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  1. Uppity
    Get out of my head. It feels as if there is so much crap swirly about that my noggin was overwhelmed so it overnight is did a major data dump and reformat and now I have blank disk. It is so bad, I have been drinking black coffee for hours in an effort to get it to boot-up.

  2. Geeze Mt Laurel, all you needed to do was clear your mental cache.

  3. It’s always been my belief that if nobody talks about you, you probably aren’t doing much.

  4. Upps, just popping up to say that I’m still here, too. Lest you think you could possibly get rid of me. I don’t come for the family squabbles, but they sure as hell won’t ever drive me away either.

    I’m a lifer, here. My two cents…

    I despise the Red Team, and I despise the Blue Team, because they both despise me. So, since 2008…

    I will just continue to play centerfield for Team Uppity. 🙂

  5. Geeze Mt Laurel, all you needed to do was clear your mental cache.

    I tried that but all I got was one of those you need administrative authorization messages and then the blue screen of death.

    I am going to blame the combination of sticky messy pollen and the highs and lows of barometric pressure this week. Plus, I just started getting those fun pangs of a kidney stone thinking about making the end of the week even more fun.

  6. I wish I could find the clip where this POS psycho says that if she gets the death sentence she’s still going to live a long time, and then she let out a sardonic chuckle. This POS will torture the alexander family as long as she lives. And you might not know this, but if she gets life she might be free in 20 years, since she already served 5.

    Look at this woman, note her appearance change OVERNIGHT.
    She insisted on getting makeup to her specifications and ran the whole show of her “media tour” while the jury deliberates and has no idea what she is doing behind their backs. Till Ryan got at her. This is a segment.

  7. Rev Vet!!! Always loving when you weigh in! Need you to do it more often, please! And thank you. At least somebody gets what I mean about Blue and Red making a pukey funeral purple.

  8. Oh no no no Mt Laurel. Do not mention kidney stone to me. Been there too many times and every single one of them can NOT be forgotten. I feel for ya, girl. Nobody knows just how bad that pain is if they’ve never had it, and I wish it on no one. But they don’t call it the worst possible pain a person can have for nothing.

  9. I’m not even trying to clear anything out. I’m afraid if I do, what’s left behind may not function on its own. 😯

    Here’s something fun to try: Try rehabbing your house (externally only for now) while you are 350 miles away. It’s being accomplished via txt msgs, txt/photo msgs and emails with a friend who has used the same guy for her own work.. I had no choice in it because the parish (county) was threatening to demo it on me. 👿 Never mind having sick parent who died, my own health issues here and other stuff.

    Right now I’m just zoning, watching LSU and Arkansas in the SEC baseball tournament.

    Allons les Tigres!

  10. Yes Uppity, now I know why I felt so odd/bad this morning like your coming down with the flu and a tummy virus all at once but you know you don’t have the flu/tummy virus.Then BOOM! The first wave of pain has died down.With my luck,it will likely return full force in time for my commute home. I have upped the water and hoping for one that exits on its own and does not play the let’s take our good old time getting through the plumbing.

  11. If I had been convicted of first degree murder and was now staring at a potential death sentence, I would not be able to stand up or speak. I’m amazed that Arias is so composed during her little sales pitch to the jury in that video. She doesn’t get it.

    Her demeanor in general reminds me of OctoMom. They have answers for everything despite having done hideous acts. Neither would consider for a nano-second that they could be WRONG.

  12. In response to you comment in the previous thread, Uppity, I enjoy debates and sometimes a good old fight. But, at the end of the day, I’m going to respect everyone’s right to their opinion. I don’t have to win or be in control. I’ve also learned from experience, not to type when I’m pissed off. That last one is very important.

  13. Mt. Laurel, good luck with that pain, especially if you are commuting in the Montgomery County area. That traffic is enough to cause a kidney stone.

    Fredster, I can’t imagine rehabbing a house from a distance. I have one 6 miles away that required repair after my dirtball tenants bailed out of it. That ordeal ruined my health. Good luck.

  14. AP is reporting a mistrial in the Arias penalty phase. Rescheduled for July 18. Guess she’s feeling good.

  15. I don’t get the jury on Jodi. What’s up with the jury? Empaneling a new pool just for the punishment phase. Anyone ever hear of such a thing? Seems like Jodi gets a pass on death penalty.

  16. Obama gets heckled. He tells her to sit down and shut up. Okay, okay he didn’t *say* that exactly…..but I know he thunk it! 😉

  17. I bet the SS visited that heckler instead.

  18. Yeah McNorman, wait till the prosecution plays the schitzo “media tour” she held this week while several of those jurors were worrying about her life. She won’t be happy then.

