A public service announcement.


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  1. Good morning Uppity and crew. I’ve been on vacay for a week because I wanted to get my garden going. I agree with Uppity, to much stress fretting about the mud slinging slime balls. I’m tired of politics and need a break for now.

    I’ll fight when it’s time but for now I have to get life back on track. I’m still lurking. xoxo

  2. Oh almost forgot… New little lost kitteh has started hanging out with us. He’s a tuxie and I need to get him fixed. He’s still shy but has big amber eyes. Cobe is tolerating him… 🙂 He’s about 6 months by his size. His name is Hobo, which he is still learning. 🙂

  3. Congrats on the new tuxie.

    We scared away Pam and all her family and friends yesterday. Sorry Pamela. I hope your readers just watched the Newt / penny vid and didn’t read all the political animal moaning and groaning.

  4. Hey goofs get a pic of that boy! Glad you are saving him. And good on Goof for being a good goof about it. Next thing you know they’ll be sleeping together.

  5. Karen 11:57 AM
    The FB are used to me, so not to worry. Besides there is no way they did not love watching Newt.
    I found out yesterday that my cat, 10 years old and 8.2 pounds, is a watch cat. It is SHE who discovered my ground hog fully underneath the car and standing up doing something. Probably gnawing on the wheel boot or some other important part. When I began banging on window to chase it, cat went into full alert mode. Ran from window to window. I’m sure she would have chased it. So obviously most days, life for her here is pretty dull.

    Ride on, Uppities!

  6. Good to hear Pam. Groundhogs are big and eat anything. Good thing its a house cat.

    I hold my stomach with laughter that Rand Paul said if he were president he would fire Hillary. Rand Paul has a public service announcement of his own. Nobody has to make up stories about him to smear him. He does it himself. Ambition must be equal to ability or it does not work.


  7. Damn rain.

  8. That Rand Paul sounds a hell of a lot like the “shoot Hillary in the VAGINA” guy. They are not far apart at all.

  9. It is important to note that Paul is the Senator from Kentucky, along with Mitch McConnell. Historically, KY is not really Northern and not really Dixie. So each side pays the Blue Grass State’s “procurement” policies. During the Civil War, both Union and Rebel Armies obtained supplies from “Kentucky Colonels” whose “service” was best respected for the quality tobacco, whiskey, thoroughbreds, machinery, ammo and necessities they would readily provide – Kentuckians are business people first. As a result, they don’t really take sides. When Obama said he’d bankrupt Coal-fired power plants, Coal Country Kentucky voted Hillary by 40%, yet their vote was dismissed as racist. Kentucky Vibes are based in the bullion owned by the People of the United States who entrust it to their care at Fort Knox. Until you’ve been confronted by a thief whose guile and “playin’ innocent” act spins you out to be the brute while the thief gains increasingly greater access to your property, you can’t understand the defenders of the second amendment. I’m pretty level, and I see nothing but accuracy in the Rand Paul fundraising piece. The Post does Obama’s dirty work initiating the negative campaign to obliterate Paul before he becomes a threat. Until I see indications that Mrs. Clinton is, indeed, willing to seek the Democratic Nomination, I remain doubtful that the DNC will do anything but string her and her supporters along – again – while they neutralize the Republicans with divisive Machiavellian tactics holding their next spoiler in the wings to be forced on us – again – by a corrupt DNC and the Democrats in the Senate. As much as you might dismiss Paul, be cognizant of the pricks in the Senate operating in the shadows while the focus is on him. John Kerry, now at State, and Biden, now VP, played a bigger role in “shooting Hillary in the Vagina” than Paul ever will. He’s a Freshman Senator who will make mistakes, but at least he isn’t a Democrat playing “innocent.”

  10. {Waving to Pam}

    Upps, you misunderstood me about the VF article last nite. I was saying that everyone that files for that should be investigated, becuz its a sucky law (allowing pacs & lobbyists to claim they are “charities”) that I think will harm real charities. The author was saying, and I agree with him that the real problem is the law itself. The whole Citizens United thing needs to be turned over. There are a bunch of petitions out and about to overturn it. The right wing supremes really did a number on us with that one.

  11. Well, I like all the Kentuckians I know, but reeeaaally hard to like Randall.

  12. Upps, I’m totally down with that Public Service Announcement. In fact, I gave myself two slaps. XO

  13. SWP, my biggest problem with Paul is his hair. Seriously, though, he’s a little too whacky for general election purposes.

    I totally agree with you about Kerry (can’t believe he’s back in the running) and Biden–they’re more likely to harm HRC in ’16 than Paul, Ryan, Rubio, or any other Reep (with the possible exception of Jeb). I’m also afraid of Warren and O’Malley for the ’16 primaries as the proglodytes are likely to coalesce around them, decrying Hill as too on the Right. But, I’m heartened by UW’s confidence that Warren and Biden won’t defeat Hillary — she hasn’t been wrong in her predictions so far.

    OK, I broke my no-politics-on-this-site pledge, ….but that’s it.

  14. The love of my life lives in Ky. I know the state pretty well. No problem with the place. My problem is with Rand. His questioning at the hearing regarding guns and Turkey and the halfbaked Beckian theories were over the top. But the real fiasco that day was his unreal and unearned arrogance and clear ambition. He is a tadpole in an ocean and thinks he is a whale. And yes, as NES points out, he is too whacky. Not even slightly presidential. The words from Paul were disturbing to me in that link alone but there are tons of equally disturbing events. That is NRA – Nugent and the radio guy wacky territory. La Pierre is surely pleased.

    Tin foil is heavily needed to believe that crap and ironically a lack of historical and political knowledge. This is still the USA and whit like that would never happen here in a billion years.

  15. And Paul will shoot himself in the foot and not be very popular with mainstream Rep voters many times before he announces. Btw – those voters do not care a whit what Era says. Not that I care what he says either but I happened to be reading WaPo and found what Paul sent absolutely fascinating – in a scary way.

    It has nothing to do with the author of the piece. It has to do with what Rand wrote and sent out as an important message.

    Barricade the doors Maude – big brother is here for the guns.

  16. And btw his slur against Hillary in his ti foil screed is entirely nutso.


    As Ezra says (and I do not forgive him for 08 and journolisto emails) it is black helicopter territory and pants on fire.

  17. Chit NES, I know for sure you would have preferred if I slapped you twice.

  18. The main thing that affects me about Paul is how not very mentally stable people like him get to sit in Congress. There are others, not as loud, but not flying with both wings, and these people make laws. It’s scary.

    It’s not that I can’t be wrong NES, it’s just that I hear what people are NOT saying. It’s just something I do, I watch them. I see a festering temper beneath Elizabeth and a Loser in a little man’s Napoleon skin in Biden. He has run for president so many times and fucked it up. It’s his destiny. He is not as smart as he brags to be. Elizabeth IS that smart, but she cannot control her didactic state. She lectures too long and too sternly. She will not endure on the presidential trail. In fact, unlike Biden, I predict she knows it.

    Now Cuomo could be a problem. He’s an excellent slight of hand artist. His accomplishments in NY are smoke, just ask the people affected by this greatness. He is NOT his marvelous father. But he is very ambitious and very persistant. and, to the bane of all others, not bad looking. We all know that sells. Think Vibrating cell phone…

  19. Chit NES, I know for sure you would have preferred if I slapped you twice.

    You know it.

