Symphonic “Meer”Cat

“Newt,” if you recall, was my favorite of a litter of five rescues, along with their Mother “Ripley,” — rescues which were on  24/7  livestream till their adoptions.

Here name is Penny now. And she’s a…….um ……….”Meerkat” for sure…..with rhythm.


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  1. Thanks for the e-mail heads up. I tried to reply but it was blocked, strange. People have been getting spammed from my account off and on for several months. Also several months ago, I was getting frequent cell phone calls from Georgia and then there were the letters from the IRS; it’s risky being a Hillary supporter. :>)

  2. shv, spam email attachments can wreck havoc. A few weeks ago, on my kindlefire, I opened a regular email and must have bumped into something (it is a sensitive tiny touch screen) and next thing i knew there was an open spam mail on the screen. I closed it instantly but once it is open the damage is done. They know they have a live account. I did an immediate cleaning and virus scan and checked everything was ok.

    My relative had his email closed down for two days due to an attack on someone in his address book whose computer had a virus that was attacking everyone he knew and they told him some people had gotten hundreds of attacks with mail that looked like it came from their friend.

    Sounds like you’ve got what they had. They are obots though!

  3. i loves me all the ripley kittens. They were the best batch, even better than the spice kittens. The new batch is pretty cute too, but I worry about the tabby, Grant. He was the largest when born and now weighs the least. He breathes heavily, his whole body moves. John knows and so does the shelter and they’re keeping an eye on him. They’re adorable although it makes me too nervous to watch Grant heaving like that when the other three are resting comfortably and breathing normal.

  4. I was just looking at the text of the supposed leaked emails that were released by the republicans compared to the actual emails. What a surprise, the one thing added all over the place was erroneous blame to the State Dept that didn’t exist in the real emails. The real emails were helpful to the State Dept. and proves they did not do anything to impede or divert an investigation or try to remove any blame. The fake emails, manufactured by republicans, were all damning to the State Dept specifically. Gee, if you think they were targeting Hillary with smears and lies, raise your hands.

    I was registered as a dem my whole life. I registered as unaffiliated since the infamous May 31 RBC meeting. I am going to register as a dem again when I move. there is no way in hell i’d vote for a republican again. I did vote for McCain and Palin but if the election were today, with what those two have become, I could not, not even against obama. I couldn’t for Romney Ryan either. The likelyhood of a dem candidate I can stand vs a Rep candidate i can stand is favoring dems by a long shot. That said, they are not a whole lot better. I am, and have been for decades now, a centrist and a moderate. The progressives and the far left make my skin crawl almost as much as the far right. But, the issues make me lean more left than right.

    I didn’t think the republicans could screw things up as badly as they have. I underestimated them. They are a long slow train wreck of lies.

  5. Kitty really likes to look at herself in the mirror. Reminds me of John Edwards who, BTW, is “re-emerging.” Does it ever stop?

  6. karen, I also voted for John McCain and I donated money after the DNC gave the nomination to Obama. I was hoping they would not screw up the opportunity to get him out of the WH, but they unbelievably blew it and continue to do so daily. Other than Hillary, there is no one I want to see running this country. It’s frightening.

  7. Let me be really clear. Address books on a computer are the worst thing you can do TO your friends. When your account gets compromised, the first thing the hacker does is go for your address book. They send their damage to the email addresses of your friends. The hope is they infect one of your friends, so they can go after THEIR address book. And the chain continues on…….you can see how the harvesting is done. I do not have an address book. For starters I rarely send out group jokes, and mailings to multiple addresses. If I want to send an email to a few people at the same time, I just type their addresses in. Yes. It’s a little work. But it beats screwing all my friends. I generally ask people when they get my email address to please keep me off their group mailings. I do not want to be in anybody’s address book. Now you know why. This should be taken a whole lot more seriously than it is. I won’t do it to you. Don’t do it to me. That’s my philosphy, but still people do it.

  8. Karen the spice kittens were my favorites, mainly because Rosemary is my all time favorite.

  9. Hugo, that Breck Girl (Edwards) link is to the Washington Times – Newsmax. Shudder.

    Edwards is never going to be forgiven. It is one thing to have a city forgive Weiner or a state forgive Sanford – even if they didn’t deserve a second chance – but it another whole thing to have a whole country forgive a candidate who lied to us all. He ran for VP and President – he has fallen and he can’t get up. He might get a job at the mill he talked about all the freaking time. Richardson and Edwards are toast. They both sold their souls and stabbed Hillary in the back.

  10. She was special. I check up on her and most of the cam fosters. There is a good Ralph update pic. For those who do not know, her tail was so huge it was given a name. Her Ralph is genetic – Ash has one too but not quite as spectacular. The kits and their moms all went to good homes. She was a great meower – murrerrrr. – purring -sound maker and she was always fussing after her babies and cleaning them. She was the best mama.

  11. Afghan parliament halts debate on women’s rights. Hey, just like our Congress did with VASA. We are just one step ahead of them. They cannot do anything that doesn’t please all the men in govt. Just like DC. Maybe the wimmenz wear burquas for protection from rape and padding against beatings? The burquas might be shields.

  12. Good wishes to all Uppities. If you encounter strange creatures here today it may be due to my FB status which today begins with: “Here’s the fun stuff. Be sure to watch video. (I wanted to credit Uppity, so I linked to her post rather than stoop to stealing the neat kitteh video she found.) [link]”

    THEN I’ll hit them with the political stuff. I’m certain everyone there is relieved I have something feel good on my mind early this AM.

    Thank you all for all you do!

  13. Good morning and a happy Caturday to all! That cute video makes me think of how the term “scaredy cat” came to be. UW, I know you are a lover of good music, so I wanted to remind all the people here where the music from this video comes from. It is from one of the most difficult and terrifying arias ever written and this is IMO a great performance of it.

  14. Karen, I believe the Washington Times was previously associated with the so-called-reverend Sun Yung Moon. I like to visit their FB page and make comments.

  15. In response to Karen:

  16. Karen, Rachel slams them here:

    If this is indeed a matter of grave public concern that requires incessant investigation, then ABC News and the Republican Congressmen who fed them the false information should all be arrested for evidence tampering.

  17. The weekly standard was below slug level on this too. They should investigate themselves for unAmerican activities. This is truly outrageous. 8 months of lies and bs innuendo. Fox should lose its reputable sponsors – those who do not wish to be on tabloid teevee.

    Rush and krauti are inflicted with dumfuk disease.

  18. Letter from the Heritage Foundation to Boehner and Cantor:

    Recent events have rightly focused the nation’s attention squarely on the actions of the Obama administration. It is incumbent upon the House of Representatives to conduct oversight hearings on those actions, but it would be imprudent to do anything that shifts the focus from the Obama administration to the ideological differences within the House Republican Conference.

    To that end, we urge you to avoid bringing any legislation to the House Floor that could expose or highlight major schisms within the conference. Legislation such as the Internet sales tax or the FARRM Act which contains nearly $800 billion in food stamp spending, would give the press a reason to shift their attention away from the failures of the Obama administration to write another “circular firing squad” article.

  19. Circular firing squad around a clown car. They demanded the IRS heads roll and the guy who stepped down was a Bush appointee. If they want to investigate Bush for this IRS bullshit then have at it. How ironic is it? A circular firing squad clown car circle jerk karmic playback – whatever it is – they are showing the world what happens when you falsely accuse others and attack the innocent with lies.