  19. Hugo, Octomom is just an entitlement whore. Jodi Arias is a psychopath. She is enjoyng this. All of it. She is that psycho. She will torture the Alexander family as long as she lives. Life in prison will give her the opportunity to torture them from prison via surrogates. What jodi needs is to be locked away from the world in a 7 x 12 cell till she dies. It would be okay if she just died on her own. The important thing is she would have to spend the rest of her life such that nobody has to put up with her but herself. Putting this manipulative demon with the general population in prison is nirvana for her. It’s just too good for her.

  20. Wow Fredster, I can’t even leave my house for an hour without anxiety when someone is working on my home. I’d be a basket case in your shoes.

  21. Hugo your practice of not typing while you are pissed off is good advice for everyone.

  22. Mt Laurel if you have a fever or start getting cold all over, I really suggest you don’t wait on this, get to your doctor stat or you know what the drill will be. You will drop to the ground screaming.

  23. UW, add change of venue. Who will not have seen the multitude of interviews? Gag order now lifted…jurors will speak. Jeez, talk about giving this nutbag a walk at the taxpayer expense. I don’t understand what was so darned difficult about the choice. I’m old school I guess.

  24. Even televisa and telemundo have shown some of the interviews. Crazy.

  25. I’d be a basket case in your shoes

    I’m not thrilled, believe me. However, I trust the lady that recommended him and she is following up on him. As I said, it’s exterior work so it’s nothing drastic. He has done work for her before on several of her rentals, including a good bit of the work with the Katrina repairs. Also, I have the neighbors watching what he’s doing also which is another set of eyes.

  26. McN, there were people from JAPAN visiting that courtroom.

    Venue is meaningless. Every county in the COUNTRY knows about this psycho. SHe made sure of it. She shot herself in the foot because if she had been low key this case wouldn’t have raised so much bile.

  27. Back to Arias, I think they should just concede to Life WITHOUT parole. But NOT Life with possibility of parole. At least then she won’t be loose again one day and kill somebody else. I really have a visceral reaction to this lizard. She will kill again. If she does get Natural Life, we will read about her either trying to kill or being killed. she’s not going to be able to manipulate EVERYBODY and there are people in that prison who are as hard core as she is. She pulls too much clever shit and she’ going to be injured heavily and often.

    I think spending another million on this POS isn’t worth it for her enjoyment. And how about Joe Arpaio. For a guy who is supposed to be so tough, I am shocked he let this reptile do a media tour.

  28. Tell us how you really feel Upps!

  29. I am at a loss on Arias. Really, I thought she was going to get the death penalty until they kept talking about it hour after hour and no verdict. I have to wonder if anyone in that pool thought about the family of the victim.

    I agree, she will kill again. She should never be let out of prison.

  30. I don’t understand why the judge allowed the circus to continue. A gag order, but then not a gag order. Shouldn’t that gag order have applied to the interviews? Is this not the judge’s domain?

  31. LOL Fredster. I know I have to learn to express myself. lolol.

    McNorman, yes and no. The decisions in the jail are the domain of the Sheriff. However, the judge could, and did at one point, impose a gag order on the reptile. However, I believe this judge was very careful not to stomp on anyone’s rights, particularly not the 1st amendment. Her reasoning was sound in that she wanted to be sure that there was not cause for appeal. That is why she put up with more than you or I would have put up with, including letting that cockroach stay on the stand for 18 days to manipulate. Jodi arias is a very clever girl in a very dangerous way. She has no conscience whatsoever and is probably sporting something far more than borderline personality disorder. More like Antisocial personality disorder. I would bet bucks she has psychosis as well, but in any event she has been running her lawyers and running her show. And she screwed herself by doing that media tour the night she was convicted ……..because all those snotty, insane videos will now be admitted in the retrial of the penalty phase. Foiled by her own evil. I will also bet what is left of my 401k that Wilmott will NOT be her attorney this time. In fact, I think she might have a hard time getting representation, considering her exasperating unwillingness to listen to her lawyers. Both attorneys have tried at least 3 times to get off her case, you can bet they are working on it now for sure.

  32. As an example of how she adapts and adjusts, Travis’ brother spoke of how he had horrific nightmares. That night on her tour she told an interviewer that she had nightmares. If you watch her, you see just what a sick bastard she really is. She is not only just a pathological liar, but she is quick on her feet and can deflect being caught in a lie. If she can’t pull it off, she just ignores that she was caught in a lie. She said in one interview, “Just because I have lied doesn’t mean I am a liar”. In another one, when the interviewing referred to her lying, she said, “Well which time was I lying, when I said I wanted the death penalty or when I said I didn’t want the death penalty?”.

