Infrared video of identifying Dirtbag #2 in the boat – and the future of Petman

Infrared tracking systems are often used by our military from the air.  Here we see infrared’s application in ferreting out a jihad sh!tbag.

h/t Val


……….and in the future, we might see a “guy” like Petman helping out with apprehending crapbags like these two brothers.  Would be great to send Petman into one of these borderline human’s makeshift hiding caves to check out the dirtbag picking lice out of his beard — and then sending him to his virgins right after he soils himself. I would find it particularly satisfying if it were a PetWoman who did it while shouting, 

Make my day, you scheevy fuckwad!!!!  

I also think that, on down time, Petman might make the ideal husband if you have a little programming skill….


h/t Freedom Fairy


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  1. Happy Birthday Freedom Fairy!

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  3. The Carole King song was wonderful.

  4. Yeah that’s a find and I thought you would like it.

  5. You were off a few days on me, lol. You and fredster got me a few days older.

  6. You share your birthday with William Shakespeare. Sandra Dee. Shirley Temple. (Irony on the last one)

  7. Happy Happy Birthday FF!

  8. And, my favorite – St. George’s Day!



  9. Stoner has scribbled that his bro MADE him do it.

  10. HB FF.

  11. The devil made me do it, honey child.

  12. Yeah the devil made me do it. lolol.

  13. I just heard HLN (owned by CNN) say that Tamerlan’s wife “Only graduated high school six years ago”. ROFL. Sounds so much more innocent than coming out and saying she’s TWENTY FOUR YEARS OLD.

  14. I notice the embeds of tweets no longer look like copies of the tweets. Or is it my computer?

  15. Happy Birthday FF!!!!!

    Uppity, it might be your computer/browser or bec twitter is having issue right now.

    Btw, in case it hasn;t been posted here yet, photos of the shootout from a 3rd floor window overlooking it

  16. I just googled the house Speedbumps wife lived in.

    Half million dollar home he spent time in. Jaysus. Son in law to this family. OMG.

  17. And didya hear Tom Brokaw actually said that the boston bombing was “partly USA’s fault” because of drones.
    The hell.
    Brokaw sounds like the guy who tells his sister that if only she was a better cook, her husband wouldn’t beat her up.

  18. Somebody, that guy was reprimanded over his 9/11 conspiracy nut job views 2 years ago. This is sickening to hear this after such a heinous crime committed against innocents.

    The WSJ did a good job covering the freaks statement.

  19. UN is a big money party for goatfuckers. They have overrun the UN and it’s not worth shit any longer. It’s all just a money scam now, with the USA funding the majority of it. When women are being shot in the head on a whim, or buried up to their necks and stoned to death for being raped and Iran is on Women’s Rights Committees, while the UN focuses on human rights in the USA, we know we’ve got a pig in the poke on our hands and in our wallets.

  20. Tom Brokaw is still around? I had no idea since I never watch NBC, ever.

  21. Yeah well Speedbump’s wife lived with her parents and he lived with that poor two year old daughter who might be saved from a lifetime of misery now that he’s roadkill. She worked and he lifted weights and planned terrorism

  22. Good Morning Uppityites and a special
    Happy Birthday Freedom Fairy! 🙂

  23. Do my tweet embeds look like copies of tweets to anybody else? I need to know if it’s global or if it’s one of my block settings that didn’t change a thing till a few days ago.

  24. When they are finished, this little prick will be out on the street one day again.

  25. Where is his jury coming from, Cambridge? The epicenter of anti-America?

  26. Well if drones are the reason, then it’s Barack Obama’s fault. Of course, they will skip over that part.

  27. Well if drones are the reason, then it’s Barack Obama’s fault.

    Good point!

  28. And today’s search string winners in UW Stats are:

    Males are smarter than femails (sic)

    Girls getting it on with barn animals

    Lady hurt in Boston Marathon on her vagin (sic)

  29. Your tweets don’t show up as copies on my other browser either, I checked.

  30. Yeah so it’s not me, it’s PROBABLY wordpress. They have been really squirrely lately.

  31. Speedbump was a wife beater. Interesting that they would stay with the family in RI. Even Stoner used to stay on the weekends. I guess this was the only way that the family could keep tabs on their daughter and granddaughter.