  20. Karen and Sophie: No hard feelings about yesterday, I hope. We may quarrel, periodically, but we’re all family at the end of the day (indestructible bonds forged, solidly, in the fires of 2007-08). At least that’s how I see it. You all know, I’m a moderate Republican, kinda sorta (that may be why too much GOP-bashing sometimes gets to me). But, I decided — back in appx. 2002 — that it was going to be Hillary for me. If I call out problems for her, it’s because I’m constantly thinking about how to own those problems and spin them, effectively, so as to mitigate any damage to her candidacy (it’s the lawyer in me, I guess).

    Bottom-line: Given that I’m for Hill, and I love Upps, you guys are stuck with me for the duration, for better or for worse. Anyway, it’s not so bad that Hill has a Repub. chick supporting her — I predict there’ll be many like me supporting her once it becomes clear that there’s a real chance of landing a female POTUS (even if they may not be open about it, the lure will be hard to resist).

  21. Yeah don’t worry NES. We won’t tell anybody there’s a heart under that trial lawyer mind. lol.

  22. NES, we are family. (Why am I thinking of lorac posting the sledge video at 3am) and we don’t always agree with everything other people believe. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and we surely agree on more things than those things we see differently.

    I don’t always agree with uppity. And I know she hates when people point out things she missed – because she misses so few things – it seems like a gotcha. Not that Upps is ever wrong…


  23. Fundraising off benghazi is a good money maker. They had their best income ever for the Hillary and Benghazi fundraiser.


    Donna brazilenut (who I don’t trust to tell the truth) said they were bragging it was their best fundraiser everytime they use that subject.

    Stevens family is horrified. Bashing Hillary is back in style. Oh joy.

  24. Just want to weigh in on O’Malley running in 2016 which was mentioned in an earlier comment. I would be surprised and frankly upset if he did try to run against Hillary in 2016. In 2008 he was her campaign chair in Maryland and he stuck by her until she “suspended her campaign. He was raised in politics by Barbara Milkulski, who also stood by Hillary in 2008 and who is good friends with Hillary. I hope he would only run if she choses not to do so. I think he’d be a good VP, but I don’t think he’s ready to be POTUS. He could learn a lot from Hillary.

    He’s a bit to far to the left for me, but he loves dogs and is a good musician. And his wife is also a dog lover and very sweet and continues to be a real public servant.

  25. Good to know about the fundraising on the back of dead public servants, Karen. Ready for Hillary is fundraising now. I was going to put off donating, but maybe it’s time to do it just to make a statement.

  26. Yes Rand did the same fundraising schtick about the UN gun control “emergency”. That one has been done THREE years in a row. The sky is falling! Send me money because 2nd amendment! They pull the same shit every single year like it’s all happening NOW. They change the names. In 2011 it was Hillary, 2012 Obama, and blah blah blah. I posted proof links, EXACT same letter three years in row. I kept the links but lost them when my link file blew up a few days ago.

  27. Hugo I was ready to donate to them too but still4hill has some concerns about the group. It gives me pause. I think she wants proof it is legit and well spent.

    You can put it in a jar for Hillary everytime they piss you off. $20.16 at a time. If she runs it will add up to $200.16 by the time she declares and needs it.

  28. Good idea, Karen. I was unaware of the concerns, but will take heed.

  29. NES: No hard feelings, just a good political argument.

    This is a satire site:
    Terrorists Behind Benghazi Upset That Republicans Keep Blaming It On Obama

  30. You can put it in a jar for Hillary everytime they piss you off. $20.16 at a time. If she runs it will add up to $200.16 by the time she declares and needs it.

    That’s presuming they only piss you off ten times.

    I am not donating to any candidate who hasn’t personally declared he or she is running. i appreciate the zeal, and I do know the leader is a staunch Hillary ally —but where is that money going to go if she DOESN’T run? If and when Hillary gives it all the nod, I will take it more seriously. The controller of that pac might know things we don’t know, but hell, why shouldn’t the people filling that pot know? Seems unfair to ask for money without letting the people Know if indeed she’s going to run, don’t you think?

  31. Karen, when i miss things, it angers me, because I know people understand that my integrity is very important to me and I hate wounding my credibility, because there are people who trust my word. So yeah I’m mad when I miss things, but I’m more mad at me than someone else. It’s like I knifed myself.

  32. Look at this acccount of the 48 hours producer when he met that psycho jodi arias. Just look at this insane son of a bitch.

  33. I looked at the still4hill site for the info to refresh my memory. All of Hillaryland staunch headquarters folks are not on board and wary.


    The comment on bottom says Carville regrets giving them support.

  34. Upps, I’m not donating to the PAC yet either because I want to make sure that donating to the PAC doesn’t interfere with the max allowed.

    I believe the PAC will put the money to good use, like building a wide ground infrastructure. I believe that their goal is to build the grassroots so that when Hillary gets to deciding, she doesn’t have to wonder if we’re still here. So that if Hillary does decide to run, any city in America will have a huge welcoming crowd when she arrives and an organization in place. One thing I really hope they do with the money is hire a moderator for their FB page–the trolls need to be weeded.

    I don’t believe they’re there to coerce her. If it turns out otherwise, I will come here and rant!

  35. I know upps. Thankfully you are nearly infallible.

    You know when to take a break for health and sanity reasons too. We all need that at times. We did have fun during the conventions and debates thrashing Pie’s place by throwing tomatoes at people. But then we’d get quiet and agree with a speaker who reminded us of why we pay attention to politics in the first place.

  36. Karen, who is jcjcd (the one who left the comment that James Carville regretted his support). They didn’t give a link and i can’t find any.

    Since that post, EMILY’s List founder Ellen Malcolm endorsed Ready for Hillary and former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) lent her name to one of their e-mails, saying “I’m not just ready for Hillary — I’m rarin’ to get going on her campaign.”

    To be clear, the PAC is not inner circle at all and they are amateurs, but I think buzzfeed calling them “posers” is to early to call. The founders are Hillary people all the way. Idunno, we’ll see,

  37. I don’t know who that poster jcjc is. It isn’t official so it is best tobe careful. Still4hill said the same thing about facebook (I am not a member so do not know) and said it was for the numbers.

    There are people who can afford to give and the money is going to printing signs, supplies and travel/office expense. I don’t know if they advertise but how much have they made and what do they spend it on?

  38. Yes, their FB presence is all about the numbers and like I said, the troll comments need to be weeded. I don’t know anything about their finances. I am assuming good intentions based on the histories of the founders.

  39. That Jodi Arias is off the charts psycho. She really creeps me out. Her “charm” and “attractiveness” don’t faze me at all either.

  40. Very interesting article, Karen. Thanks for sharing it. The mention of Patti Solis Doyle’s involvement gives me heartburn.

  41. Solis was a mole.

  42. socal, Jodi’s “charm” is a highlight of an Antisocial personality disorder. The woman is a pathological liar. It’s imperative that she never be allowed to mingle in society again. People are nothing more than objects to her. She has no conscience and I believe she would kill again, and may have killed before.

