Stray Cat and US Soldier Save Each Other In Afghanistan

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  1. OT, but..

    Marin filmmaker Brenda Chapman, who won an Oscar for writing and co-directing the animated feature “Brave,” blasted Disney’s sexy makeover of her movie’s feisty heroine, Merida, as “a blatantly sexist marketing move based on money.”

    Disney crowned Merida its 11th princess on Saturday, but ignited a firestorm of protest with a corporate makeover of Chapman’s original rendering of the character, giving her a Barbie doll waist, sultry eyes and transforming her wild red locks into glamorous flowing tresses. The new image takes away Merida’s trusty bow and arrow, a symbol of her strength and independence, and turns her from a girl to a young woman dressed in an off-the-shoulder version of the provocative, glitzy gown she hated in the movie.

  2. Meridia’s hands are gone. She is doing a pelvic thrust. Oy.

  3. When I saw the vid in the other thread it made me reach for kleenex. Great story. Organizations sprang up to help soldiers bring home their furry families so it must be pretty common. Hooray. Liberate the dogs and cats from that hell hole.

  4. Why don’t they just create a male doll with a boner to go with her?


  5. Cheer up. If they left the arrows and quiver, they would have been pink.

  6. The rebublicans finally have a real scandal to freak out about. Justifiably they can scream from the roof tops about their TEA. I do wonder though how many of those tax hating tax exempt applying groups were bogus after the investigations were done. They red flagged 75 Patriot type orgs and if most of them were found to be bogus then it might give the IRS just cause. Still – talk about boners. This is a big boner!

  7. At least the new version has pointed shoes. They could be a good defence against rape…

  8. Oh man, OJ looks like 20 miles of bad road. Boo hoo.

  9. That shitbag Castro once beat his wife………while she was recovering from brain surgery. They should shoot that fucker in the head right now.

  10. Agree Upps save all that trial money, 🙂

  11. Cats rule. Waste of lead on Castro–just put him into the general population. Off topic–role reversal and sexism.

  12. AnnE, maybe they can just leave a belt with him in his cell….

  13. Chuck Todd got his IRS audit notice. I guess these guys had to see truth through Karma, for protecting him during 2008 primaries. I’m not sure I feel sorry for them.

  14. Foster Dad John Bartlett got a new batch of kittehs. mom is white as are three of the kits. The cutest noises come from them. awwwwww.

  15. Two white kits, one beige, one tabby. mom has one blue eye and one yellow eye. They are all already in love with John. They know they are in good hands. Adorable. not even a week old yet, they were born the 9th.

  16. Karen, that Cinco de Meow kitteh looks like Lily!

  17. CNN Blows Huge Hole In GOP Efforts To Prosecute Benghazi Scandal

    We now know that whoever leaked the contents of the email to various media outlets last week seriously misquoted the document, choosing to paraphrase the content in a way that made it appear that the White House was focused on protecting the State Department’s back and covering up information

    Equally clear is that Congressman Issa has built much of his case on a mountain of misinformation and poorly crafted speculation, all designed to serve the political and personal agenda that Issa has been itching to fulfill ever since ascending to the Chairmanship of the House Oversight Committee.

  18. Japanese mayor: Sex slavescomfort women were necessary…..

  19. Couldn’t resist 😉

  20. Comfort women. Incroyable!

  21. Very good article that Sophie linked above. Issa is an idiot and apparently his so-called investigators are idiots too.

  22. You mean Hillary doesn’t eat babies? And wow, Fox carried on with lies for 8 months? And Issa was showboating? And it was all politically motivated? And the republican party would stoop that low?


    Does this mean we won’t get Rand Paul as president?

    The CIA annex. The CIA talking points. Blame Hillary.

    I love how she goes right on ignoring it all. She has such class. They want her in their mud puddle and she will not play with the little piggies. She gave them all the rope and they kept taking more and more.

  23. Cheney: Benghazi ‘one of the worst incidents that I can recall’


  24. I liked Tapper during the 08 primaries. He was one of the few that sought truth rather than adhering to an agenda. When he went to CNN I commented it was their gain. I think he really delights in journalism and in exposing lies. His forte was investigative and he uncovers new news rather than just repeat what comes off the AP feeds. He likes sticking it to the guilty.