  20. Too cute – Merkle and Pope Francis :

    If the Republicans keep this up they will not only lose badly in 2014 but they will have nobody to run who isn’t a joke by 2016. The dems could even run Kerry or Bidden, two losers, and win.

    They are goners if they do or they don’t wise up. Their own reports and their own investigations into why they were shrinking told them they were killing themselves and they responded to the call to action with improving the aim of their suicide attempts.

    It is a revenge dish served cold but still delicious.

  21. All three scandals were about using dirty Chicago politics to get Obama reelected and/or to punish his enemies. Many here (excluding the mistress of the blog) seem to have made their peace with Obama–I never will.

    Yes, the scandals will blow over very quickly, but that’s not because there’s no there there: it’s because the media will do anything to protect their deity, Obama, people are anesthetized and apathetic, and it’s easier to be riled up against the GOP as being the worse option.

    Yes, the Republicans always overreach, but that doesn’t mean they’re not inadvertently performing a public service by exposing abuse of power by the government.

  22. I don’t know of anybody here whonmade peace with obama. As far as I can tell everybody here can’t stand the man and will never forgive him one iota.

    I think the Republicans are entirely FOS but that does not vindicate the man who was a POS before he ran, then stole an election, then selegated all the hard work to others able he went golfing.

    It also does not release many of the obama dems who twisted the rules to drag his ass over the finish line. Some dems were innocent but others were complicity as hell. Even they seem like Oxford scholars and boy scouts next to the hideous lunatics currently running the republican party straight into the mud.

    There are no scandals. Unless you mean the hideous lies spewed by the Hillary attacking press. That is a scandal. Fox is scandalous.

    Benghazi – not a scandal – the ARB concluded that and the emails back that up. CIA annex – CIA talking point – no scandal.

    60 people in embassies died from attacks under Bush and condign and Powell. My family was over there thenrunning things. Not a peep of blame. Fuck Fox for blaming State for republican budget cuts that Hillary told them would cost lives as she exited the daythey cut the budget.

  23. The IRS in cincinatti singled out tea party people and of course the DC headquarters processes the end results. That is being investigated and so far a Bush appointee is to blame. But a few rogue idiots at a big dept like the IRS is unavoidable in the real world. We are talking 75 applications for tax exempylt status that were held up by an agency that gets millions of requests.

    Oh and… benghazi – the only lie didn’t come from obama – or anyone at state or Cia – it came from Republicans out to specifically add lies to fictitious emails implicating an innocent Toria Nuland and her building execs including the lying attempt – for 8 months to implicate an innocent Hillary.

    And it was for political purpose and an affront to the 4 lives lost.

    Hillary Honor’s the dead with her respect. The Republicans made their deaths a circus. Disgusting!

  24. There was a national security leak. Holder knew the info so needed to be investigated too. He handed it over to others. They rightly investigated the press and others who were involved with the leak.

    That is not a scandal either.

  25. You just proved my point, Karen. Those are hack talking points of the WH and Dems.

  26. Nothing about benghazi the IRS or the media leak had anything to do with obama.

    It was CIA, FBI and IRS – unless you suggest all the adepts under obama had martyrs and suicide candidates create havoc to win an election he already had in the bag!

  27. No it is the truth.

    Tell me what happened in your version.

  28. GreenLantern, perhaps we should have a little blog contest as to which Opera little Newtie is frolicking too!

    Pamela, LOL, you are ruining your facebook image by playing this!

  29. The IRS is a scandal all unto itself. It is America’s premier unelected despot organization. The IRS can make anyone who hasn’t got an extra boatload of money to fight them shake uncontrollably in their boots, and they know it. They not only know it, they enjoy it. They can give out heart attacks, ruin lives and pretty much do anything they want to anybody, and they admittedly enjoy badgering people they know can’t afford to fight them, while being interestingly lenient on the elite. The IRS is lorded over by appointed sleazebags and has been since its inception. I give you Tim Geithner for an exhibit. Therefore, the IRS has been targeting groups since the day they opened their doors, because the top commander reports to whatever is sitting at the white house at any given time. There is no integrity to the IRS, never has been and never will be until the day they are a completely independent organization that is accountable for their own mistakes and misdeeds.It’s too bad that the concept of a flat tax would hurt the working class and poor as much as it would, else it would be the perfect way to shutter the doors of the IRS and send them all packing to the unemployment line where they can chat with most of America’s CPAs, a cottage industry for sure.

  30. Forgive my kindlefire auto correct for making amess of my typing. And the tinykeyboard sucks too.

    It adds all kinds of things I didn’t mean to say.

  31. Exactly upps. That too.

    Rummy and Cheney and hannity will pretend they were a bastion of integrity under Nixon Reagan and Bush one and Bush two.

    Screw all 4 of those hideous administrations. They should not blame anybody else for anything after what they did to us.

    The IRS was saintly till Hillary came to DC. 🙂

  32. Beloved NES. tis true I personally have not made peace with Barack Obama. I am merely stuck with him as an alternative to what I suspect is even worse. Apparently a lot of voters last November felt that way, although I didn’t vote for him like they did. The enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend. Although you subscribe to that concept and I accept that, I have never subscribed to this idea, as you know. And I still do not subscribe to it. Just because Barack Obama is an asshole does not preclude the possibility that D. Issa is a bigger asshole. I have hated him ever since he DARED to hold a forum about what to do with wimminz, all men present. Fuck him. Secondly, he is not historically exactly a bastion of integrity, repeatedly having had a penchant for illegal activities concerning automobiles and their accessories.

    I have mentioned in an earlier post about the IRS issue that, while I am not a fan of the tea party and never wwas, I think it is sleazy and wrong for the IRS to target them. But I am guessing you didn’t read that. I should punish you for that!

    Finally, my beloved NES, and you ARE beloved to me, and you know it; I am just plain sick of waking up angry over politics every day and going to bed twice as angry. If that is the same as peace with Obama, then I guess I will take the insult from others I don’t care about who accuse me, because I have spent 6 years festering over this crap and regard it as totally unhealthy. I have watched people I thought were normally sane —at least to the borderline—become rabid. I shake them off and make no bones about it. This is the one remaining blog with any traffic that allows people who aren’t still festering over barack obama to come and not get the shit kicked out of them because they aren’t willing to believe that his alternative would have been a day at the beach. If people want to pretend shit is ice cream, I can’t stop them. I just don’t plan on joining in.

    I’m tired of these two parties and barely pay attention any longer. The only person I am interested in among that crowd at this juncture is Hillary. The rest of them can kiss my ass on a busy corner. And so can all the bloggers who turned on her like junk yard dogs–especially the ones who pretend to be former ‘fans’. Still, I remain cautious and refuse to get all excited over a run that may not occur in 2016. This is because I am positive that Hillary Clinton could stand in front of a camera and slash her wrists and bleed for America and someone in DC would hold a hearing on it and declare that she wasn’t sincere about it.

    To encapsulate. I think the IRS is out of control and has been for a long time. I think Benghazi does have a coverup smell, but I COMPLETELY resent people trying to pin a president’s control on a secretary of state just because her name is Hillary Clinton. For this, I have lost interest in the whole affair, because that makes it SMACK of politics, while pretending to care about dead people.

