More of America’s Finest: The Ice Cream Mafia

So much for The Good Humour Man!

Next time, maybe a horse head on the hood……..


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  1. Pelosi needs a horse head on her hood. Now she’s praying that Hillary runs in 2016. HUH? Didn’t she help de-rail her in 2008 in favor of an unqualified pseudo-JFK? Now she wants Hillary to step in and save the party and save the world.

    Pelosi is going to need her own ice cream truck when she goes to hell for helping to saddle us with Zero when we could have had a competent woman.

  2. New post up.

  3. 2:26 seconds of my life I will never get back.

  4. In Gloversville, this qualifies as big news. And in a few weeks, you will hear that Mr Sno Cone slashed Mr. Dingaling’s tires.

  5. The guy wants to retire his ding-a-ling. LOL!

  6. Fredster, or…………….This neighborhood belongs to MY DINGALING!

  7. Oh! My!! 😯

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