Jodi Arias gets hers

Yup. This is actually her mug shot.

Yup. This is actually her mug shot.

Here’s my take on Jodi Arias.

I surely must be covering this story for spite, I guess. Why else would I write about such an unimportant thing as a psycho who butchered a guy?  Because nothing and everything is important, depending on what you think is important or how important you think you are.

Personally, I find knowing that it is still possible to remove psychos from the gene pool is pretty important. For awhile there, I wasn’t sure our system of justice was capable of doing anything other than coddling crazy and/or evil killers, rapists, child molesters and terrorists–and spitting on their victims. Glimmer of hope here. But hey, that’s just me. Glimmers of hope with respect to justice are not very popular these days. Perpetual bitterness and an ongoing sense of hopelessness and despair are far more popular.

To put an even finer point on the ‘non’ importance of the Jodi Arias case as opposed to, say, Darryl Issa’s latest Kabuki dance, this POS  known as Jodi Arias set back justice for REAL abused women with her bullshit. While that may not be very significant to the more Important living things, it has great significance to women who get the crap beaten out of them and have a rough enough time being taken seriously before they are dead–without this psycho Jodi Arias, who only lies when she opens her mouth, making matters worse for women who are truly endangered  by domestic abuse. I happen to think that’s important to women and to men who actually do care about the well-being  of women beyond Just Words. Not to mention the significance of this case to men. But hey, that’s just me.

Anyways, tomorrow, the prosecution gets to show whether or not the method of the 1st degree premeditated murder  Jodi Arias is guilty of was cruel and inhumane.

Let’s see…..

…..29 stab wounds.

…..3 inch deep throat cut==ear to ear.

…..Bullet to head.

Nah….that couldn’t be cruel and inhumane.

Here’s the verdict.



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  1. I think the jurors hurt her feelings. She must have really thought they were buying her baloney story. Oh well. The TV movie is already in the works, so we’ll be hearing about her into infinity.

  2. I have purposely stayed away from this story, but I do know about it from radio and UppityWoman.

    Did she honestly say “Nobody will convict me’?

  3. Because if she did say that, after what I read here, i can’t imagine a jury NOT convicting her.

  4. She’s evil. The grief she caused that mans family is unimaginable.

  5. “PHOENIX (AP) — Jodi Arias said in a post-conviction interview with a TV station that she prefers the death penalty over life in prison.

    Arias talked to Fox affiliate KSAZ in the courthouse minutes after she was convicted of first-degree murder. With tears in her eyes, she said she feels overwhelmed and that she was surprised because she didn’t believe she committed first-degree murder.

    She said in the interview ( that she would “prefer to die sooner than later” and that “death is the ultimate freedom.”

    Arias previously said she considered suicide after killing her lover Travis Alexander. The county said Arias was placed under suicide watch.”

    They put her on suicide watch? Why? What is the purpose of keeping her alive?

  6. Darrell Issa, the Lush Rumball of Congress, continues to waste taxpayer money, in his Benghazi witchhunt:

  7. Hi Blog Wife. Just stopping by to wave at you and all the Uppityites. Have a great evening knowing that this psycho was found guilty!

  8. Issa is looking pretty impotent. He got no place with ousting Holder, so what makes him think he can take down the most admired woman in the world?

    And frankly, I feel sorry for the so-called whistleblowers. They are being used by the repubs for political purposes and nothing will come of their testimony. Maybe it’s cathartic for them. I hope they find peace.

  9. Suicide watch? They should give her a belt in her cell. She already cost AZ $1.7 million.

    She’s trying to manipulate with that statement. She wants life so she thinks she can pull a reverse psychology on them, the psycho.

  10. Wait till she gets to AZ prison. The maricopa jail will look like a day at the beach to her

  11. I am so done with Congressional Kabuki. They will have another hearing because millions didn’t listen to their blabbering for hours before they even go to testimony. Arias and three kidnapped women upstaged them. Can’t have that. I wouldn’t spit on Issa if he were on fire after that stunt he pulled with his all male meeting on what to do about wimminz.

  12. …..waving to muh blog wife!

  13. God knows what decisions obama actually did make, but the thing is, the Republicans make themselves look so bad with their approach to everything, that it buries everyone else’s sins. That’s why they will never succeed at a damned thing, they are just a bunch of mean old men with a couple of stepford token women in there to nod in concert whenever they start pontificating. Seriously, nobody hears them any longer, which is too bad because one of these days they might actually have something useful to impart. It’s like the boy who cried Wolf. The only things they think about is Getting Obama and harnessing women. They can’t even think straight when it comes to doing what they are supposed to be doing.