    As for the press problem, I KNOW Obama is targeting them to control them. However, I admit that I am getting an almost sexual charge out of watching them suffer, for all they did to Hillary whilst blowing and protecting Obama. I find their struggle delicious. I am enjoying it. I beg you all for forgiveness. But this is just too delicious to me when I see AP, which pretended Hillary dropped out of the Indiana primary on primary day just to keep people from voting, now suffer in outrage. She won anyway, but I still do not forget. I find the thought of Chuck Todd crapping his pants just too much pleasure for me to witness. I find this whole press audit affair delightful, as I watch them all realize they protected and helped elect a total Piece of Shit who has now, as their fake messiah……….forsaken them.

    And dearest, Karen, FOX is scandalous, yes, and no more so than MSNBC. I just can’t bring myself to believe that Barack Obama is an Innocent here, in any of these events. He’s a sleazebag. We have to face it. The only thing that saves him is sleazebags are after him, as in it Takes One To Know One.

  33. Yep, like you said long ago and we all agree wholeheartedly, death by drowning or death by fire. It is a choice we cannot make and win.

    I think NES excluded you. The quote above was something like many of us except for you. If anyone here made peace with bo it is news to me.

    And I said the same thing about Hillary the other day. If she died it would be to avoid testimony. They will lie about her in her obit.

  34. Yes she did exclude me, karen, but others have not, so I was ranting about it in general. Because basically, I don’t give a shit what they think. They aren’t writing me a weekly check so I do not have to obey. I’ve added a few words to my comment to clarify, because I wouldn’t want NES to take the hit. But I do think I have explained that not accepting sacks of republican shit does not mean you embrace sacks of democratic shit.

  35. I will feel extreme delight when shit finally sticks to Obama.

  36. Yes, the Republicans always overreach, but that doesn’t mean they’re not inadvertently performing a public service by exposing abuse of power by the government.

    The people who are supposed to be exposing the abuse of power by the government are the 4th Estate….and sadly….they’ve gone AWOL. The media, with their “embedded” reporters rode in like cowboys on the “waves of steel” Iraq invasion. I’ll go farther back…..they allowed GW Bush to steal an election back in 2000 and again in 2004. Then they carried GWBush II on their shoulders in 2008 while spewing their misogyny at Hillary Clinton.

  37. Fergettabowtit Lyn. He makes sure he isn’t standing anywhere near shit. That’s for lowlife implementers.

  38. He reminds me of Jack Welch, former GE CEO. Slippery bastard had all those lackeys touching the shit. then he rode off like some kind of worshipped prince in the corporate circles. You followed that guy, you went straight off a cliff beause for all the words he made up (he invented the word, “Proactive”), it was all smoke and mirrors.

  39. Here’s my take on the Republicans and the Democrats.

    Never, and I mean NEVER, form an opinion based on the input of people who have something to gain or lose.

  40. Yeah lyn, we all will. But it has to be real and it has to be something he did. It can’t be what blago or rezko or Wright or Ayers did. It has to be what he did. It cant be two leftie zealous idiots, if that is what the FBI determines it was, in the IRS in cincinatti who targeted some suspicious tea party groups. It can’t be a CIA annex attack that was investigated 8 times in 8 months and that had misinformation spewed intentionally to target the SoS and long time punching bag of the GOP. And it can’t be an examination and investigation of (mostly obama sympathetic btw) press members because they were involved in a national security leak.

    It has to be something he did. Not the CIA, FBI or IRS under him.

    And I think he is way too much of a pro bamboozled to get caught.

    The Shiite didn’t stick to tons of politicians who should be in orange jumpsuits. Throwing everything at the wall and lying about and fabricating things about him – with little under oath testimony is a waste of time.

    Read the link Sophie put up. They had their republican party orders to waste time and not do anything constructive.

    The cure is even worse than the horrible disease sometimes.

  41. He knows how to delegate, that’s for sure. That is why he will never get shit on him. You remember when reagan pretended he didn’t know a thing about the Contra thing? Well, Barack Obama does that every single day.

  42. It has to be something he did.

    The trouble is, he never actually DOES anything. He can’t even hold his own freakin’ umbrella for crying out loud!!


  43. It’s like when Cheney’s lackey went to prison for the Plame leak. You think he did that on his own or do you think Cheney told him to do it? It’s classic corporate America. You do the deed. If you get caught you get fired. If you don’t get caught, you get rewarded and promoted. That’s how it works.

  44. imust, ROFL! It’s true!

  45. Upps, I’ve never had a question about your head or heart — I know where they stand and totally understand your position. In fact, I’m largely simpatico ( altho’ I do have that enemy of my enemy syndrome you rightly lay on me…).

    I don’t watch any TV news — Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc — and I don’t read the MSM’s websites either. Haven’t since Nov. 7, and don’t intend to till Hillary throws her hat in the ring (if she does, altho’ I believe she will). I form my own opinions.

    As you know from talking to me offline about Benghazi, I do think Hillary has vulnerability there, electorally and personally — on the gross lack of security prior to the incident and failure to respond to Stevens’ cables in his last few days — but I’m hoping it won’t be a hurdle for her election. (I think if she wins the Dem primary, she’ll win the general.) I give her high praise, though, for taking responsibility for that error — and I believe she feels personally tortured by the death of those four men, especially Stevens (how could she not, since she headed the Dept.). She, of course, has zero responsibility for stage 2 (no rescue attempts) and stage 3 (cover up) of the Benghazi scandal — those are squarely on Obama’s and his WH’s head. I will always defend Hillary against her detractors, but I’ll never be a Hill-bot (akin to an Obamabot), as I know you won’t either. She isn’t perfect (she’s human and a politician), but if I have anything to do with it (money, events, precinct walking), she will be the first female POTUS.

    On the IRS scandal, we totally agree. It was wrong to target the TP, and it was done to punish them. If Obama didn’t have a role in it, he most definitely gave the nod/wink to demonizing them and other opponents. See, eg, this tweet from O’s acct. in the relevant time period for the IRS abuses:

    On the AP scandal, I am appalled by Obama’s DOJ’s Orwellian tactics, but I share your schadenfreude about the MSM being persecuted by their deity Obama.

    In short, there’s nothing about these three scandals that shouldn’t be investigated and aired for the public — in a free society, that is. It makes no difference if the GOP did it in their years in the WH — expose them too, rake them over the coals too. That the GOP is conducting these investigations in a ham-fisted way will redound to their own electoral disadvantage, but it doesn’t mean “there’s no there, there” (as O likes to say about Benghazi).

    I’m addressing these points to you because I just want to state my position, not get into a fracas with any individual commenters.

  46. I agree with NES’s take on this. I also never will make peace with the Democrats, because my primary vote for Hillary was not counted. After what happened in 2000, I would have thought every vote mattered to the Democrats. Because my vote didn’t matter, I am a happy indie now, and I will remain one who believes in country before party.

  47. Obama’s no Nixon that’s for sure. Tricky Dick may have been a paranoid crook…but he was not an empty suit. If not for those WH tapes, (15 min gap and all) he may have gotten away with the whole thing.

