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  1. But, but, but, she isn’t his type. Oh Honey, stay with your own kind. Bill isn’t that into you. You are not black or white. Do you have no shame?

  2. Let’s face it, Karen. Bill is not above an off-color meaningful overnight relationship.

  3. Love that picture Uppity. Sorry I have not stopped by but have a sick ACD again. She is fighting and telling me it is not her time yet. Now she seems to have developed a skin thing. She is taking a shot and had to be shaved and have a cone put on her. She was literally tearing her skin off. After vetting again and several treatments she seems to be her old self. She is delighting in using that e collar as a battering ram I kid you not ! Uppity knows the antics of this insane beast and why I love her so from past exploits but now armed with an e collar she has gone to new levels.
    My son, not a small guy mind you was out in the yard and what do I see ? Kahlua belly crawling in full commando mode and then spring to attack ! Wham full on into the back of his knees and down on his ass he goes ! Now I know all about her human bowling game and it is bad enough without that e collar but that thing makes a darn good hit, I mean a for sure strike. No gutter balls. My son Dan knows it too lol and set himself up roffffff. Only a dog lover and mother could understand how humorous this is lmao. My son thinks this girl is the bomb and Kahlua adores him yet they have this thing where it is a battle of who get whom between them.
    He has two ACDs himself . But his love for Kahlua goes to no bounds. He comes daily to medicate her when I am at work.
    Uppity I have been looking at pups. Halfheartedly but looking. I know the wrecking crew is getting up there in age and one day I will be crew-less so been giving it tons of thought and I just can not see me without my beasties. I do not know weather or not another breed will work for me and I have had many in my lifetime and ACDs just seem to be my match. I only hesitate when I think of the first two years of an ACDs life. If you do not know what you are doing and going to be up against it can be hell.

  4. She’s probably getting prednisone? Clears up skin problems very well. Come on, Utah, you can handle a pup. If you can do what you do with adult ACDs who have an X on their foreheads and turn them into your own pets, you can handle a puppy. Just do it. When you think too much, you stall. Will be good for the older dogs too. Somebody to raise.

  5. My love for Whiskey is beyond all. I mean this is a million dollar dog lmao. I got him as a 3 month old pup and had vet bills the size of Mt. Rushmore first thing to save him then what did I get in return ? He ate a $ 5000.00 sectional that was less then 6 months old and I do not mean just a cushion I mean he ate the whole damn thing ! I had tons of stuffing everywhere and wood that looked like a beaver had been in the house. Most folks would have gotten rid of him but me LMAO I had to prove he would be a great guy. Was I right ? He never gave me a minute of grief after that but tons of affection and is the greatest dog I have ever owned. Uppity knows his bond to me and it is unreal to many. He will do anything for me and I have humiliated him many times just to get payback for my sofa lmao.

  6. Benadryl and Cortizone I believe and we have to clean the areas and put a cream on them several times a day. Honestly Uppity I do not think Whiskey will take to a pup. He is getting kind of cranky in his old age. Might be wrong here but I am going to wait a bit more unless I happen across one that needs me or just screams out to me. It is in the cards. Pups can get homes easy enough but the ones that got the homes and became monster have little to no chance so most likely will end up with a 6 month old or yearling.

  7. Upps have you gotten your garden in yet ? I am waiting for this bout of thunderstorms to pass then am going to be right on it. Damn I wish I had it up and going now I am veggie hungry.

  8. Utah, I just planted a dozen jalapenos, a dozen habenors, 2 tomato plants, and a squash. I also buried a can of beer hoping for a miracle:)

  9. Hahah Whiskey. Needlenose did the same thing if you recall. Ate the damned couch, but I really do blame me. She was a pup and I was gone all day and into the night at a wedding. It was the first time she was left that long and just got scared. Like in your case, that was the last time she ever chewed or damaged a thing. But it was the closest I ever came to beating her up. lol. Dyed all the way thru leather couch. you add it up.