    He was known to fly into into fits of rage where he would throw objects at Russell, including furniture, friends said.

    Sometime around 2008, his erratic and violent behavior escalated as he stopped smoking and drinking and suddenly became heavily involved in Islam. Also around that time, he demanded that Russell, born a Christian, convert to Islam – and she complied.

    Neighbors also said that the baby would wail all night long and they wondered why no one was paying attention to the little girl? Poor kid, this is going to follow her through school.

  32. What a scumbag. Thank god he’s dead so his daughter can grow up treated like a human being. I hope her parents play a big part here because she is obviously a submissive follower with horrible discernment. God knows what she’ll hook up with next.

  33. I hope that the parents take that child away from the dingbat until she gets a grip on life. Supposedly, Speedbump wanted to move back to Dagystan with his family.

  34. Oh yeah that would have been great. Move to goatfuckistan, slap a burqa on your kid, and Mom would find out what it’s all REALLY about, escape if she can and lose her daughter to a bunch of woman abusers. Good thinking, marrying him and having his baby. Oh yeah.

  35. She dropped out of college her senior year. I just don’t get it. It’s not like she comes from some ass backward village…I don’t understand. Must have been the hormones raging.

  36. Maybe she should just get one of these knitted guys. It’s safer.

  37. Happy Happy FF! Laker sends this:

  38. I clicked on Fluffpo last nite before I went to bed and they had this headline “Johar Talks” then something like “Says they had no help, acted alone” and “Officials agree”. Pushing that these scumballs came up with this entirely on their own. Why would anyone believe what this bastard has to say? Someone with the worst possible motives and objectives for the people of this country and they want to believe whatever he can croak out of his mouth. Unbelievable. Of course he’s going to say they acted alone. You have it drummed in your head from childhood not to rat out your friends if you get caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing.

    And whats with the “Johar” crap. They say thats what his friend call him. Are fluffpo his friends now? They should be referring to him by his last name, not some nickname like he’s just another goofy kid like the Beaver or something. Jesus. The pc-ness of this horrendous attack is in full swing.

  39. Does anybody know when she married him? I would at least hope it was before he went all radical religious.

  40. Yeah what’s with Johar. At least it’s easier to spell lol.

  41. Mcnorman@ 2.52


    And I bet Knitter Guy would never run over his brother.

  42. And I bet Knitter Guy would never run over his brother.

    Or at least not drag him a hundred yards.

  43. That’s a selling point. hahahaha

  44. She married Speedbump in June 2010.

  45. @ socal

    The pc-ness of this horrendous attack is in full swing.


  46. I first saw the Johar crap as his tweet name? Any way, I think of this:

  47. And whats with the “Johar” crap. They say thats what his friend call him. Are fluffpo his friends now? They should be referring to him by his last name, not some nickname like he’s just another goofy kid like the Beaver or something?

    I thought the poor poor little terrorists whined that they did not have any friends.

    I do not think Ward and June would have approved of Wally and the Beav blowing people up. I am sure, if Beaver had run over his brother and/or Eddie Haskle (we all know Eddie would be in the thick of things) he would be given a very stern lecture and then his parents would have reminded Beaver that he knew he was responsible for his actions and would have to face the consequences.

    They also would not let him get away with blaming Wally or even Eddie Haskle and would point out that the older two would have to face their own demons even though they had not survived the tire marks. Then Ward & June would have given Beaver a choice between his parents calling the authorities or Beaver turning himself over to the police. Beaver would of course turn himself in, saying his real name is Theodore, and would promise to apologize to Eddie’s parents and all the other victims and their families. Ward & June would then remind Theodore that apologies need to be sincere and do not erase the need for justice.

