Squee Attack

As I continue to be too busy to post, I do note that you are being good boys and girls. You may have a piece of candy now.




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  1. Stop the torturing!! Give me the puppy and nobody gets hurt! 🙂

  2. LOL wanna see one when it’s two weeks old? Hold on,,,,

  3. This is Guess Who with her breeder at 2 weeks.

  4. Gimme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So precious. And look at those little doggie toenails! And his cute little chuffy mouth! Oh, rapture!

  6. That is just too cute.

  7. There is a special place in hell for animal abusers.

  8. There is a special place in hell for animal abusers

    …as it should be. Preferably they should be sucked down there without even dying first.

  9. Sooooooo cute. I’ve been following Justin, the burned kitten, on Facebook, and the little guy continues to improve. He’s a tuxie with a white muzzle.

  10. Hey Ani ~ I just plugged your book on another site where they were talking about CDS in 2008.

  11. CDS is alive and well today, too. I’ve had it with both parties.

  12. What an adorable puppy!!!!!!! I’d take that little puppy in a heartbeat if we could have dogs in my building.

    When I moved here (my condo) we were able to have dogs. That’s why I moved here. After a couple of years, someone’s dog had made it so difficult for all the building, with it’s incessant barking, that the board rescinded the permission and now we are dog unfriendly. Every so often we are asked if we want to return to being dog friendly. And every year I vote “yes”. But so far, not enough people feel so disposed. (Of course, it was the dog’s owner, not the dog that was at fault.)

  13. lyn5 ~ I know. I responded to your post over at TCH.

  14. Rand Paul says Hillary doesn’t deserve higher office ….especially if it’s the office he thinks he deserves…..


  15. Dog friendly is good. Dog friendly with really dirty or irresponsible owners, Not Good. Dogs can do a LOT of damage with lousy owners. And dogs bark. It’s what they do!

  16. Hillary should have never gone to work for Barack Obama. If he gets nailed, he will make sure all the shit lands on her. Being 5000 times smarter than he is, I will assume she’s prepared.

    I am hopeful but I am not going to be obsessively so. I don’t trust that party or that man.

  17. Uppity, I agree with you. Hillary made a bad choice working for Obama.

  18. If you hang out with wolves in sheep’s clothing who hide their CDS badly, expect to be upset when you read passive resistant, concern troll or double-barrel shit about Hillary. That is all.

    I myself have no intention of festering for another four years. Wake me up when it’s 2015.

  19. Upps~ Yes, dog do bark. This dog never stopped unless the owner was holding him or he was asleep. (They lived right across the hall from me. I’m pretty toolerant AND I love dogs. But this was really horrid.) She told people if they didn’t like the noise, they should move. Now the dog is gone (passed away) and she complains about every sound. She has notes on doors for people to be quiet so their noise doesn’t bother her. 😦

  20. LOL leslie, she sounds like a real piece of work. Let me guess, the dog was one of those little yappy things with no training whatsover, and she put sweaters on it.

  21. Dogs are what the owner makes them. There are characteristics that are bred into dogs and owners that are not ready to utilize those characteristics and let them get out of control are at fault not the dog ! Dogs will be what they are allowed to be like kids that are never corrected for bad behavior. I raise a breed that can be one of if not the most awful of breeds if allowed to do what they please. Once they are trained you will not find a smarter more loyal breed then ACD but untrained they are pure hell. I feel that all dogs are trainable and if you are not up to that task do yourself and the general public a favor and do not get one ! More importantly do the dog a favor and let someone get him that will
    A) love him
    B) train him and make him a good dog
    C) feed him well and make him family
    D) be willing to get him vetted whenever needed
    BTW I have first dibbs on the Needlenose end of story.

  22. I agree that Hillary should not have signed on with Obama, but my guess is that she had a hell of a good time being SOS. Sometimes it’s just difficult to walk away from an opportunity to have a major impact on the world. I trust her to out maneuver the repubs and Obama.

    As for the talking points, the repubs know very well who writes those things and that they are always subject to many rounds of editing and revisions. I always thought talking points were simply a way to make a statement without saying too much. They are certainly not intended to be a tell-all. The repubs know that. Let’s have a look at all the e-mails surrounding talking points developed by the Bush admin about invading a country on the basis of WMDs never found or about outing a CIA operative for political purpose. I’ll just bet there was a whole lot of editing going on by the public affairs folks.

  23. Yes, Upps. The dog was little and a yapper – no training and when his owner opened the door, the little thing went straight for who or what ever was at his eye level. I think kind of a reflection of the owner – a mirror image.
    I’m out running errands and stopping for lunch. This is a busy day. I’m so glad I bought this iPad when I could. I can keep up on some days.

  24. If this Benghazi thing had happened under Bush and Condi the Dems would stop at nothing to hang them and we all know it. I feel bad for Hilary because I still say Obama is the head and Chief and he ultimately made the final call. Will he own up to it. Yea when pigs fly. Bottom line is I too thought she had made a very unwise choice to go to work for him but she did and we will just see what happens but I do back 100 % getting answers as to what happened. I also wonder igf the crap that Syria is using is not the stuff Saddam allegedly shipped over there when he was getting watched. He was up to something back under Clinton and refusing to allow UN inspectors in until he had time to clean up whatever he had. I do not know why we keep playing with anyone over there and why we send ambassadors there knowing they will be sitting ducks. How many years has the world put up with these dirt bags in the ME and how many more before we get the backbone to end it once and for all. There is no reasoning with them period !

  25. The CDS is rampant again. Do they not remember that the same “news sources” insisted Hillary had Benghazi Fever and did not have a concussion?

    There IS a vast right wing conspiracy against her. As there was for Bill.

  26. Utah, it did happen under Bush. Hillary’s State Dept took less terrorist hits than previous years. 60 deaths at embassies over the years.

    This was a CIA Annex, it was not a consulate, it wasn’t an embassy.

    We have always sent our foreign service people to dangerous locations all around the globe. They get hazardous duty pay. During any unrest, even rioting in Paris or London by citizens, can lead to casualties, let alone in war torn regions.

    It was tragic. It was also congress who made them cut the security budget drastically across the board. Hillary explained the temporary nature of some of their guards. They were on loan for a short time only.