  14. They will remind us once again, in full nauseating fashion, why they are not a viable alternative to the left wing obots. Hillary is their target. They have to muck rake again, as they have always had to do against her since they have nothing real to sling mud about.

    Fox is doing a great job fanning the flames. They are flaming assholes so it is their main purpose. Hillary, I would bet, is fire proof.

  15. I want Hillary and Bill to do a two hour sit down interview with Hannity. The man would lose all credibility and would have his pea brain scheming right wing bullshit hair helmet explode right there on teevee.

  16. You’d think republican voters would sue them for incompetence, but no–they just double down. These people actually believe what Fox and Issa say and get mad at reality for not matching up.

  17. And on the lighter side…


  18. This is potentially sexist… but… humorous and it looks like Bill.

  19. Hi guys! Aren’t you glad the circus is over (other than determining life or death in the sentencing phase)?

    My faith in the legal system is, if not restored, then at least a little bolstered. My faith in humanity in the US, however, is just the opposite -reading the Twitter feed in advance of the verdict reading, it seems so many people really need to get a life. What irritated me most were the ‘omg they’re LAAAATE’ crap. Ugh.

    But about Jodi – sometimes I wonder if she hasn’t killed before someplace else and gotten away with it. She’s that nuts.

  20. After seeing headlines on cnndotcom, I cannot read about the abomination that kidnapped those girls in Cleveland. I only wish him a long torturous death. You all can fill me in with your thoughts and comments when I get home from work tonite.

  21. There’s not much difference between people buying Fox crap and people buying MSNBC crap though. The only difference is the reaction. The right gets mad at reality for not matching up and the left pretend it does match, even though it doesn’t. I am so losing interest in our useless and malicious government.

  22. Are you hearing about how that Effing bastard Castro did to those women? Why is this freak still alive?

  23. If you can possibly believe it, someone posted this at the delusional “jodi arias is innocent” site.

    I agree with all the comments veryone has made so far. Jodi will have to live with this, as I fear she will get life in prison, which his good in a way because having her around, she can brighten the world.

    Brighten the world? WTF?

  24. I know this is being too hopeful but I keep hoping one of the following

    1) The person who Jodi returned the gas can to comes out and says they remember her, and she did in fact return it

    2) In light of the verdict, the real person who stole the gun admits to stealing the gun, to knock out premed and get this overturned

    3) If the intruder story is really true, then someone who knows about it grows a conscience decides to actually speak up and prove that it was never Jodi. (Who knows, maybe if the State of AZ or at least a judge there, wants the real culprits behind bars, they will grant the person who knows about it immunity, making it easier for them to confess)

    all righty, then.

  25. And the neighbors all say how nice and what good guys the Cleveland
    Family of Rapist Kidnappers are. They were all such good boys.

    Poor little murderess. As soon as I heard what she said about the death penalty I thought of reverse psych also. Let her fry.

  26. It seems simple stupid, but maybe it’s more complicated, maybe this case required a person like MLK, JFK or Che, willing to die for truth.


    Well, off to work. Have a good day.

  27. I’m not surprised that the jury found Arias guilty of first degree murder; still, I’m revolted by the “burn the witch” circus like atmosphere outside the courtroom.
    A CNN reporter interviewed many middle aged women who had traveled from other states to “make sure that Travis got justice!”
    Huh? They reminded me, for all the world, of those “right to life” professional nut jobs who are, apparently, unencumbered by jobs, family responsibilities and, oh yea, lives.
    I wonder when HNN (CNN’s tabloid bastard child) will offer gavel to gavel coverage of the trial of a white man who murders his girlfriend.
    Of course, they’d have to change their name to Court TV, but there I go being all feminist.
    This howling for a woman’s blood-even a murderer’s-makes me very uncomfortable.
    Let her rot in prison.

  28. Sue, truth of the matter is, we women really can’t complain when it comes to the death penalty. AZ for example hasn’t actually executed a woman in 80+ years. The truth is, juries have no problem executing men but they have a problem executing women. Our psychos luck out. They’re also rare. One thing that bothers me about Jodi Arias in a huge way is what she has done to the cause of domestic violence. But just as large is, the next time I write or tweet about male violence, and how all the horrible bloody things that happen—occur because of MALE VIOLENCE, I can no longer use one of my most clearly understood lines: Name me one woman who slaughtered someone like a butcher….. Because now the answer can be, Jodi Arias.

    I don’t keep my support of the death penalty secret. Personally, I have a visceral reaction to people like Jodi Arias and strongly believe the world is not a better place with them in it. DOesn’t matter to me that she’s a woman. And I challenge anyone to declare me not one of the most feminist people they know. I’ve actually been a topic at times on the internet, being called “radical” and the old stand-by: “militant”. Which means I refuse to take some guy’s bullshit. But I don’t give free passes. I don’t give them to parties or people. Jodi Arias revolts me. And she revolts many a REAL domestic violence victim who resent the cavalier way in which she is using those words for her own edification.