  43. I don’t question the integrity of the founder at all. I do question collecting large sums for a race that has not been confirmed. If she doesn’t run, all the signs and ground work would be for naught. However, Sophie is probably right in that the founder knows more than we do. I am sure she didn’t start this up without discussing. But STILL, it’s not right to ask for money without offering some nod from Hill. It’s probably a strategy on Hillary’s part, but it just doesn’t work for me.

  44. Arias should get the death penalty. How would the penal system manage a dangerous liar for many decades? She be a threat to the guards and to other prisoners. There are some stupid prison guards and I could imagine her conning one into helping her escape. Case in point: A gang leader in a Baltimore supermax prison was recently found to be fathering babies with multiple female prison guards and running a drug cartel and having people whacked from the prison. the guards were bringing in cell phones and running drugs for his charming butt. Charming and homicidal are not a good combo.

  45. Oh I agree Hugo. She is very dangerous, the greatest part of her danger is her ability to charm people into giving her what she wants. On death row she will be in solitary confinement 23 hours a day so she won’t be hurting the general population or mingling with the other three women on death row, all of whom look like saints next to her. She is one for Study. This is a brain that should be removed after autopsy. Seriously.

  46. I hope she waives all appeals and asks for death when she testifies this week. I may tune in this week just to see how she thinks she can control the situation now. I’m sure you read that her attorneys asked to be removed from the case after she gave the interview following the guilty verdict. Wouldn’t want to be responsible for defending her.

  47. Sophie is probably right in that the founder knows more than we do.

    I didn’t say that, but I sure hope she does. I don’t know that she has Hillary’s go-ahead. At this point, I am only saying I believe her motives are good–that she worked her ass off for Hillary in 2008 and isn’t willing to give up.

  48. Amazing all the blog ‘hits’ we got from interesting places during that little spat between blog members. But not surprising.

  49. Thanks Karen and Sophie — very gracious.

  50. Amazing all the blog ‘hits’ we got from interesting places during that little spat between blog members.

    “Spat”??? What spat?!?

  51. Uppity too bad they didn’t comment. We coulda ‘splained why they’ve been hoodwinked and bamboozled by people who were guilty of it long before bo learned pay to play.

    I was so happy when the Olympics told him no and his plan fell apart.

  52. Hahaha I forgot about the Chicaco Olympics thing for his gals Valerie Jarrett and Penny Pritzer–and his best gal Rahm. Ooops! Boy did that sting when he lost. I bet there were a lot of shit fits going on in the O household that night.

    Everybody wants to party in a war zone, right?

  53. As I watch certain left web sites feign outrage over Santilli’s remark about shooting Hillary in the vagina, i can’t help but remember when one of them over at mybarackobama suggested slitting her throat and throwing her in the river. But you see, where is the other outrage? Oh that’s right, it’s not Sarah. It’s just that Hillary we need to get rid of anyways. Hypocrasy is not one-sided with these to parties that take chances apiece pretending shit is ice cream.

  54. The would be killer used the c word too. I remember the SP is a c*** tshirts worn by clueless young dem women at an O rally. The degree of separation between parties is often blurred. We learned in 08 -like two slaps in the face! ! that the progressives were regressives. And it wasn’t a fluke. The same wimmenz abusers went on to support candidates who support dog collars on female hitches.

  55. Hitches is with a b.

    And yes, they are just a tad inconsistent with support of wimmenz. It miraculously meandered and panders and propagandas towards us by both parties coincidentally every 4 years – right when we are expected to forget and vote for them anyway.

    Hey, they give us pink signs and promise us ponies. And the bloggers pretend as they behave like cave men that they are feminists.

    Cheya-riiiiiight. I believe they are outraged they didn’t say it first.

  56. Karen, the C word is nothing for this SICK FUCK. And the FCC doesn’t visit him?

  57. Santilli is a typical greaseball. The guy that causes you to have the family picnic in secret so you don’t have to put up with him. Bet he scratches his balls in pubic.

  58. Jon Karl did not apologize for his multiple errors and for saying ABC had emails which did not exist. He even defended himself by saying his article still stands after he did a correction- or something like that. Well they investigated Jon Karl and wrote up HIS bio for all to see. Verrrrrry interesting indoctrination into his lock step world view.


  59. Uppity he doesn’t scratch his own balls or grab his own beer and chips. He has barefoot and pregnant sex slaves do the scratching for him. He keeps his wimmenz in line. Or else.

    I wonder how many women have filed charges against this neanderthal cave dweller?

  60. Who is this filth? We’re two years away, at least, from the campaigns.

    Karen, thanks for the link.

  61. Should we write the FCC and complain?

  62. Wow!! What lowlife. Who pays this guy to spout filth like that?

  63. That Jon Karl bio /mole piece was from July 2011. Now at least he is red team flagged for extreme bias. I wish they would make him tell who the Congress critter was. The Congress person was shown documents that were not permitted to be copied and they were classified. The critter then leaked wrong info to Karl who then added his own lie to the story – that ABC obtained the docs.

    This is a big f’n deal. Why does he still have a job? Let him go work for Fox – keep all the liars and freaks on the right in one rat hole. I am sure he could work for Weekly Standard. Because they have no standards and will print anything salacious.

    As for the vagina shooter – I hope he runs into Bobbitt in hell.

  64. NES !!! Great to see you again. Missed you.
    Damn rain is right Upps. Had my garden all set to go and now it is a huge mud ball. Best dry out and quickly !
    I have to say I had some catch up here to do and I have to agree with NES.
    Listen my biggest wish is that they bring Obama down and disgrace him so bad he dares not make another public appearance. Yea I can dream can’t I ?
    I do think Hilary has some accountability but also think her hands would have been tied no matter. I also believe if it turns out she goofed up she is woman enough to admit it and that is something Obama will never do is accept his failures and admit it. He will blame it on a million others and things but never his fault. Say what you will about tricky dicky but at least when he was caught he admitted it and took himself out.
    I too hate all the republican bashing like they are the devils spawn because the democrats are cowards to me. I have to say I am sick and tired of the political stuff and think both parties have destroyed this country and right now I have better things to do then worry about who is going to lead us to hell next term.
    Uppity I have some serious health stuff going on here and might be AWOL for some time but not to worry as you know there is not much that stops my hard crusty self. Just got some real living to do. It is not me that is ill btw. Too damned hard core to get sick. Hubby is failing.
    Daughter that Uppity knows well also is dealing with skin cancer.
    Anyway I am cursing the damn rain and wanting to get my garden finished and producing. Need to have goodies to can and all that Summer fun stuff. Love you all.

  65. (((Utah)))
    (((All other Uppity’s that need it)))

    Well, I had to take a vacay so I could get garden started. Had let it go fallow for a couple of years, between hubby being so ill and started working again. Got the first half of the plants done.

  66. Utah best wishes for a full and speedy recovery to both membersof your family.

  67. The daily beast has a copy of the screenplay for Rodham the movie that is due to start production soon.

    It is beyond awful. Full of terrible and untrue stereotypes about her. The director notes and dialog are right out of a low class, one star waste of time flic. Ick. This is surely being financed by people out to smear her and turn her young life (and Bill’s) into an ugly mess and depict them as unlikeable characters with lots of baggage.

    So much for that. If it is made I hope it flops. The imagery is stuck in my head and it burns.

