Memorial Day 2013

memorialdayAs I do every Memorial Day, I dedicate this day to the Uncle I never got to know.

You can re-read about him here. It’s about as personal as it gets.

I will visit my family at the cemetery and think of them as well.

Then I will bust my butt out in the garden so I won’t be depressed.

Three days that hit me the hardest are Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Memorial Day.

But like all of you, I will Endure. After all, it’s what we do, isn’t it?

What will you do today?

And for those of you who don’t click on the link above, I wouldn’t want you to miss this:



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  1. I really pay little to no attention to Memorial day. Never did. As a matter of fact Holidays in general come and go with little notice by me unless I am getting double time.
    Oh and I will never open a Ray Charles video. That man could not sing as far as I am concerned. Something about his voice makes me cringe. Anyway Upps I am sorry you are down today. I hope you get your garden done and can enjoy it. I can not allow myself to get in the dumps. Got to look for a good thing daily. Love ya.

  2. That piece is a wonderful tribute to your uncle.

  3. We are going to cemetery, cooking, exercising, visiting a friend. Memorial Day is depressing to us also, the anniversary of the death of lakers brother, but I hope others have a peaceful, happy and/or useful day. The tribute to your uncle is lovely.

  4. I take a joy in seeing patriots assemble. The celebration here is rural. There will be a parade ending at the cemetery in the center of town. There will be no marching band. If the local HS can manage, enough band members will perform in between the dignitariies’ speeches. If there is a float, it will be pulled by a tractor. Most prominent will be the large number of emergency vehicles and their volunteer crews. After, all will be invited to the American Legion hall less than two short blocks away for free hot dogs and soda and probably beer although you might have to pay for that.

  5. correction. If float, it will be pulled by a riding lawn mower.

  6. TY Fredster.

    Well the weather here has been so horrific that nobody has planned any BBQs except on the fly. Seriously,it’s been so wild here that not even Burpee has mailed my tomatoes to me yet. They are holding back in several zones because they don’t want them to die. usually by now, i have everything in the ground. This is a real bummer. We could use some of that GLOBAL WARMING at night FCS.

    So we’re going to throw some steaks on the grill later. We got some beautiful delmonicos from our favorit polish butcher. They can barely speak English, but they sure can speak Meat. They cure their own hams and let me tell you, you never had ham like this. If it’s warm, we will share some steaks and early corn with our elderly neighbors. He broke his hip and is recuperating well, but I think it would be good for him to party just a little. And I don’t need to tell you she could use some TLC because she is taking care of him. Needlenose has spent a good deal of time there lately, I leave her there with them, as she ADORES the woman. All I have to say is Do You Want To Go See Gramma? I can’t even walk her by their house without her yanking me toward their door. I’m sure the meatballs right out of the pot help attract her. lol. Pets are really great stress releivers in times like this, real therapy. And The Clydesdale being a canine good citizen, is smart enough to not get rowdy, so the old guy doesn’t fall.
    If it’s too cold later today, we’ll just bring their plates to them. I feel bad for them, they are the nicest people and are always doing nice things, but as time goes on, it’s time for us to step up the return favors, like with their lawn, and maybe a nice catered Memorial Day steak dinner. So I’ve let them know what we’re up to and that she is NOT to make any food in return, but just rest. It won’t work, of course. You can’t do a nice thing for this woman without getting two nice things back. You forum psych people are probably thinking she fulfills some kind of Mother-Need in me and I think you’re probably right.

  7. Pamela we have parade today, but it’s just not warm enough to be standing out there, far as I’m concerned. Needlenose loses out because this dog LOVES a parade. She gets it from me. But when I have to put the heat on the night before memorial day, I’m in no mood. It’s not that it’s freezing out, it’s that I resent that it’s May 27 and feels like March 1.

  8. Uppity that is sweet of you really it is. You are blessed to have neighbors like that. Sorry you and Der Needlenose have to miss a parade. I have heard about your weather. Just plain out weird. Yea ours too. Two weeks ago it snowed here. Now the weather is normal temps and my garden is in and doing good. Don’t know how I would act if I could not get a garden in and have my veggies. Most likely I would be a nasty nellie. It is one of those things I just have to do each year.

  9. Whoa! I just saw on my yahoo newsfeed that upstate NY just got 3 feet of snow! You are having weird weather!

  10. I love that photo! AND I really love Ray Charles singing America, the Beautiful. My parents didn’t like Ray Charles, but once I had them listen to this one song, they both asked me to play it again and again. I also love dropping in on Upps & Co on Memorial Day so I can again read about your uncle and the way you celebrate the day.

    Today I’ll continue packing up my kitchen and moving whatever I can to the basement and living room. Friday evening I got the message that the cabinets for my kitchen had arrived and the delivery people wanted to schedule a delivery date. I’ve been packing up sh*t ever since. Thank the goddesses, my daughter came over on Saturday to help. Otherwise, I’d still be climbing up and down to get stuff off the top shelves.
    Who knew I could’ve accumulated so much stuff in 20 years here!