  48. I’m no vanity fair fan, but I like this article about the irs scandal. Its what I’ve always thought, why should any of these clearly political, and not charitable, orgs get tax free status. Do any of us get tax free status? This country has become so stupid, its scary. The conservative supremes really sold this country when they a) gave W the prez and b) that heinous corps are people ruling.

    From VF:

    “I’m not all that outraged that the I.R.S. held up applications by Tea Party groups for tax-exempt status. I’m outraged that any of them—or their liberal counterparts—qualify for that status at all.

    Unfortunately, given the way this I.R.S. scandal slid so easily into ideological definitions, I fear that few non-politicos are recognizing the real disgrace here: that the federal government—Congress, the White House, the tax agency, and the Supreme Court—has created a situation where blatantly political organizations are able to legally break the law by pretending they’re something that they’re not.”

  49. NES, oh there is no question that Holder’s house of slime is getting more slippery by the day. Look how the guns to cartels used to kill Americans got buried. You look up hubris and you see his face. And of course, he works for Obama. Nuff said.

    I might be playing with myself in the dark here, but I do believe that ace on the Hillary thing is all that cutting of the State budget by the house republicans. But hey, what do I know?

  50. You are right about that Ace upps. She told them the day they cut hundreds of millions of dollars from her budget, in no uncertain terms, that they would have blood on their hands.

    I posted it here, the exact quote, again the other day. I will look briefly for it, perhaps I can find it quickly.

  51. Socal, be careful what you ask for. A Not for Profit non charity status applies to many many things, not just politics. If they can apply for status then they probably know they qualify per tax codes. If an org does qualify and is deemed or suspected to be using the org for that other than which they claim, then they will get gigged. But when all or a suspiciously large number of similar exempt orgs get audited, it IS skanky. It would be like suddenly seeing every methodist church audited and no other religious sects audited. It’s fairly obvious for a long time that the IRS has that key word data base. It’s NOT a secret. Certain write offs can get you audited. A Home Office, for example. So the use of key words is common there. So there is no doubt that somebody got instructions to punch in “Patriot” and “Tea party”. It was deliberate and no lowlife implementer thought of it either.

  52. Nope, not buying the budget-cutting excuse. Interestingly, Hillary doesn’t either — she hasn’t made the excuse and didn’t let it stand in the way of her taking responsibility. She was asleep at the wheel on Benghazi and Stevens’s emails. People make mistakes — she made one.

  53. ack, i had the links all ready to post and metrocast had a problem in Va, Md and Pa and i lost connectivity for a while.

    I thought it was my computer at first so i did a full dump of everything including my post…

  54. Yeah, imust that’s it. this is the one i used the other day, it is a few things that need to be said back to Issa. spit.

    there is an even better one from the hill. this might have been it:

  55. Karen, not to worry. I know they are there because I’ve seen them. I say it’s an ace because it happened.

  56. HAHAHAHA on Borowitz parody.

  57. NES she hasn’t made an excuse because she doesn’t think she should give an excuse, at least not at this time. When she needs to cite, she will. Right now, she remains more popular than any one of the wolves chasing her. She’s not there in DC and doesn’t have to tolerate them for a minute. When she does, she will.

  58. the issa one explains why it isn’t just a little hop on a plane to get there. State moves slow, as all gov’t does, even in disasters and in outright war movements of troops and such.

    In a perfect world everything is handled with a bow on it instantly.

    In real life there were 200, or more i think it was 225 or 250, actual US locations overseas requesting help all at the same time for the same reasons, protests gone amuk and requesting assistance. Cairo, etc. were all yelling for help. Guess what? that is the dept of defense not State, as Hillary explained. She would not see that email. She doesn’t issue security details – not her job.

    Also, funny thing about State, they had 4 million emails with her name on it. only ones that were sent to her assistants and her dept, her famous floor at foggy bottom, only they get screened as possibly to go to her. Mostly, as head diplomat, she handled calls of foreign leaders, and world connections, not staffing of security. Which btw is said to have had one more person in security than they had requested in July, i believe was their previous request. Also, we know the temporary help, the guards that were temps, were gone the day they were recalled and scheduled to go. Not permanent. Not in the budget allocated.

    still4hill has a great explanation or two of the process.

  59. I respectfully disagree, UW. The budget doesn’t give her an adequate excuse.

    I agree, however, that she won’t have to really explain Benghazi in 2016. Unless Elizabeth Warren runs, the Dems will flock to Hillary and they’ll outnumber the Republican voters.

  60. I think the lack of security was more an issue of not wanting a large “footprint” (as in….don’t upset our ‘friends’) rather than budgetary.

  61. The notion that Hillary shouldn’t have seen cables from her Ambassador calling for help is nonsense. It’s Hill-bot thinking — justify everything, even the unjustifiable.

  62. Yes, imust, the footprint is an issue in diplomacy, too. but then again, it was CIA not State for the Annex – so for the most part, that is why State was not in control. (not hillary, she has nothing to do with lower level management decisions anyway, as the ARB said – below her level.)

    From the Boxer link:

    One huge problem was that the facility was deemed temporary — as we have noted, most of the officials there were working for the CIA, not State — and thus it could not be funded with standard overseas building funds. (Despite persistent news media reports, this was not a “consulate”—far from it.) After the fact, the ARB report recommended allowing for greater flexibility in use of such funds and requiring minimum security standards for such temporary facilities.

    She was the head of State. My family has first hand knowledge, over decades of what that entails. They are fully confident, as obots even, that Hillary did her job. It is one of the things we agree on politically. And they were not Hillary fans at all and think the best SoS was, despite his WMD mistake, was Powell. And if I revealed who my relative is everyone at State would know the person and go ooooooh. It has happened to me in person with people from State.

  63. Don’t remember what the result of that bill was in the end. This was in the 2012 budget.

  64. Hell no. Not hillbot. it is for diplomatic old fashioned titular head of every single email. Did you see those wikileaks from Assange, each one, even ones requesting toilet paper delivery, was addressed to Hillary and signed by Hillary. Then the codes direct which actual department it is handelled by.

    She was not in that chain of command according to the 8 investigations done. They aren’t Hillbots. And neither am I.

    If she does wrong, I say so. She screwed up royally on the Kabul story.

  65. Warren will not win a primary. While I know the left finds her beloved, she is very far left and I believe Americans are tired of hopping between far right and far left extremes. I also believe she is a bit bombastic and doesn’t suffer others well. While that is not very acceptable in men, it’s a death call in a woman, and we know it. in other words, i don’t think she’s in the mood for playing well with others. While some of you might find that refreshing, it does NOT a winning election make. I do not think she can beat hillary or cuomo. I do not regard Biden as a serious contender.

  66. I agree w/ you, imust. It was the “light footprint” foreign policy. Both Obama and Hillary (and Susan Rice) were personally invested in projecting the Libyan invasion as an unequivocal success, one that magically transformed Libya into a friendly democracy overnight. The news that Al Qaeda affiliates were predominant in and around Benghazi and attacking foreign siplomats was not welcome news — even when it came from Stevens’ PERSONAL cables — because it challenged the wisdom of the light-footprint policy (made it look foolish, even). Common sense went out the door, people became negligent about the security situation, and mistakes were made. Nothing intentional, but definitely negligent. It’s worth recalling that no US ABASSADOR has been killed since the late 70s (not even in Pakistan, aka, Terror Central!) There’s a reason for that favorable statistic — because people have recognized risks to US Ambassadors in trouble-spots. They are always high-value targets. Here, that recognition was eclipsed by the political need to see Libya as a success.

