The Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.

Read the whole story, see more pics, see a video, get the entire scoop at …where else but Still 4 Hill’s pad?




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  1. I saw a news byte about locals already calling it the HillBilly airport for their names. I thought of our Hillbilly.

    They look bored in that pic to me. They do look good though.

  2. I put the hummingbird feeders back up weeks ago incase there were any early migrants. I had my first returnee today. I missed the little flying gems. There is a new (cheap too) feeder with slots instead of ovals for the openings. It is bee and ant proof but the hummer beaks fit fine. Hallelujah. I don’t have wasps in the hummer feeder any more.

  3. First Hummers showed up in Southern Maryland two days ago.

  4. For this, I’d be willing to get on a plane and go to Arkansas. Let’s all meet there on May 31.

  5. That’s a cool idea, SophieCT. 🙂

  6. SophieCT, I’ll meet you there. It’s a long drive for me, but I’ll take time off to do it.

  7. Ah, fellow hummingbird friends. McNorman knows of my interesting relationship with them. It seems they have a certain attraction to me. They are links between here and the Other, you know. Or so a knowing native American once told me. A messenger so to speak.

  8. For this, I’d be willing to get on a plane

    huh-uh, nope

  9. May 31 should be National Hijack Day of Infamy.

    Every article with Hillary’s name suddenly has dozens of viscious comments that are all the same basic scathing lies and psycho babble. The republican bots learned from the obots how to hire techno trash talkers to attack every post on every open comment site. The obots learned much of their slimy tricks from the GOP so now they repaid the favor.

    The obots are all but gone but the old enemy is just starting to ooze its familiar slime machine. Hannity and company will rile the masses with their innuendo. No matter who the GOP pics the Fox propaganda machine will make him out to be a flag waving savior. If she runs the Hillary nut crackers will seem quaint compared to the evil they will produce about her.

    She has balls of steel. And we got her back. Bring it.

  10. Hey nobody is sending me baby and kid pics of themselves. Only two. So I assume nobody wants to have fun.

    But if you do send them do NOT send them from one of your apps or storage areas, I get stuck downloading your app which I have no use for and it takes up space with a whole damned large folder. Send it from your local computer only. I am not interested in joining anybody’s app or pic storage service and they just force the stuff into my machine. And make sure it says .jpg on it.

    One last chance and then I am abandoning this project. Send pic of you as a kid to

    Let me know if you’ve send a pic so I don’t have to keep checking and come up empty.

  11. I don’t have my pics as they’ve all been packed. I have very few scanned pics in my old emails but i doubt there are any of me as a child.

    The Ready for Hillary site rocks. They linked to Issa getting 4 Pinnochio’s for attacking Hillary, still (!!) for signing, as all Secty. of States do, a million cables (emails today but they still use the formal signature and term cable for stuffy protocol reasons only) If a toilet needed a new handle it would have her signature on it. Issa knows this but those piggo propagandists are so freaking scared of her.

    They said there will be T-shirts soon. I will get a few since i plan to wear them daily and everywhere. If my job tells me to stop wearing it ?I will but when I am not working that is what I will wear until election day. This time we mean business and we will not be robbed again.

    There will be pitch forks and torches if they try it.

    I will print and hang the first political cartoon that depicts her standing there innocently on one side and a group of cowering GOP bloviating pigs on the other cowering in fear with their piggy tails between their legs as they shiver and shrivel up.

  12. For all the geeks here, May the Fourth be with you.

  13. I can’t scan my pics…I was thinking of taking photos of the photos with my phone and then semding them. Will that work?

  14. Leslie, i think you can go to a photo counter in any store and they can make them digital for you. Should be inexpensive and you will have them should the originals be ruined somehow.

