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  1. From Freedom Fairy

  2. the bigger they come…

  3. Ouch. That is quite the, ahem, structure.

  4. Rand Paul wants someone prosecuted in IRS. He and Boehner and the rest of the repub wackos need to step back. You can’t prosecute without evidence of a crime and no one has presented that evidence yet. Demanding prosecution before a crime has been proven seems un-American. Innocent until proven guilty?

  5. Rand Paul is a bigger asshole than his father. Who could have imagined it? he’s been there like one term and it feels like he’s been blowing it out of his ass for ten years already. He’s annoying, stupid, malicious, mean and VERY AMBITIOUS FOR HIMSELF. Just when he makes some sense, he jumps the shark. This is a very scary guy. I don’t know what his malfunction is, in addition to ambition, but whatver it is, I am not interested. He makes a lot of noise to get face time. I don’t like him. Not one bit.

  6. First time Jay Carnyval has made sense.

  7. The photos today of the Marines holding the POTUS’ umbrella reminded me of this:

    It’s no wonder he had the Marine hold the umbrella since he can’t!

  8. Any chance of getting a grab of the Daily Show Thursday where Jon does a real number on the girlification of the Disney Brave character. Merida? It was fantastic.

  9. Hey gang, Fredster lost his beloved dog and needs some serious hugs.

  10. Wish I could see the daily show, twandx. I know I have some setting that makes it impossible and have no idea which setting it is. Comedy Central is the only place I go where this happens now, mainly because they want to get into my pants with all those cookies and stuff. I’m sure he did a great show on it. Disney had a lot of nerve. I’d keep my daughters away from them. But their change of ‘heart’ proved that the only thing that works with these sexist pigs are torches and pitchforks. The outrage against them was HUGE. They’ll think twice from now on. Maybe.

  11. lol imust, that umbrella schtick reminds me of Mary Poppins.

  12. I knew “Kai”, the axe-wielding “hero” everybody was bragging on, was a psycho the minute I saw the video of him. He was loving the thought of killing. Well, he’s been arrested for murder.

    “Smash Smash Smaaaaaaaaaashhhhh!” And nobody asked wtf he was doing with an axe. My first instinct told me he was in this guy who thought he was Jesus Christ’s car and there were drugs involved here and more to this story. And people in the USA held this crazy bastard up as some kind of gift to humanity. Come on folks, Smash Smash Smaaaaaashhhh?

  13. Love the pic of Obama trying to operate an umbrella. The guy is not qualified to do anything.

    Condolences to Fredster. Losing a dear dog friend is just horrible. My baby has been gone almost five weeks and I cry everyday. Big hug and lots of tissue for Fredster.

    My vet sent me a Colorado Blue Spruce to plant in honor of my dog. It helps to have a little memorial thing. I hope Fredster can do that.

  14. I saw Kai for the first time yesterday and thought he should have been arrested for hitting someone with an axe. That’s not good Samaritan behavior; it’s homicidal maniac excessive force. Way beyond self-defense of aiding someone.

  15. I just now saw that Kai for the first time. Is kai short for KILLER?

  16. Fred, our bestfriends are forever in our hearts. Your buddy is at peace.

  17. This is what happens when elections are stolen. We get sub par presidents like Bush and bo. Can we have a fair election in 2016? I doubt it. They are busy figuring out every loop hole and angle to slip their candidate into the highest office already.

    Romney and Hillary ran mostly above board campaigns – from what I saw – from fundraising to registering voters to following rules. Neither had an ACORN or DIEBOLD working on their behalf. Look what it got them.

  18. When I saw his ‘hero’ video last time he killed, I was reminded of speed freaks who enjoyed mescalin for a chaser. I thought instantly that drugs were involved. You don’t just drive along and suddenly imagine you are God. You ingest a hallucinogin first, possibly inadvertently. And who carries an axe? Now suddenly he was ‘sexually assaulted’ by an old man and beats the shit out of him till he dies. This guy is a serious druggie with psychosis. He was when he did that interview too. It was the witnesses who accidentally got him freed. Nobody thought to imagine that the driver of that car who did all that damage as “god” might have ingested something?

  19. I didn’t post that video of Kai here because I was suspicious that he was what he is and it made me sick. Everybody was glorifying him and I just KNEW. He reminded me of a speed freak I knew in college who one day, sitting around with a bunch of other dead heads, decided to start praciticing knife throwing. He didn’t kill anybody. Ten years after graduation, he dropped dead from too many drugs. So if you are all seeing it here for the first time, it’s in part because I didn’t show it to you. This guy should have never been let loose much less GLORIFIED.

    “Smash! Smash! Smaaaaaaaaaaashhhhhh!” was a giveaway. He LOVED it.

  20. Pat Robertson tells wife of cheating husband that it’s the wife’s job to keep husbands faithful and keep the marriage ‘enticing’. And that wives should be grateful for marriage.

  21. Pat Robertson is saying a prayer for Mr. Uppity right now. God, grant Mr. Upps the strength to endure a woman who just doesn’t know her place.

  22. @ Fredster

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I know that words can’t dull the heartache, but know that we hurt for you.

  23. I have always liked James Carville. I liked him under Bill, when he was at CNN daily and even more when they fired him, when he wonked for Hillary, when he talked about her cajones, when he wore puma sneakers the first time he had to sit through obama when Hillary dropped out, I just like the man. He is a character but I find he is rarely wrong and has the political sixth sense to know what is coming down the road in the future and he uncovers what is going on now with pretty good accuracy. I also am thrilled he is on the ready for hillary bandwagon, whether she runs or not.

    my friend pete used to call him the cajun talking lizard. lol.

  24. Does Bill know these guys?

  25. (((HUGS))) to Fredster.

  26. @Uppity pic via FF of the new BHO library (in China natch!). It may prove disappointing once the scaffolding and tarps are removed. Just one more thing that was fake and BO did not know about until he saw it on TV.

    I would love to see an poke fun at all those millions spent on luxurious accommodations when BO could have been far more informed had he just stayed at a Holiday Inn.

  27. SHV!

    If you are reading the blog today, check your email ASAP. Your account is compromised with intercession from Georgia. The country, not the state. Change your password immediately.

  28. Mt. Laurel honey, all men’s dicks lose their scaffolding sooner or later.

  29. Hahah Karen. Bill will tweet that. He’s taken on a life of his own on twitter and has been embraced by the cat community, where i am now forced to tweet to cats. Scary part is I am good at it and having fun.

  30. Pat Robertson is saying a prayer for Mr. Uppity right now. God, grant Mr. Upps the strength to endure a woman who just doesn’t know her place.

    Mr Uppity thinks he’s certifiably insane, so he he can save his prayers.

  31. {{{Hugs}}} fredster

  32. Uppity@2:19pm

    It is obvious that particular erect model has had a lot of help to stay up for so long. But little blue pills can only do so much.

    As to old Pat Roberson, I used to live in eastern Virginia. They seem to have a lot of nut cases running about.

  33. Thanks so much for the good thoughts. I can’t or won’t deny that it hurts terribly but she was developing some issues that were not going to get better and it was the best thing to do for her.

    I do believe that it’s true that all dogs go to Heaven so I’m hoping she’s covering my dad and the momster with all kinds of doggie kisses.

  34. I do believe that it’s true that all dogs go to Heaven

    My bad 😦 Of course that includes kittehs, gerbils and all the other critters. Just focusing on my own for now.

  35. Fredster and Hugo, very sorry to hear about the loss of your doggies. Hugs.

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