The Evian Dancing Babies: Nearly 40,000,000 Hits.


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  1. Those two boston goatfuckers made a huge mistake when they gave Russia the chance they have been hoping for.

    Russia raids a mosque and arrests 140, looking for “extremists”.

    Regrets. You will have a few, you Chechnyan goatfucking Islamic extremists. Expect to be ostracized by your own in Russia. See how well that works out for you in Russia. I shall watch with glee.

  2. I saw some of the Cosmonauts but was away for some of the time in the beginning and very busy with life that month. The 2 blacks and the tortie were hard to see details on such as facial features unless they were right at the camera. Yuri and Laika were normal quality photogenic for the cam.

    John has spurred more people to foster. That is a great legacy.

  3. I bet those torties are awesome to look at now. And I’m particularly fond of black cats myself. But they ARE hard to photograph, you usually end up with all this black and two eyes. I saw an orangie sticking out like a sore thumb. lol. Saw a video where he pounces on them from above too.

  4. I have found with black fosters I need to set up a background that helps them stand out a bit so their personality shines through on Petfinder and on their bios at adoption days. Kittens are easier as they are very active and you can now post a short video. Close-ups are often a torties best friend. Black cats are my first love but Torties have been closing in on the lead. Watching a torties coat change with time is fascinating and they often have such interesting faces to go with their tortitude.

  5. LivingSocial had 50 million passwords breached. It is rough out there, bad guys everywhere.

  6. All’s quiet on the Uppity front?

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