The day I decided to vote for Bill Clinton

Way back, during the 1992 Democratic primary, I was rooting for Jerry Brown. Say what you will about Governor Moonbeam, but I really liked the guy. I don’t know why, but I didn’t care for Bill.

Anyway, I was a C-SPAN addict at the time–it was on all the time. On May 29, 1992, Hillary Clinton delivered the commencement address for the Wellesley College class of 1992 and C-SPAN ran it.

Hillary Clinton commencement address, Wellesley College class of 1992

(Sorry, not embeddable.)

I decided on the spot that if this brilliant woman could love him, I could learn to love him.


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  1. Seems like as good a reason as any to support him.

  2. I first saw Bill Clinton speak at a rally for local Democrats. It was a BBQ and held at a park. It was well attended, but not over crowded so I was able to sit pretty close up to the stage. I’d never heard of Bill Clinton, but was naturally impressed. I found a book about him by a guy named Jim Moore. The back of the book had all of the speeches Bill had given to date and after reading all of them, decided he was my choice. The next time I went to a rally for Bill Clinton, (a few months later) it was in a much larger venue and thousands of people were there. I had to sit so far away he was like a tiny ant on the stage.

  3. The read my lips remark made me a Clinton voter Both of them 🙂

  4. Hey Sophie. Thanks for Occupying!

  5. Michelle Bachman has announced she will not be running again. Before you cheer, imagining she will join her husband for Teh Cure of HomoSectionals, she’s got her eye on Al Franken’s slot. Now about Al. I never thought I would respect this guy and I believed he would become a senator and use the job as guaranteed comedy slot. That’s not what happened. Franken put his nose to the grind instead. He has lived in chambers along side a gaggle of As loud-mouthed, self-aggrandizing publicty pigs, and has not joined in. Instead he has worked quietly for his constituents and has actually thought about people now and then. I hope he crushes her.

  6. Upps ~ I’m with you r/t Al Franken. I used to listen to him on Air America and thought highly of him even back then. I still do.

    I first a Clinton voter because I was a brain-washed Dem at the time. I voted for him the 2nd time because I really liked him and the work he was doing. I liked Hillary from the get-go. I still do. But I hope she does’t ever run again. Enough is enough. This magnificently accomplished woman does not deserve to be vilified again.

  7. First met Bill Clinton Jan. 1982. Told my wife that he was going to be President, she laughed and said I was full of shit.

  8. I met the Clintons post election and then again when in the WH. Clinton was extremely charismatic in person. Comes off as very warm and sincere. Hillary had more of a geek/egghead thing going on.

    I met the current not so dynamic duo when he was running in Illinois and they were in town and invited to DC government function. Barry (he was Barry then) came across as the creepy weird kid no one wants on their team who thinks he is the cats meow. Imelda was the kind of person you went out of your way to avoid in high school. Drama queen with the eternal chip on the shoulder and just not worth the effort. Their presence at the dinner made no sense but now it appears they were getting his street credits.

  9. First met Bill Clinton Jan. 1982. Told my wife that he was going to be President, she laughed and said I was full of shit.

    Al was just going by your past Full Of Shit Record. lol.

  10. Hillary had more of a geek/egghead thing going on.
    Exactly the kind of thing I go for. 😉

  11. “Al was just going by your past Full Of Shit Record. lol.”
    Different wife…

  12. I have to say, I’m impressed with Al Franken’s senatorial demeanor as well. To be totally honest though, I would have been ok with a comedian senator. Seriously though, he said he would do it straight and he has. Bachmann’s tripping if she thinks she’s getting his seat.

  13. Franken can’t help but go to comedy if Bachmann runs against him. Sharp wit v. Nit wit.

  14. Love it Hugo!

  15. Always a Clinton voter, but like Leslie, I fear Hillary will always be vilified unfairly by MSM and pundits. They’re still trying to pin Benghazi on her.

    Now some overdue thanks and another warning about a dangerous prescription drug. Uppity months ago warned about a “p” drug that made her blood pressure spike= phenylephrine. Like Uppity, I’ve always had “sickeningly normal” (my wife’s words for the only normal thing about me) blood pressure readings (Hers is high.) Lo and behold, it’s an ingredient in Mucinex, which she grabbed off the shelf at Shopko. One dose almost put me in ER due to high blood pressure.

