched so many because they left this Earth far too early.

  116. The amusing part of the rumor spreading is it’s about someone who is odious unto him or herself to them, so it’s believable. For example, Michelle.

  117. I can’t stand her for what she said about Hillary and Bill in 2008 but I wouldn’t ever think she would do something that ignorant. Boston has a billion eyes right now watching every move. They have many thousands of professionals watching everything going on. It would have been on the front page of every Boston paper. And the first responders would be sure the story was national news immediately.

  118. I just noticed his assigned attorney is Miriam Conrad.

    Big grin.

  119. I guess I’m pretty ignorant then because I do believe it’s possible for MO to do such a thing. These people don’t worry about front pages. These are the same people who got away with being friends with Bill Ayers “just a guy in my neighborhood”, 20 year relationship with Jerry “GD America” Wright, Rezco slumlord who when Hillary called out in a debate, was jeered for daring to try to tarnish HRH Obama. And who can forget the Rashid Khalidi tape that the LAT refused to release. As I recall it was the conservative sites pushing that as well. No, Barry and Co. don’t have to worry about the press, and besides, their visit to the hospitals was closed to the press.

  120. @ Imust

    I would buy it, but the fact that zero was in every shot posted by the msm tells me that she cannot move him over that easily unless she is wearing a clown outfit.

  121. imust, believability goes to the character of the target. It’s absolutely necessary for the rumor to dupe enough people. Things like that about Michelle are ABSOLUTELY believable because of who she has shown herself to be in past. That’s also why the 4th of July rumor got legs as well, because Obama is easily seen as a person who really doesn’t like the USA much. These qualities are key to the success of an internet untruth.

  122. Okay I’m going to do a commercial here. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have found the Federal Do Not Call list to be about as helpful as a screen door in a submarine. It is probably very successful for creating overpaid ass-sitting jobs for politicians’ friends and relatives but that’s about it. I got sick and tired of being bothered by the same violators, the “Rachael from credit services” bullshit they claim to have stopped. All that has stopped is they don’t use the name Rachael anymore. Most of these calls hail from the Dominician Republic area codes anyways. sometimes they spoof another area code as well. Often you can block a number and it’s useless because they have 50 more numbers they can use to harass you. Then there are all the surveys. Once you agree to do one survey of ANY kind, you will find your caller ID INUNDATED with more. They sell your name because it’s gold to survey people, a guaranteed cooperative person. Don’t fall for it.

    Anyways, I got sick of tired of my caller ID being jammed with hangup calls with a pattern, being bothered at supper time, no way to opt out and pushy rude people bothering me for products and/or charities I have no interest in supporting. So I started doing my research as to the best product for putting an end to all of this with minimum work on my part.

    I have now had the Digitone call blocker for a month and I have got to tell you, the peace and tranquility is awesome. This blocker is the best and most effective out there. It automatically blocks all anonymous calls. To make it even better it gives you the way to block entire area codes or entire sequences in an area code. So you can block the Dominican Republic completely, for example. And that AC in Florida or Seattle where so many random cell calls originate. You can also open up for special numbers for those areas. I should say I have the ability to call block with my phone company and it is not effective or helpful. Their anonymous call block is spotty, and the number of numbers I can block is piss poor. There is no way to block an area code or a series of numbers. Digitone fixed that. I love it. Just so you know.

    It’s one of the best hundred bucks I ever spent. No kidding.

  123. All those things happened before their every move was followed by hoards of people. She is surrounded at all times now. I didn’t say anyone here was ignorant. I said Michelle would have to be to do that in Boston – their every move is discussed by hospital staff, secret service, patients, families, crowds that gather the spectacle and the paparazzi and the press are always near by even for unscheduled events. They cannot get away with the things they did when they were the nightmare couple from Chicago.

  124. McRibs have no bones. That is a bear.

  125. Uppity – here’s a new candidate for Cockroach of the Year.

    Enlarge the picture for a real gem.

  126. I keep getting the one that says helllooooo at the start. I hang up asap.

  127. Uppity thanks for the info about digitone, I will absolutely look into it. We’ve been on the no call list forever, but like you mention it has become completely worthless. In fact just this evening Jennifer from credit card services called me….OY!

  128. Interesting article:

    also, most well thought out comment pasted below. It’s long. Uppity you can remove it if you prefer.

    From dpk64:

    Spare me the lectures.

    This isn’t about our attitudes toward Muslims, it’s about their attitudes toward us.

    Every time there is a Muslim attack against Americans, here or abroad, it unleashes another session of sensitivity training. It started Friday night when the president told us not to judge groups of people, and when the television anchors asked in wide-eyed bewilderment what the possible motive for last week’s terrorist attack could be.

    Well, if they don’t know, they’re the only ones.

    Some will pretend otherwise, but they will only be pretending.

    We don’t need another interfaith service with a prayer by an imam. We don’t need more condescension on the subject of the “religion of peace.”

    We don’t need to be treated like we’re the problem.

    We, as you may recall, didn’t attack anybody.

    We did not plant those bombs.

    They did.

    And acknowledging that does not make you a bigot, it makes you a realist.

    Unfortunately, they blow us up and we’re the ones who get treated like we’re cavemen.