  27. The dems did nothing to attack Bush and Condi for going to war. Let alone over diplomatic outposts. This is not right, they are using this as a tool to attack Dems for the mid term elections. I hope people start telling them to shut the fuck up already about it all. It isn’t honorable.

    IT STINKS to high hell that they are using those 4 dead people this way.

  28. Karen, it does stink that they are using these four dead people. The same repubs, who have spent the past several years vilifying all federal employees for being overpaid and lazy, conveniently forget all that and try to use the dead ones for their own political appointees. They will never convince me they give a rat’s ass about those four people, or for Brian Terry, the murdered Border Patrol agent. The repubs fell in love with that guy, but had he not been murdered, they would be trying to cut his pay and health insurance benefits.

  29. Dear God, no wonder dogs and cats keep mating!

  30. John Stewart on Benghazi bullshit:


    You know, I don’t even remember anything about all the embassy/consulate attacks that happened during W’s terms. But this Benghazi thing, they’re literally trying to turn into Watergate. This is why I can’t stand Republican politicians, even if I (rarely) agree with them on something, their tactics are so filthy I could never bring myself to vote for one.

  31. Yes and while most here can not stand the republicans I feel the same way about the democrats sorry but I do. So guess it all goes hand in hand. I see the dems stand on graves of dead to gain what they want too. It is all a dog and pony show either way and I feel the people have a right to get answers no matter who is involved.

  32. As Uppity well knows from the past I was so damn blasted angry over Bush and the Iraq thing I refused to vote for him again but that was not just Bush congress went along with it. I still say I wonder if these weapons being used in Syria are the ones put there by Saddam. I think they are because I believe that he was doing it.

  33. Well the story about the attack being caused by that anti islam film WAS a lie. It was a baldfaced lie. It was Obama’s baldfaced lie. And his crack about saying anything against islam, however he put it, was BEYOND acceptable in the USA, where blasphemy against ANYBODY’s god doesn’t exist. It was VERY telling that he tried to pimp that. I still believe Rice said whatever he fed her to say. Ruined her career too. It seems Barack enjoys dumping his own blame on women after he’s done using them.

  34. The film as the cause of the protest was the conclilusion of the CIA and it was part of the reason in each draft.

    It was part of the reason. There were many protests over that film all over our foreign service offices that night. It was not a lie.

  35. Then how come they dropped that idea like yesterday’s newspaper?

    Barack Obama had better get off his skinny ass and round up the goatfuckers who did this and throw them in the public square, because if any of us thinks they don’t know who did it, then we are dumber than he takes us for. I’m sick of him protecting these bastards at every turn. And so is the rest of the country.

    The only grace I will give them is if they needed to shut up for national security reasons. This would mean they are hot on a trail and don’t want it plastered all over the news. If that’s true, then they had better move their asses. And if you ask me, every day it looks more and more like either the CIA can’t find its ass with both hands or Obama tells them to back off and/or make up shit.

  36. The leaked CIA drafts show they told all branches of GOvt that it was partly inspired by the Cairo protests that week – and the Cairo protests (and hundreds of others that week alone) were about that horrible video.

  37. I’m so tired of getting aggravated over politics. I have enough of my own problems to solve. Every day I am less interested.

  38. But we already were told this. Fox and friends want to blame any democrat they can. PIGS want to sling mud and their lies are working. Rand Paul is insane and a big jerk to boot. He stinks of ambition beyond his ability. They are all sharks in a feeding frenzy.

    WHY won’t the Republicans do another investigation? A real sworn testimony serious one? They would again conclude there is no there there and no smoking gun.

    Hillary did her job and she did it well. Screw them all.

  39. Obama is a toad and a POS but he has killed more terrorists than Bloviating Bush.

  40. Somehow comparing terrible to horrible does not make me feel better.

  41. No they don’t want to blame any democrat. They want Hillary. They have always wanted Hillary.

  42. But you know that’s why the USA is going to hell, because our elected officials spend all their time tilting at windmills and trying to destry one another. The Democrats did the same shit to Bush. Every time I turned around there was another bunch of bullshit on how “this time” it’s the End for Bush. His Watergate. His political demise. His impeachment. Same shit. And every time it was bullshit. They are doing the same thing to Obama, but their eye is on Hillary because Obama can’t run against their recycled turkey in 2016. I am just tired of the knee jerk of the week, while Rome burns…

    Our government system is not terrible. What is terrible is the shitbags who sit in the elected seats and come back to do more damage year after year.

  43. Amen Uppity. Neither of these parties represent us and they do not do the will of the people. Somebody is guilty of allowing this to happen period and we have a right to know who and they need to be held accountable for it. Party bs aside 4 people died and there was a cover up by blaming that video. It was asinine and further the guy that made that video was jailed and excuse me I have seen far worse shit come out of hollywood in just these reality shows.
    I say get to the bottom of it and hope Hilary can cover herself but if it brings Obama down no big loss there either. I hate political talk these days because there is no party that is there for you NONE !!!!

  44. I’d like to think nobody “allowed” it to happen or knew it would happen and let it go ahead. What gain exactly is there in that? For ANYBODY?

    Is Harold Koh, Obama’s appointee to State to go over Hillary’s head, still there? Mr. International Law himself?

  45. Well bad choice of words on the allowed but did nothing to help them when it was needed. Stand down ????
    Happier subject I have my garden tilled and enlarged it by two times. Now have to rake and level then plant and watch grow grow grow. I can taste the yummy veggies already. Upps what is the name of those purple string beans ? I want to try them.

  46. What possible reason could anyone have to “let” the Benghazi incident happen? Its a stain against the administration no matter what the reason for the attack. And I think Hillary really cares about all the people in the foreign service. As far as that nonsense about Susan Rice and the protest over the movie, as Hillary herself said, what difference does it make, who knows what the exact thinking was of the attackers? The main point is obvious, the were Islamic terrorists, who have more grievances against the US than any of us could know about. And I agree with Karen, there were lots of stories on the news about these protests, so it seemed a logical conclusion at the time. I never understood the brouhaha over Rice saying that, or why she lost her career over it.