    Levofloxacin, which my GP prescribed, is billed as an effective antibiotic to fight sinus infection. It may have killed the infection, but is still “killing me” months later. I have arthritis and tendon problems, which were worsened taking this drug. I read the drug warnings that a person over 60 shouldn’t take it. I’m 66 and an idiot. This drug comes with a long list of side effects. To find the side effects of any drug, consult Web MD online.

  16. Hal, I think there is a Mucinex that is bp safe. My doc approved of only 1 of their many forms. I believe the original Mucinex product is the safe one. They don’t all have that “p” ingredient – or else my doc would neevr have suggested it to me. She is practically a fanatic about meds that increase bp.

  17. I don’t take any lea gal meds. Nothin’ but trouble!

  18. I like Franken also, and think he’s done some good stuff, but he did vote for some damn farm bill amendment that was to benefit Monsanto, so that pissed me off.

  19. I would love to see a debate between Franken and Bachman.

  20. I wasn’t too much into politics in ’92, but we did watch the debate, which was great and that sealed the deal. Not that I would have ever voted for Bush I. I was curious about Perot though. Have always wanted to see an independent get there.

    btw, I loved the SNL spoofs of that debate. Hysterical.

  21. Hal the decongestant I was referring to was pseudoephedrine not phenyleprine, which is now sold over the counter as a replacement for pseudoephedrine. pseudoephedrine is no longer sold in any cold or sinus meds over the counter. It is the decongestant in Sudaphed and the only way you can get it is from behind the pharmacist’s counter, where you will sign for it like a criminal. This is because pseudoephedrine was being bought up by scumbags so they could cook meth. I don’t know anything about phenyleprine since I only took it once and found it was a piss-poor decongestant not worth the powder to blow it up with. pseudoephedrine worked great, but in the end I can never take it again as it spiked my BP and I’m lucky my head didn’t blow off or something. lol.

    I get sinus infections too and the only antibiotic that has ever helped me was ZPak. Even then, the infection can come back. Sinus infections are a bitch to get rid of and you can’t take all those antibiotics whenever you feel like it. Sometimes doctors offer a nasal spray with some steroid in it, Flonase, I think it’s called, but I won’t take it because of the risk of anaphalaxis, which my brother died of. So I’m chicken since I know for a fact it’s a horrific way to die.

    A big problem with sinus meds is they aren’t worth spit without a decongestant and it seems decongestants come with some risks. They often have an antihistamine which seems to keep your sinuses from clearing. Then your ears go next. So it’s all just worthless, far as I’m concerned.

  22. I used to take lots of sudafed when I was young, even up to age 40. But I can’t handle that stuff anymore, it makes my heart race. I don’t usually get those sinus infections, but once in a great while I’ll be stuffy and then I might let myself have one tablet of Alka Seltzer Cold, which helps. I save the other tablet in its foil pack.

  23. Yes–Franken’s vote on that GMO thing totally pissed me off. Lots of Dems voted in Monsanto’s favor and I am livid.

  24. What’s in the water in PA? Here’s a guy who made the police come out to see proof of Bigfoot being shot. And there’s actually a Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. Think about that for a minute. I’ll wait.

  25. Socal the interesting thing about Sudafed (I always just bought generic pseudoephedrine because it cost pennies by comparison and the only other thing in the pill was tylenol) is that I took it for years and never had any side effects. I knew other people had sleeplessness and palpitations, etc, but I never had any effects. Maybe if I did and stopped because of the side effect, I wouldn’t have gotten that “hidden” side effect known is “Your head is about to blow off”.

  26. I stole this from Hillis44: Brothers from another mother…

  27. The sudafed, or generic or whatever I took, definitely gave me energy, & opened up my sinuses. I didn’t notice the bad effects until I became middle aged, but when I was young, I loved it. I guess after a while, the body revolts against bad stuff.

  28. Nixon was a better president than Obama. Aside from being a couple of paranoids with a kill list and penchant for abusing power, they have very little in common when we mention accomplishments. Nixon kept the USA and democracy’s biggest enemy in check: China. While we Eff around with a bunch of cavemen in the ME, nobody notices that China is the country we should worry about. Perhaps everyone will understand that once we are all speaking Chinese.

    The ERA got its start under Richard Nixon. Do you think Obama would have allowed that? I HIGHLY doubt it. The EPA was formed by Richard Nixon. The fact that it has turned into a ridiculous tool of Presidents since him is not his fault. Profit sharing was Nixon’s idea. Richard Nixon took stringent action to stop foreign oil price gouging. Are you seeing that today? I’m not sure, but I think the Disability Act was his too.

