Good News and Bad News!

Good news and bad news.

Lotsa jobs added, unemployment is down to less than 8  percent. That’s the good news.

The bad news is here is a sample new hiree telling us about his new job. He used to be an electrical engineer.



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  1. My sentiments exactly. I think we’re seeing the results of unemployment benefits running out and people are taking whatever jobs they can find. Over time though if the unemployment rate continues to fall it should feed some economic recovery, sort of the mental aspect of it all. Businesses might be more willing to expand and invest, consumers see the UE rate dropping they feel more confident so they spend more, etc. The big unknown is Obamacare and the drag it is going to have on businesses.

  2. When I was in college, in the heart of the of western pa during the steel melt down, our economics professor would mock the unemployment numbers. He went with an old but now often overlooked approach. Double the official number and it is closer to the actual unemployment. Triple the official number in a bad economy. The most recent “adjusted for reality” figures I have seen suggested real world unemployment around 23% if you include those who have fallen off the roles as well as those who do not qualify. That does not include the under employed (lower level jobs or part time in lieu of full time).

    Even here, in an area that always prided itself on being recession proof, I know numerous people who have, like two of my brothers, lost 3 or 4 jobs to cutbacks in the past several years. Many no longer qualify for unemployment benefits. Those over 60 are taking early retirement and moving to more affordable areas and settling for part time work. I can name more than a dozen. Three in my condo community alone.

  3. I’ve done entire posts on that, M L. It’s about lies, damn lies and statistics. In addition to not counting the people who fall off the rolls after getting their last checks, the people who leave the state and go elsewhere to work help out the stats for the state as well. Then there are the people who have to take two jobs to live, they are still counted as two jobs even though one person is employed at them. It’s all funny math, fake as it gets.

  4. from another link:

    The CDC had already noted a worrying trend for suicides. “Suicide deaths have surpassed deaths from motor vehicle crashes in recent years in the United States. In 2010 there were 33,687 deaths from motor vehicle crashes and 38,364 suicides,” the CDC’s Nimesh Patel and Scott Kegler wrote in their report.

  5. I recall the posts. The way they portray this as good news is beyond deceptive and really grates.

    Most of the people I know in this area who managed to get jobs after being cut are now contract workers.Not to mention those that have found they have been reclassified (February was interesting when people got 1099 and not w2s for their 2012 taxes). And not just the ubiquitous government contractors in and around DC. Businesses all across the country are finding out this is a cheap way to go and people are desperate. Contract work generally means income/quarters are worthless in terms of qualifying for unemployment since no unemployment insurance needs is paid by employers for 1099 (not w2) workers. Not to mention it helps get around Obamacare.

  6. Fredster, wouldn’t you love to see the breakdown of those suicides? I mean it seems a week doesn’t go by when we see young people who can’t handle squat killing themselves. I see it in my own community, girfriend leaves you? Blow your own brains out. It just seems that suicide comes too easy to that generation. I also wonder how many kids are killig themselves because of bullying. that seems to be so frequent, you would think America would be looking at that problem more seriously, it also seems to me that when you badger someone who emotionally can’t handle being harassed and tortured on social netowrks and in person, you are contributing to murder when you help make that person’s demise happen. And suicide after rape seems to happen enough to notice. I have a link somewhere about one girl who offed herself after the little barn Animals America so frequently raises these days just flat out told her Why Don’t You Just Kill Yourself, because she complained about being raped. This is bullshit and America had better start reigning in these little criminals who not only do these things but who also stick up for the barn animals who do these things. And fuck the team. Something is VERY wrong with our youth attitude toward cheating, rape, harassment and driving each other to death.

  7. Upps: the age group:

    The annual suicide rate of people 35 to 64 years old rose 28 percent from 1999 to 2010

    This isn’t the young folks.

  8. Think there’s any connection here? You betcha!

    I see we are all in one another’s heads today. Right after I posted my first comment, I received two daily medical news summaries with links to stories about the suicide rates for those in their prime working years.And, yes, the first thought is well of course it is up in this age group.

    Recall last month’s “surprise” findings that disability claims were outstripping unemployment claims.