  67. the boxer link also says State said wasn’t a factor this time. Most likely since it was a CIA ANNEX. NOT STATE. For what it is worth, Embassy Tripoli, where Stevens was the Ambassador, was not requesting the security he needed. According to the ARB. And I have said before, and sadly seen it stated, he underestimated the threat to himself and others till it was too late. He was a good man, no doubt, and he had a way about him according to those who knew him, including Hill, that was endearing and brave and non confrontational. He wanted peace and he wanted diplomacy to work.

    He was attacked by savages, not the good people of the region who he reached out to and who formed friendships with him.

    here is the boxer link quote continued:

    “(A side note: Given that the U.S. effort in Benghazi was basically a CIA operation, State Department funding issues may be largely irrelevant. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to the classified version of the ARB report. But it is worth remembering that the CIA was responsible for security at the “annex”—where most of the Americans in Benghazi were housed.)

    A key finding in the ARB report was: “Security in Benghazi was not recognized and implemented as a ‘shared responsibility’ by the bureaus in Washington charged with supporting the post, resulting in stove-piped discussions and decisions on policy and security. That said, Embassy Tripoli did not demonstrate strong and sustained advocacy with Washington for increased security for Special Mission Benghazi.”

    During hearings into the attack last fall and this month, State Department officials were specifically asked if a lack of financial resources played a role in the attack. The answer was no.”

  68. NES I am sure Hillary didn’t read the thousands of cables daily. What I am saying is, nobody in her position does. That is delegated, with highlighted cables called to her attention. Whether or not the cable in question reached her is not a matter of excuse. We don’t know, and that includes you. You are piling on her and you don’t know either. And once we know, then we have to know how it was actually handled, as in what follow up did or didn’t occur. In other words, it’s just as foolish to shoot at her for doing what we don’t know as it is to defend her while not knowing. To Unjustfying everything is easily just as unjustifiable as justifying everything.

  69. 60 people were killed in State Dept during condi and bush and powell. As I said earlier, my family was there and in charge of more than one location and had staff die. I gave a relative a black dress since there were so many funerals during those years at State. Friends and coworkers died. not one peep from congress or the press about security being inadequate.

    Security was inadequate on 9/11 at the Pentagon too. Right?

  70. I thought there might be selective quoting from that Washpo story I linked above. Here’s one that interferes with the blame-budget narrative:

    “State Department officials repeatedly told Congress that a lack of funds was not an issue. Instead, security was hampered because of bureaucratic issues and management failures. In other words, given the internal failures, no amount of money for the State Department likely would have made a difference in this tragedy.
    Three Pinocchios”

  71. Who was the boss again? I mean The Boss. ?

  72. Oh yeah, that old canard: Bush did it! Condo did it! Rummy did it! What does that have to do with whether Hillary bears any responsibility for Benghazi? Nothing.
    And, by the way, Bush & co. didn’t lose an Ambassador. And, you know what? If they had, they’d sure as hell would’ve come under a barrage of criticism — especially if there was more than one SOS sent personally by the Ambassador, and which echoed the sentiments of encroaching danger he’d noted in his diary.

  73. Does anybody know what he was doing there? Some kind of special project or mission?

  74. Karen, if it wasn’t a state location then what cable to state are we talking about, and if it were a CIA Annex, per the report then why is Hillary taking hits? Was it or was it not her decision? NES? Do you know about this?

    If what you just said, Karen, about the report is true, then I concede state funding cuts, if they occurred, had nothing to do with anything. But then State would also have nothing to do with it. So now I am confused.

  75. Ok you must have been typing while I was NES. I see your answer.

  76. Welp, once again politics is about to ruin my day. So I’m gone.

    Have fun and try not to kill each other. You know how I hate work.

    I almost forgot why I don’t want to blog this crap any longer.

  77. Tripoli, where Stevens was Ambassador was State and Tripoli was in charge of the diplomatic office at Benghazi that had a building nearby that was a CIA annex.

  78. Who was the boss again? I mean The Boss. ?

    Of course, Obama was the boss. But, Hillary was the boss of the Dept. of State. And, like any good boss she acknowledges and took responsibility. It’s only others who’re trying to say she had none. In her position, I would be haunted by what happened…and I bet she is.

  79. pie, I saw that the other day. There are so many stories. But if they keep on Blaming Hillary daily at Fox for 8 months and they keep mentioning what ifs, and countering with three pinocchios for a quote from Boxer that was inaccurate about the time period she specified, and if we keep on listening to people stick a fork in Hillary because there were manufactured emails mentioning the head of the builiding at state that were not in the actual emails, well something might stick.

    I see nothing but the same old rwnj attacks that have come against her for decades without stop.

  80. Well, UW, of course she doesn’t read all cables. But, there’re cables and cables. One from the Ambassador stating his fears and asking for help is not just any cable from any one of a diplomatic staff. I’m not saying she saw it — i’m assuming she didn’t. I’m saying she should have had the management in place that would’ve required her underlings to share that kind of high-level emergency communique with her. It was a failure of management.

  81. When you are in charge of an agency that is the size of many countries, then somebody is bound to screw up in 4 years somewhere in that agency. Things could have been handled better by lower than Hillary management – according to the ARB.

  82. What email didn’t she see or did she supposedly ignore?

  83. There was one more guard than requested in July, the last request for security staff till it was too late do help. It takes time, troop movement is slow. Navy Seals do not drop out of the air at remote locations instantly. The military missions take time to respond, sometimes long after the smoke clears, as it was in this case. When our country has been horrificially attacked on foreign soil over decades there was response when possible and as soon as possible.

    They didn’t have the ability or the manpower to respond. It was not expected and it was not negligent. The ARB said they did a good job getting there as swiftly as possible. Our military does their job protecting diplomats around the world but things do happen, it is far from the first attack and it will not be the last, unfortunately.

  84. There is a ton of info in this long story I read it or something like it last December. Whether entirely true or not I do not know. There is a lot of info of Stevens in general but verify any strange facts that are in this account.

  85. Welp, once again politics is about to ruin my day. So I’m gone.

    Yep, this has given me a splitting headache…I’m gone too.

  86. NES,

    For the permanent record, I made no peace with Obama. I think he is a lying sack of shit with a pitiful work ethic, and an over-inflated ego. Boston Boomer said he was a text book case of narcissistic personality disorder and I agree. Just because Obama is a slime ball does not mean I have to make peace with the gerrymandered right wing noise machine. (And even though the right wing made it abundantly clear they didn’t want my vote, I still didn’t give it to Obama.)

    Why didn’t they ever “investigate” how Obama became a made man, Chicago style? Why don’t they ever investigate Chicago style politics? No, they go after BS (Kenyan Socialist), they make up their own facts, and they disgust the public. They don’t care about collateral damage and whether they implicate innocent people or ruin the country.

    I am still a Liberal, so when you see me blasting the lying liars of the right wing noise machine, please do not interpret that as love for Obama (who is not a Liberal in my book).

