If you all behave yourselves…….

……….you get to keep this basket of puppies.



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  1. Still have a Facebook account, do you?

  2. Facebook just rejected a complaint about this page.

  3. I avoid all of the social media sites like the plague. Although I can see where is is of value to some, it seems to bring out the worst in a lot of people as they THINK it is anonymous and they can hide. Plus there are a lot of people who have no internal compass/conscience who know how to play their cards to get a lot of support from the guilt ridden idiots looking for a new fake martyr to save. All kinds of crap is defended. But disagree on immigration/guns/whatever with the wrong people and the IRS comes knocking.

  4. @Hugo & Uppity (for previous post)
    Not just MC traffic. From route 50 in Virginia along the beltway and up 270. Flex hours help but goodness it is NOT a fun trip with an angry stone.

    So far, the stone is quiet today. None of the really bad symptoms (fever, blood, constant dry heaves) so it is a wait and see game. I usually go for a few years, no problem, them wham, I will get couple the next year. Seems this in an “on” year. Checked the hours with my HMO’s urgent center for the holiday weekend (just in case) and I have an ER just 10 minutes away.

    @Mcnoman (Previous)
    Found that Mom’s problem was that she did not change her blood pressure patch. I have her medicines organized and check every day to see if she has taken them (most are for breathing so it is obvious if she is using inhalers, nebulizer and she uses at night). The patch is once a week and she has always been good about it but I am going to take over handling (I oversee her one med that cannot be taken off schedule).

  5. Mt Laurel…the patch. Whew, that is solvable. That is good news. As for the stone, well I hope it passes soon. 🙂

  6. PUPPIES!!!

  7. Yes. Puppies. Pick one.

  8. Yeah Mt L. It’s quiet. They are always quiet. Till they’re not.

  9. I’ll have to take the yawner. It will match my temperament.

  10. I KNEW you would take the yawner!!! I knew it! I almost assigned him to you!!!!

  11. LOL!! Well I can put him/her on top of my belly and we can doze together. 🙂

  12. Adorable. I want the one with the white head. What kind of dogs are these?

    Mt. Laurel, hope you’re feeling better soon!

  13. @ Mt. Laurel. OMG!!! that is a beastly commute. Hope your stone behaves.

    I need a puppy for my adult dog who is missing his brother. He might like that whole basket to cheer him.

  14. Well then have a puppy.

  15. What kind of dogs are these?

    Cute ones.

  16. Anybody know someone near this little guy? He’s so terrified that he has ripped the skin off his nose rubbing against his cage. He’s going to be put down if nobody comes for him, if he hasn’t been already.

  17. Poor kitty! Speaking of dogs…er kitties…I mean dogs…..the kidnapped women who finally escaped get to decide if they’d like to have Castro’s dogs. They are keeping them in foster care until they decide.

  18. Adorable little PUPPIES!!! 🙂
    Mt. Laurel, hope you’re feeling better today. 🙂

  19. More cute puppy! Puppy wakes up video. Warning: May cause cute overload!!! 🙂

  20. To think so many of American jobs have been moved to this shithole. Apparently, this is how companies would like Americans to live.
    “India” Prospective husbands must prove they have a toilet before marrying”.

  21. Got it Leslie. Priceless!

  22. OMG imust!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  23. Bet you can’t guess Who this puppy is.

  24. Need puppy.

  25. i fixd UR magazine for U Mommy.

  26. Re: Castro’s dogs. Those dogs were probably the best comfort those women had. I gamble that they will take them.

  27. I agree Uppity. They said the dogs were in need of grooming, but didn’t appear to be abused. They are small dogs and the fact that he had 3 of them is interesting too.

  28. It really bugs me that so many of our so-called job creators have moved those jobs out of this hemisphere. Looking at a Levis jeans label and seeing “Made in Pakistan” just about makes my head explode. People who sheltered binLaden should play no part in manufacturing an iconic American product.

    But I do think it’s a good idea to require a groom to prove he has a toilet. A sink would be nice too.

  29. I thought about the number three too. Interesting. Anyways, can’t blame the dogs. I bet they brought great comfort.

  30. Another soldier attacked. This time near Paris.

  31. Yeah everybody keep coddling these freaks and see how well it works out. They should feed these goatfuckers to the people. Just chain them in the street and give everybody butcher knives and cleavers like they use.

  32. ………..and they should never forget to call them “Islamic Extremists” instead of Islamists. I am becoming convinced that Muslims and Islamists may not always mean the same thing.

  33. Really bad night and early morning but I got rid of the little bugger this afternoon. Worn out and hoping I do not have another cluster of those fun pebbles hanging out in my kidney waiting to attack yet again. Thanks for all the support.

    Mom is doing even better today. I had been wracking my little brain last weekend ticking off one potential cause after another till I got to the patch. Was relieved it was something that could be managed easily.

