Homeless teen is Valedictorian of her High School class

She lived in homeless shelters, even in her mother’s car, while they still had one. She studied by flashlights and amid hunger. And she got 1900 on her SAT’S. So what does she have to say? This:

Makes you more humble.


……And she makes me feel more humble.

That’s not all. Her sister is Salutatorian.

What an inspiration are these two girls who had nothing going for them–so we thought.


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  1. Beautiful Upps. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. foxy toss in how Oklahomans are taking the bull by the horns and helping themselves instead of demanding the government take care of all their problems, and maybe there is hope for America yet.

  3. Judge in PA sentenced for SELLING CHILDREN TO PRISONS. Over a million in kickbacks.

    What a fucking scumbag. Proving once again that ALL branches of our government are hopelessly corrupted.

  4. Amen Upps they really are hopelessly corrupted. 👿

  5. Yes, this privately owned prison system is really bad. Some things should not be privately owned, for profit. They will just be magnets for corruption.

  6. Wonderful story about those two girls. I bet that mama is proud!

  7. I noticed that the two young women didn’t whine about what they didn’t have, isn’t that nice? Most kids today will use any excuse for not doing their homework, etc. Those young women will do very well in life.

  8. What a breathe of fresh air. I’m guessing being homeless is real motivation. Kids today are too spoiled, and they stay spoiled well into their 30s.

  9. Some things should not be privately owned, for profit. They will just be magnets for corruption.

    On this I totally agree.

    Wait till they privatize more of our water supply. You can bet people will die.

  10. That Pope Francis has some real cajones. Now he’s calling out the Mafia for murdering a priest. He’s going to need that Pope mobile for sure.


  11. Just watched the posted video again, and it occurs to me that we have children like these girls in the US with no homes because their parents are the working poor and can’t get help. Meanwhile, we paid our tax dollars to feed, shelter and educate those terrorists in Boston. Outrageous!

  12. The trials that some, these girls in particular, have overcome is simply breathtaking.What a gift their mother bestowed on them – the tenacity to learn and overcome adversity.

  13. Thanks so much, Uppity, for sharing this lovely story. I shared the link back to your blog …

  14. Thanks Ani!

    Hugo, agree. Now these two girls i wouldn’t mind helping through college. It’s what other countries —which have a much higher rated education system than we have— do. They pluck the Stars and lift them up so that they might serve a higher purpose. Their economic class no longer matters when it comes to brains and skills. As it should be. The sky should be the limit for these two sisters. Imagine what they can achieve when they don’t have other adverse conditions to live and deal with. I will say, that their mother had to be a force for them even though she had nothing to give…she gave them something valuable anyways.

  15. Amazing header Uppity. Is that new? I don’t remember it from last year.

  16. Yes I had it up last year, bless Freedom Fairy.

    Might have been year before I had it up, as I have two Memorial Day headers.

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