    When the right wing said their primary goal was to make Obama a one term president, I naively thought they were going to push an agenda that showed up his sorry ass. When they ran on Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, I naively thought they would introduce at least one piece of jobs legislation. And then they’re surprised when they failed at their goal.

    Right now, they’re doing to Obama what they did to Bill and Hill and it’s backfiring on them. Their style of overreach is not a public service. People who feel compelled to defend common sense will inadvertently end up defending Obama as a side effect. The blame for that cause and effect is squarely on the right wing noise machine. Their “strategy” failed when they tried it on Bill–why do they think it will work now? They really need a leader. They need a goal that isn’t merely about destroying the other party. They need to be FOR something.

    The Benghazi “investigation” was a farce from the beginning. (Hint: Issa.) As it happens, the IRS “scandal” is BS too. The tea party wasn’t even “targeted.” (Please do not think this means I like the IRS or think it’s right for them to target anyone, like the NAACP or Christ Church in Pasadena, say.)

  87. NES, I do think the budget, the fact that millions of cables don’t get to Hillary, and the CIA involvement (convenient as that sounds) are all facts that clear Hillary.

    How about Issa & Company investigate Benghazi itself, and find the attackers and bring them to justice instead of merely investigating the inter-agency workflow for editing media talking points?

    You say Hill-bot like it’s a bad thing. I am sick and tired of Hillary being held to an impossible standard of perfection that no other politician, male or female, is. If having her back makes me a Hill-bot, so be it. It’s high time there were more Hill-bots.

  88. I said there is no there there before obama said it the other day. In my opionion, the whole thing is, as Carville said, going to pass in a month.

    Unless the Republicans keep screaming FIRE everytime a spark flies.

    And yeah, Sophie, the IRS targeted “TEA party and other groups” is the way they are all saying it now. Holder put the FBI in charge of it and obama declared he was outraged. Therefore, it must be a non starter and non story.

    Still, I bet Hannity and company are drumming up the vile worst in people right now. I love how Jon Stewart had that clip of all of them saying IF Hillary knew, IF they told State, IF the emails said this then, IF there was a horse in a bikini on a bicycle. Who cares about IFs, as upps says above when we have evidence it matters not the IF this and thats.

    My grandma used to say if pigs had wings whenever we said “if” when we were hinting we wanted something from her.

  89. Hugs to Sophie the hill bot. I wish I thought of that!

  90. Sophie, that made my day. No my week. I was accused of being a hillbot (for the first time in ages) the other day at a site and now today, here. I saw it also at another site but it wasn’t said to me.

    It is like the obots, it is the phrase of the week! It must be in the republican talking points to say talking points a lot as well. I think they’re trying to copy the obama-axelrod handbook. And yes,they did do something similar to Bill too. But now they’re really all making stuff up and leaking lies to the press. How many times do they think they can burn reporters the way they did last week? Reporters are dumb but they’re not that dumb. They learn when they touch a hot stove.

    They are going to run out of tricks and it isn’t even the end of 13 yet.

  91. Socal quoted VF:

    “I’m not all that outraged that the I.R.S. held up applications by Tea Party groups for tax-exempt status. I’m outraged that any of them—or their liberal counterparts—qualify for that status at all.

    I don’t know if they were “targeted” so much as “profiled.” I’d say that when a group’s number one issue is to protest taxation, they’re a high-risk for tax evasion.

    Interesting to see the tables turn on the very idea of profiling…

  92. Karen, I’m just tired and pissed off at the fact that Hillary is the favorite punching bag, including by former, tepid, and provisional supporters. She has worked her ass off her whole life trying to improve the world and I’m not going to stand by while she’s subjected to some ridiculous standard of perfection.

    Like you, I also acknowledge when she does wrong and when I don’t agree with her on an issue or think she’d should pay more attention to an issue than she does. But I’m not going to give an inch until she is proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. She has earned Hill-bots.

  93. True. Hillary has a long..long record of service and proof of her ideals, principles, and work ethic. She also has a long record of being attacked for those same values and principles. She earned my respect many years ago and continues to receive my loyalty.

  94. OT Police Officer who was invited to sit next to Michelle Obama arrested for rape of 2 women.

  95. A woman must never let something go wrong in her vicinity. She could do everything right and let her be standing there and it’s over. A man can fuck up for years and no big deal. He’s human.

  96. See Weiner and Sanford and their poking dicks making comebacks? Let a woman try that one. First, FIND a woman politician in that position to begin with.

  97. Police Officer who was invited to sit next to Michelle Obama arrested for rape of 2 women.

    She really knows how to pick em doesn’t she? Kirrrrrrrrristtttttt.

  98. Boy we really are making a lot of America’s scum into cops, aren’t we?

  99. Karen, I’m just tired and pissed off at the fact that Hillary is the favorite punching bag, including by former, tepid, and provisional supporters.

    Don’t forget the fake ones who coincidentally and deliberately divisively show up in time for elections and pretend they are ‘former’ supporters, so they can hook suckers into voting for any republican who inhales and exhales. You would think people would learn they’ve been used after one presidential election. But nope. They get snagged again.

  100. Well you know Uppity…according to Pat Robertson….

    men have “the tendency to wander a little bit.”

  101. Yes imust, and it’s their wives’ fault too.

  102. Ayep!
    More of Pat’s Pearls…

    Does he provide food for you to eat? Does he provide clothes for you to wear?” he asked, adding that the onus is on the woman to keep the “home so wonderful that he doesn’t want to wander.”

  103. Yeah Pat, if you were my husband I would provide you with the poison mushrooms, you cadaverous flying asshole.

  104. Lol!

  105. I gotta learn to express myself. lol.

  106. Pat Robertson said that “awful-looking” women are to blame for a romance-deficient marriages.

  107. omg, a radio host said something horrific about Hillary, worse than 08 or at least as bad as the worst of 08. Spurred by Fox news and the lies this jerk wants Hillary to get shot. In her vagina.

    I think I am going to be sick. How quickly we got back to those charming “*uck her with a pitch fork” days.

  108. If there are any other Trekkies here. this is a fabulous commercial!

  109. I am stuck in a cat’s body over at MKBILL’s twitter acct. I am now officially blogging as a cat. And the worst part of it is I am actually good at it, which could be a sign of impending insanity. More cats follow him every day. Soon I will need meds.

  110. Karen, I saw that the other day and shared it on Facebook. I don’t understand why they aren’t al over him. This is not freedom of the press. This is an FCC violation and a threat to a former FLOTUS, NY Senator, and SOS.

  111. Whoa trekkies. I made the mistake of mentioning to a tweeter that Captain Kirk is very bloated, appears to be retaining water and is probably circling the drain. You would have thought I said her mother is a hooker. Holy shit. I had shrappnel in me.

  112. You criticized Kirk? Are you out of your Vulcan mind? 😉

  113. Karen, honey, I realize that you are a very loyal person to those you care about. I learned how seriously you take your loyalty in the last quarter of last year, when you defended me while ducking arrows. The thing is, 2016 is a long way off. And to let these wincingly awful people upset you now is not going to be a good thing for you. I think I understand your proactive stance, but let’s face it. We will never stomp out CDS. It’s far too threatening to people with lesser minds and ability than she has.

  114. You criticized Kirk? Are you out of your Vulcan mind?

    I tell you, I nearly died that day.