    So let me set the record straight: You can recognize and fight the reality of global Islamic terrorism without thinking ill of your Muslim neighbor. The average American – contrary to what the liberal elites think – has the mental capacity to see Muslim terrorism without thinking that all Muslims are terrorists.

    And yet it is only a matter of days until the editorials and op-eds begin, telling us how great Islam is, and how persecuted Muslims are.

    And we, being nice people with a new-found need to apologize, will bend over backwards to show how nice we are. If April 15 is anything like September 11, we will mark the one-year anniversary with Muslim-culture seminars.

    The folks who run the evening news – and the White House – will see in all this a need for us to understand and respect the culture of Islam.

    Which is crap.

    What we need is for the culture of Islam to stop spawning terrorists.

    And we need to stop pretending that Islam doesn’t spawn terrorists.

    Certainly, the imam at the mosque down the street tells us that Islam is a religion of peace, and any number of his followers will tell the TV cameras that terrorists aren’t real Muslims. But there seems to be come confusion about what constitutes a “real” Muslim.

    Though, to some many tens of millions of Muslims in the Middle East – and wherever Chechnya is – there isn’t any confusion. They’re the ones who cheer, fund and commit unrelenting acts of terrorism.

    That is a fact.

    A fact that in our worship of political correctness we must ignore. Instead, we will be instructed to look at our own cultural and religious intolerances.

    Somehow, it’s our fault they blow us up.

    I’m not sure whose fault it is when they blow themselves and each other up.

    So let’s find the honest middle ground.

    Islam is losing a war with itself over its future. There is a wonderful, civilized streak of Islam. Hopefully, that’s the part of Islam your neighbor’s from.

    But that’s not all of Islam, and it might not even be the majority of Islam. There is a dramatic, dynamic streak of Islam that, like some vestige of a thousand years ago, wants to rise as Islam has risen in the past – at the edge of the sword.

    For example, the older of the two Boston terrorists. His father named him Tamerlan. That’s a name that should ring a bell. The original Tamerlan called himself “The Sword of Islam,” and spread his power and his religion as far across Europe, Asia and Africa as he could. Along the way, he killed some 17 million people, roughly 5 percent of the entire human population at the time. It was a policy of “convert or die.”

    That’s who the older terrorist was named after.

    Which is kind of odd.

    It’s sort of like a modern German naming his kid Adolph.

    Though the Obama administration has banned the phrase “War on Terrorism,” Muslim terrorism exists, and is one of the dominant themes of our world. It shapes the present world situation, and may determine the future world situation.

    And though we may not fight it, it is going to fight us, until Boston – and the rest of America – looks like Baghdad.

    We can recognize that, while also respecting the social and constitutional rights of Americans who happen to be Muslims. We are not idiots or savages. We don’t think every Muslim is a terrorist. We don’t suspect every Muslim. We don’t disrespect or discriminate against them.

    But we do recognize the truth.

    And it’s too bad the president and the TV anchors don’t do the same.

  129. Yes, will also check out the digitone. Thanks Uppity!

    Somebody, how are the fam and little somebody doing?

  130. Why would I remove it, FF. It’s the truth.

  131. McRibs have no bones. That is a bear

    karen knows her food! AND her wildlife!

  132. Yup, I would NOT steer you wrong. I waited a month before telling you about my Digitone. Worth every penny for peace of mind. It must drive the spammers nuts because it drops their call like a brick right in their faces.

  133. You can buy it at Amazon with free shipping or directly from the manufacturer with no tax, 6 of one half dozen of the other.

  134. FF, it is the truth. I saw this crap today on cnn and bsnbc. Its so hard to get straight news on the tv. We don’t get cspan, we’re supposed to but it doesn’t work.

    Upps, we have been having the same horrible robo calls. And if you pick up the phone, it disconnects, so you can’t talk to them. What is the point of spamming us? No information is exchanged. Very rarely can we get a human to answer and then tell them we are on the DNC registry, to which they usually answer the DNC does not include them!
    I think congress watered that down and lets charities ignore it. Now every business is a charity.

  135. socal the reason they hang up is because each robo operartor is already on the line with someone else. They call massive numbers of people concurrently and just drop the rest when the operators are on the phone. They then come back and do it again.

    Congress fucks up every law they make because of lobbying and everybody knows it. And this time they even had the audacity to exempt political calls, knowing fully well EVERYBODY hates them.

  136. OMG FF, i just clicked on that sex offender’s link. OMG that face!

  137. We just had a lizard in the house! Huge drama. Laker caught him and set him free.

  138. Aw geeze, I hate reptiles! I spent a summer in St. Croix at my rich white continental college roommate’s house, and those little green bastards were everywhere staring at you. First morning I woke up and the bedroom had a screened wall to the outside and there was a reptile the size of a buick out there. As you can see, this experience stayed with me.

  139. ROFL!!! All of us laughing hysterically at that. Did you tweet it?

  140. of course. it’s a copy of my tweet.

  141. Thats what I thought but I didn’t see the twitter bird.

  142. FF, excellent comment from DPK

    The Florida child molested article has a search link. I just checked the area in Florida where I plan to live and the neighborhood within a mile is safe. Away from the immediate area though lots of ugly creeps pop up like the cockroaches they are.

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