  68. I thought this was fucking cruel:

  69. I don’t want to click on that vid – I can’t stand animal cruelty.

    That is ridiculous about the girls – it makes no sense. Maybe there is more to the story? A very hurtful breakup perhaps? Teens take things so hard and it leaves scars.

  70. If it’s animal cruelty please do NOT post it. Some of us see these things and they never leave us. I do not want to see these things, they impact me physically. It is cruel to post cruelty here. Please think twice when posting something that qualifies. I am with karen, I’m not clicking.

  71. Utah!! Please email me as SOON as you can!

  72. Karen feh this is not the first movie these clowns have made. It’s the same bunch of cranks, that C.U N.T. bunch (citizens Unafraid Not..blah blah something. It’s always a bunch of pigs, the same bunch. They make these cornball movies and have private showings, and all the crackpots just like them go see them and agree with each other. It’s not like DeNro is in it and spielberg is producing it. It’s just a handful of cranky assholes. the ‘movie’ will have it’s limited showing to the gang and then land in the toilet with the rest them.

  73. This is a Hollywood script from an Oriental man Kim Young or something like that. There is a big name director who has made big movies but i never heard of him. Nothing I can find links it to Citizens United. This has a company called Temple Hill entertainment producing it.

    Some Hillary sites were excited about it. After the script blurbs are read they wont be. The scripts were linked to a few places – likely sold by a stage hand.

    Temple does the twilight saga stuff etc.

  74. Here is info on the company producing it.

    The script

    South Korean author Young Il Kim and the director is James Ponsoldt

  75. I first heard about at still4hill and I know I mentioned it here on your site. I was looking forward to it. Lots of excitement at still4hill whenit was announced.


  76. The vagina shooter seems very unaccomplished. I searched for some bio of him and he doesn’t have anything remarkable in his background. Five years in the Marines when nothing much was going on and he sold Coca Cola until he was fired. Compared to Hillary, he’s a stinkbug. No wonder he has vagina envy.

  77. If it’s a hit piece, so they name the production company something cool, but it’s rolled by the same pigs. It’s an old tune for these freaks. There’s ALWAYS a “movie”. Predictable assholes, they are. Let’s just say you won’t see it at your local theaters next to brad pitt’s latest whatever. If it’s set to come out around Candidacy time, you know it’s those dick faces. They made one in 2008 too, but the courts blocked them from releasing the piece of lying slanderous shit.

  78. Hugo most everyone you know has more followers than Santilli has on twitter.

  79. Just checked out his twitter page. That guy needs a lobotomy cuz he’s obsessed with woman-hate.

  80. Hugo, he smacks of “she left him”. and EVERYBODY knows why. Except of course, him.

  81. The Oklahoma tornadoes are unreal. On the ground for 40 minutes and one was a mile wide according to one report. So much destruction. A few schools gone. They had a 16 minute warning. The last big one hit that same town. Mercy.

  82. Maeghan Hadley, of One Day Ranch pet rescue, checks over a kitten pulled from under the rubble of a mobile home destroyed by Sunday’s tornado in the Steelman Estates Mobile Home Park, near Shawnee, Okla., Monday, May 20.

  83. Here’s a bio of Santilli that was posted just last month. I don’t know the author and haven’t verified the info, but given his conduct, this all sounds correct to me. If true, he is a flimflam man who has been in trouble for assaulting a public servant.


  84. They need to hire someone to validate the historical accuracy of the period. The film is set in 1974.

    Their tryst, however, is broken up several times by messages playing from the answering machine and never comes to fruition.

    While there were telephone answering machines at that time, they were big and expensive and predominantly for businesses. It would be another 10 years before it tipped and we were all hearing “Please leave a message at the beep.” Most people didn’t even own their own phones until the AT&T breakup in 1984.

  85. Yep Sophie. As I was reading through quickly there were things I caught that were wrong and implausible. Real eye rolling crap.

  86. This article shows the writer in a more favorable light:

  87. Sorry about the kitteh vid. Some people put a kitten by two huge lizards (even little lizards bite) and the kitteh went to look at them they snapped at her and the poor little thing did somersaults trying to get away from it. Meanwhile some kids are laughing their bratty asses off in the background. So I over-reacted, it was mean, but not horrific. I can’t believe people are so stupid. And boring.

    I’m glad you didn’t click on it, better to not give them hits. In fact, if a mod wants to remove it, so much the better.

  88. Terrible about Oklahoma. My mom is from Oklahoma City. Hope my relations there are ok.

  89. Hugo, interesting link.

  90. From TPM:

    The Secret Service is following up on recent comments by right wing radio host Pete Santilli, who claimed to want to shoot former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the vagina and see President Obama tried and shot for treason.

    “We are aware of Mr. Santilli’s comments and will take the appropriate follow up action,” Edwin M. Donovan, a Secret Service spokesperson, told TPM on Monday. “He certainly has a right to free speech, but the Secret Service has a right and an obligation to determine what a person’s intent is when making comments like this.”

  91. I don’t think the SS will scare him, but they definitely need to watch him.

  92. Good. As Hugos link brought out, he’s a scammer and liar. They should def look into him.

    My doods are at the Stones concert right now. They’re so silly, they keep texting me what song is playing.

  93. Oops, I guess the mean GOP got to Greenwald (Mr. Left, by any measure) too.

  94. That movie on the young Hill Rodham is reputedly a smear job.

  95. Utah!!! Hello and love back. XOXO
    Sorry to hear about illness in your family. Sending well wishes and strength your way.


  97. Oh lord, socal. we didn’t want to watch so you give us a narration.

  98. I will go on record right now and say i believe that ‘movie’ will be a hatchet. They always are. My third eye tells me that I wouldn’t hold out once ounce of hope that it is anything other than just another Let’s Trash Hillary plan. I would hate to see anybody be disappointed, but I wouldn’t bet a dime on this one.

  99. That vagina shooter needs to spend some time in prison with a cell mate who will treat him the way he treats women.

    Bubba to Santilly: “put that dress on and bend over cause I am going to shoot you in your ass all night – for Hillary.”

  100. LOL on Santilly and Bubba, Karen. But, hey, I can think of a better place to shoot him than his ass.

  101. Oh, UW, no question but that it’ll be a hatchet job. In addition to smearing her, it’ll be sexualizing her. Or so I’ve read….

  102. I hate the script. totally seems to me as if the guy has no idea who Bill and Hill are or what the times were like at all and is just going by a few highlights and adding in absolutely ridiculous stuff.

    Our left coasters will go protest when this movie is made. imustprotest, right? It is your specialty. And socalannie has met stars and has her dudes to show that real men support Hillary.

  103. Well maybe one day someone will punch him in his filthy mouth and then shoot his balls off. He can report about THAT on his show — if he doesn’t bleed out.

  104. Ahem, No, not by any measure is he leftie. Greenwald is a moderate and has always been independent. He attacks both sides equally all the time. Anyway, it is just one persons opinion of ROSEN alone. Not the whole so-called, much overblown, scandal.

    I have seen scandals, many that mattered by life or death during the Nixon years and that period, and this just doesn’t rate that high.

    What if those journalists were spies? Should we allow them to be followed? What if they were leaking info on AlQuaeda bombs as it has been said they did? Should we let them?