  115. Yeah, like a character with no name in a red shirt.

  116. You want to make his butt quiver? Report the piece to the FBI.

  117. I couldn’t listen to it all. I clicked close after a short time. What the hell is he doing out in the world and saying these things. Those lies are horrible and sick. She killed all the men of seal team 6? WTF is wrong with this world. Why is he not visited by the FBI and locked up in a nut house till a doctor straightens him out with lots of therapy and meds.

    He threatened obama and bush too. Sick and stupid and violent. Great to know he has fans on his site and that he promotes guns. He should not be allowed to have a gun. He said he wants to look her in the eye and pull the trigger and watch her die a slow painful death.

    HOLY SHIT. Lock him up and take away the key.

  118. Upps, this is way beyond insulting to her. That I can handle. This man promotes guns and he wants to kill her, he says so.

  119. Yup that’s FCC AND FBI material. Do your duty. Makes his asshole explode. Who the fuck is he anyway? I never even heard of him.

  120. What a sick Fuck. He needs to be reported as a threat to her life. A couple of big guys need to show up at his house and flash their badges.

  121. I’m on the same page as many here– I haven’t made peace with Obama, yet at the same time I can’t stand the Republicans. I went with the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” philosophy for awhile, but that doesn’t work for me anymore. The GOP has been hijacked by the far right and the Repubs who used to be somewhat reasonable are marching in line behind the wingnuts. Compare John McCain in 2008 to John McCain today.

    For me, what it all boils down to is who or what is good for this country. If Hillary runs and wins in 2016, I believe this country will be much better off. I don’t see anyone else out there who is capable of cleaning up the messes made by Bush and Obama.

  122. This guy has Ted Nugent and others around him. Great to know Nugent was at the STFU speech by invite from a Congress critter. He is just as dangerous as the rapist with Meechelle!

    I cannot believe the world we live in today. Tell Spock to stop at the first planet with intelligent life.

  123. I appreciate people who understand how I feel, Jen. I’ve just had it with two crackpot fringes taking turns destroying America.

  124. When it comes to Hillary, I don’t trust either party. Those same parties gave us two crappy presidents. End of story.

  125. I don’t care who wants to get caught standing near him. He’s a sick fuck.

  126. Does Hillary still have Secret Service protection? I would think making a statement about harming a former First Lady crosses some type of line.

  127. SS has a twitter account. Send them a tweet about that guy.

  128. That is really disgusting and over the top. I can hardly watch news anymore. I hope this cretin gets investigated. Evil f*^king bastard.

  129. I made chicken parmagiana tonite.

    I have a cat question. For the past year or so, we have had a cat that runs free around the neighborhood and on the hill during the day and her owners (usually) take her in at nite. Of course, laker made friends with her and she stops by several times a day for a snack, and maybe some water out of our Uppity mug. She’s a sweet and sassy little tuxie. Lately, there has been another cat wandering around, an orange one (I call them marmalade cats, don’t know the proper name for them). Tonite, when I went out, this cat was sitting in front of the tuxies house making weird crying-ish, yowling-ish noises, quite loudly. I went back home and got the cat treats and gave it some which it ate, then it wandered back to tuxies backyard, howling up a storm. Am I right that the marmalade cat is a male and trying to get to the tuxie? I don’t know that its male, but why else would it hang around her house?

  130. Here is more from the VF article. This really is disgusting:

    “The key to this obscene state of affairs is an entity known as a 501(c)(4), named for the section of the tax code that created it. Supposedly, these are civic associations or organizations devoted to social welfare, which can operate tax-free, but whose donors aren’t allowed to deduct their contributions. Fair enough.

    But then comes the loopholes that politicos have used to drive not only a truck through the intention of the law but a whole fleet. Unlike a wholly charitable organization, a 501(c)(4) can engage in political activities, so long as it is not its primary purpose. In other words, I could form an organization that spends 49.99999 percent of its time, energy, and money on politics and still be deemed tax exempt. In other words, you, me—every American citizen—can be providing a tax subsidy to groups that (theoretically) are spending almost half of their money on politics. It’s worse than that. Under the law, a 501(c)(4) can spend an unlimited amount of money on lobbying, so long as it is related to its “primary purpose.” So, in truth, an organization can be fully political under any rational interpretation of the meaning of that word, yet be deemed not to be primarily political under the law.

    The floodgates for this disgusting arrangement were largely opened—like almost all things that have perverted modern American democracy—from the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission.”

  131. Ahhh…the smell of honesty is refreshing. I’m glad I played a minor role in allowing everyone to get out of the closet. We have some here who haven’t “made peace with Obama,” but are nevertheless willing to attack anyone who attacks him. And then we have the self-confessed Hill-bots, who forget that they criticized the phenomenon of bot-ism in ’08 when the shoe was on the other foot. Alrighty then….
    I’ll go back to hiding out on Twitter.

  132. “Karen, I’m just tired and pissed off at the fact that Hillary is the favorite punching bag, including by former, tepid, and provisional supporters.”

    Sophie, care to name any “former, tepid, and provisional supporters”? Just wondering if I know any of them.

  133. NES, nobody defends bo when he is wrong. When he is being attacked for something that is far removed from him and ridiculous – as said above by one of us bots – socialist Muslim – is a waste of time and wrong. If they want to attack him for continuing Bush’s gunwalker scheme that reeks of Iran contra – have at the fuck and impeach his skinny ugly ass.

    Get him on the drones. Get him on force feeding prisoners at Gitmo (watch the video of testimony at the still4hill link – we are barbaric and still torturing at Gitmo) get him on the lousy economy and for his baffling way too huge and expensive and crippling obamacare.

    FCS, some sites of former Hillary fans were removed from the blog roll in 08 when they went to obot land. We did not. Others showed their true colors when she became SOS and they started to lie and make up bs about her and speculate nonsense. Other sites. Became flat out republican or flat out far left. Recently Upps removed a bunch of links because they were sexist obnoxious and their commenters were full of misinformation and links to ignorant fake news sites full of specilulation.

    Several people above and frequently here – including Uppity, talk about these former hill supporters who drank the republican koolaid.

    I see it that we have stayed as we always were. We had strong convictions. We did not run to the arms of our former abusers.

    I spent my life fighting for peace and human rights. Just Hillary and Bill left to admire in that department.

    Bill’s foundations alone would keep me faithful to them.

    I love the Clinton’s. I admit it gladly. I have always had her back and felt the same for Bill.

    Did Bill disappoint me. Very much so over his escapades but not often other than that. His books and Hillary’s are brilliant.

    Those former hill fans hated obama more than they supported her.

  134. Seriously though, why would anyone feel they have to be in the closet about not being excited about D Issa. Or…..sputter…….Paul Ryan.Or about still supporting Hillary when they are on a Hillary blog? And why would anyone be *required* to prefer the likes of him to the likes of Obama. That’s how I felt last fall. I felt like people were coming here and trying to bully me into capitulating and I am not going to forget it. I am not giving up on Hillary and I don’t have to. I don’t have to eat my peas! All this noise has just turned me off. I have had enough of it. I am not going to come here and pretend there is anyone I prefer to Obama. I am not going to pretend that, because nobody represents me that he is worth spit either. I don’t have to.