    No I have not planted yet, Utah. Tilling now though. My damned Mantis tiller just won’t play, so tilling by hand, gonna take me all week. The old guy who does it for me is ill. Boy I miss him. Anyways, my heirloom tomato plants haven’t arrived yet, they are mailed by zone, so I expect to have them by the end of this week. I will coddle them for another five days or so, get them used to the temps, strengthen them. God a portable green house so it will be good for them. I am very leery of planting before Memorial Day, but I will do it if the weather stays stable for the next week. It’s been crazy up to now. I don’t feel it’s warm enough at night for the tomatoes. I’ll plant my onions and things sooner, but I am very protective of my tomatoes.

  10. Hillbilly, the miracle will be when all the slugs in the county head toward your garden after the beer explodes in the heat. They love beer.

  11. Did you see how they got those three girls who were kidnapped for up to ten years in one shitbag’s home? That guy should be given his belt back in his cell and if he doesn’t use it before the end of the day, someone should help him. He deserves to die

    What’s happened? I remember being able to walk anywhere, ride my bike, go to the park as a young kid and not be kidnapped and kept as a sex slave or killed. WTF is going on? We have a country full of perverts and crazy bastards.

  12. Uppity I am seething pissed to hear this story breaking. God only knows what those poor women have gone through. Three dirt bags brothers and what will they get for robbing these women of ten years and God only knows what ? Yea life sentences and out in 7. No biggie it was only females right ? Nothing to see here folks move along.
    Men will never ever know the horror of being female out alone after dark. Men will never know oh so many things women have to worry about all because it is no big deal to beat the shit out of a female or use her for your own pleasure.
    I am sorry but when this country will see this for the crime it is and kill these bastages for the terrible things they do to women there is no justice. Women will always suffer and the boyz will continue to rape us and kill us and no big deal. Women unfortunately are not beating down the doors of our elected officials demanding justice. Right now we need a million woman march upon the halls of justice for these women and every woman that suffers at the hands of the boyz.

  13. Just like that bastard that kidnapped Elizabeth Smart. What she went through is simply horrible and what her family went through. I so admire her strength but I also know she has to be living in a hell in her head from time to time and the bastard who did it gets good health care, free meals and a warm place to sleep and he can still run his mouth. Death and a painful one would have been justice.

  14. That’s why I always say if you’re coming up my steps after me, you’re going down the steps backwards before you step over the threshhold.

  15. Oh you know I agree. God the story gets worse. These brothers have charges of domestic violence, one a school bus driver that was charged with neglect. Cops have been to that house numerous times and reports missing ?? Neighbors called because they saw a naked woman crawling in the back yard and nothing ? What the hell ?
    If this and stories like this do not convince women to carry a gun nothing will. Gun control my ass. Only gun control I want to see is me controlling where I aim.

  16. They had better dig the yard and basement up because I am betting they will find bodies of other women.

  17. UW, when you say slugs, I worry more about my freeloading beer-slug friends:)

  18. Haha, what a cute sexy cat picture!

    Yes, the story of those poor women broke my heart this morning.

  19. On the up side, the pig that owns that Girls Gone Wild show just got sentenced to five years for beating up some poor dumb woman.

  20. Uppity Woman, on May 7, 2013 at 12:56 PM said:

    That’s why I always say if you’re coming up my steps after me, you’re going down the steps backwards before you step over the threshhold.


    Amen Upps the only way to go. 🙂

  21. KOMEN’s Nancy Brinker, after creating outrage last year when she allowed Komen to be run over by religious zealots and tried to dump Planned Parenthood’s breast cancer screening funding, got herself a 64% raise this year, making $684,717 salary now, plus perks. She also tried to dump places like Johns Hopkins research and any other research center where abortions are performed at their locations. When you walk for breast cancer and buy pink things, are you funding breast cancer research or are you funding Nancy Brinker?

  22. Re: Komen, that is sick news. Why wasn’t she fired? I am never buying anything with their name on it again.

  23. Big red signs that cost 10 bucks and are put up with prisoner labor.
    Fla is dealing with perverts in a way that helps protect the innocent.


  24. Isn’t the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer different from the Komen group? I hope so as friends of mine do that walk every year and I contribute to it. I’ll have to look further when I get home. I;mm leaving work now. ————> And the sun’s still up!!!