  48. If officials say they agree that the two dirt bags acted alone, any cohorts will think they are free to continue business as usual and maybe not lay low. I’m not convinced officials believe what they are telling the press. It would be foolish to announce what they are thinking or doing with respect to this case.

  49. Yes and we all know that terrorists never lie about these things. If the say they acted alone, it must be true, right? I mean, they are never told to go ahead and lie to infidels…..

  50. I just stopped by to say

    Happy Birthday FF !!!!!

  51. Lasagna is in the oven. Wish you were all here to help eat it!

  52. Karen that is a cool story.

  53. Thanks to all for a nice birthday! I appreciate the well-wishes.

  54. Happy Birthday FF, I hope it was a good one!

  55. The bomber mama has an outstanding warrent for her arrest since she didn’t show up in court for her shop lifting charges. She comes back and she can share a cell with the angel and maybe he will slit her throat like they did to their wrestling friends.

    I bet the stoned out kid told his three drug buddies that his brother was building bombs and then realized they knew too much. Dear brother helped the little freak eliminate them.

    His DNA is on the evidence in that apartment – I would bet on it.

  56. The investigators that are in Russia will have little tolerance for mamas drama. Her dramatics and propaganda are sickening. She reads infowar (JONES) just like her sons. They hate America because they believe every crack pot story about our govt being evil.

  57. I told you she was trash. Just trash. The whole family is trash. Russia was probably glad to unload them on us. At least they warned us about the Roadkill brother. Not that we did much. She should be watched like a hawk and thrown the hell out of her as soon as possibly. This trial could take five years or more. I do hope they don’t think she can stay here. Scum.

  58. I also notice John King continues to have fallen off the face of the earth since the day he decided with no proof whatsoever that the bombers were black. Not to put too fine a point on it and all of Sharpton’s posturing aside, CNN owes an apology for that. CNN is progressively becoming the most offensive network out there when you consider this on top of blowing Stuebenville rapists like they were wrongly convicted, not to mention Candy’s cracks about military women being raped because “What do you expect”? when you join the military. This network needs some serious law suits, hit em in their wallets and their hearts and minds will follow. Crowley has needed to be relieved of her duties for a long time.

  59. She is in Russia and will not come back. The minute she lands she would be handcuffed. She is now saying her exhusband might just come here alone. Surely she will make up a story about why this country won’t let her near her darling boy.

    She is a piece of crap. The father ran back to the motherland too. He says for medical reasons! Leave the US to go to RUSSIA for its medical expertise??? Nobody will buy that story. The investigators in bothcountries will find out why. Maybe daddy left after his good boys killed their friends?

  60. Dont be so sure they won’t let her in the country because this country loves to let scum in and it loves to coddle criminals and screw victims. We have dead people here, and maimed people who lost limbs. People with ball bearings in their viscera, people still in critical condition and all we hear about are this POS’s trashy family.

  61. Uppity I humbly submit this candidate for cockroach of the week.

  62. What with the Vince Foster thing being all stale, a House report blames Hillary for Benghazi as if she went there and blew the place up herself. Of course it’s a Republican Report.

  63. Member of the trash family also says a ‘mysterious’ radical “took Tamerlan’s brain”.

    THey should have shot the other shithead in the boat. I will keep saying it.

  64. Somebody, so many cockroaches, so little time!

  65. I have no idea about this site, but their video is from CNN
    Mom says go ahead and kill her son and her too, she will say Allah Akbar

  66. The more things change, the more they remain the same…

    I guess it is OK to assault fellow students as long as you write a good book report

  67. Somebody, the kids take after their lovely parents. She is hideous and ignorant and evil just like her spawn.

    They better keep a close eye on the sisters too. This mother had to screw up their heads as well.

  68. @ karen

    I don’t think that the sisters are involved with the mother or father. I saw an interview with the spouse of one of the sisters. She must have left the arranged marriage because the husband said that they didn’t speak because he was not Muslim.

  69. I want to know how these to parental units can afford to fly here? They used our welfare system.

  70. “I also notice John King continues to have fallen off the face of the earth since the day he decided with no proof whatsoever that the bombers were black.”