  15. Sophie – cute.

  16. Upps, I sent you jpgs.

  17. Laker says may the Fourth Be With You back to Sophie.

  18. Hey Socal, tell Laker that the day after Cinco de Mayo is Revenge of the Sixth.

  19. Ok the picture idea is cancelled. No problem.

  20. I have two apartments to reno for re-renting and some major house projects going on. I have to get the outside of the property in order and I have more than a fair amount of land, trees, bushes and other greenery. The old fellow who always did this for me is ill and so I am on my own. i also have to set up my vegetable garden. In other words, I am busy. Really busy. I am tired at the end of the day and I have no idea when I will get these things done, but I do know it is going to take time. Summer is short, as you NE’ers know I can play off and on, and tweet and comment here now and then, but to be honest, writing for this blog just is going to have to take a back seat to life. I just can’t think about the blog or be responsible to keep my friends here entertained, informed, or anything else. I just wanted to let you know this because you can already see, things are slowing down. I apologize but that’s the way it is. Like you, I have to pay attention to life. I can’t even tell you how many other things I have let go, and I don’t even want to think about that. So, you can all come here and, after all it is your blog too. But if you are looking for the old reliable blogger, you probably can expect NOT to get it here. I appreciate your loyalty for these years but you have got to expect that now and then I have to do the same stuff you have to do and it’s not conducive to thinking about what I have to write next, or find to put up, or….well you know what I mean.

  21. Hey Upps, no explanation needed. You’re entitled to a life! We can amuse ourselves while you’re busy. Or even still, get some shit done around our own houses! Or, you never know, some occupiers could pick up some of the slack here and there. Don’t sweat it though–do what you need to do and know you are still loved in absentia.

  22. Thanks Soph, you know I love ya too. And I know you have a set of keys, along with a few others.

  23. I ordered the new cabinets for my kitchen today. I am suffering from Post Kitchen Design Syndrome and trembling as I write. I keep looking back to see if the bank is after me yet.

  24. What kind of cabinets did you get leslie.

  25. Boo Hoo. Nobody wants to bury the goatfucker. And Boston doesn’t want him buried there. I say stuff his ass in a packing box and send him to his bigmouth mother. COD

    Carrying American flags, several protestors returned to Main St in Worcester to picket the funeral home.

    “It’s going to give this neighborhood a bad name,” said Ronald Wahlers, a retired firefighter who has lived in Worcester for a year and a half. “This guy doesn’t belong here.”

    Stefan, who has owned the parlor for 35 years, has been the target of many of the protestors.

    “What gives him the right to say yes and bring the body here?” said Patricia Hildreth, of Rindge, N.H., who carried a sign declaring “Shame on you, Mr. Stefan!” as she protested outside of the funeral parlor.

    “To him, this is just a body. To us, this is someone who came here to kill Americans,” she added.

    “I had to come here and show support for the victims,” said Hildreth, who made the hourlong drive to join the protest Saturday morning. “This is not right.”

    Hildreth said she and her two sisters saw the Friday night protests on the news and decided to join the crowd Saturday.

    As she spoke, passing drivers honked their horns and shouted support through their windrows.

    “Just burn him and throw him in the sewer,” said a college-aged man in a black tanktop as he walked past the small protest.

  26. Upps @ 12:55am: I soooo agree! I said something similar earlier when we saw this on the news.

  27. Bury him at sea with bin Laden. His mother can take up snorkeling if she wants to visit him.

  28. Sorry, Upps, I shut down and went to bed early last night. I got a very simple white cabinet by Martha Stewart (maidstone is the name). It is the darkest room I’ve ever been in and so after 20 years of getting depressed everytime I walked into the kitchen, I put the last 4 months into redesigning a very limited space to accommodate cabinets that will be “stacked” to take advantage of the high (9.5′) ceilings on the only wall that is available. Merely signing the order and knowing I’m responsible for this large purchase is causing me anxiety attacks. But it is very exciting at the same time. If I survive, I’ll have a new kitchen by Thanksgiving.
    I wonder if anyone has suggestions for a replacement dishwasher. the one here is 30 years old. It works just fine, but I know that as soon as I pull it out, it’ll never be the same.
    (Since this comment will be buried in an old post, I may ask this question again in a later thread.)