  25. Cheney has it out for Hillary from his recent remarks. Just like Liz to help out her daddy. Her remarks are just as whacky.

    Jon Stewart had a bit about the Republicans saying it was worse than Watergate – very funny.

    We live in surreal times. People believe this crap. TeeVee boob tube has raised stupid up to a new level.

  26. Stewarts bit was called The Big Benghazi Theory. Hysterically pointing out the hypocrisy and hyperbole.

    He has a great bit about the IRS too. He is flabberghasted and breathless.

  27. Still4hill has a great run down of the main benghazi points to date. I just admire Hillary even more than ever. We said from the beginning she will smell like roses when all is said and done. She is so strong and she has been so wronged by so many. Still she rises.

  28. OMG Liz is her father reincarnated. Makes me shiver to look at her and listen to her snide mouth, right down to the crooked twist of her mouth when she’s spewing her “I am smarter than everybody” points. Same beady eye shifting too. Just like her cadaverous old man, Mini Me, only healthier. It’s almost uncanny.

  29. LOL Cheney talking about worst incidents! Amazing. The guy who said with a straight face that all the soliders’ deaths were “worth it’ and secretly, they are “collateral damage”. The same guy who got three deferrments and spawned his little Mini Me just to get out of military service.

  30. Even if what Issa is doing turns out to be bullshit, he knows he did some damage so that in 2016, you will hear people talk about how hillary single handedly killed her friend whom she appointed. It’s Vince Foster 2016 rewrite. I have despised Daryll Issa ever since he convened his own committee of judges on What To Do About Women. Wouldn’t spit on him if he were on fire.

  31. I have disliked Issa ever since he paid for that petition to recall CA Gov. Gray Davis. He is why CA had Aaaahnold. It would never have occurred to Issa to investigate Enron.

  32. Last week it was the AF. This week it’s the Army. Sexual assault “Prevention Coordinator” caught coordinating his own dick where it’s not welcome.

  33. Issa thought he was going to step into the governorship when he organized and paid for the recall of Gov. Davis. He actually cried on tv when he found out AAAARNold was running and would push him out of the way. See him sobbing at the end of this video:

  34. imust, I remember that well. I have always despised this fake, spineless pos.

  35. Isn’t Issa the one who hid his own mercedes and reported it stolen, sold it under the table and got caught in insurance fraud? He also got charged for a stolen car back when he was younger.

    I’ll do the research on this later.

  36. Issa was the arsonist of the car and a firefighter was injured.

    So many cockroaches to keep track of.

    That video of him sobbing is great. I want to see a duet sob with him and boehner when Hillary is vindicated. And Mccain can do the back up wa wa wa wa with lady Lindsey.

  37. Arsonist of the bldg. Correction. At least it sure seems like he did it along with his brother and coworkers.

  38. Here is the bit about the THREE cars.

  39. I can’t get enough of the Hillary quote when she told the cockroaches after they voted down the budget drastically for security that it would be detrimental. Gee they should have listened to the smart woman and then they could have saved people. Can the Republicans who slashed the budget be held accountable for the benghazi deaths, please. She told them so.

    Issa splains benghazi,also C&L:

  40. Yeah they gave Davis the rap for Enron’s sleazy ken lay, who conveniently died so his family could keep the estate and money that was about to be removed from him.

  41. Yes and he did hide his own car and pretend it was stolen. this is the quality of the man who is testing everyone else’s integrity.

  42. The Army/Airforce sexual assaulters who were in charge of working to handle sexual assault, is just a drop in the bucket. The DoD reports there were 26,000 reports last year – a figure they estimate based on survey results. Most of the victims keep silent about their attacks. Very few report but many are victimized.

    It is a microcosm of the problem, as is the Catholic Church. Isn’t it something like 1:4 females are victims of sexual assault in this country. I’d imagine it is close to 100% in some countries.

    Where did I leave my pitchfork and torch?

  43. My brother stole my cars and set fire to my business and I used my position to get him off and bury the story. Yeah, that’s the ticket. His brother is his patsy.

  44. Sounds to me like he was a Juvenile delinquent, dropped out of school, got in trouble after that too, got in trouble in army (cars again, he likes deals with cars). fond of insurance fraud. Yes. he’s perfect to investigate the integrity of others. At least by congressional standards.

  45. well karen, like candy says, if you join the military, what do you expect?