    Utah, you say: “Party bs aside 4 people died and there was a cover up by blaming that video.” I don’t even know what that means. Who are they (admin & state dept, I presuming) covering up for? Again, an attack by Islamic terrorists. They only way we will ever know exactly what they were thinking when they attacked that embassy is if we get them all together and they somehow magically decide to tell us honestly why they did it. The whole thing is ridiculous. They did it becuz of their twisted beliefs. The more interesting facts that have come out of all these hearings is why did the congress slash their budget? Did Faux News cover that angle? I honestly don’t know.

    Bush got away with so much crap it makes my head spin. I don’t remember that he got much flack from the MSM or congress about any of the horrific things that he did or that happened under his watch. I don’t remember any 6 month and counting long hearings about all the attacks that happened to our embassies and consulates during W’s reign. To find liberal viewpoints back then, I had to read Common Dreams or Mother Jones.

    Do the American people deserve “answers” about what is going on? Certainly. But this isn’t about “answers”. They’ve already gotten their “answers”, over and over and over. This is just more of the same old CDS that we have seen for almost 20 years now. The conservatives excel at this. They want to start in now on wrecking Hillary’s chances.

    Utah, you know I love you and you are my favorite conservative.

  47. I respectfully disagree with those who say Hillary shouldn’t have taken the position as SOS. If she hadn’t taken it, she would have remained in the Senate, where she would have been under enormous pressure to vote with her Party in favor of a lot of bills that have proved to be enormously unpopular with many Americans. She would probably still be in the Senate now– and Heaven knows what they’ll be doing between now and 2016. Then, if Hillary were to make a run for POTUS, the Repubs could easily beat her up over things like Obamacare, bailouts, gun control, the national debt, etc. (assuming that Hillary would have voted with her Party on most of these issues). Pretty much everything Obama did between 2009 and 2016 would be fair game, not just for Hillary but for any Dem Senator who dares to run for Prez next time. The average American cares more about who voted yes on Obamacare than they do about who wrote the Benghazi talking points.

    So SOS was the safest place for Hillary during Obama’s first term and being out of politics is the safest place for her now.

  48. You’re probably right, Jen. I’m just cranky because I am so sick of watching DECADES of attempts to tank Hillary. From both parties.

  49. Hahah socal Utah’s not a conservative. She’s an anarchist at heart.

  50. Look, I see it this way. Festering over four years from now is not healthy. At least not for me. Lord knows, I’ve festered for 5+ years and I ain’t getting any younger. I just figure that Hillary and Bill Clinton have skill at dodging this kind of shit. They are nothing less than strategic. So i just figure, I’ll wait a few years, because believe me, there is going to be a lot of shit slung at her. If nothing sticks, we’re home free. Personally, I think they are going to need a wrecking ball to stop her, but I still don’t want to fester every time entrenched morons and veteran Hillary obsessors lob one of their grenades at her. How many times have we gotten worked up over these things, only to see nothing happen, or something happen and then disappear from memory? It’s constant. So I just figure let’s see who’s still standing in 2015 and sort it out from there. Not that my money isn’t on her, mind you.

    Personally I am nore sick and tired of Hillary concern trolls. You know, the people who pretend they adore her and then trash her in concern troll mode, while chuckling with glee. Personally I prefer the company of people who just honestly say they don’t like her. at least they are honest and you know where they are.

  51. ^This!^ I don’t trust either party when it comes to Hillary.

  52. “She’s an anarchist at heart.” LOL! One of the things I love about Utah is her feisty-ness! Also, she seems like a reliable, upfront & just plain decent human being.

    Agree that there’s no point in getting worked up over this CDS stuff. We will undoubtedly hear a lot of it over the next few years. It’ll be sumpin’ though if she wins in ’16 and we’re all still here to celebrate it! 🙂

  53. Jen, very interesting comment.

    Lyn5, yes, we’ve learned that!

  54. I have no mother’s day post. I have no Mother. Mother’s day depresses me. End of message.

  55. {Hugs} to Uppity!

  56. Remembering our mothers, passed on or present, is a good thing. I will toast mine with a cup of coffee since I don’t drink. She loved her coffee and her cigarettes. She quit ciggie’s but drank enough coffee in her life to support Juan Valdez personally.

    Salute to all you moms – pet moms or kid moms.

    Uppity your furry kids adore you. They are lucky to have a mommy.

  57. Ciggies got changed to city. She loved cities too!

    *Fixit Fairy Fix’d it*

  58. OK you know I’m a gun owner. But this is the kind of BULLSHIT and SUCKER RECYCLING I’m tired of chasing around. How gullible can people get?

    2011: Chicken Little! Obama puts the Finishing Touches on UN global Arms Takeaway

    2012: Chicken Little! Obama puts the Finishing Touches on UN Global Arms Takeaway

    2013: You Guessed It!
    Chicken Little and Paul Rand, um Rand Paul: Oh Look! The Finishing Touches on the UN Global Arms Takeaway! Send Money to my PAC! Because Constitution!


    The letters always start with “Gun grabbers around the globe think they have it made”. Last year’s letter hits SOS Hillary Clinton. This year she’s not there. Replaced by (Fill in the blank)

    Come on folks. How the fuck many conspiracies do you all need before you stop reading bullshit posts?

  59. No I am not an anarchist my dear Uppity. I just wish we could get back to what we once had. There were always arguments between dems and pubs but at one time each side did agree with the other and move us forward. There was not this blind hatred and outright in your face B.S. that always leads to 4 year long ” going to destroy you and your party stuff”
    When I see the two parties drop the crap they are doing and get back to working on budgets and sticking to them. When I see them actually doing what we elect them to do rather then dumping boat loads of $$ in stupid ass stuff like green energy. When I see either party come up with a good idea and make it work. Then I will believe in elected officials again and only then. See I do not see what you all see in Hilary other then she is one Hell of a strong woman and has been unfairly demonized because she is female. But when it comes to politics I have to say she scares me. Why ? because she favors so many things I am so strongly opposed to. I stand on her right to run and support her for that and support her right to not have to be torn down and brutalized because she is a woman and that is as far as I can support her. Again I would never vote for her but not because she is a woman but because her politics just do not set well with me.
    As of right now there is not a person I can clearly think of I would toss support behind.