    This is a hillary blog. It wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Hillary. Therefore it’s a natural assumption that people here are going to be bothered by insults to her, kind of a mirror image of me going to a blog that thinks Romney was the Be All To End All and bashing him. Me? I just want to forget him. He is forgettable. And from what I see around me, Romney people would have been insufferably mean and nasty assholes if they had gotten their way, a match to the Obots in 08 as a minimum. I am looking forward to forgetting them too. I am looking forward to forgetting Obama one day also, but I’m not going to fester and waste another four years of my life over it. When you toss in Bush, that would be 16 years of everybody’s life, folks! THink about that would you? I’ll just go ahead and live till he goes away. They all go away sooner or later. I plan to still be here.But I have learned that Timing is a very important part of life. That is why I sit and I wait. I have learned that when it comes to things like politics AND life, it is a sensible strategy.

    You are all in fester mode. Fighting over assholes and which asshole has a higher asshole quotient. I also think people who wanted Romney are bitter and bad losers. That’s not any more healthy than pretending Obama is a good deal, some of which I also see here. I don’t like this blog much when it comes to politics.

    All of this is why I refuse to write another political post. I just don’t want to be bothered by all this festering. But this blog endures because there are people here who find this the only place they feel comfortable. This is because they know I won’t insult and threaten the shit out of them for being a Hillary supporter. I don’t find that such a big problem in the grand scheme of the entire interwebs. It’s a place where they can come where nobody will threaten to out them simply because they don’t pretend there is an actual good political alternative out there. Because there ISN’T.

    I am a self-confessed Hillbot. It’s how I got here FCS. But I’m not going to gear up for something that’s four years down the road. I say let’s save that for CDS people. Plenty of them were in the closet during the last election too. I kind of figure the world is big enough for all of us. Just not my part of it. It’s kind of like when you throw a family picnic in secret so the cranky uncle doesn’t know there’s a party. lol. Being a moderate is hell but I KNOW I am right that moderates are the only people who are going to stop this insanity.

    In the meantime, I prefer to focus on goatfuckers and women’s rights. Meanwhile, I haven’t had coffee so I am not even sure what I just said. And I don’t care.

    I swear, you are all going to be on meds by 2016.

    NES, she was my very first blog supporter. Well, maybe DE and then NES. Before I even landed at NQ I think. A voice in the wilderness. I’m not a voice in the wilderness any longer and nobody is going to make me blow Obama or another Romney if I don’t want to. I will be happy to fight about 2016, just not in 2013. It’s just foolish and totally unhealthy. I want this blog to leave politics until 2015. In the meantime I will continue to point out sexist pigs and goatfuckers. And that includes when it’s done to Hillary, of course.

    You all need to go get some sun!

  135. Lol. Do we get the GOOD meds?

  136. socal, it’s not as if republicans are the only slimeballs enjoying the PAC floodgates. The only difference is they admit they like it. NO president should be targeting people. It’s DESPOTISM.

    The tea party is no worse than Moveon. Same shit, different extreme bullshit. This is indefensible. Sorry but it’s true.

  137. Yeah Karen, I am going to become a pharmacy blog.

  138. I was lucky to be a new yorker for 47 years of my life and to have Hillary as my Senator and get to campaign and vote for her twice.

    When she ran for President it was a dream come true. But I still reasearched obama to be fair and if he was the better of the two I would have supported him. He was nothing. A big disaster. I said so here and at my other political blogs, back then under a few names. (The obots stole my name and used my persona to tout him so I changed to this name – a name they would not use.)

    If I had a dollar for every bad thing I have said about obama – I could retire today. I am not at peace with him. I would defend the devil if he was being falsely charged though.

    Upps mentioned move on. I was a member. They had that rushed primary ballot that was skewered to obama and forced a quick vote that was padded – against their own members. Others who were on staff there saw it to and found out the vote was rigged. We didn’t imagine it. Move on should have supported Hillary. It was what their members wanted. I wrote them a long rant about democracy and hypocrisy and quit. I got rid of Credo phones and cards that month too. I went from centrist with leftist leanings to a bit more centered. When they brought up the ghost of Ayers I puked. He destroyed the legitimate peace movement. We were peaceful (Todd Gitlan /MLK faction) and The Weathermen underground were nuts. After them we were spit on. Literally. We were maced. We were McGovern idealists. McGovern bots. Lol.

    Hill did nothing wrong. She has nothing to recant. Nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to defend. She did not respond to the lies about her concussion either.

    There are pseudo intellectuals all over the place. They are clinging to their ivy towers and are clueless. I marched. I worked with leftist groups in Greenwich village for 10 years in the heyday. I paid my dues. I have the right to my opinion.

  139. Mythbuster kittens – battle at the milkbar

    8 minutes of calming medicine: (video link, upps)

  140. Eh I used to be proud to be in NY but if i weren’t so tired, I’d get the hell out of here now. I am surrounded by bloodsuckers, both in and out of government. It’s as if they tipped the country sideways and all the lazy bastards who play the system fell into NY. I’m sorry but it’s true. And it’s not recently true. It was true LONG before the employment crises. Makes me sick.

  141. We have some here who haven’t “made peace with Obama,” but are nevertheless willing to attack anyone who attacks him.

    Please read what I wrote earlier again. I don’t defend him. I am a Liberal and I call out the right wing noise machine on their BS. Any help that may give BO is unintentional but unavoidable. Are you saying Obama is really a Kenyan socialist or a zombie? By your assessment, arguing against that nonsense is defending BO. The right wing noise machine is making the argument for common sense into a defense of Obama. Telling the truth is not defending BO. I do not like BO and I get pissed at the RW noise machine for how often they put me in that position.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Karen’s statement:

    I see it that we have stayed as we always were. We had strong convictions. We did not run to the arms of our former abusers.

    That would be abusers on the left and the right. The right manages to work the word “Alinsky” into every thread about Hillary on the Internet. Likewise, the “progressive” left manages to work in “but she voted for that war” into all of their comments. I fight both.

    Sophie, care to name any “former, tepid, and provisional supporters”? Just wondering if I know any of them.

    Uppity has rules about that. But they’re easy enough to pick out. These are folks who were our BFFs in 2008–the one’s who jumped on the Tweeting bandwagon, misquoting “It doesn’t matter.” She didn’t say that at all. They CHOSE to hear that and they are more vile than the “progs” they rail against. Look for blogs I used to comment at and don’t anymore.

    One particularly unattractive feature of the right wing noise machine is that they hate Obama so much, they are willing to f*ck up America and all of the people in it to satisfy their blood lust. I despise Obama but I draw a line. He is a temp and his time will be over. The damage the right wing does to America is permanent. I believe this nation will never fully recover from Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld. We will probably not recover from the 2010 gerrymandering either.

  142. Can’t see the kitties, Karen. It’s real player, which I do not use.

  143. Upps, i said upthread I agree with the writer that Both Sides, or all parties should be investigated when they file for that status. I agree with the writer that the real outrage isn’t that a few tp’ers are screaming about being picked on, the real outrage is the law itself, that allows political lobbyists to claim they are a tax exempt “charity”. Its bad for the country, and bad for real charities, that do deserve it, a horrible law. No political party should get to pull that crap. My comment was not about sticking up for dems in this. I’ve never even been one.

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