Cinco de Gatos

……….ducking and running…




***Celebrants in photos are Island Cats.


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  1. Aww, what cute little CDM celebrants! Margaritas for everyone!

  2. Oudda the park, Uppity.

  3. I don’t drink normally but when summer company comes for a bbq I make a pitcher of Margaritas. Nothing says summer like crushed ice and a lime based drink.

    Upps, thanks for all you do and always take time for you too.

  4. I must admit that when it comes to drinks, I understand limes. But when it comes to cooking, I am lime impaired. Give me a lemon and I can think of 20 things to do with it. Give me a lime and it turns into rock in the fridge.

  5. Hi Uppity & Happy Cinco I came across this article — I thought you might find it interesting I guess in a political sense dating back several years now to the Le favre generation? After I read it, it was like taking a sociological peek into the hive mind of 27, and those who were raised like this — on the machines.

  6. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
    When life gives you limes, make Margaritas.

    Hee hee:

  7. Happy Cinco de Gatos. Here is an article posted by the Smithsonian today to recognize Cinco de Mayo. It’s about the first margarita machine which is now housed at the American History Museum in DC. (The article is written by one of the curators who worked in the Julia Child kitchen exhibit.)

    But I’m more of a mojito fan.

  8. Hugo, I like mojitos more also.

  9. I like Julia Child.

  10. LOL!

  11. Socal, glad to hear you’re back home. (You are back home, right?)

  12. Sophie, you may already have seen this, but just in case…

    The Smithsonian moved Julia Child’s kitchen from Cambridge to the American History Museum and re-assembled it o look just as it did in her home. Very cool exhibit!!

  13. Yes i was going to say earlier I am not a margherita person. If I had a lime it would head for the Mojito pitcher. I’m with Hugo.

    Yeah Hugo, his moany mother can go snorkeling and I volunteer to be in charge of her oxygen. I think I dislike her as much as I dislike him.

    I do not celebrate Cinco de mayo. It’s not an American holiday and never will be. It’s the Mexican version of St. Patrick’s Day. You either are out there celebrating or you’re not. You don’t have to. I don’t see Mexico bothering with the 4th of July, do you?

  14. I like a good Margarita made with good tequila. I make my own lime syrup and that makes a huge difference.

    Make the lime syrup:
    Combine 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup sugar, and the zest of 1 lime in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Bring to room temperature, then refrigerate until cool.

    Make the cubes:
    Mix 1/2 cup of the lime syrup with 1 cup of freshly squeezed lime juice. Pour into an ice cube tray and freeze.

    Make the Margaritas:
    Put all of the cubes, 1 cup of tequila (Patron, Don Julio), and 3 oz oc Cointreau into a blender and whiz away until you have the desired consistency.
    Pour into a Margarita glass, salted or not.

  15. I’ll drink to that Sophie!!! Thanks for sharing your recipe

    Socal everything OK, are you back home? On the news they say the weather has helped to get the fire under control.

  16. Sophie, your margarita recipe sounds amazing, and I’m not a big margarita drinker. Yes, we are home, and a marine layer came in yesterday, cool damp air, and today its been sprinkling on and off. Its supposed to rain Mon & Tues and they say the fire will be out tomorrow. It’ll be nice to have rain to clean up the air and wash away all the ash.

  17. LOL, Uppity. I was not thinking that oxygen would be included in her snorkeling lessons. She can shut her mouth and hold her breathe. That woman definitely bears responsibility for the murder and mayhem committed by her little devils.

    I don’t go out a celebrate Cinco de Mayo either, but I’m craving Mexican food. I just love good Mexican cuisine.

  18. Put de lime in de cocoanut and drink it all down.

  19. They can’t fool this Harry Nilsson fan. That was not Harry Nilsson. This is Harry Nilsson.

  20. My Margharita receipt is via 78 yo sister. 1 1/4 cups taquila, 1 cup triple sec, 3/4 cups of Dailey’s sour mix and a few ice cubes. It will knock you on your butt and is very popular with Al’s millennial age group friends.

  21. Look at her stove!!!!!!!! OMG!
    2 25 pound turkeys fit into her oven.

  22. Margheritas give me a headache.

  23. Cats in hats, gotta love it. I would love to figure out how anyone was able to make a cat wear anything. We had a hard time getting our cat to wear his collar. Hubby got the cat a sweater for Christmas–you know, one of the goofy Christmas sweaters–with Santa and stuff. Sweater was off in a nanosecond. Hubby got the stink eye of death.

  24. Uppity Woman, on May 5, 2013 at 10:52 PM said:

    Margheritas give me a headache.

    I break out in Drunks. 😆

  25. Hahaha Foxy I just bet you do.

  26. Last week I had the theme from the Golden Girls in my head and couldn’t shake it. Thanks for curing me, Upps.

    You put the lime in the coconut…

  27. I make the margaritas different ways. I’ve used limeade – frozen kinds, real lime juice, jose cuervo bottle mix, etc. the trick to a good drink is to have, as Sophie says, the frozen ice cubes not be water, this way it doesn’t dilute the potent stuff.

    The other summer classic is daquiri. A friend who worked at a fruit distributor used to have an annual daquiri party. there were blenders, rum, mixes, and metal trays filled with a dozen kinds of cut up tropical fruit ready to toss in. By midnight we’d have mango, pineapple, papaya, orange all in one blender as we were too drunk to know what the hell we were drinking. literally falling on the floor drunk. we all slept in his house and often on his deck or backyard grass or a tree.

    the hangover lasted days. the fruit did wonders for weight loss…

    we were young. and soooooo stupid!

  28. My housing market in this area is dead as hell. It is not going well at all. it seems that the reason is Sandy. Nobody in the NY,NJ,Ct etc. areas are in the pocono area this year at all. Normally there is a April and May spike in people buying houses. This year, all price ranges, have no buyers at all. The agents say their doors have dust on them and cob webs.

    My friend on LI is still staying with her daughter. Since October! Many lost their jobs due to Sandy and the ripple effect hits this region too since this is where those folks used to come for trips to the country.

    Fingers crossed that I can get out of here before the first snow. I have had it on the market since December. It isn’t the price. Nothing has sold in any price range.

    The Florida place is also stalled and waiting on the bank to approve the short sale. This market is so different than what I saw as an agent for years. Strange days, these.

    I might have to live with these boxes for a while!

  29. Air Force sex abuse monitor is a groper. You can’t make this crap up.

  30. The liar from the three bomber buddies is free on 100,000 bond and a new piece of ankle jewelry. How do you pronounce his aunt’s name? FCS, are these families all delusional. Not my little sweet heart child. He doesn’t like violence. He just helps out murderers and terrorists…

    “I do not believe that my beloved Robel crosses the line intentionally to support or assist such a horrendous act against us the people of the USA,” his aunt, Zewditu Alemu, wrote. “By nature he does not like violence.”

  31. Julie & Julia:

  32. Some cats have no shame at all.

  33. Ridiculous they let that little accessory to terrrorism out on bail.

  34. shades of coddling to come.

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