  60. Nah gonna happen Utah. But please remember that if we “went back to what we had” Hillary Clinton would have been popping out kids and keeping the kitchen clean. So would the beloved Sarah Paln, whom I regard as an ingrate when she says the words, “Radical Feminism”. Because without it, she wouldn’t have even been a council person, much less a governor or candidate for VP. Now that’s hypocrisy. Women were dog shit back when we “had what we had”. You yourself know that first hand and so do I.

  61. THE BEANS DAMN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I do not mean go back that way I mean govern ! Stop all the shit that we need to ruin the other guy etc. It is like watching some stupid reality show and I do not watch them either because I hate them and see them as ignorant. There were many a thing back then that were good and we both know that too. Treatment of women was not but still is not in my eyes. It is a battle we will fight for all time I think. I hope not but it seems to be so.
    Men fear us plain and simple. So since they fear us they will keep us down by any and all means they can.

  62. Utah, reminds me of The Truman Show and Groundhog Day combined.

  63. The problem is the “Throw The Bums Out” idea. Translation is: Let’s throw YOUR bum out and keep mine. YOUR bum steals too much unnecessary pork. MY bum’s pork is GOOD pork.

  64. Utah they SHOULD fear us. We are legion. And every day more of us get pissed.

  65. And today’s Telling stats search terms are:

    elephant mating with women

    handcuffs for kids

    Nice to know there are so many abnormal people on the internet.

  66. Close call. Happy ending.

  67. Help!!!! Stuck in moderation. Please rescue.

  68. Hilarious. TSA gets freaked out by naked protester.

  69. Upps What an absolutely adorable little puppy!!! 🙂

  70. First, Happy Moms Day. This includes those who have concentrated solely on other species.

    Second, as the puppy has been claimed, I am placing dibs on siblings. I do miss my herders.

  71. Maude-Lyn, so sorry! Didn’t look there.

    And yes, I LOVE that story you linked.

  72. I can’t imagine who would want to be a TSA screener. Just goes to show that jobs must really be tough to find. I’d rather clean horse poop than have to pat down people and listen to a bunch of crap. The naked guy is just a pervert in my opinion. I wonder how many children had to see his dirty ass. Bleck!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all!!

  73. Poor puppy in a car for 12 weeks. I hope they find the freaks who left her there. Smart cookie. I would never think to eat cigars.

  74. Wow…I missed all the fun stuff. For the permanent record, here are the things that happened on Bush’s watch that sadly, neither the “Librul” MSM nor the Dems investigated, nor were the Republicans outraged:
    1/22/2002: Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami gunmen attacked the US consulate at Kolkata, killing 5.
    6/14/2002: an Al-Qaeda truck bomb detonated outside the US consulate at Karachi, killing 12.
    3/21/2002: a car bombing exploded near the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru in protest of President Bush’s planned visit to Peru. Nine killed, including two embassy security guards and 12 injured.
    2/28/2003: unknown gunmen attacked US embassy at Islamabad, killing 2.
    6/30/2004: a suicide bomber hailing from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan attacked US embassy at Tashkent, killing 2.
    12/6/2004: Al-Qaeda gunmen raided the diplomatic compound at Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), killing 9 Americans.
    3/2/2006: a car bomb exploded outside the US consulate in Karachi. killing 2
    9/12/2006: gunmen raided the US embassy at Damascus (Syria), killing 4 people.
    3/18/2008: a mortar attack at the US Embassy at Sana’a (Yemen) killed 2 people.
    7/9/2008: an armed attack at the US consulate at Istanbul killed 6 people.
    9/17/2008: US embassy at Sana’a (Yemen) attacked, killing 16

  75. Utah, I bought a lot of those beans once, purple being my favorite color, and was saddened to see that they do not stay purple when cooked. 😦

  76. Hugo it’s a wonder the cigars alone didn’t kill that puppy. Tobacco/nicotine is Highly Toxic to dogs and cats. Doesn’t take much to kill them at that size. I think he’s 12 weeks old, not 12 weeks in the car. She was in the car a month, since he was 8 weeks. Lucky pup. Smart girl. Good thing the owners of the car were fast food pigs and slobs. Good thing it wasn’t hot outside. Poor baby.

    I grew cranberry beans last year. I think i still have a pic.Very colorful skins and beans, but they turn rosy-brown in cooking. Delicious though. Also called Pinto beans sometimes.

  77. TY Sophie very much. Uppity has me on ignore list except when she can get time for me lmao. I am going to plant tomorrow me thinks. Garden is the size of a football field now lol. I had to rent a ” super tiller to tear up that much ground. Took three guys to hang on to the darn thing and it still tossed them. It was hysterical.
    Ok so now am thinking of new veggies to grow and wanted to try the purple string beans.

  78. Who the hell could possibly ignore you, Utah? I am very vigilant about you because I know for a fact you are trying to steal my dog. Besides we go too far back together for me to even imagine wanting to ignore cranky you! I won’t be planting for at least a week. But my body aches from tilling. But I use my little Mantis. Duck soup, but it’s just that the ground is still wet. It’s too cold here today and I am glad I didn’t plant yet. Weather is not stable.

  79. Okay this should make most of you pretty damned happy, although Issa is having himself a shit fit.

    Review Chairman: Clinton did not make Benghazi Call

  80. We had a late Spring but it was short. All systems for planting are a go ( I sure hope). Yea I am going to get a mantis but I needed a huge one to get this ground plowed up. Mantis would have not cut it. Now that it is plowed and I have a truck load of compost in it is good to go forever. I get such a joy out of growing my own veggies. Going to triple up on tomatoes this year. Got to put in a pumpkin patch for Dan. Forget what you used to call him. Karyn and family are here now no more Vegas.

  81. Uppity, I am waiting for the day they accuse her of something she actually did do. That is so rare the only thing I can think of is her error about the danger in Kabul. Every other thing, and there have been dozens of accusations were fabricated.

    I will work my ass off for that woman. This time I am ready and I will not back down. If she runs my car will be a Hillary mobile and my lawn will be festooned with ads. My Tshirts and buttons will be obnoxiously in your face. I will chat up friends, strangers and enemies on the phone on the Internet and at the dentist.

    Last time we lost. Losing is not an option this time.

    Revenge is sweet. This is the best candidate of my lifetime. We need her.

    Sign a MD card for her at the Ready for Hill site.