    Fuck no. The press today has no moral compass and needs to be scrutinized if they are involved with national security leaks.

  105. The GOP got to the american public – including to their rabid psycho followers – not all their followers but many of them are as nuts as Bachmann who is blaming bombings and benghazi on God not being a happy camper. She ran for PRESIDENT. The GOP’s worst is not even Bachmann, they have some bigger mental cases who run.

    Newt always made me ill but at least he touches down on earth now and then. The rest of them are, as upps said, fully flighted.

    Straight jackets need to be passed out to the people at the benghazi hearings. We watched the GOP convention and they were doing well for a while – then they let the whackos speak. The wackos said Bush protected this country and nobody was lost in his time in office – or some such rot – said by his brother. We all yelled BULLSHIT at the same time. Jeb is so proud of W protecting us all.

    Delusional, at best, downright insane if you ask me.

  106. Rosen: possible co-conspirator. ignore him?


  107. Greenwald won an award for independent journalism.

    Bill Moyer link, but you can also check his wiki page with links to him saying he doesn’t support either party and votes for neither.


    He also attacked the oppresive detention of Manning. That is a pretty unpopular opinion but one that is rooted in civil liberties ala Ron Paul.

    Times have changed. We need to check out terrorist bomb leaks.

  108. I chose a far left source to discuss the leaks by the AP. If Fox was honest, they’d be discussing why it was a bad, bad, bad, leak.

    Remember the Cole? I do.


  109. What was his name, Cheney’s assistant, and that Chicago reporter Miller went to JAIL for leaking valerie plame’s identity. Bob Novak, who belonged in jail, got off scott free, more or less. Instead he died and went to hell. But I don’t remember these same people up in arms about jailing a member of the press back then. But you know, Obama is such slime that it could just be intimidation. Initially I felt guilty about finding the press on that side of his wrath quite delicious, considering what they did to Hillary and how they did everybody for Obama short of blowing him (which might have happened too). I feel it’s their karma come to meet them. Their messiah, he has forsaken them!

  110. Libby.

  111. Arias was using reverse psych when she said she wanted to die, as we both said. She now says if she lives she can help abuse victims.

    Fry her, asap.

  112. Arias is going to help abuse victims do what? Fry her or do a lobotomy.

  113. AP is reporting Arias wants to start a literacy program and a recycling program. Geez, she’s been really cooking up some ideas to make herself useful to society.

  114. I saw her speech. The many fake shades of Jodi. She’s a psycho with capital P. wouldn’t be surprised if she killed before. Or would kill again.

  115. Why is it okay for Bachmann to act like Wright and say our chickens came home to roost? What a hypocrite. There are dozens of youtubes of her saying what God wants and what God is doing to our country. She said God wanted her to run.

    I do not know if this is supposed to be scary or funny but clearly she is insane – and yet she believes what she is saying.

    So blame God? Hillary is off the hook! It was the lord both times on 9/11. I guess she doesn’t see that as blasphemy and hate to blame God. Just look at this nut. She is one step away from humping ala Pflager.

    Video link. She is being raptured in ecstatic holiness and prophecy.


  116. @Hugo

    He’s a bit to far to the left for me…

    There is certainly lots of talk about O’Malley here in MC as a potential runner for 2016. I hear a lot of BO lovers saying he is not ready and has to expand his horizons and beef up his experience. I find this amusing since he has a far more extensive resume that the current empty suit in the WH.

    And yes, good old boy Martin is indeed out on a far left and narrow ledge. If the world were flat, he would have fallen off the edge and ended up as dragon kibble.

  117. Mt. Laurel, I completely agree that Martin’s resume trumps the empty suit’s resume, even now. He has far more ability to lead than Obama does. I can’t imagine why obama lovers think being an unaccomplished community organizer trumps two terms as Mayor and two terms as Governor. Hilarious!

  118. I think the reason the Obobots think The One is so superior is because he went to Harvard. O’Malley only went to the Univ. of Maryland. So all of O’Malley’s experience is trumped by Obama’s college. Going to Harvard automatically makes Obama more knowledgable about foreign affairs, and all the other presidentin’ duties, it’s like magic.

  119. imust doll, why do you insult my beloved college?? Obama went to Harvard Law School (not Harvard College). He went to Occidental for two years and then transferred to and got his BA from Columbia.

  120. Question: What is evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil?

    Answer: GOP

  121. Anthony’s BACK! Hide your daughters and granddaughters!

  122. I refer, of course, to Ms. Quinn, currenlty leading in the polls for NYC mayor. Upps, what do you think of her? The lez community here thinks the WeinerSpoiler is going to cause a run-off and cause her defeat (w/ all the minorities going with the AfAm on the second round).

  123. Awwwwwwwww on you wanting to be Needlenose’s cat, NES.

    I think we talked aobut Quinn before. I like her. Of course, she’ll be toast now. I think she would make a good mayor. That’s why her own party must stop her and her wimminz parts.

    In addition to harvard, you went to Columbia too, didn’t you?

  124. Who the hell is O’Malley? Is this going to be another “Hi my name is Jimmy Carter. I’m running for President” moment?

  125. No. Not all evils in a row. There should be lots of other words added in there. A thesaurus of darkness. And not just the GOP. We have to add in their Fox and Post and Weekly Standard and freeper and hot air accomplices. Bachmann uses evil. Pat Robertson uses evil. I would lean towards corruption and propaganda as descriptors before evil.

    Btw – my posts had nothing to do with the party as a whole.

    And it could be said right back at you. What is obama and what are the dems? Evil evil etc… they went after Rosen for what reason?

    It was an obama plot. He is evilllllllll. He did all 45 things he was accused of by them this month. His purpose is to destroy America. Something they throw must stick.

    Can you see white water all over again?

    How do Republicans for Hillary manage to not beat themselves up for breaking the prime directive – burn the witch?

    I went to McCain rallies. I voted for him but when the parody songs that mocked Hillary came on I broke out in tears and ran out of the arena like my hair was on fire. They also hired a comedian to mock her – and she had already dropped out. I wrote about it at the Hillary sites when it happened. Lady Lynn opened the Wilkes Barre dems foe McCain office with her own funds because we had trouble listening to the conservative neanderthals at the Rep offices.

    Harriett Christianson brought up bus loads of Hillary dems for McCain to Scranton/Wilkes Barre to work. We were only comfortable in the Lady Lynn office. The GOP treated us like dirty little sinners and freaks. We kicked ass in our dem for McCain office.

    We all wore Hillary stickers and buttons on our McCain shirts. They tolerated us – barely.

    How would a Hillary shirt and sign go over at a Romney rally? Lawd.

  126. O’Malley is the current governor of MD. He served as a prosecutor, Baltimore City Council, 2 term mayor of Baltimore, 2 term governor, current head of the Democratic Governor’s Association, he spoke at the DNC convention in 2012 and is a frequent guest on the Sunday morning talking head shows. He has managed to get four controversial laws passed in Md this year–marriage equality, dream act, repeal of the death penalty, and gun control. He also got gambling in MD which was very controversial and his whiny predecessor could not achieve. He has also kept MD in decent shape as far as jobs and the economy and the schools are number one in the nations according to some ranking.