    If Richard Nixon were president today, these goatfuckers would never get away with the shit they are pulling, especially not in our country, let me tell you. They would be crapping their pants instead of walking all over us. And I HIGHLY doubt he would have ever thought NAFTA was a great idea, much less give so much of America’s lifeblood to China. He also gets no credit for ending the cold war, but without him it would have never occurred. We have never had a better president when it came to foreign policy. In fact, if you ask Bill Clinton, he will tell you that he called on Nixon for advice on foreign policy often. He will tell you he called Dick plenty of times. He doesn’t deny it, because he doesn’t deny the foreign policy prowess of Nixon. I remember an interview toward the end of his life when he came right out and said we should have “taken out” Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein a long time ago. Instead, we gave the guy chemical weapons and helped train Osama as a “Freedom Fighter”. Nixon would have spit on ZBig for his part in stoking the Taliban and telling those goatfuckers that “God is on your side”. He did his damage under the biggest jew hater who ever sat in the WH –Carter– and again under Reagan/Bush and he continues under Obama.

    Yeah there’s viet nam, but I would like to point out he INHERITED that war. Furthermore, Kissinger looks like a saint next to Eric Holder. Eric Holder is the most corrupted AG I have known in my lifetime. he has no respect for the constitution, and even less respect for America. It all started when he blew off the criminal activity of the black panthers when they stood in front of polling places with billy clubs (the most blatant felonious election violation in history, probably). It’s been downhill under Holder ever since. There is no end to how he trumps his crimes and deeds.

    What did Obama give us again? A health care act that turns you into a criminal and already drove single payers out of the market? A trashing of Medicare? Disrespect for seniors and women? A president who sticks his nose in crime and turns everything into a racial issue? An attitude that has set back gender relations by at least 40 years? A guy who either disappears or practices his putts on vacay during horrific occurrences?

    It’s pretty pathetic when history shows us that the one president who was dishonest enough to be driven from office still looks better than what we have.

    It’s high time everybody started see how incestuous the Democrats and Republicans really are. The only real difference they have is their constant fight for The Power to pillage America with their sponsors, who just happen to be the same sponsors of both parties. Just ask Monsanto. Or Goldman Sachs.

  29. Incidentally, before I face real life today, I would like to tell you that Japan has officially dropped the import of all US Wheat thanks to Monsanto sneaking behind the USDA’s back and planting experimental GMO wheat in Oregon (GMO wheat is not approved by USDA). In any event, our farm crops are being systematically rejected and USDA has NO method to test for GMO wheat in fields.

    How many MINUTES do you think it will take Monsanto to get out of this one?


    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Field workers at an Eastern Oregon wheat farm were clearing acres for the bare offseason when they came across a patch of wheat that didn’t belong.

    The workers sprayed it and sprayed it, but the wheat wouldn’t die. Their confused boss grabbed a few stalks and sent it to a university lab in early May.

    A few weeks later, Oregon State wheat scientists made a startling discovery: The wheat was genetically modified, in clear violation of U.S. law, although there’s no evidence that modified wheat entered the marketplace.

    They contacted federal authorities, who ran more tests and confirmed their discovery.

    “It looked like regular wheat ,” said Bob Zemetra, Oregon State’s wheat breeder.

    No genetically engineered wheat has been approved for U.S. farming. U.S. Department of Agriculture officials said the wheat is the same strain as a genetically modified wheat that was legally tested by seed giant Monsanto a decade ago but never approved. Monsanto stopped testing that product in Oregon and several other states in 2005.

  31. Unlike the majority here I like Nixon,s foreign policy and thought he did a lot of good for the USA. I also believed then and still do he loved America and was not out to destroy it. Yes he was bad in some aspects but in general he at least was a leader and lead our country not destroyed it from within and gave it away in chunks like the pissant that is there now. NAFTA was a bad idea and has hurt us beyond belief and Ross Perot warned everyone about the giant sucking sound you hear now. Monsanto and China own us plain and simple . And the band marches on to the same tune over the cliff. Pied Piper syndrome for sure.

  32. Bingo on both parties screwing the crap out of us with their ” I care for you BS” I do not see anything out of either parties to waste time putting posts up over and singing their praises. Each one wants a kingdom filled with serfs and we all are letting them do it. It is of no matter to me who leads us to hell because we are going there and fast. Our kids have been purposely dumbed down and have little understanding about what this country is all about and further couldn’t care less because all they want is the newest I something or game to be cool. Our generation is being bled dry by the government and our kids and their kids. We will welcome death I am sure. I know I am getting very tired and just want to hang it up and let go. I am tired of thinking I can keep up and hang on.

