Street Cat Named Bob

Bob’s Book Launch


“Bob Saved My Life”



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  1. I’d love to comment, but-um-there’s something in my eye.

  2. What a gorgeous cat.
    My favorite moment was when the host said of Bob, “he’s quite like a dog,” and James said, “please don’t insult him!”

  3. Yeah Sue. Hahahaha.

  4. Tide Commercial for your assessment.

  5. How the HELL can you get a container of SOUR blueberries? They are inedible IMO.

    Next time I will make sure they come from New Jersey.

  6. If I had a kid who could not behave unless she was wearing a specific outfit, I’d get that counseling started right away.

    I don’t think how we teach kids to dress is that meaningful. I think it’s how we teach them to behave and value themselves that counts. There’s nothing wrong with being a princess as long as you also know how to change your oil and stand up for yourself in the workplace and in relationships. I have a 6 year old girl in my life and buy her princess stuff, but just gave her father a big lecture about his attitude toward chores. He actually said one task is not girl’s work. LOL!! He got an earful from me.

  7. What I heard was “I let her play sheriff”.

  8. True, Uppity. Poor choice of words, but apparently she had the authority to put him behind bars.

    Frankly, the whole add is goofy. P&G got ripped off.

  9. Just watched the Bob videos. Reminds me of two orange tabbies I had for 18 years. The most darling boys. Miss them a lot.

  10. Well I guess at least they tried. Women are so sexualized and placed in the pink girly box that any half-effort is better than none. I guess.

  11. I let a cat named Bob down. I still think of him often. One of those decisions that haunts me.

  12. Never hurts to be vigilant about those gender issues, Uppity. The pink frilly stuff may not bother me, but behavior stuff does.

  13. My sister in law raised her daughter to be a princess. Canopy bed, cotten candy pink walls, stuffed cutesy animals everywhere and tiaras with all the gowns and dress up trimmings.
    When my neice was 13 she became goth and painted her room black and wore skulls and chopped her hair off and spied it and put orange streaks in it. She grew out of that phase but it was pure rebellion.

    My sister in law was horrified. 🙂

  14. Bob reminds me of Simba. Simba is my new BFF. He doesn’t care if my hair is messy in the morning either. 😉

  15. Hahahah Karen, Princess Ananka from the old Mummy movies series.

  16. UK Dirtbags groomed and sold girls used for extreme sexual violence and torture.

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