    Mommy President to be.

    Hilllllllllllllary! We got your back.

  82. Uppity, when I get my photo album boxes unpacked I have a picture I want to scan and send you. It says in one picture my life long desire. I am at an anti war rally, sitting on top of a tank at a military base and I am wearing a home made shirt. I am around 14 years old in the picture.

    What was the slogan on my one and only hand stenciled shirt?


    Pretty ballsy for a kid. I was old before her time and working for McGovern.

  83. Hey has anybody seen imust??????????????????

  84. Imust posted the last time on one of the Boston threads. I replied to somebody who posted a conspiracy theory link to a foreign news article on Michele obama that was false. I saisld michelle would have to be ignorant to do what the article claimed when she was in the spotlight in Boston. Imust disappeared after that. I wondered if that had something to do with it or perhaps she had another reason.

    My remarks were about mechelle not about anyone on this site.

  85. I picked a hell of a time to move to Florida… the whole citrus industry is headed for the crapper unless they glfind a cure!


  86. Upps, it was the day I linked to pics of mechelle with children in Boston. It was a while ago. Weeks ago – we mentioned pie a few times since and we mentioned imust but got no response.

    We mentioned her the day of the wildfires too but didn’t get a response…

  87. Well I don’t think imust would just stomp off and take the heat over a little argument. I do hope she’s all right.

  88. I looked up the last time I remember her posting. It was on the krystle thread on April 22. Near the bottom she posted twice. You also told her it was believable because meechelle is like that.

    I hope she is okay too. She left and came back before. Maybe it is just a needed break. Boston was very emotional for the whole country.

  89. Ah maybe she thinks we love michelle. Taht would be enough to drive anybody away. lol. I just think she’s burnt out from politics. I can relate. I’ll send Needlenose after her.

  90. Hey Hugo, did you see the ID tag on the puppy in this post?

  91. Surely imust doesn’t believe we’ve become a Meechelle fan club. We could bake a pie to entice her…

  92. AAAWWWW!! I did not look closely at the name tag until you pointed it ut, uppity. I have a big soft spot in my heart for Hugos. I use the name in honor of one of my beloved dogs of years gone by. I was out planting flowers on his grave today, and on the grave of my other darling fur baby. He died one month ago today.

    I do hope imust is around and comes back. I enjoy her humor and pies.

  93. ((Hugo))

  94. That video is awesome Sophie. Very cool astronaut. It is like bowie wrote the song with that in mind happening someday.

    Have you all watched the budgie vids? The budgies name is disco.


    The vid above is mobile version…

    Uppity – there is a vid you gotta see on sophies post.

  95. Thanks for the hugs, lyn.

  96. He’s the same astronaut that replied to a Tweet from Shatner.

  97. Happy Mothers’ Day, especially to those who now just have beautiful memories and special places in your hearts for the mother who is no longer with you. It is a bittersweet celebration, I know. I’ve been out today with my children, their extended families (in-laws, etc) and my one and only grand daughter who continues to spread joy and amazes us all with the tricks and treasures that can only be found in 2 year olds. this was my first opportunity to wish everyone here a happy day.

  98. Priceless. Simply Priceless.

    McCain and other Republicans allege the changes to the talking points – which eliminated references to al Qaeda being involved in the attack, which came less than two months before the presidential election – were politically motivated, since President Barack Obama had campaigned using his administration’s handling of national security issues.

    Clinton herself isn’t shown receiving or sending any of the e-mails herself. But McCain alleged it was impossible for her not to have been involved.

    “I think that the secretary of state has played a role in this,” the Arizona Republican said on ABC’s “This Week.”

    “She had to have been in the loop some way,” he continued. “But, we don’t know for sure.”


  99. SOphie, if you’re baking a pie for imust, do not let Karen know there is a pie.

  100. I am dieting. I hate it but I deserve it. It is karma. I put on a few winter pounds…

  101. Mccain is mcjoke these days. They have spent 8 months chasing their own rat tails in circles and getting nothing done that they were elected to do.

    Vote them out. This benghazi obsession is beyond ridiculous and so obvious. They are despicable.

    Hillary 08,12… ok, 16.

  102. Below freezing last night and will be again tonight. The hummingbirds are squeaking the words – global warming my ass.

  103. The repubs are going beyond ridiculous now. The media is mentioning impeachment. Really? Over talking points? And these are the people who scream about wasting tax dollars?

    And speaking of taxes, I’d like to give the IRS a pat on the back for giving extra scrutiny to “tea party” tax exempt filings. If I were running a tax-funded agency, I’d look closely at them too. What we need to hear is how many such “tax exempt” groups were found to be bogus during this increased scrutiny. If I’m paying people to review the requests for tax exempt status, I want them to look groups who hate to pay taxes and hate the government.

  104. McCain is becoming a real disappointment on all fronts. I thought he had some integrity, but flip-flopping on his support for SOS Clinton os evidence that he is purely motivated by politics. I thought he respected her, but he clearly fears her/

  105. Well you know, I’d say it’s all payback for the two thousand times we heart the word “impeachment” before the words George W Bush. Let’s face it folks, that’s all these bumbling bastards have been doing for a couple of decades is spend all their OVERPAID time on trying to impeach each other’s party. The result is the shambles this country is in because nobody is paying attention to business. Just saying!

  106. Karen FWIW I go on weightwatchers for a couple of weeks every damned spring. What the hell else is there to do in East Coast winter but eat?

    It is incredibly cold here and I HAD to switch on the heat. HORRIBLE. Thank GOD I didn’t plant anything yet

  107. I need comfort food. I don’t have the fixins for meatloaf or mac and cheese. And I am not going out there. Brrrrrrrr!

    I’m thinking chicken francaise. Got wine. Got lemons. Got chicken breasts. Maybe make a pilaf with it.

  108. Okay yell at me if you want, hugo. I am NOT a tea party fan as you know. But I think it’s inconscionable and VERY sleazy for the IRS to be targeting ANY group. I don’t like it. They are out of control as it is. This is wrong. Today the tea party, tomorrow, you and me. I agree that fake tax exempt filers should be skinned alive, but the truth is, there are plenty of them who don’t have the words Tea, Party or Patriot in their names. Might want to start with the Catholic Church and all these other churches that are nothing but political pimps.