    I think Mom is just overwhelmed. I arranged for her to see friends and family when I had her to PA for her doctors appointments including two of my brothers The brother with cancer – well it’s pancreatic/bile and he had already beat the odd for 18 months. Now – not as good as hoped. Another brother is back off work with more medical problems. People mistook them for being my mother’s brothers and she will turn 90 in June and the are just on either side of 60.

  34. Uppity@ 6:54
    Since I was not up to doing much, my mind has been going round and round. And I started to wonder, why is it that there are no breakout groups among the religion of peace. Or if there are, why do they never ever speak up and take a stand. explain themselves or otherwise spell out how they are not part and parcel as the nuttiest of goat lovers but more in-line with say their older roots that tie more directly back to the faiths of Abraham. Judaism has several factions (including Christianity) and Christianity always had those following a slightly different paths even before old Martin was posting on the original facebook page.

  35. ML…In Islam, breakout groups are called dead people.

  36. Upps @6:51 I think stones would be in keeping with the spirit of their beliefs. They can be big stones, small ones, rocks, boulders, pebbles – glass, limestone, marble, quartz, gravel. I don’t care. Give enough people the stones to throw at ’em. Let them reap what they sow. I’m sick of this already. And I’m sick of feeling this way.

  37. Mt. Laurel, I hope you are feeling better. I don’t know first hand the pain of kidney stones, but I do know it is simply horrid. I do know about caring for someone who forgets their medications, or becomes confused about them. It’s sometimes so hard to know what they need. The hospital where I work has a clinic in the pharmacy where they help people to organize and take their meds as they should. Hope you can find an MTM (Medication Therapy Management) clinic to help you and your mother. Bless you both.

  38. Horrendous is an understatement Leslie. A kidney stone is raw hell.

  39. leslie, stones are fine, but I think they should be beheaded before they die, that’s in keeping with their idea of God too. I know what you mean, because anybody who doesn’t see that you can’t be nice to these freaks is a fool putting everyone else in danger. It is what it is and it’s not good.

  40. I made a really nice fruit “crisp” tonite. Used white nectarine, blueberries and strawberries. Oooh! It was red white & blue. Didn’t even think of that before. Anyway the blueberries turned the white nectarines purple of course. It was sugar free (used truvia) and gluten free (used almond & coconut flours instead of regular wheat), well almost gluten free had oatmeal in the topping and that has a little gluten. Anyway, it came out great, and probably half the carbs or less.

  41. “Apparently, this is how companies would like Americans to live.”

    I wish this statement could go viral, its the blunt truth. Upps you should tweet it.

  42. More proof that both parties suck:
    House Democrats trying to roll back the pitiful banking regulations that were enacted after the bailout:

  43. Rapist, pedophile, and all-around perv Roman Polanski says:

    CANNES, France — Roman Polanski says the birth control pill has had a “masculinizing” effect on women and that the leveling of the sexes is “idiotic”.

    Cockroach of the week? He’s in Cannes to screen his new movie which is up for the top award, the Palm d’or or something like that. Some funny comments after the article:


  44. Sorry GA, I don’t want to spend another day fielding personal stuff. I guess you know me lol. The thing is, some things are political that SHOULDN’T be. EVERYTHING is political now and I hate it. Problem with USA is something is either all right or terrible to people, but only depending on if their party does it. Silly nonsense.

  45. Someone should lop off that pervert Polanski’s dick.

  46. House Democrats trying to roll back the pitiful banking regulations that were enacted after the bailout

    How will we know the difference. The thing was so watered down by all of them, you could drive an 18 wheeler through the loopholes.

  47. But I do think it’s a good idea to require a groom to prove he has a toilet. A sink would be nice too.


    I honestly do not know why you don’t blog.

  48. I bet plenty of people start doing this to burn Abercrombie’s ass.

  49. Wish I had my thoughts together for a post, because I have GOT to say how impressed I am with the people of Oklahoma. They have been ravished, yet all I see is them pulling together. I wish i had a thousand every time I heard someone say We Will Rebuild. Not ONE complaint. Not ONE person yelling


  50. I wouldn’t set foot in an Abercrombie & Fitch. Their stores are uninviting. And obesity is widespread in the US, so peddling too-tight clothes seem like a disservice to America. Nothing worse than a teenager trying to be acceptable by wearing A&F rags and letting their rolls of fat show.

  51. Both sides of the political aisle are equally disgusting. Serving the public is low on their agenda. And the current admin is probably shocking a lot of folks in that they are just as bad as the last admin when it comes to kissing the ass of the high and mighty.

  52. “I don’t know why you don’t blog.”

    Thanks, Uppity. Coming from you, that’s an honor. I did do some blogging and moderate a group in a now defunct social media place. I know it’s not easy and very time consuming. And life does get in the way. One of these days…

  53. Roman. Roman, Roman. Be quiet. You’re a fugitive from justice.

  54. Well Hugo, I’ve go a lot of free space. I bet you would be a huge hit.

  55. Don’t count me out. I just need some free time, inspiration and focus.

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