    He is tight with Barbara Milkulski and was the MD chair of Hillary’s 2008 campaign.

    He is far more charismatic then Carter, but he’s also a lightening rod for conservatives.

  127. Here’s his DNC speech:

  128. Learner should resign. She is in a legal mess for mis -statements, lies and what seems to be lazy incompetence. She might also have been covering her ass.


    Isn’t it ironic that the one group who was denied tax exempt status in this IRS pimpley boil was a group of Maine democratic party wimmenz who wanted to promote wimmenz candidates.

    That bastard TEA party hating IRS attacks dem wimmenz too… and other left groups who were targeted.

  129. I never heard of O’malley. If I never heard of him, I’d like to think I am definitely not alone. I am not a fan of the Dream Act, believe in the death penalty (see psycho Jodi Arias, who now has transformed her looks back to pre-trial day Skank, and ditched her fake glasses). Which means he’s way too far left for me.

    I am just not sure I can live with covering the year 2016 in the year 2013. I just don’t think it’s healthy.

  130. I went to a McCain rally and I didn’t hear any Hillary bashing. And @ NES, I did not mean to put down Harvard (law school or college), it’s just that for some reason, Obama’s lack of experience was never a problem. He was said to be the smartest prez EVAH!!!!! I can only assume it was because he went to Hahhvahrd!! Well, that and those all important years as a primary school student in Indonesia.

  131. You don’t have to justify yourself Karen. You hate the Republican party. Hey, so do I and I don’t apologize for it. Thing is, I hate the Democratic party too. None of these people are worth spit. I’m not going to polish these turds.

  132. I think America’s government and political system is a disgrace when a guy who shot a pick of his dick and tweeted it can run for office again with nary an ounce of embarrassment over himself. Mr. Champion of women is a hypocrite. What, we don’t have enough of them in the Democratic party, so we need him back?

  133. Isn’t it ironic that the one group who was denied tax exempt status in this IRS pimpley boil was a group of Maine democratic party wimmenz who wanted to promote wimmenz candidates.

    Seems about right.

  134. Speaking of Obama’s alma maters….Occidental is battling a class action regarding the little matter of burying sexual assaults on campus.

  135. Note the overnight transformation of her looks back to pre-trial.

  136. I disagree with most of the Republican Party’s platform. I agree with most of the Democratic Party’s platform. I just don’t like most Republican or Democratic politicians anymore.

  137. You know Jodi will donate her hair to locks for love if she is given a life sentence.

  138. Her hair was dyed and processed to blonde and back. They may not want her hair. Natural hair works better for wig making.


    The rallies in Scranton and Wilkes had a live performer with hit records – some country singer with songs bashing dems. We were all angry about it the first time then they did it again. It was on the recorded music played too. The crowd loved it. They went wild with laughter and I was literally in tears and torn apart by it. I wrote about it that day at NQ. It was my last Rep rally.

    Yes upps I do have to respond to frivilous swipes against me that miss entirely what I said and hit a raw nerve. I don’t expect it here but I will try to put up with it. Drive by slams are twitter and facebook culture. This is a discussion group. At least it used to be.

  139. Did anyone look at the video of Bachmann imitating lWright and his chickens coming home to roost?

    It is despicable. She said God punished us twice. Repent you heathens and sinners before God destroys America. RIGHTY O.

    Especially you gay and Lebonese and abortion touting baby killers.

    Kill people with guns not medical procedures.

  140. Well, we had different experiences then karen. Perhaps the rally I went to was different because it was in California. Republicans do bash Dems and Dems do bash Republicans. And I bash Obama. I won’t lie. I can’t stand him. Every time I see him all I can think is that he’s a know nothing golfing slacker and I should be seeing President Hillary Clinton in his place.

  141. I will be gone for several hours running errands and doing laps at the Y. This bathing suit shrunk since last time I used it in Florida.

  142. Lady Lynn spent a fortune to give us our own Democrats for McCain office. She had catered food daily too. And we had our own signs.

    We just were stared at, especially Harriett’s bus loads of NYers, my people!!!, who looked like the hippie parade at the RNC convention.

    The country singer was a real shit kicking redneck type with a pick up truck and a beer. No offense to Hillbilly…

  143. Karen, I always feel personally offended with people lump all “Dims” together and call us all “Libs” and say horrible things about us collectively. Because I’m not like that. So just a thought, but the way it hurts my feelngs is the way saying the same horrific stuff about republicans might hurt the feelings and offend republicans who aren’t “like that” Just a thought here, but we DO have republicans on this blog and they are not woman hating savages or horrible people, so maybe when we attack the party it makes them defensive or drives them off. I don’t want to drive them off, particularly considerng some of them are pretty nice people and some of them also supported hillary and still support her. I just think that all the bile in the world targeted at them collectively must feel pretty shitty. I know it makes me feel pretty shitty when it’s done to me just for being registered as a D. I tend to get pretty damned pissed off when that happens and I might strike back. In fact I WILL strike back. i’m not going to sit here and be insulted constantly and I will either leave for shoot back. Just a thought with love, because I’m guilty too.

  144. I disagree with most of the Republican Party’s platform. I agree with most of the Democratic Party’s platform. I just don’t like most Republican or Democratic politicians anymore.

    I agree with some of the republican party’s platform. I agree with some of the Democratic party platform. I disagree VEHEMENTLY with some of the platform of both parties. And I definitely am with you in despising both parties’ politicians. I think that’s because I think extremism and meddling is the path to self destruction, something they are both dangerously immersed in for a number of years now.

  145. Disney redesigned Merida again. And now it’s even worse. BRACE YOURSELVES.

  146. Weather very unstable here. We lost power last night. Had storms so bad even my new roof sprung a temp leak from the wind. I’m on battery so if power goes off my laptop doesn’t get zapped. Gotta recharge.

  147. This bathing suit shrunk since last time I used it in Florida.


  148. Disney has some other versions of Merida that are pretty nice. That Target version is cheezy.

    I like this one, and I’m a doll collector.


  149. @imust

    You know Jodi will donate her hair to locks for love if she is given a life sentence.

    She’s already done it three times since jailed. She will also do a book club. So, no death penalty cuz she’s gonna do community service from inside the big house, okay?

  150. Rofl on Harvahrrd, imust. Of course, I was just joshing you. You’re quite right about why people think O is the smartest prez evah. But, it’s not just that he went to H-Law (eg, GWB went to H-Biz), it’s that he’s black and he went there–that’s the key.

    Yep, Upps, I went to Columbia (but law school).

  151. Hey wait a second. I thought you couldn’t donate hair if it’s ever been dyed. I wonder if she isn’t lying about that too.

  152. NOAA is going to furlough employees during some rough weather months thanks to Congress spending all it’s time looking under beads for so-called scandals instead of doing it’s job to keep this country functioning. NOAA has had budget cuts and furloughs are next. We apparently really don’t need hurricane and tornado warnings.


  153. You can if it dyed but not if her blonde was bleached blonde or whatever the specifics say in the link to their rules.

    Yeah well it is a two way street. If I am going to be slammed with quick unrelated jabs and if my legitimate questions are ignored and if I have to bite my tongue and not respond when I see something entirely innacurate. Well, I might as well be at one of the old neighbors sites dealing with open hostility.