  33. Uppity, I’m sure you remember that GMO corn has already made it into the food supply and a lot of food recalls resulted. No way in hell GMO seeds and natural seeds will not be comingled, intentionally or not.

  34. Say! Would you care to see the usual male suspect shitbags at Fox blame women breadwinners for the disintegration of society and pretty much anything else they can think of? Thought so. After all we keep hearing how Fox is “News” and everybody else is “editorial”. Just saying!

  35. “The ERA got its start under Richard Nixon. ”
    The ERA was part of the Republican Party platform from 1940 to 1980 and was strongly supported by both Eisenhower and Nixon. The ERA was opposed by labor unions and “new deal” Dems. JFK didn’t actively support it’s passage because of big labor opposition.

    BTW, Nixon also supported and signed the law that gave Federal funding to Planned Parenthood.

    After 12 years of Bush/Obama, Nixon is looking like a pretty good President.

  36. one thing to say to all those who think women ought to be in the kitchen and taking care of their men.
    Wait until they no longer can work and are ill and need a woman to pay the bills on the incomes they think women should make. In my opinion any one that thinks women should earn less and be kept down deserves to have to depend on her minimum wage income or substandard income for 5 years and I bet they change their tune.

  37. Outstanding point, Utah. And how about these guys who pass away and leave their wives and families with nothing, no insurance, no nothing. And then she has to go to work and scrape for life. These guys make me laugh.

    And whose fault is it exactly that more women advance themselves in higher education now then men? I don’t know too many married women who could afford not to work since their husbands don’t make enough to get by unless they want to live in poverty.

    SO these clowns on FOX are full of crap and I thank God I am not married to any one of them. Because they haven’t got a clue. Every one of them deserves to get laid off and be one check away from their next house payment and see how they start whining about their wives having to go to work. They talk about the Elite and they ARE the elite. Furthermore, I know plenty of women who are smarter than they are and wouldn’t need them anyways. Just listening to them, all I could think of is who the Eff would want to be at the mercy of these assholes?

  38. Not me for sure. 🙄

  39. “one thing to say to all those who think women ought to be in the kitchen and taking care of their men.”
    I like having a working wife, with me in the kitchen, sleeping late and taking care of the cats. When Al is rolling out of bed at 4:30 AM, I am thinking “Sucks to be Al.” :>)

  40. Well yeah SHV but you are a retired doctor and I am sure you are not living on a pittance for a retirement either. But when you retire you earn the right to get up late. That’s what I say. I’m sure you got up plenty of 4:30 AM’s

  41. Utah the thing is, many men expect to be taken care of AND their wives have to work.

    I feel sorry for the gen y women in the future because so many of the young men are sitting around waiting for that big job to fall into their laps and it doesn’t work this way. If I were in my 20s today I would be very cautious about what I married, because a six pack from working out in the gym doesn’t a marriage make. And somehow they imagine their annoying parents are going to be around to supplement them all for life.

  42. A potpourri of responses.

    Having always been stuck portraying Nixon in school, I came to respect that he was a far better president than many. Another major difference from Obama – the press has a visceral hate of Nixon compared to the blind adoration of BO. With Watergate Nixon was doing something that was quite common – but he panicked and tried to hide things. He was caught and outed with glee

    I see tha PA Bigfoot and raise you the companion group in New York:

    My understanding: the original Mucinex (Blue Box) is safe. The Yellow box is also ok with most as it simply adds a cough suppressant for those deep dry coughs that annoy fellow workers and keep you up at night.

    The orange box Mucines you must get from the pharmacist and it contains the original Sudafed type decongestant. It works well – until you hit the mid age and the BP. I never had major symptoms, but ealier this month I took one two days in a row and the second day felt like I was living in one of those slow scenes in 2001. I have avoided ever since.

  43. I just gotta say that my son takes care of the baby and shares the house work with his wife. I’m really proud of the way we raised him and that he took in what we taught about sharing, respect and being responsible. I see that in my brothers as well.
    Happy Thursday. I’m leaving work now. See you later.

  44. Gee, look away for a few hours and next thing you know, there’s a Nixon love-fest going on under your post. While I can appreciate how horrible this president is, I’m not willing to polish the Nixon turd over it.