    AS for John King – I was thinking about that whole thing and watched it live on-line as it unfolded.

    My contention is that he WAS given information and that information was real. BUT – that information was not about the two Chechen guys, but about the mysterious Saudi that went from being “apprehended” to questioned, to detained, to having a search warrant issued on his place in Gloucester, to being deported, to apparently being a friend of the White House (per the Saudi Ambassador’s visit) to not being deported, to not even ever being heard of, per Napalitano in front of Congress yesterday.

    I think John King said “dark skinned” NOT “Black”, for which the Saudi Boy Prince guy would certainly qualify.

    Personally, I think King got PART of the story right, and then it was stepped on by TPTB fast. Now he is in “retraining”.

    That being said, that does not excuse all of CNN’s other problems and wrong statements.

  71. The father and mother will be rich now. Every extremist dirtbag considers the two spawn as heroes and will donate to ship the remains home and support the bastards from hell.

    Her battlecry might wake up a few of the teenage swooning girls who want to free jahar. His confession isn’t enough for these little twits who are defending him. Amazing society we have on this planet!

    That should be played over and over on tv. Sick stuff.

  72. Yep FF. The Post ran a front page convicting innocents. That should be some lawsuit. Can you imagine millions of people seeing your picture on a major newspaper accusing you of this heinous bombing?

    They should be out of business for the accusations – the whole lot of them – for not fact checking.

    The CNN crap is unreal. I saw the tape and the way he kept repeating and explaining it over and over made it worse. Terrible job. Not for saying what his source told him but for the way it was done. It was worse on tape than transcript.

  73. The sisters are still saying they just don’t know what to think. At least the uncle (maybe both uncles?) condemned it.

    They lived with these parents and they must have been touched by the evil. Children learn what they are taught. That woman was the most important person in their world at one point.

    They are acting neutral from what I saw. Maybe they aren’t?

    The one fund Boston has 20 plus million for victims.

  74. FF I have the video of king blowing it out of his ass in the last thread, I think. yes he was given information but in an effort to get the “scoop” he didn’t verify, the hallmark of a Bogus journalist. This is the problem with our press. They will print or say ANYTHING, bullshit or not.

    Re: The Sisters. From everything I;ve read these girls don’t hang out with their family at all and lead a pretty unradical life. I’ll give them the benefit for now, unless I learn otherwise. You can’t pick your relatives.

  75. Yes I am watching Occidental, Anne. They have been covering up rapes and this time, they are going to pay the piper.

    And we apparently have yet another high school barn animal on “the team” who raped and a victim who is being mercilessly harassed.

  76. Mom says go ahead and kill her son and her too, she will say Allah Akbar

    Why doesn’t she just kill herself. Do we have to do everything for these cockroaches?

  77. I cut a small chunk of the meaty part of my baby finger off with my wusthof knife. Bled like a stuck pig. Do not type very fast

  78. McN, the sister left that arranged marriage because the goatfucker beat her within an inch of her life

  79. ((((Uppity)))) sorry about your cut

  80. McNorman you haven’t been back to your blog I wrote your song for you and I shall share with all my Uppityite friends.

    To the tune of Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer…..everybody sing along

    Speedbump got run over by his brother
    Shooting at the cops one April eve
    You may say there’s no such thing as karma
    As for me and my friends we believe

    They’d been doing too much jihad
    And the cops were closing in fast
    They’d forgot to make an escape plan
    Jahar saw a way out over speedbump’s ass

    Jahar was found hiding in a boat
    By a guy who went for a smoke
    He’d been dreaming about virgins
    Put a self inflicted hole right through his throat

    Speedbump got run over by his brother
    Shooting at the cops one April eve
    You may say there’s no such thing as karma
    As for me and my friends we believe

  81. Hahah on the song, Somebody. I was humming along.

    Yea the finger is not happy. Chef’s occupational hazard. My favorite Knife and The Guilty Weapon: 8 inch chef’s knife.
    Finger aside, if you ever decide to help yourself immensely as a cook by buying a good chef’s knife, this one should be it. Accept no substitutes. I love this knife so much i buy them as gifts for people I care about. Finger chunk not included.