    I despise her first and foremost for how she has set back justice for victims of domestic abuse. She has done grave damage for women who already have a hard time receiving justice.

  33. Hey Uppity I am still here hanging in there. Life can toss you some awful curve balls gang so fighting over politics, religion, or any other such thing you can not change or get everyone on board to your way of thinking is a total waste of time and effort. You will drive yourself crazy and lose good friends.
    I am RED< WHITE AND BLUE. When the red side talks or acts I turn white when the blue tries the same shit in a different package I turn white. Neither side is good and right nor do they give on iota about you.
    Listen life is great if you can take the time to enjoy it and not waste it fretting over stuff you can not change.
    Getting hyped up over a person or party or religion to the point that is all there is to you is not good for you.
    Believe me folks take the time to see the beauty in this world and enjoy your family and friends while you have them.

  34. **Breaking!! Obama went to Prom in 1979! Photos too!
    Wow! I’m sure glad Time Magazine had their crack reporters covering that story! Or is it their reporters ON crack?????? Oh, never mind.

  35. Utah I sent you an email but you never answered. I used what you gave me as your ‘new’ address awhile back.

  36. OMG I clicked on imust’s link.

    HAllllllllllppppppppp!!! I’m BLINNNNNNDDDDDDDD!!!!

  37. Awww…come on Uppity! Barry was just sooo kewl in those days! He was Kewl and the Choom Gang!

  38. It burns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Where’s lorac???

  40. Re: paul tudor jones, ewww! What a creep!

    Fredster, check your email.

  41. @socal: Okay.

  42. Interesting and timely queshtionn….. She left last fall imust, during the mass election exodus when I put the skids on the romney/ryan train. We lost some good with some not-so-good, unfortunately. There were some real problems here with a few people, and I felt I had no choice. She felt unwelcome when I made that choice because she had a right to her choice just like the rest of us. Some who left aren’t worth having back, and then there are the Loracs, whom I miss. So we lost some good with the bad. I was pretty firm about refusing to make a huge right political turn and ignore what I saw that wasn’t any better than what we had. I know you recall because it affected you too. But you are a marvelous adaptor, wish you could bottle it. You performed a service for plenty of people who still wanted to talk Election.

    I think she’s all burned out on politics since then. You know that feeling, I had to talk you into staying, remember? i have tried to coax her back, she did stop in a few months ago. She’s also busy with work. Once in awhile I send a dog pic to her and remind her she’s missed. Says she’ll stop by when she can. She did stop by a few months ago if you recall. I miss her. Miss FF too even though she stops by now and then. She’s loving twitter though, and I hate to say it but so am I. There is a certain charm to condensing what’s up in your head in 140 characters and nobody can shoot at you. If they do, you just block them.

    I hope to just pull the plug on politics on this blog. It just makes for a horrible lack of peace and fun. It’s a worse topic than Religion these days. Everybody fights. I just think, If I clear the deck of all the right and left, why there will be me, me, and me to comment here. Just kidding. I think it’s not a topic that garners good will any longer, is it now? I’m tired of all the political tension and losing people I care about from both sides. I’m just not comfortable with the two parties and if I go one way I lose half the people. If I go the other I lose the other half. There are so many political blogs with one-side ideology that can absorb all of this so I won’t ever have to deal with drive by fights any longer. I can’t make my peace with the Democrats or Obama even if I hate the D Issa’s of this world. I can’t defend any of them. That’s why I have just stopped posting about party politics but for feminism, cockroaches and goatfuckers. It’s the only thing here I can get away with and not end up fielding discomfort – I think I know how so many others feel right now. It’s not worth the fight. Worst topic on earth for a blogger who is in the middle of the road with the dead skunks. I miss DE too but he’s actually absent for a good reason. his business has really taken off. Which is a good thing.