    They are visciously attacking Hillary every day. I guess I cant discuss that here NOW? If that changed and I am the one who is wrong, then just let me know your new rules and if I cannot abide by them I will go. I sure wont stay where I do not fit.

    I have found the constant jabs from NES very uncomfortable in the past. It seems that is where it is going again. I had to tell her to stop engaging me if my answers bother her.

    Yet the facts are not specifically argued. Just accusations that I am against the red team. Well the blue team took several years of hits from me too and nobody whined about it.

    You enjoy your day, Upps.

  154. Yeah but not to worry about NOAA! Congress didn’t like the delays at the airports they had to ensure, so they made a budgetary exception for themselves. I know that makes you feel better too!

  155. Of course you can discuss hillary here. But point of fact, NES still wants to see Hillary president, Karen. She does however, think like a lawyer and worries about how Hillary is going to mitigate the Benghazi thing. She does read every day so she’s not really just swooping down. But both of you could treat an argument as a debate instead of a shot across the bow from The Enemy. I AM against the red team AND the blue team. I’ll be fighting every day if i didn’t debate instead. But I’m so sick of politics I hardly even bother getting involved anymore. I have really lost interest, personally, but that doesn’t mean the rest of you can’t debate things. That goes for you too, NES. It’s not boxing ring. I do worry about your escalating anger over politics, though Karen. Not because i care about them, but because I care about you. I hope you understand the spirit of what I am saying here because i adore ya. You can’t plug all the holes for Hillary by yourself. There is far too much CDS out there. It was driving me nuts, but now I just pick my fights, otherwise I will be fighting day and night and wonder how much it actually means to her while I get my ulcer. lol.

  156. Bachman to me is a meaningless gnat. she has her cadre for sycophants and I am grateful because i like to know where America’s true nutcases are at all times. Any person who has a clinic that ‘cures’ teh homosectionals is crazier than a rat in a coffee can. So I just ignore her. She’s never going to be in charge of the country, scuse the pun, but Praise God.

  157. So bleached blond is different from dyed blond? Shows you are smart I am about that stuff. I just go in every 5 weeks and haven’t got a clue what she puts on my head.

  158. Re: Country music. I have a visceral reaction to it. I can’t help myself. If someone wanted to truly punish me they would put me in a cell and I would have to listen to that shit day and night. Music to slash your wrists by. I wouldn’t walk a block to listen to a country singer.

  159. ………counting down till Hillbilly shows up and puts some really bad country video up….

  160. Gotta run. Play nice.

  161. @Uppity

    I never heard of O’malley. If I never heard of him, I’d like to think I am definitely not alone. I am not a fan of the Dream Act, believe in the death penalty (see psycho Jodi Arias, who now has transformed her looks back to pre-trial day Skank, and ditched her fake glasses). Which means he’s way too far left for me.

    Hence my comment about O’Malley falling off the far left edge and becoming dragon kibble. He is extreme. Odd extreme (so the Carter comparison fits in more than one way).

    The Dream Act is not popular outside the sanctuary of koolaid counties in Maryland. And don’t even get me started on the death penalty. Or gambling. He was trying for as much as possible to build a platform for running for president and really does not care if his ideas are good for the peons. Very Very Very ambitious.

    O’Malley has a far more complete resume than OOnothing, but not a resume that I find all that appealing and I am sure it will turn a lot of people off. However, they got OOnothing elected so I would not be surprised to see them go for broke in 2016. Very much an inside the beltway kind of guy except that he started inside the Baltimore beltway next door to DC so those of us here heard the warning shots when they started him on the circuit talking on behalf of the DNC.

    By the way if you search O’malley, one of the top matches is : O’Malley rain tax.

  162. Re: Country music. I have a visceral reaction to it. I can’t help myself. If someone wanted to truly punish me they would put me in a cell and I would have to listen to that shit day and night. Music to slash your wrists by.

    No way Upps. How can you possibly disavow twang and sad storylines about “my dawg died, my cow died, the sun don’t shine” and on and on?


  163. Well – I just swam a mile, had pizza and salad, went grocery shopping and prepped things for work tonight as the normal routine of a 56 year old woman. I then come here to discuss events and get a lecture. And before I left here this morning I was getting swiped at. And not even intelligently or in a debating way – with no reference to what I actually said about Rosenberg and Greenwald. Nope just slamming. It happens to me and anyone who says what they always do and have said for years. I didn’t change – and I really hate censorship so I will not bite my tongue. I have been ranting about politics for decades it isn’t anger. And when I do get upset – really upset – like May 31st or when people want to shoot a political figure in the vagina – then I process it my way – I BLOW OFF STEAM.

    My whole family went to Ivy league schools – Wharton and Kennedy school of business, Cornell engineering etc., some of them still need help finding their car keys and all of them can be quite dumb about certain things. I am not impressed.

    And Upps you said many times you don’t want to talk about politics -well I do. I always have and always will. I also have been talking to myself here more than getting any response for weeks. I put up links and nobody looks at them. Somebody puts up the same link days later as if I never said anything. It just isn’t working out and not just for me. Others have been scarce around here too. Maybe it is just the weather.

    It isn’t just about defending Hillary. I find myself having to defend myself all the time. The gun debate, the environment, the lies in the press – I might as well not say anything here and save my opinions for myself and my friends and family.

    I am not going to bash you. It isn’t your fault. Things changed. If I have to pull my punches and if I have to be lectured and told I am angry or whatever – I don’t need the crap. I don’t need to get veiled remarks aimed at me. I have seen her do it to others on other boards. I am not going to be a target. I post a link to an article and get an answer of blah,blah, blab evil Gop snide crap. Screw that.

    I would get a better answer at the orange Satan and likely more agreement. But go ahead and blame me. You often have.

    No hard feelings and good luck.

    I removed your site from my favorites bookmarks. Thanks for the fun while it lasted.

  164. OT UK Soldier Beheaded and the creeps filmed themselves with the cleaver and knife…must be related to Jodi.


  165. I put up links and nobody looks at them. Somebody puts up the same link days later as if I never said anything

    Seriously, you think you are the only person who has this problem? I wish I had a thousand every time somebody posted a link I already posted days before or even hours before. It’s NOT personal Karen. They don’t hang on our every words or our every links. It’s just the way it is. People come here and talk about what they want to talk about just like you do. That’s cool, but maybe at that time, everybody else wants to talk about something else. It’s not like one of us dies when that happens to us. I think you are being too sensitive to this. It used to bother me and it no longer does. In fact nothing bothers me any longer. Except personal fights. That has always been my rule. It’s not a new one. Personal shit needs to be taken someplace else. There are lots of places around here where peole crap all over each other. I thought my comment to you was pretty fair. I guess I was wrong. I’ll let others be the judge.

    And NES, you need to help fix this too. You are not without fault. Meanwhile if neither of you fix this, I will just toot along beause I am sick of baby sitting this blog. If you all can’t have a healthy argument, then go punch a bag. This IS the kind of stuff that drives others away in discomfort. That is all.

  166. No way Upps. How can you possibly disavow twang and sad storylines about “my dawg died, my cow died, the sun don’t shine” and on and on?

    Thanks for the laugh mcnorman. I can hear those banjos being tuned up as I type. Perhaps today it will be my man left me, or my mama/papa left me, not to mention tractors, trucks, and trailers.

