Working out with your cats.


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  1. Where it the heck do you find these great videos!! Thanks so much, Upps. I really needed this today.

  2. Thanks for today’s post. I needed that!


  3. Yea!
    Cat Therapy!

  4. A little birdie told me to do it.

  5. That was sweet!

  6. Dog wants a kitteh.

  7. Fred I watched that vid yesterday and never got around to linking it here. They did a great job on the voice and the personality.

  8. The tuxie at work has all three shifts tending to its every need and several people will take it. Three buildings are caring for this cat. He has shelter and too much food. It is a little aloof and not crazy about touching but tolerates it. Does not like to be picked up.

    This week we have a new cat coming around sharing attention with the tuxie. It is a very fluffy green eyed tabby mix that is a purring pet me now cat. Climbs up on your chest and cuddles with loving snuggly furry mush. She wants a human to love. I am pretty sure this little ball of love is pregnant. Just what I need with my place full of moving boxes. My parrot is going back to my daughter today. I am pretty sure I have a cat with my name on it.

    A few people that have cats also adore this one so they may take her.

    If not – I said I would. She can help me pack…

    I call her Hazel for her eyes. No pics – I work nights. Pics of her (and the kittens!) If she comes home with me will follow.

  9. Damn I was going to put dog wants a cat up. It was between the one that’s up and that. All this psychic stuff is getting bigger around here. lol.

  10. hmmmmmmmmmmmm Looks like Karen is ready for a kitteh. Or to put a finer point on it, a kitteh is ready for Karen.

  11. What Ani said.

  12. leslie, I just kinda figured you gotta have some stress-relief posts or everybody will implode. It’s been a rough rolling week.

  13. Upps~ here in psychiatry-ville it has been double. I don’t know if it is the news, the full moon, or everything altogether. I’m home taking a mental health day triggered by agita triggered by work triggered by who knows what.

  14. Oh good, I’m glad you wisely took a mental day, leslie.


    A week from now we will have a post where we post baby pics of ourselves. So go find your pics and get ready for a rousing good time, some great laughs and, I would imagine, some fun stories.

    I am kicking around the thought of each of us posting pics of somebody else on the forum and the rest of us guessing who it is. oR…….You guys can submit pics to me, I will post them and number them and we will guess. Then we can post more of ourselves in comments, after the guessing game.


  16. Hey I made a pretty good veggie burger for lunch. Way cheaper than buying them by a mile. Here’s what they looked like before they hit the oven.

  17. I’m leaving for a while, but if you would post a recipe (I cook, but not much and never veggie burgers) I’d appreciate it. My daughter and I are cutting out meat and any recipe I can get will be more than I already have. THNX.
    \(how/ where to send photos?)

  18. I’ll send an email address out to everybody who wants to send a pic a group mailing early next week. Sure, I’ll post the recipe. No problem. It will go in the recipe tab.

  19. How about little kid pics? The only baby pics I have are of my kitties.

  20. Yes little kid pics. I should have said that. Little kid pics are the most fun. So we don’t want newborn pics, we want personality pics so we can pick each other out. Pretty much anything goes, whatever pics of you as a youngster, a two year old or a six year old or whatever.

  21. All this psychic stuff is getting bigger around here

    Oh yeah. Everyone around here is psychotic uh psychic!

  22. karen said; They did a great job on the voice and the personality.


  23. Now this picture thing will take some work. My dad was into slides. I have tons of them. Maybe I can give Mom the project to hunt photos done while I am at work.

    Shared both video clips with rescue colleagues. I think everyone is in need of a little stress busting.

  24. My photo albums are all packed and all the boxes from the cabinets and shelves of that whole room just say BOOKS on the box. Mine will be submitted when I unpack. Santa, horsey ride, sled, amusement park, beach, dancing – wait – there mustbe one with food somewhere in my albums. I have some good hippie days ones.

  25. Love the pix idea, count me in.

    This is sick & bizarre, but also kinda funny. Saudi Arabia arrests three visiting men from Dubai and deports them for being too handsome! You can’t make this shit up:–120-y-for—Saudi-Arabia–Male-tourists-deported-for-being-TOO-HANDSOME

  26. Monsanto says Roundup is safe. Study says it is linked to disease. Hope they get a class action suit for making people ill.

  27. My daughter had 4 flights this week and each was delayed by 60 – 90 minutes due to sequestration.

  28. I want these sneakers for door knocking days – if she runs then I will literally run.

  29. Cute.

  30. If a CHEMICAL is designed for the express purpose of killing things, the word “Safe” does not come to mind. They mean it probably won’t kill you very fast, or at worst it will make you sick so you die of whatever sickness you have. Therefore Roundup is innocent. Funny how Monsanto’s current CEO eats organic.

  31. Karen you haven’t see that congress has a Monsanto protection act, called something else, to ensure Monsanto can’t be sued by us peons should it turn out that they are killing us

  32. Will you check out this sweet face? Via Syd

  33. Happy World Penguin Day! (Really, there is such a thing and it’s today.)

  34. I’ve watched that “dog wants a cat” video about 15 times now. I can’t stand it !!! It is the best” the voices are just wonderful. I’ve forwarded it to everyone I could think of.

  35. Yeah I guess I shoulda put the dog up, eh?

  36. Adorable doggie, Upps.

  37. Whoa! I want those sneakers too!

  38. That dog wants a kitteh vid was adorable. Really well done.

  39. Uppity, both videos stellar, but I’d vote for the cats – how does anyone convince them to cooperate as they do for him? Take mine, for instance. She’s put me through an unusual week. Sunday there was no satisfying her & I never figured out what the scoop was. Monday I contacted the shelter about their surrender policies lol. And during Mon. night I woke to her galloping through this place, back and forth between windows. Turned out to be a cat out at night. It sat adoringly on a tree stump for her to admire, until I turned on the floodlight. & it left.
    Rest of week she’s eating less, sleeping more. Yesterday afternoon my concern increased and with weekend coming, called for an appointment which turns out to be today at 12:30 – fortunately with same vet who has seen her through the trials of teeth and IBS.

    Now that the appointment is made, I notice a huge improvement and shortly thereafter have epiphany..She is love sick.

    Obviously my cat has me where she wants me. That the guy exercising could convince his to do all the moves he wanted them to make – well that deserves speshal recognition. IMO.

  40. Just back from animal clinic. Diagnosis as suspected: the cat is bonkers over the stranger free to roam at night. He’s not been back that I know of but my feline still watches for him. She’s down from an all-time high of 8.7 pounds to 8.2 pounds. Her doctor does not want to see her return to below 8.0.

    SophieCT I suspect your Lily is much more sensible.

  41. LOL. My Lily was surgically modified to ignore suitors. However, there was a butterfly outside earlier and I thought she was going to break down the storm door to go play with it!

  42. Hey thanks gang. Mods, you have got to take a look in spam at the screed from a “John Rambo” from Boycott American Women. I gotta do something with that for fun.

    Hey John, just in case you’re looking, Fuck You and Who Cares? She left you and everybody knows why except you, right, Rambo?

    Rambo. lolol. Boo Fucking Hoo. Trust me, American Women will be happy to live without you. No traffic from me to your silly little blog. And don’t forget to pay your child support, deadbeat.

  43. What a pathetic piece of work! I hate to tell him, but he doesn’t need to spend any effort boycotting American women–none of them are beating a path to his door. Even if I were of the Breeder persuasion, I would never consider him–I have no patience for guys that repeatedly split infinitives.

  44. SophieCT FWIW my cat’s records and vet say she is too.

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