    What I have here is the horns of a dilemma. If I don’t pick a side, i lose. If I pick a side, I lose. And I am not capable of picking a side anyways. So I am trying to find another topic. I strongly hesitate to go full throttle on Hillary three years too soon and she hasn’t even said she’ll run. I don’t want to look at a rerun of 2008 and field CDS. It’s just too stressful. I’m lazy. I just want to have some fun and politics obviously isn’t that route! I want everybody to feel safe and some topics just don’t lend itself to that, it all gets so personal. I hate it and then I don’t like it here when it happens. No matter what I do it’s always the wrong thing. That’s because this blog has always been comprised of Rs AND Ds who had one thing in common: Hillary. And it’s just too soon to bet money on her running, especially with the CDS from the right AND he left. I just think it’s not a healthy idea right now. Maybe it’s just not healthy for ME. Wish I were a partipant here insted of the owner. This blog is for sale, you want it? I’m serious here. Anybody want this blog? I promise to show up regularly!

    Back to lorac and other good people. she isn’t blogging anywhere, so I do think at this point, she’s says she’s busy and not interested in poltiical arguments. So am I. I think last fall burned her out and she’s not unique, although she was one of our Best, as you know. She left the blog with class, didn’t bash me in public, and I can’t say that about everybody. It burned me out too so I can relate. I’m trying but there is just no satisfying everybody I care about. And I am tired of people trying to blow me up behind my back. It pisses me off and a pissed off uppity is not a nice uppity. And i’m tired of begging people to stay and being accused by both sides of an argument of favoring the other side, all over bullshit politics. Politics is the only thing that can make two good people bring out the worst in each other. It’s amazingly awful how personal politics is. I can see it all clearly now because I have resolved my disdain for both parties and now can’t be insulted by anybody. I wish I could remove the personal from it but it doesn’t seem possible. If anybody else knows how to do it, I wish they would show me. Because no matter what I do it’s ALWAYS the wrong thing for somebody. I don’t give up friendships over this kind of stuff. Last fall, I felt like I was the playground monitor during recess. I am not going do go there again. I constantly lost people I wanted to stay in order to ditch people I didn’t want to stay. It was too exhausting and I still hate this blog. I need a blogger psychiatrist! I would almost rather clean my house! (keyword: Almost).

    I haven’t had coffee yet, so I am not even sure what I just said. But to encapsulate, someone suggested that I think, what if everyone on this blog insulted Italians day in and day out. I get the point. For some, being R or D is like me being Italian. I can make fun of Italians but I would feel pretty personally attacked if people here crapped all over Italians every day, because now you are including me.

    Blog for sale! Blog for Sale!!! Get yer free blog!!!

  43. Jesus I hope no woman has spawned for Paul Tudor Jones. Too bad his mother spawned for his father. It seems Buffett has the opposite to say about women. I’ll find the link.

    Update: Here it is. He discusses how stupid men are for discounting half the entire population of brains for themselves.

  44. Uppity you are feeling the same way I did about a place I had going. It was so fun until the petty crap started and I had to mod folks I actually did like and then block them as you remember. Three times the place blew to hell and I was just sick each day I went in fearing today will be another big fight and that was my rule too. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS !! I thought we had a place for just good fun and comrade but each time someone was insulted about being ignored or over something someone said you know you were there. It started out great and was a good place to have fun and lose yourself. I loved it because you could escape and have fun. It hurt like hell to see it go down but I had had enough.
    Bottom line here folks is this is a good place to kid around have some fun and lose yourself from your daily woes if you let it be. If you know anything about people there are two subjects guaranteed to cause a fight and anger between otherwise friends and that is politics and religion.
    I personally like humor. Uppity is great at that trust me here. And at times I had her spitting coffee out her nose too. Try finding humor to post more often. Also it is gardening time and there are great stories there too. PIE you have cracked me up with your ability to slip Pie into everything rofffff.
    NES and Lorac got me giggling hysterically often too then we have Hillbilly who although I hate beer with a capital H would like to sit out on the deck and knock back a few with because I am betting he has some great stories as do I about the redneck stuff lmao.
    Come on folks this place could be a great place again and should be just drop the R&D stuff . Let it go. We can not change what is. Fight for your right as a female and remember to live and enjoy what you can have and forget what you can not change.
    Uppity hang in there. If I ever needed humor it is now. Write some of your stuff gal.