  109. Facebook founder admits to calling facebook users “Dumb Fucks” with respect to trusting him with their personal information.

    Don’t kid yourself if you still use facebook. You are his dumb fucks. He is not an honest man and cannot be trusted with all those cookies and bugs he sticks in your computer so you can have the pleasure of using facebook.

  110. If Boehner got his ass out of the tanning booth long enough to attend the briefing on Benghazi talking points in March, he might not look like an ass now. He demanded all emails and he got them. Including his own invitation that his staff bothered doing nothing with.

  111. Well you know, I’d say it’s all payback for the two thousand times we heart the word “impeachment” before the words George W Bush. Let’s face it folks, that’s all these bumbling bastards have been doing for a couple of decades is spend all their OVERPAID time on trying to impeach each other’s party. The result is the shambles this country is in because nobody is paying attention to business. Just saying!

    Seriously?! Because for 8 years I heard ordinary people suggesting Impeachment and NOT ONCE did I hear a Democratic Congressperson or candidate say it. (OK, I heard the I-word once: when Ms. Pelosi said it was off the table.) But when the roles are reversed, it is elected Republican officials repeatedly saying the I-word: McCain, Lady Lindsay. Randy Paul, and so on.

    And I might add, they say, “Impeachment! Impeachment!” before they have anything that looks like evidence. They decide Impeachment first and then they throw everything in the world at it to see what sticks.

    In fact, every fucking time we have a Democratic president, the Congressional Rs are all over the word Impeachment, especially if the guy gets a second term. Just sayin’

  112. Interesting. I heard Impeach Bush a lot. Thing is Obama and I mean Obama not Clinton lied to the people about Benghazi. A man went to jail for making a video and his life was shit because of the lie. Susan Rice has a career in the shitter because of his lie and orders. To me that is all his doing and he needs to be held accountable. He LIED. Did not Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon get it for lying ?
    To me this lie could have led to far worse by inciting the followers of Islam here in this country to go nuts ( not that they do not already ) and cause more harm here. He lied and hurt innocent people and covered up his own inadequacies as a leader. He used folks to make it seem that he was on top of it and it was they who did this.
    As I said I do hope Hilary and others have their butts covered because he will toss them to the sharks.
    As for the IRS targeting the tea party it is outrageous. Abuse of power and I am happy to see that even liberal democrats are outraged. One this that pisses me off to no end is targeting a select group. Something I sadly see many agree with until their turn to be targeted comes around.

  113. Utah, I heard Impeach Bush a lot too, but only from ordinary people, not elected officials. That was my point. What elected official said it out loud? Better yet, name a candidate who actually ran on it!

    I am not at all convinced that Benghazi* is a real thing. If it was, there would be real witnesses, Issa wouldn’t be running the show, and the likes of McCain, Paul,Graham, et al wouldn’t be taking every opportunity possible to inject Hillary into the conversation and twist and distort her comment out of context. If there’s anything real to be had here, let’s have it. Otherwise, they need to stop wasting taxpayer dollars they pretend to care so much about.

    * Update for clarity: I used Benghazi as shorthand for the “investigation” into the Benghazi scandal

  114. The CIA, in each draft of the talking points, said the Cairo protests were partly to blame for inspiring the attack on the CIA annex atbenghazi.

    Were Clinton and obama supposed to know other than what they were told at intelligence briefings?

    Bo repeated the info he was told. Hillary and Rice did the same.

    You can blame the CIA. — but they were right. Some in that crowd were pissed off about that horrible film and if there was an investigation, like Sophie says, where it wasn’t just trash talk from jerks like Rand Paul and McCain then it would have been dropped long ago. The ARB found fault below Hillary’s level.

    They want to bash CLintons – because they want to keep their seats.

    Boehner is naturally orange. His family claims he always was and he has never gone for tanning.

  115. Well the internet big shots lit the place up for 8 years. Every time i turned around, his “Waterloo” was coming. EVERYTHING was an impeachable offense. High crimes. High Crimes. High Crimes. I fell for it a couple of times and then started rolling my eyes. It was constant. The only president in my memory who ever got run out of office on a rail was Nixon. He was tried in the public domain right here where Obama is being tried right now, and that doesn’t mean a couple of regular people. The only reason impeachment wasn’t talked a lot about by the Democrats in that house of horrors, is Democrats have no spine and try to destroy using useful fools. However, Dennis Kucinich and Robert Wexler submitted 35 articles of impeachment against W Bush. Here they are:

    Like I said, all this wastrel congress has done for decades is water down laws for their friends and sponsors, stick their noses in peoples bedrooms and kitchens, alternately, and thwart any progress at anything they should be doing. And often they did it in tandem. Think Monsanto and how well they are so protected by both parties, regardless of who is in charge, to the point where now they are protected by the judicial branch too. They just ruined another farmer in court. The turd in America’s punch bowl is congress and it has been for a long time. They are all destructive, greedy, thieving, deal-making, self-serving, malicious bastards and they are all sociopaths if you ask me. The only time we get rid of one of the biggest bastard offenders is when he croaks.

    You can have a lousy president (and we did and we do) and if you had a competent congress with some semblance of integrity, you can run this country well. Instead, they have run it into the ground.

    As for Benghazi, it never seems to occur to these clowns that maybe there is a national security issue that can’t be released to the fuckwad press without getting a bunch more people killed or infringing on solving what happened. Far as I an see the only way this can be solved is if Obama hangs the perps in front of America. The rest is just the same old nasty clowns doing what they always do: fighting The Other instead of representing the best interest of the country.

  116. I have seen a barage of sexist remarks against Hillary and other women this week too. They are very worried about losing their macho control that they’re willing to do anything to keep the little wimmenz under their thumbs. We’re going to get a lot of mansplaining before this gets done.

    Like Hillary said, it is remarkable till it becomes unremarkable. It comes down to the best candidate, always. I’d never vote based on gender. If the man was the best quailified person (just about anyone against Bachmann, for example) I would vote for him over her. And yet, we wimmenz will be accused of voting for a uterus every time.

  117. I should change my name to: Hank for Hillary! It would save me a lot of grief. This way the boys wouldn’t gang up on me and blame me for thinking with my lipstick tube or some shit.