    Reading above, you’d think Nixon single-handedly saved the environment! No HT to Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-WI) who founded Earth Day on April 22, 1970 and the 20 million Americans demonstrated across America that day. Nope, the guy that consolidated the existing government agencies into one is now cast as the Indian in the canoe shedding a tear over the litter and pollution!

    I’d hardly describe it as inheriting a war when you sabotage peace talks for campaign purposes. Before ending the war, he expanded it into Laos and Cambodia. It took the entire duration of his Presidency for that war to end.

    As for the press hating Nixon–that’s a fact. I guess he thought that was a good reason to order CIA surveillance of a journalist and his family and plot his murder!

    I certainly hope that in 40 years I don’t have to hear how Obama freed the gays and gave us universal health care.

  45. I don’t think it was a Nixon fest. And Nixon was paranoid and abused his power. And yes….he WAS a crook. But as a Republican, I think he was rather moderate, especially compared to the Republicans of today, and even to Ronnie Raygun.

  46. The EPA point being it would not exist if Nixon didn’t invent it. I think in 40 years, if we’re both still here, we WILL hear about who ‘freed’ the gays and took health care away from old people and made it too expensive for single payers so he could give it to someone else. Yes the press hated nixon about as much as the rest of us did by that point, that doesn’t mean he did nothing useful because he got caught being dishonest, as opposed to other presidents who didn’t get caught. I *think*, and i use ** because I don’t know, and neither does anyone else, I think he was from a generation that did not quit a war. We won wars, we didn’t lose wars and we didn’t quit. even if we really should have. I really think that was his problem with just stopping that war. He landslided against McGovern because so many voters agreed with him, mostly of his generation or older.

  47. Having always been stuck portraying Nixon in school

    Was this a voluntary thing or just a punishment?

  48. Before and during Nixon’s time, Republicans were more Liberal. The Roe v. Wade SCOTUS was a 7-2 decision. 5 of the 7 were R appointees. The 2 dissenters were 1 R and 1 D.

    Ronnie Raygun’s southern strategy cleaned out most of the raycists and religious from the Dem party.

  49. Our government, hard at work:

  50. Agree that Nixon was a lot more liberal than Raygun & Bushes. Didn’t he sign the Clean Water Act? Of course, not denying he had his evil side. It seems to me (I was a kid when he was prez) that, good or bad, a lot more was accomplished back then. Nothing happens now, not very many good ideas, etc.

    Upps, I thought there was GMO wheat, that’s what those Wheat Belly books are about, that the GMO wheat makes you fat and diabetic. I looked at one of those books and they describe the GMO wheat as being short and stiff, while the real wheat is tall and thin and waves in the wind. Weird, what the heck were these guys talking about? God I haaaate Monsanto. The evil empire.

  51. Re Sophies link, thats what I mean. These imbeciles spend all their working hours on bullshit that doesn’t help anyone.

  52. I’d say that during that time Republicans AND Democrats were more MODERATE. They worked together. Built consensus. We never even heard much about Liberal and Conservative as they were both fringe parties unto themselves. They they swallowed up the major parties and that is when all the bad shit started and has escalated ever since. They have squashed moderates from both sides and they both make me pukeworthy sick.

  53. Sophie’s link is sickening. I wish citizens could introduce bills. I’d start one called the Politicians Are Dip$#!+$ Act.

  54. As of April 2013:
    In the first 3 months of this year, there have been 694 provisions about reproduction submitted in legislative bodies across America (7 a day).

  55. No doubt those 694 provisions were introduced by the smaller government crowd that like to rant about individual freedoms. The same ones who want a literal interpretation of the Constitution which the last time I checked doesn’t mention uterus or fetus. Reminds me of my favorite quote from Charlie Rangel: “why don’t you mind your own G** D**** business?”

  56. I didn’t know about the plot to kill Jack Anderson! I remember Anderson’s name, and his muck-raking because my parents were avid readers of his columns. I also remember my parents talking about how terrible and unethical Nixon was. They focused on Helen Gahagan Douglas and the 1950 US Senate election in California when Nixon smeared his (female) opponent and caused her to lose the election by calling her a “fellow traveler” with the Communists and hinting at “Red sympathies” because of her left-wing/liberal voting record. While
    I agree Nixon was a better foreign policy leader, and was smarter, harder working and overall a better president, he was utter sleaze. So is bronco. Besides being sleaze, bronco is the laziest, know nothing, do-nothing leach ever to inhabit the WH.