    Everyone spend a good Memorial Day. I’ll check in when I take breaks.

  11. Thank you Upps for the Ray Charles video.He was awesome. 🙂

  12. I am watching the Parades on TV it is too cold to go out Put the heat back on a few days ago. 😦

  13. So sorry for the loss of laker’s brother socal. And for all the losses remembered today.

  14. Socal, I missed saying I’m sorry for the loss of laker’s brother earlier. It’s clear his day holds special meanings for you and your family.

  15. Socal,


  16. (((((Socal)))))

  17. @uppity-9:43: Sounds like you are being a good and caring neighbor for the older couple and why am I not surprised?

    And The Clydesdale being a canine good citizen, is smart enough to not get rowdy, so the old guy doesn’t fall.

    They know, they just know.

  18. Fredster, you LA gumbo, you be making me feel so good today! Because you knew I needed that…and why am I not surprised right back.

    Stopping in, steaks are about to hit the grill. So I’m commenting and then running off. Utah, funny how we see that video so differently. I see it as the best most moving version of the song Evah! How can you not love this:

  19. Uppity@3:16p.m. Hugs to you today because of the day’s meaning to you and for what you do for your neighbors.

  20. Gotta start these Patriots young. 🙂

  21. Sorry gang but when it comes to Ray Charles having ice picks driven into my ears sounds like a more enjoyable evening. Just could not stand him over and out.
    Will not open a video and have to endure that caterwauling. Thank heavens he no longer has songs on the radio daily.
    Socal so sorry for your loss hugs to you.
    Me I am off to work at time in a half.
    Happy memorial day to you all. Lost pop on memorial day and try not to think of it either. Folks are different. I try not to remember that I lost someone but that I had them and remember fun times. Never have been to a grave yard after the burying. Not my thing. We are different and I do not find these differences odd at all. I refuse to be buried I want cremated and spread over the mountains I love. Anyway however you chose to enjoy the day please all have a safe and happy day.

  22. P.S. Uppity. Do not plague me with Ray Charles and I will not plague you with videos of Possums and squirrels . Deal ?

  23. Days that hit me the hardest are Mother’s Day, Father’s Day Memorial Day Veterans day. it was his birthday.
    and don’t even talk about thanksgiving and Christmas.
    His empty Chair

  24. McN that bear was looking at Lunch.

  25. The day could have been worse. It was in the 60s.

  26. Still For Hill is a trooper.

  27. This guy just might get cockroach of the year Uppity.

    The guy breaks in to an elderly couple’s home (ages 71 & 73). He rapes the elderly woman, then kills her and her husband. They were babysitting their 2 year old great-granddaughter so he rapes her too. He’s been caught. 2 year old baby in hospital after surgery for injuries.

  28. Good God. What a scumball. Of course, we will coddle him.

  29. As the world marches by the millions against Monsanto, Senators protect their sleazy sponsor from labeling laws.

  30. I missed the tribute to Upps’ uncle when it was first posted. A very touching story. Well worth reading or re-reading.

  31. He might have been looking at lunch, but he was curious for just a minute. haha

  32. Hugs to socal and family.

    We always used to visit the cemeteries on Memorial Day. You cleared weeds and cleaned stones, planted posies and remembered all those who passed on. We always carried extra flowers to place for those who had no family.

  33. I think that polar bear was wondering if he had a nice cold coca cola in his fridge to wash down the cute little Klondike bar.

  34. You know Mt Laurel, that could be a great ad. LOL

  35. Mt. Laurel, that is really sweet, taking extra flowers to the cemetery. What a grand idea.

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes and thoughts. We’ve survived another Memorial Day weekend. Laker is heading to Miami Beach in a couple of days to visit his aunt & uncle.

  36. From Uppity’s Monsanto link:

    “The Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly rejected an amendment that would allow states to require labeling of genetically modified foods.

    Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont said his amendment was an attempt to clarify that states can require the labels, as several legislatures have moved toward putting such laws into place. The Vermont house and the Connecticut senate voted this month to make food companies declare genetically modified ingredients on their packages.

    The Senate rejected the amendment on a 71-27 vote, during debate on a wide-ranging, five-year farm bill that includes generous supports for crops like corn and soybeans that are often genetically modified varieties. Senators from farm states that use a lot of genetically modified crops strongly opposed the amendment, saying the issue should be left up to the federal government and that labels could raise costs for consumers.”

    I don’t understand why the Fed govt has to give the states permission to mandate GMO labeling; however, I appreciate Sanders intent. I am disgusted that our govt is so owned by this evil giant. Nice to see the March Against Monsanto day though, and glad so many around the world took part.

  37. More from Uppity’s link:

    “The vote did not affect a bill introduced in April by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) that would mandate labeling of all products containing genetically ingredients sold in America. But it was a reminder that the labeling bill doesn’t stand a honey bee’s chance in a field full of Roundup of becoming law.”

    Ah, we can dream, can’t we?

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