  167. This is none of my business, but Karen, don’t leave!!! I enjoy your enthusiasm and pov and humor.

  168. Just heard on the tv news that Jodi Arias does not believe in capital punishment. WTF was that little thing she did to the boyfriend?

  169. @ Mt Laurel

    I think that you might just have another job writing lyrics. hahaha

  170. Ever hear of cat bearding? Weird but amusing.


  171. mcnorman, that link about the beheading of a soldier is just horrific! Kudos to the British government for calling it was it was….a terrorist attack.

  172. I know Imust. Imagine in broad daylight asking people to videotape or photograph them. It’s sickening. The police had no weapons to disarm, and I don’t think I could have waited 20 minutes for the armed police to show up. These creeps could be Jodi’s twins.

  173. Effing goatfuckers!

  174. It takes a woman! She jumped off the bus and ran to check the pulse of the beheaded man.

    According to reports, mother-of-two Ingrid Loyau-Kennett spoke to the alleged attackers after she jumped off a bus to check the victim’s pulse.

    The cub scout leader has told The Telegraph how she held her nerve while engaging the alleged attackers in conversation as one told her: ‘We want to start a war in London tonight’.

    She told the man: ‘Right now it is only you versus many people, you are going to lose, what would you like to do?’


  175. I wish I could have been there to witness those goatlovers faces when she said that to them.

  176. Wow! That woman was incredibly brave! Especially considering she was counting on those “onlookers”, who appear to be doing just that…looking! Why were they all just standing there??

  177. Clueless imust. Some people react and others watch in disbelief. One witness said that both she and her husband (who live behind where this took place) got out of their car and ran toward the victim. At which point one of the bastiges pulled a gun on them. They ran back to their home. They were then told by the police that the car might have a bomb inside of it.

  178. They said, “We want to start a war in London tonight.”

    This is rattling the UK. Stuff is straight out of al-qaeda manual. Attack brutally and attack the unknowing armed with basic weapons.

  179. UK serves as a horrible warning of what happens when you pretend that multiculturalism can work.

  180. Look no further than the rioting nightly in Sweden.

  181. Ditto Hugo @ 5:19pm.

    imust, what do you think about the new mayor?

  182. That London story is horrific. Agree that multiculturalism does not work. I expect we’ll be seeing more of these types of atrocities. Its terrifying. btw, I think that woman was nuts, brave maybe, but nuts. He could have easily killed her. She owes it to her kids to stay alive.

  183. bark is supposed to give some kind of security speech tomorrow night. Also, did any of you see the story about Tamerlan’s friend who was shot by the FBI in Orlando. They were questioning him about that triple throat-slashing murder in Boston last year, and he attacked one of the Feds so they shot him.

  184. Spoken like a mom socal. I thought the same thing. I just don’t think that I could have stood there. I would have found something to arm myself with. Perhaps my car and mowed them down. Hell, they had already confessed, it would have saved the taxpayer a lot of money.

  185. Yes, I stopped my daredevil ways after I had my kid. mcn, are you a mod? It would be nice to have a new thread, wouldn’t it? This one is getting long.

  186. socal I wanted Wendy Gruel to win and I’m disappointed that Garcetti won. She ran out of money at the end and he slammed her with the DWP ads. I thought his father was kinda slimy, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Better than Antonio “I’m-a-cheata-raigosa”

  187. imust, agree with you as usual. Pity we couldn’t have had a woman mayor for the 2nd largest city.

  188. Those cops in England need to start carrying guns.

  189. This is none of my business, but Karen, don’t leave!!! I enjoy your enthusiasm and pov and humor.

    Karen, get your ass back here–I need you. This blog needs you.

  190. Oh good grief, Upps, I’m sure I share in the blame. And, I’m sorry you’re put in betwixt and between. But, seriously, I have no energy to engage with Karen’s high school martyrdom drama. I got tired of all the 24/7 GOP-bashing in her comments and made a snide remark, or two. So what? I find humor to be preferable to anger. (She might try that too: her level of anger at Repubs. — and me, apparently — seems a little, well, extreme.) I’ll catch you on Twitter instead, surrendering the threads to Karen’s political rants against the evil GOP.

  191. Breaking….man eats 2 giant pies!

  192. Well that was helpful….

  193. It’s taking this thing forever to load.

  194. I do not want to see another personal insult to anybody on this blog. Do you all understand? I don’t have many rules and I am insulted that people cannot follow the few I have. THis is NOT a grammar school playground. Grow up, all of you! If you can’t argue like adults, I cannot help you. Take heed. I am seriously pissed off. This is ridiculous. I am not going to field this horseshit. It’s like going on a trip with the kids in the back yelling Stop Touching Me. You are BOTH guilty of this embarrassing MESS you just made of this blog and you KNOW it. And the next person who piles on is going to feel the remainder of my wrath, which I don’t mind telling you is hefty right now. I do NOT have time for this bullshit. I can’t believe what I am seeing. WTF! Both your parties BLOW GOATS. Stop proving it.

  195. UK is what extreme gun control turns a country into. It’s solves nothing and results in crazy people continuing on as usual while everybody else gets to watch like dunces. Not even the police have guns in that multicultural disaster zone. Two of the worst things that can happen to a country. Somebody should have shot those bastards in the head.

  196. Somebody should have shot those bastards in the head.

    Or a handful of those people rip the knives out of their hands and chop them up too!

  197. Wow I am watching Lois Lerner. Somebody needs to pull her off with a hook. This one should set women back some more, not that there’s much more of a distance to go downward with this bunch. If Lerner were a guy it would be just one of those typical things, but there are so few women in charge of anything, they stick out like a black eye. And Ms. Lerner should resign and disappear from the cameras, unless she wants to blow a whistle or something–in which case she will be eviscerated. This Plead The 5th thing is about as damning as it gets.

  198. From what I saw on tweety’s show (he had a guy on there who formerly had that job), that office in Cincy was a clusterf@ck. Upper mgrs rolling in and out and no legal counsel on site. Had to communicate with the IRS lawyers in D.C.

  199. Last time I saw tweety move his lips was 2008. Listen, the IRS has been doing this shit forever. The IRS is a huge problem. When you have an appoint organization that is unelected while possessing absolute power over everyone’s wallet and ability to keep above water financially, you have DESPOTISM. And that is what the IRS is. A despot organization that takes the orders of someone who takes orders from a President. What can possibly go wrong?

  200. Last time I saw tweety move his lips was 2008.

    I was killing time. 😉

  201. I thought maybe you were trying to punish yourself.

  202. “Both your parties BLOW GOATS.”

    And that’s why I hang around here. Both disgust me. Both have let us down. Both lie.

  203. Well then you and me might be the only two left here at this rate. Which would be just fine if that’s the way it goes, since i have had some pointed disagreements with you and never once has one of us taken personally. In fact a couple of times, one or the other of us has deferred once reason has prevailed. What a terrible idea, hey?

  204. There is an upside to fights though. Every time there’s a personal riff here, my stats tell me that all the malicious vultures show up to read all about it. Traffic goes wayyyyyyyy up.

  205. ^ROFL^ There’s a bright side to everything. We just have to be open for it when it smacks us in the face.

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