  118. It has been tit for tat with both parties. I think there was a lot of resentment over Nixon even though when he finally went down it was an iron clad reason. Then resentment over Bill who went down as a punch line sadly after the most accomplished and praise worthy office. then dubya. Well, I was one of the folks yelling impeach all the time and yes, as Upps said it did get some traction, but not much at all officially compared to the ground swell of protests against that idiot.

    As for obama, he did more ugly things before he ran for President, and his campaign did more while he ran against Hillary that was improper and possibly illegal, than anybody I have ever seen run for office – let alone succeed. Since he took office his nature of being overly cautious and acting slowly to respond has let him get away with not looking like an utter fool often. He has good handlers and his ego keeps him from making rushed errors – unlike shot gun Biden who will speak before thinking every time.

    It is our biggest problem in this country causing our morass of long time issues to be overlooked. Two teams locked in combat for decades get nothing done. The people need to wake up, but they keep electing Sanford types and Marion Barry types over and over again. Weiner’s weiner will be a star of the congressional locker room again someday…


  119. Like Hillary said, it is remarkable till it becomes unremarkable

    wow. now that’s a quote.

    I hate these two parties. I repeat that I stay a registered democrat just to help give them a false sense of numbers and to vote against cliff hanging crackpots in primaries. And so i can vote against that moron Joe Biden and for Hillary in a primary.

  120. Boehner is naturally orange. His family claims he always was and he has never gone for tanning.

    I call bullshit on his family. If Boehner is naturally orange it’s because his liver is rotted and he should have died long ago.

  121. I’m in favor of impeaching anyone who commits an impeachable offense that actually has some bearing on our country. I oppose using tax dollars to impeach someone for not telling the truth about sex or for using talking points in the manner that everyone uses talking points. Talking points are inconsequential and I’ll just bet talking points become extinct hereafter.

  122. I recently read that eating a lot of carrots can turn your skin orange.

  123. true, hugo, it’s called carrotosis. And we’re talking a LOT of carrots.

  124. Hey, Uppity, I’m not going to yell about the IRS issue. But, consider this. Every agency has a limited operational budget and has to decide where to get the most bang for the buck. If I were running that part of IRS, I’d spend the money looking at those applications closely because they are anti-tax. No point in wasting the budget scrutinizing true charities or true churches.

    And I don’t thoroughly oppose Tea Party thinking. I just like the IRS strategy for looking for trouble. It’s the risk-based approach.

  125. Well if Boehner is not tanning, he must be spending a lot of time in the carrot patch

  126. It is a carotine disorder or something like that. There are blue people in some Appalachian little town. Yellow for jaundice. I will look it up. His brother did a news interview years ago about it being in the family.

    I think the Hillary quote was garbled by me. She said it would be unremarkable for a woman to win and that will be truly remarkable. The idea of a woman leader is only novel once.

    We are way behind the rest of the world. It is exhausting fighting for equality for decades.

    I don’t care if my car gets attacked for my Hillary sticker. I don’t care if my house gets egged for lawn signs. I don’t care if I lose friends or get in trouble for political discussions at work. No holds barred.

    This is our last best chance and if they succeed in wrongly smearing her we all lose. I am putting on my feisty fighting boxing gloves and going after the republican equivalent of obot. Someone called them Rovebots once.

  127. I stand corrected. I forgot all about Kucinich’s thing.

    And ripped from the pages of Where Are They Now: Wexler was the fist-slamming guy at the RBC meeting and Kucinich is the Air Force 1 public option sell-out who’s now the “Liberal” talking head on Fox who just said (regarding Benghazi):

    …and now in 2016, I don’t know. I mean you can’t predict. But one thing for sure, Secretary Clinton has to be accountable here and she has more questions to answer.

  128. Boehner had 12 siblings. 4 of them, and his mother had the skin tone hereditary issue.

    Sophie, another guy who I thought was pretty good seriously disappointed me when he sold out. There are few heroes in this world and even fewer if you are looking for them in political areas.

  129. Colloidal silver turns the skin blue and it was being marketed for a lot of medical problems a few years back.

  130. This is our last best chance and if they succeed in wrongly smearing her we all lose.

    I don’t believe they will succeed in smearing her. I don’t think she did anything wrong here and I think she has the trump card. I also agree that there’s a security aspect to this and I stand by my initial assessment that the whole Op reeks of CIA (even though I got admonished at the time because it sounded “too convenient.”)

    I think the assholes went to far with mocking her “what difference does it make?” statement. In context, she was discussing the motives of the perpetrators, emphasizing that it was more important to find and bring them to justice and to take measures to prevent this from happening again than determine their motives. Since then, the opposition has spent $$ and time “investigating”* edited talking points over finding out WHO killed 4 Americans. It is real clear where their priorities lie and I hope that when the time comes, she slams that fact down their throats.

    *Investigating is in quotes because when you investigate, you don’t leave people out who have more information than the people you brought it for the show and you don’t get on TeeVee and claim it isn’t a show when you had movie-style posters designed printed up for the occasion.

    Benghazi Hearing: Coming May 8

  131. I just searched for images of Boehner and he is not consistently orange in all photos. Could be lighting or makeup, but he appears pretty pale in some photos. I think he is lying to the public about tanning and we should consider impeachment. Boehner lied; skin cells died.

  132. When Jon Stewart called John Boehner Mr. Tangerine Man, my beverage came out my nose!

  133. When Jon Stewart called John Boehner Mr. Tangerine Man, my beverage came out my nose!

    Wish I had thought of that. lol.

  134. Issa is on CNN whining about a new big scandal involving DOJ. Maybe he can get off Hillary’s back and return his focus to Holder.

  135. Wexler. Bleck!

    Karen: I liked your “botched” quote better.

  136. Hugo the IRS has admitted plenty of times that they tend to squeeze the little people first because they cave in.

  137. If the Boehner family has this orange thing going, it sure is rare. Never met another orange person who wasn’t in liver failure. Must have been hell growing up being humped by passing rabbits and winning first prize as the biggest carrot at the fair.

  138. I think my dog and cat are mentally disturbed. Joe just brought a plastic bag downstairs, singing like a Mom cat the entire way. Then he dropped it in front of the dog, who picked it up and is now parading around with it in her mouth. This is not New. WTF.