    Don’t forget the child porn on pentagon computers. That story dropped off the radar too.

  46. Man Upps, that CDS is nasty stuff. Hillary is one step above Satan and she didn’t even do anything. The ARB cleared her. The email bullshit was fabricated just like everything else. But they’re still saying her massive concussion, loss of clear vision, blood clot, etc. was a head wound. No it was a serious fucking life threatening injury. If she would have died they would have said she died to get out of testifying. They’re so ignorant that they blame people who see through the crap like it is glass. They are so caught up in twisted pretzel logic they cannot see the simple truth.

    If Hillary does run, there are a whole lot of people who need to eat a shit load of humble pie for making her out to be evil when they should know better. She doesn’t have anything to recant. She did her job.

    Fuck them all. Idiots inflicted with CDS sound just like the 08 obots they detested.

  47. I am so sick of the attacks against her about Benghazi. It is such dishonor to the dead on top of being smarmy republican puke worthy slime and lies and deceit.

    Factcheck org has a lot of the facts in one place and here is one quote from their long conclusions:

    It’s important to note that all the evidence — then and now — shows that the talking points always said that the attack grew out of a spontaneous demonstration in response to the Cairo protests. That was in the original draft of the talking points, and it remained in the final draft. There has been no evidence showing an election-year cover-up.

    It has been known since at least late November that Rice’s talking points were changed. CBS News reported on Nov. 20, 2012, that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence — not the White House nor the State Department — removed references to al Qaeda and terrorism from talking points given to Rice. The Senate Committee on Homeland Security issued a bipartisan report on Dec. 30, 2012, confirming that the talking points had been changed, and that the White House and State Department were not involved. But the report also said that it failed to get a “full account” of what changes were made, who made them and why — despite “repeated requests” for that information.

    The Benghazi 4 deserve to RIP. Enough. Stop. There is no cover up.

    Go investigate the 60 who died under Bush in embassies. This was a CIA annex. Fox is infuriating. All Benghazi all the time and their audience are like fucking parrots repeating all they absorb without thinking it through or questioning why it is obviously entirely wrong.

    They make shit up.

    Hillary is innocent but that never stopped them before and won’t now.

  48. For the rest of the day I am going to keep the kitten cam on in the background and chop up lots of fruits and veggies for the week and cook up meals for freezing to take to work. Dieting sucks but at least I have a ton of yummy produce on the counter.

    Thanks for this place, for the millionth time, Upps. mwah.

  49. LOL about Cheney citing Watergate. Draft-dodging drunk! Their reference to Watergate reminds me that Hillary worked on a Watergate committee and now I suspect that the repubs are trying to avenge Nixon as well as tarnish Hillary for 2016. But it’s sad that they have to trot out dead horses like Dicky and Rummy.

  50. And Tangerine Man wants to know who’s going to jail for the IRS dust-up. I suggest he lead the way for collecting a tax-funded paycheck and getting nothing useful done for this country. Big old orange failure.

  51. Had to take a news break from my day of staying away from politics. Hugo, Rummy is all over doing his concerned voice as if he was a saint and they are evil.

    The IRS tea party brouhaha was, according to Holder if I recall correctly, confined to a few employees in cincinatti. They are not high level. So it looks like there is another big ado that won’t go very far. We will have to hear about it forever though. Ohio.

    And the checking into reporters accounts was handled by two attorneys for national security leak reasons. Holder refused himself because he knew the info and he was a potential source.

    So three “scandals” that were not quite Watergate sized.

    Certain blogs are back tracking as fast as obama did constantly in 08.

  52. Autocorrect changed recused to refused.

    Hate it on this stupid tiny keyboard and they won’t let me disable it.

  53. Holder put the FBI in charge of investigating the IRS so all the republican “sources say” bullshit should be cleared up pretty soon.

    The benghazi emails were released, as screeched about all week, by the WH. So what do the Republicans say instantly? It is not enough they want more info. They didn’t even glance at the emails before they started in on new cover-up screechings.

    I am not going to even read anything else today. It is amazing that people listen to these freaks. Assholes abound.

  54. Just got an e-mail telling me my “Ready for Hillary” bumper sticker is on its way.

  55. Hooray!! The Lebanese Princess has returned! Flagons of the finest mead for all.

  56. Thanks for this place, for the millionth time, Upps. mwah


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