  25. Yes leslie, the Avon walk is not affiliated with the Komen despots and salary thieves. Many people went with Avon donations after what Komen pulled last year. I hope they overtake Komen.

  26. Had my dog groomed today. She’s really needs to get over herself.

  27. Upps@7:52. LOLOL

  28. Wow, no comments on Chris Christie’s weight loss surgery?

  29. And nuthin’ on the AT hiker winning in SC?

  30. Aww, would love to see the beautiful needlenose.

  31. Hillbilly sounds like the makings for a peppy Jambalaya sans the slugs of course lol. Beer I have heard makes a tastier rue then water although I prefer wine in mine if you please. Boxed wine will do cause the peppers are going to kill my taste buds for a year or so lmao.

  32. Christie said he did it for his kids. Surely he did it because he couldn’t walk, breathe, see his feet, fit in an airplane seat, etc. His bones and organs cannot hold up an extra hundred pounds for much longer. My best friend and her son became terribly over weight over the years and now they break furniture regularly. My deck swayed when they both sat down at the same time. They both need surgery but have no means to pay for it. They try dieting a few times a year and then they order Chinese food at midnight and put six spoonfuls of sugar in one cup of coffee. If I didn’t know her my whole life i would say she had a death wish. That she has not become diabetic yet is a miracle. She has good genetics. No exercise at all either. Christie’s band surgery isn’t as drastic as the stapling and might not produce big results.

    I know two people who had staple surgery done. They both almost died.

  33. Ethics violations don’t count for politicians. He has a penis so he got more votes.

  34. Morning, on my way out to dig, have my summer tan already.

    Whatever his reason for the surgery, politics aside, it’s good that he’s doing something about his condition. I hate to see people die from morbid obesity prison. It only gets worse. Hope it works for him. Karen, I DO know someone who died from staples. He was a successful businessman but was out of control. Double chairs, couldn’t wear shoes, falling apart. You never went into his place when you didn’t see him eating. He removed the driver’s seat from his Caddy and sat in a seat that qualified as almost a back seat. It was all very disconcerting. His staples blew or something when he was driving on the thruway. He was in his 40s. A real waste of a good mind and tons of business-sense. I’m not very sure of how someone gets that way, but if it were easy for the morbidly obese to just lose weight, they would do it. It has to be a shitty life, unable to do anything, shunned, thinking of food 24/7, sick, diabetes, high BP, heart stress, you name it. It seems to be an addiction that is very difficult to break and surgery gives them a chance, but it’s a gamble. Obesity is big business in the USA, which is why nobody will ever come up with a definitive ‘cure’ that is easy to take. Unilever is the company pushing that Dove commercial and there is a whole back story to that nobody wants to hear. And unilever owns Ben and Jerrys AND Slimfast.

  35. Karen, my husband had a gastric bypass five years ago; he was supposed to be in the hospital for two days, he was there for two and a half weeks, most of that time spent in the ICU. Nobody at the hospital thought he would make it; neither did I.
    Yes, he lost 100 pounds, but he came very close to dying. In conscience, I couldn’t recommend bypass to anybody.

  36. Wow Sue. Sorry he (and you) came so close to life loss. Must be a very hard choice to make, knowing the dangers.

  37. Sue, that must have been a nightmare. My cousin who almost died was so big they had to send him to a hospital with an operating table big enough for him. They brought him to a local hospital first and they cancelled the surgery because he didn’t fit. He too lost 100 lbs and was on his death bed for weeks and so sick he couldn’t function for months. He was a very big child so he carried that weight his whole life. His brothers and sisters were all small and his parents were average. He managed to gain back weight even after surgery and all he went through. I saw him eat all day long one Thanksgiving and it was as if he was determined to get back to his full weight.

    The other person was a friend and she was prepping for her son’s wedding and wanted to be thinner and glamorous for it. She had the surgery and was in the hospital still months later when the wedding went on without her.

  38. Thanks for your sweet comments. It was a nightmare: its behind us, now, but my husband has never been the same. It shook him to the core.

  39. Jodi “No jury will convict me” Arias found guilty of first degree murder.

  40. YEAH!

  41. New post up.

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