    A big reason why there are throngs of people wanting her head is, her trial comes on the heels of Casey Anthony. Personally, I felt there was a boatload of reasonable doubt in that case and wasn’t surprised at the verdict. Many people felt she got off because she was a woman. I think she walked because they had no real case. However, this is not the case with this butcher named Jodi Arias.

  29. If she had done this to my son, I would want her dead. In fact, I wouldn’t mind shooting the bullet, flipping the switch, whatever, I would want justice and revenge. I don’t see the point of wasting millions of dollars to keep murdering psychos locked up and fed and given medical. She ruined her own life when she chose to go down that horrid path. So, for the worst of the worst cases, like Arias or that evil pos Castro, I am all for the death penalty.

  30. Uppity, I’d never challenge your feminist cred.
    And, I think you’re dead on about this trial coming on the heels of Casey Anthony.
    I don’t believe in the death penalty, but, regardless, it bothers me to see a woman in late middle age, standing outside the courtroom saying that , “the Jury better do the right thing for Travis.” Of course, the next question is ” Or what? Are you going to tear them limb from limb or call their houses to make death threats; kill their cats and dogs?”
    I get a big whiff of misogyny in the full throated glee that greeted the verdict.
    IMO, Strangers should not be that vested in someone’s murder trial.

  31. yeah they did the same thing with the Anthony case, Sue. They get over it. For some of these people, it’s their method of blowing off their anger at the system of justice. Let’s face it, we let scum out of jail to re-offend all the time. And for some, being glued to court TV is pretty much the life they don’t have otherwise. The jury is kept well away from them, which is good.

  32. Maybe she could get some rich Arab to pay for a one way ticket to Mars ( ). That way, we’ll be rid of her and her genes, and she could then be part of the new Australia on that planet without us paying for it. If the colony doesn’t survive the harsh conditions on that planet, well then so be it.

  33. You have got to see this piece by a psychiatrist on Jodi and travis and the nature of their relationship, it is a real eye opener. And DO click on the psychology today link in the article, “Confessions of a sociopath”. Chilling self description and history of an attorney/professor who is a functioning sociopath.

    Same site has a diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder and makes a serious’y strong argument that Jodi is a walking APD person.

    Second article on this page.

  34. As a scary side note and to Sue’s point: Plenty of people travel through several states to see these court cases. Now that’s obsession. I wouldn’t walk a block to sit in court on one of these cases and some of them sleep outside the court buildings to get a seat. Whoa.

  35. Tony she should have dated a Saud, he would have really kicked the crap out of her and then she would have known abuse instead of making it up. If she lived.

  36. Upps @ 11:53pm: yes, there are a lot whackos that seem to think these sensationalist trials are personal to them.

  37. If anyone’s still up, click on Huffpo. Funny headline pix of Hillary and Cheney.

  38. Too damned funny. Even funnier is the article with thoughts by Dick and the Orange Man.

  39. She should have never gone to work for Barack Obama.

  40. The whole thing is and has been nothing more than a bunch of sore losers attacking the other team. Politico has a good article about what this is really about – 2014 midterm mud slinging at the blue team.

    Jon Stewart nailed it. 8 investigations and they are still pretending they need answers.

  41. It’s just always the same thing. Face time on TV. Wish they would all do some useful work for a change. That goes for all of them.

  42. Cops have found evidence linking the boston bombers to a triple murder (throats slashed) in ’11:

    This was mentioned before, but now they have come up with some new stuff linking the evil brothers. I hope that evil punk gets the death penalty.

  43. I guess maybe that’s why those 3 “dorm friends” – the ones arrested for grabbing the laptop and the backpack with the empty fireworks shells – did what they did. They didn’t want to die the same way as Tamerlan’s “best friend” and associates.

  44. Widdershins has a good article about up about the Benghazi scam, the latest Whitewater.

  45. Whoa good point leslie! These freaks have no conscience anyways. Use you, lie to you just like Allah says, and kill you, then go to lunch.

  46. Thanks for the links Upps – I’ll check em out AFTER I enjoy my precious Mother’s Day w/my boy!
    This has partially restored my faith in criminal justice system, but find it exceedingly odd that my mother hasn’t uttered a peep about the Arias case, almost every day this week she has gleaned the most horrifying outrages of the Castro case to “tell me all about it”…

  47. Well Val, you can’t say you don’t have an interesting mother.

    By the way, here’s the Dr’s most recent article, hot off the press. Shiver…

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