  9. Fredster, I’m talking the overall total recorded and I’m sure the young number is wayyyyyyyyy up too. I’d like to see that stat.

    28% increase for 35-64 is astounding. I’ll bet the other figure is astounding too.

  10. MtLaurel, disability has been out of control for a long time. We all know somebody we KNOW has no business on SSDI. We really need to evaluate. SSDI is NOT supposed to be an unemployment option. Problem is we should never EVER do a repeat of what Reagan did and just dump giant chunks of people and see who gets a lawyer and gets back on before they die. As I mentioned a few times, I know a person who died because of Ronald Reagan’s heartless son of a bitch decision. My only solace is in hoping his last lucid thought was Gee I shoulda funded Alzheimers instead of blowing that illness off too. And funny how Nancy ‘changed her mind’ about stem cells when it was her Ronnie would would have benefited from all that blocking bullshit from her party.

  11. Mt. Laurel@3:34: When first hearing that stat and reading it, my first thoughts were: 1. long-term unemployed or 2. caught in mortgage mess and 3. no health insurance and maybe got news about a devastating illness. I have no idea whether those are valid or not but they seem to be things that might fit into that age group and be the reasons these folks might take their lives.

  12. Fredster, a devastating illness is valid with or without those other issues. To be sure, there are people who acquired devastating illnesses because of those other issues, though. Think heart attacks. I do believe this would spike the SSDI number legitimately, I just question whether it is the case in all the people who spiked the SSDI number.

  13. Uppity said: Fredster, a devastating illness is valid with or without those other issues

    That’s true. I was thinking devastating illness and no insurance. The Bloomberg article wants to link it to economic issues.

    “The suicide rate started accelerating in 2008, 2009 and 2010 — someone might still be working, but their house is underwater, or they’re working but they’re working part-time,” Eric Caine, the director of the CDC’s Injury Control Research Center for Suicide Prevention, said by telephone. “These things ripple into families. There’s an economic stress.”

  14. Yes I see. The problem with SSDI and insurance (medicare) is I think there’s a decent waiting period before medicare kicks in except for late stage kidney diseae, unless that’s changed. And getting on SSDI itself is not a short process.

  15. I think there’s a decent waiting period before medicare kicks in except for late stage kidney diseae,

    I think you’re right about the waiting period.

  16. Yeah Fredster, that way they kill a few off.

  17. Yep, no muss. no fuss. 👿

  18. We are smoked in, big wafts of smoke and tons of ash. We are not in the evac area but 5 — 10 minutes away. Am packing up & we will spend weekend someplace where we can breathe, Who would have thought a major fire in the beginning of May?!?!

  19. Doh on me.

    Glad you’re leaving, that smoke is bad news.

  20. That’s gotta be so scary.

  21. Stay safe socal.

    Now I am off to check on CA brother and family because Mom will ask (they are east of the area – but she sees southern CA and worries).

  22. Socal – prayers headed west to you and to our missing person (Ms. Pie) too.

  23. My company had a layoff today. The headline about unemployment being down must have inspired our executives.

    (I am still employed.)

  24. I think imust is east of me. I live NW of Los Angeles in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains. Several of our friends have been evac’ed since yesterday. This fire is moving insanely fast. It started in Camarillo yesterday morning & I took laker to his phys therapy appt in Newbury Park which is right next to Cam. and the whole hill across the street from the place where the phys therapy is held was freaking on fire. Scary as hell, we had to get out of there. Ash & heavy smoke everywhere. I live 5-10 minutes south of the fire.

  25. Just heading home from the job I still have – praise the goddesses. I send prayers and good wishes for everyone in CA especially socal, laker,mr socal et al . Just a note to say people with depression and anxiety are practically lined up on the streets seeking treatment. And because of insurance it is still hard to come by. I suppose suicide becomes a solution. 😦

  26. 45 mph winds and dry. Do a rain dance.

  27. OMG Socal! You all be careful!! Get someplace safe.

    Sophie, glad you survived the layoff.

    Prayers and good thoughts to both of you.

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