  45. Uppity you have mail. Sorry did not see that one.

  46. What Utah said! Feminism, Humor, Hillary and PIE!!! (oh my!) 🙂

  47. Knew there would be PIE lmao

  48. Bottom line here folks is this is a good place to kid around have some fun and lose yourself from your daily woes if you let it be


    Yes, Utah, we had a great place one time and getting personal ruined it. A loss. I know you know what I mean about this place. Cripes, I have so much shit going on, I don’t want to go somewhere to feel good and then feel worse. I don’t bitch and moan about things on my plate but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any things on my plate. I just want some peace, a place I can go to stop my mind from zooming. Back in February I really thought I was going to buy the farm and I got a HUGE reprieve. It’s changed what’s important to me.

    i can’t write posts because it doesn’t matter what I write any longer. Nobody even reads it half the time, hell I’ve seen links get posted in comments that I posted in the post. I put too much into my writing to do it for nothing. And people get so damned sensitive. You can’t see people’s expressions when they type. So it’s easy to be insulted. You should see the traffic spike when two people fight here. It’s like all the cockroaches can’t wait to see it. They scurry over here like cockroaches under a sink. lol. The political blogisphere is not a place I like very much anymore. My heart is not in it. I read VERY few blogs. I don’t go where rancor is the constant soup of the day. i don’t want that here. Life is just too short.

    As for planting, Utah. Unless I plan on growing rice, I can’t even do that. it’s a swamp here. Even burpee won’t mail my heirloom tomatoes because they are waiting on three zones to get some decent weather. They mail according to the optimal planting time for the different zones. Thoughtful of them because my tomatoes would be dead by now if I had planted them last week. I’m bummed. I’m inundated with apartment renovations while knowing I am losing income every month it isn’t done. I got other shit going on. I feel I don’t want to sacrifice for this blog. I want people to appreciate that because I am no different than anybody else who comes here, I have a life. Only I am the one expected to keep things going and peaceful. it’s not fair

    Blog for sale, cheap. Former blogger promises to be a loyal commenter when she gets the time. just like everybody else.

  49. Uppity, I completely understand what you are saying and I don’t blame you one bit. I hope you can find the time and desire to continue to blog because there IS nothing on the blogOsphere like Uppity’s place.

  50. Well we’re still here imust. We just havent sorted this out yet. I do know politics is poison here and that’s probably my fault because i can’t abide either side of this disgraceful government. I’ll take that blame. But then I get to field it all, if I didn’t I could just visit and be funny and then go do something else. So basically, what I am doing is trying to sort this problem out …and I appreciate your support. I appreciate everyone’s support.

  51. This place reminds me of my family picnics. lol. Everybody eats and drinks and before the day is up there are three fights and I get into my car and leave them there to kill each other.

    One thing’s for sure about this blog. We ARE different. lol.

  52. Do you people realize I am tweeting as Bill? I mean I am tweeting as a damned cat. I have more cat followers at MKBill than I have as uppity. How bad is that? Scary thing is I like it. I worry about me.

  53. Karen says if I post a basket of puppies she might come back. I better get on it. If I post a basket of law suits maybe NES will come back too.

  54. For an interesting read, and possibly appropriate, chec out Prolix’s post at TW:

    Hows yourbucket?

  55. Hugs to you, Uppity. Everybody deserves a break including Hillary and you. I admire and appreciate you both.

  56. TY maddie. Have a puppy!

  57. 🙂 Who doesn’t love puppies?

  58. Not anybody I would want to hang out with.

  59. Dingbat president for 5 years forgets to salute the marine on his way up the AF1 steps.|main5|dl3|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D318333

    As one commenter said, this is a month’s worth of material for sean hannity. lol

  60. LOL!! He forgot to salute the Marine on his way to the USNA graduation ceremony. If he handed out diplomas, he had to salute approximately 2,000 times, so he ought to be able to remember that now.

    I attended one of those graduations ceremonies once, back in the day when we had a real POTUS with a real brain.

  61. Happy puppies !!! they are brightening up my day. I so wish I could have even one of them…

    Uppity, I completely understand what you are saying and I don’t blame you one bit. I hope you can find the time and desire to continue to blog because there IS nothing on the blogOsphere like Uppity’s place.

    What imust said @9:53

    (and FWIW I do read what you write – even when i don’t comment.) You’re worth reading every day. It’s why I come here.
    (and for utah, imust, karen, sophie, NES, Hillbilly, fredster, socal, hugo, mcn, and everyone else.)

  62. Hey Upps, if you could email me, i have something to send you that my daughter sent me earlier this week.

  63. leslie you’ve got mail.

  64. Upps, check email.

  65. Good Sunday Morning Uppityites!!!
    And Yes this is a good place to kid around have some fun 😆

  66. Here’s a song to start off your Memorial Day Weekend. Let’s remember that Memorial Day is not simply a day for barbecues and fun with family and friends. It is a day when we remember those who lost their lives while serving this country. 🙂

  67. G Morning Foxy.

    We have a new thread.

  68. Sorry about the Chrome commercial.. 😦

  69. LOL foxy, Chrome is everywhere like a cockroach.

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