  139. Uppity, CNN just interviewed a guy from Public Citizen and he said IRS should apologize for not doing more about bogus tax exempt status. They also reported that IRS previously had specific triggers for scrutiny, but those were removed from their procedures as part of the IRS reform that happened in the past.

    From an operational point of view, going after the little people who owe taxes is another good strategy. I see no problem with getting as much voluntary compliance as possible. It takes years and lots of money to go after the big fish. It has to be a two prong approach.

  140. File this under: What comes around, goes around.

    It seems the AP got “investigated.”

    The Justice Department secretly obtained two months of telephone records of reporters and editors…[which] listed incoming and outgoing calls, and the duration of each call, for the work and personal phone numbers of individual reporters, general AP office numbers in New York, Washington and Hartford, Conn., and the main number for AP reporters in the House of Representatives press gallery

    No one is saying why but the presumed reason is

    The May 7, 2012, AP story that disclosed details of the CIA operation in Yemen to stop an airliner bomb plot occurred around the one-year anniversary of the May 2, 2011, killing of Osama bin Laden.

    While I find this reprehensible and as anti-American as it gets, I am laughing because it’s the AP, the ones who spent five years covering up Obama’s shit for him!

  141. No worries, Sophie. Issa is on top of this new “scandal.”

  142. On the IRS thing, Senator Marco Rubio demanded the resignation of the IRS Commisioner “effectively [sic] immediately.”

    He later learned that we don’t have one–that position remains unfilled. But other than that, nice try at improving your 2016 visibility.

  143. Oh Doh. ROFL Rubio. Jayyyyyyysus. Dumbo.

  144. Remember during 2008 primaries when Obama said he was going to speak to the President of Canada about NAFTA?

  145. AP the people who plastered all over the news that Hillary dropped out of Indiana so people would stay home. She won anyway. I hope they suffer.

  146. Sounds like IRS is between a rock and a hard place on this tax exempt thing. Senate Dems pressured them to “more aggressively target…”. Damn if they do and damned if they don’t.

    “Under current law, tax-exempt 501(c)(4) organizations are supposed to be “primarily” engaged in social welfare work. In practice, groups like the conservative Crossroads GPS and the liberal Priorities USA appear to spend virtually all their efforts trying to sway elections.

    Last year, Senate Democrats began pressing the I.R.S. to more aggressively target such groups. As the Tea Party questionnaires surfaced, the agency released a statement saying, “To be tax-exempt as a social welfare organization described in Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 501(c)(4), an organization must be primarily engaged in the promotion of social welfare. The promotion of social welfare does not include any unrelated business activities or intervention in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.”

    But pressure will now come from the other direction. Representative Dave Camp of Michigan, the House Ways and Means Committee chairman, announced Friday that he would hold hearings on the matter. Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the House majority leader, promised an investigation.”


  147. Minnesota is about to become the 12th state with marriage equality–passed in both house and the Gov is ready to sign off.

    As for Michelle Bachmann, I’m guessing she’s building a bunker because God only knows what God will do to her state now that this travesty has come to pass. I’m guessing her husband will divorce her and marry some guy now. (Ironic ending for someone who believes in praying the gay away.)

  148. Just dropped pie to say hi!

  149. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Imust!!!!! }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  150. Your Pieness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Hussain Al Khawahir was being held in Detroit on allegations of lying to Customs and Border Protection agents and of using a passport with a missing page. He was arrested Saturday.
    His nephew, Nasser Almarzooq, told The Associated Press that he had asked his uncle to bring him the pressure cooker so he could make lamb.


    Maybe they thought he said, “bring the pressure cooker to make a bomb”?

  152. Oh yeah he cooks. For Chrissakes. I cannot believe the bullshit stories these freaks make up for the infidels, like everybody is stupid. I also cannot believe how stupid that moron was to bring pressure cookers into the US, and please don’t tell me he didn’t know about Boston. And Detroit has become Little Islam, complete with woman walking 15 feet behiind their men while wearing the usual trash bag outfit.

    Not surprised it came from Saudi either. They fund most of the unrest and terrorism anyways.

  153. His nephew, Nasser Almarzooq, told The Associated Press that he had asked his uncle to bring him the pressure cooker so he could make lamb. The college student said two pressure cookers he bought in the U.S. were “not good at all,” and said the ones available in Saudi Arabia are higher quality.
    “I’m Arabic,” said Almarzooq, who is studying mechanical engineering at the University of Toledo in Ohio, about 55 miles south of Detroit. “I always use pressure cookers to cook.”

    Yeah, yeah….that’s the ticket….they have better QUALITY pressure cookers in Saudi Arabia…that’s it…yeah!

  154. Yeah. Obviously!

  155. I totally believe they make better quality pressure cookers in SA. We just use them here for cooking. They use them to visit death and mayhem upon the infidels. That takes a better quality device. I think they have better underwear too.

  156. Ixnay on the better underwear, Hugo. Just ask the crotch bomber.
    Great Balls of Fire!

  157. Yes, those panties are definitely look cheezy. Apparently they don’t make washing machines.

    Hilarious post, Uppity!

  158. typo!

  159. Cook lamb in a pressure cooker? Revolting.

    Hubbie has heard gazillions of stories about how badly they do construction in SA. Horrible desgin, engineering, building, stuff that would never pass here. Hubbie knows a couple of guys that spent a few months there, paid to teach them how to build properly and modernly. The SA’s pretty much ignored them and continued building in their archaic, half assed fashion.

  160. I hope the feds are keeping an eye on the nephew that wanted the pressure cooker btw, and not wait til he explodes one someplace.

    btw, that little psychopath dzokar or whatever his name is, has fans here, young incredibly stupid girls who think he’s “cute” (barf–he looks creepy). Can you imagine such a thing? If I had a daughter that had a crush on that POS, I would make her look at closeups of every victim. The younger gen is seriously lacking.

  161. Hugo, I thought your comments about the IRS were interesting. I would love to see a lot of these “non-profits” looked into. Also would love to see church property’s taxed. That cult scientology owns hugely expensive property in L.A., and doesn’t pay taxes on it. I find that so wrong.

  162. Hahaha Hugo, they claim those shorts were “Medium”.

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