  29. LOL, Hugo @2:32

  30. What the “hell” is he supposed to do? Take the fucker home with you, you asshole, and bury him in your backyard. You did not have to accept that shitbag’s body Far as Boston is concerned, you should throw his ass in the water. Give him to some sharks. Who cares? If anybody thinks that family is going to take that body, they are fools. They want America to pay for his “proper” burial, the bag of shit. I say ship the POS in a crate on ice and dump him off at his asshole mother’s front door. If you ask me, she was part of this, with her bullshit stories and horseshit whining and moaning. Send him to her. If he doesn’t fit in the crate, just remove his legs. Karma warrants it.

  31. leslie, don’t be anxious. This purchase is for you. Enjoy it. You deserve it. Cooking is a joy, it’s a greater joy when you have a bright and ergonomically designed kitchen. It’s like having the right knives. It’s all good. Furthermore, you will increase the value of your home. But most importantly, it will make you feel good and you deserve it.

    Whichever dishwasher you buy, it won’t last 30 years, I guarantee it. Lucky if it lasts five. lol. I had to go look at the brand of my diswasher. I have a KitchenAid. Had it now about ten years. Works great, is pretty quiet, does the job and no repairs so far. FWIW

  32. We have a KitchenAid with a stainless steel interior. I love it. As for Speedbump’s burial, his body should be dumped in an active volcano.

  33. Thanks, Upps and lyn5 for the reviews. I know KitchenAid made by Hobart was great – it is what I have now. I don’t know if they are still as good since they sold the company. Lyn5, how old is yours?

  34. Oh no….. I clicked “post comment” before I said that i’m with whoever said they can blow up the body and get rid of it just like they did Bin Laden.

  35. Harry Nilsson was brilliant. The Point was Awesomely Brilliant. And that’s that.

  36. Ah I didn’t know kitchenaid changed hands. I DO know every appliance of theirs I ever had left my home still working and only because of remodeling “change”. I have one apartment that has a dishwasher of theirs that is from the 70s and still working. No shit. And no digital. Which is why.

  37. This is a fun retro place, no kidding. Tenants love it. Has a 70s heavy stainless steel stove top, built like a tank, all gas and with a griddle in the middle for pancakes. And an early wall oven, before this stuff was in ‘vogue’. Electric wall oven with……..are you ready? Pink door. Door between kitchen and dining…that slides into the wall!

  38. WOW. Loving Julia’s kitchen.

  39. Upps @10:43 Sounds AWESOME ! My dishwasher is also from the 70’s when this building – built in 1902 – was converted into condos. I bought in the when the dishwasher was already nearly 90’s when the washer was already a teenager.
    No digital makes all the diff. My (relatively new) stove is a few years old and I refused to get anything digtal except the clock.

  40. oopsie!! don’t know how that happened. I meant:
    I bought in the 90’s when the washer was already a teenager. (I’d love to blame autocorrect, but it was my own fault.)

  41. Leslie, our dishwasher is 8 years old. It is digital, but the control panel is simple and easy to use.

  42. The problem with digital appliances vs analog is, when a button or knob breaks, you get a new button or knob. When a chip goes, you get socked for a repair cost that makes no sense, so you have to go buy a new one. Same goes for all the digitals in cars. The cost is comparatively astronomical when there is a failure.

  43. I prefer simple appliances to digital ones also. When hubs & I were newly married, we lived in a great old apt bldg that had a huge retro kitchen that I loved. It had pink stove/over/dishwasher.

  44. socal I had thought of renovating that place and then realized there are people who WANT retro. I have to admit, it is a cute place. And it’s NEVER empty.

  45. I agree with everyone about the simple – not digital or computerized – appliances. I’ve been looking and they are very hard to come by. Thanks for the encouragement and info everyone.

  46. Stunning. After the horrific failure of Benghazi some are still enthralled with Hillary?

  47. Type, nobody made you come here. But I’m making you leave here. There can be no reason for you to come here and say that other than raw maliciousnessness. Now THAT’s “Stunning”. And we’re not going to dignify your remark with an answer. Get off my blog. Start your own and I will come visit you and harass you. We’re not here to please you. Move out.

    If I recall correctly I invited you off this blog years before your new reason to hate Hillary. And even if I don’t recall correctly, I’m not going to put the time into checking. Just get off the blog.

  48. Right wing crackpot domestic terror plan thwarted in Minnesota. Just what we need, some homegrown crackpots adding to the mix.

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