  82. Yep I’ve had a few of those occupational hazards myself. Cut my index finger in half to the first knuckle on a slicer, but burns are my specialty!
    It took many years for me to figure out alcohol and baking don’t mix. My birthday is December 23rd, always forgotten and/or complained about by everyone. I usually host everyone for Christmas, so I’d spend my birthday baking and having a pity party for myself usually with my friend Jack Daniels. I’ve been through burn treatment 3 times!

  83. OMG I only lost a chunk and I was ready to call 911, you severed! Burns are horrific. I remember when I was a kid we were at our camp and my cousin sat on one of those collapsible chairs and severed her finger. It was hanging by a string! They did sew it back on. But the same cousin accidentally slashed her wrist on a chef’s knife when we were like 18. The knife was in a sink full of water and she never knew she cut herself till the water turned red. I witnessed it and it was ambulance time. Then they thought she tried to kill herself and I was lying and it was a big mess, literally AND figuratively.

  84. Did you guys read about that Idaho 8th grader psycho had a kill list of teachers and students? He had it on a laptop in school. 2 teachers and 9 students. He’s charged with 11 counts of terrorism. It happened in mid march but it’s got traction just now.

    And now we have another one. His parents caught what he was doing on the computer and I guess he had accumulated a bag of guns too. He’s been arrested. Apparently there was bullying.

  85. Somebody, they’re going to wonder why I am humming that tune at work this time of year. It should go viral.

  86. 8th grader psycho had a kill list

    And now we have another one.

    Are we going to hear the MSM say that “They are just emulating BO”?

  87. The komo news link isn’t working the last letter got cut off of htmL.

  88. The last line is delusional. They think their community is safe. No place on earth is safe from crime. The nice man next door could be a pervert, a drug dealer, a potential murderer. To say Rigby is safe, after a kid fills a bag of weapons and intends to kill, is just wrong.

  89. Don’t you just love the conservative family values and moral hype?

    Newt’s buddy is a pervert and a blackmailer. I am sure all those republican celebs he took pics with are so proud to be GOP.–election.html?.b=index&.cf3=&.cf4=1&.cf5=The+Ticket&.cf6=%252F

    What a freak show this world has become.

  90. Link is screwy above but works. This is the part needed.–election.html

    Makes you wonder what he was doing in that Ellie costume? Ew.

  91. @ Somebody

    If I had a Grammy to give you, I would!

    I will now be working in the yard humming that tune with those lyrics. I’m sure that my neighbors will find it quite catchy as well. lol

  92. @ Upps
    Well then, that sister did herself a favor by exiling herself from that motley bunch. I’m sure that the new husband is thankful that they never accepted him.

  93. Happy B- Day FF Me and the boys are made you a is the vid 🙂

  94. Good grief…the all American wifey was arrested for snagging $67 worth of clothing from Old Navy when she was 18.

  95. The one whose family has a half million dollar glamorous house? Bizarre. My first instinct was to label her “poor little rich girl” and that seems more and more like the case.

    She surely had closets full of clothes and wanted for nothing. Ironically, now she wears a burqa. They say depressed people and unstable minds shoplift. Compulsion to take stuff is a psych issue.

    Her mother in law would approve.

  96. Lovin’ that song, Somebody. Well done!

  97. Happy B’Day, FF. xo

  98. What with the Vince Foster thing being all stale, a House report blames Hillary for Benghazi as if she went there and blew the place up herself. Of course it’s a Republican Report.

    I saw that earlier. Issa is a moron.

  99. Karen, Noooo, I do not even want to think about what he might be doing in that Ellis costume. Eww is right!

  100. NES, if you’re still around, I had a lawyer question the other day.

  101. Tweet her and she’ll come back sophie.

  102. That sounds like the last line of a movie or a song!

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