  57. Sophie , just a bit of info here. My Husband is an ex Navy Seal and he and his group were in Cambodia doing dastardly deeds under LBJ ,s administration. The stories I have heard from his group are horrid. Let me tell you we were in Nam before it was a war we fought and we were in Laos and Cambodia long before Nixon doing things to stir the shit if you will.
    I am not saying Nixon was a great man hell I will not say that of any President we have had but he was not a bad leader. He did do some darn good things for this country and all folks can see is the bad thing he did. I wish to high heaven they could open their eyes and see what Obama is doing as well as the Senators and Congressmen they worship. I just wish folks would put aside party and personal adoration for politicians and look at what they are and do again.

  58. Uppity in my minds eye men are coming full circle to wanting a momma. They want us to clean cook and care for them for life giving fringe benefits (sex) and allowing them to think they are superior. They want us to continue where mom left off so they can lay around and play video games on our dime.

  59. Today is THAT day.

  60. The Day Not To Be Forgotten.

  61. R.I.P. Democratic Party.

  62. The thing that pisses me off about parties is that there are no standards–they get to make their own rules and they can change them at will and it’s all completely legal. I also hate that every state can have completely different voting rules. And I got nuthin’ good to say about caucuses.

  63. The Day Not To Be Forgotten.OR FORGIVEN!!!!! 👿

  64. Uppity can you please remove the sleeping Quokka photo from your blog… Is a Copyright infringement comes from website
    Not fair use and not credited. You like your copywright protected. I like mine. Thankyou in advance :O)

  65. Ok Quokka, I most certainly will do that. I am very sensitive to copyrights. I had no idea as I got it from yet another blog. I’ve had entire posts stolen from my blog, gone viral, so I know how it feels. I am assuming it’s the photo in the old Quokka thread, are ALL the photos in my post yours or just that one?

  66. Cute little copyright Quokka has been removed.

  67. Hahah Sophie. Free Michigan delegate. I forgot about that one.

  68. Mr. Quokka and I had a nice email exchange. What a nice person! Liked our blog too. Extra points! Anyways, I feel sorry for all the tracking that will be needed. I remember when I went through that. Damn cute photo so I’ll bet it’s EVERYWHERE.

    If any of you see that photo anywhere, let’s help out by telling the blogger to remove it, okay?

  69. Fox’s own Megyn Kelly takes on the boyz:

  70. Was this a voluntary thing or just a punishment?

    It was Catholic school, where I am sure you understand that volunteering is mandatory. I was later told by one of my principals it was because I being a true egghead, I would research Nixon and not base mock debates/mock interviews/whatever on the whole Kennedy good/Nixon bad spectrum. Then came Watergate and it sort of just defaulted to me at that point.

  71. Gee, look away for a few hours and next thing you know, there’s a Nixon love-fest going on under your post.

    I would agree that it is not a love-fest. It is just that for so long Nixon’s term in office has been summed up in one word. Watergate. I think the old saying “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water” might be apropos Like most, Nixon had his good points, as well as his bad. His personality was such that those points were often more obvious.

    One of my points was the press could see no good in Nixon and then down the road could see no bad in Obama. Neither approach is appropriate and both cause harm in many ways.

    I would also say the Nixon had a very long and full resume. Compared to blank sheet of BO.

  72. I called it a lovefest because there were all these compliments about how wonderful he was (except for Watergate) and how much better he is than Barky with only the most modest of criticisms. I think they both suck.

    Watergate was not the worst thing Nixon did–it was just his biggest punishment. His worst is a toss up between committing treason by interfering with the peace process or conspiring to murder Anderson.

    As far as his relationship with the press, he built that! He was paranoid and treated them like shit and they escalated, and he escalated and it was horrid. On the other hand, Obama promised the press millions of dollars in campaign ads, delivered, and got BJs from them ever since.

    On the other hand, Nixon did like Scotch, so there’s that.

  73. I think the sad part is….after Barky……the bar has been lowered! Now bad presidents look halfway decent in comparison to the slacking, empty suit narcissist.

  74. Yes, the bar has been lowered, for everything these days…politicians, entertainers, education, craftsmanship, everything.

  75. Wow! That’s quite a story Sophie. Common sense and logic seem to have left us. It’s either no reaction, or an overreaction. We are in the overreaction era now. And everyone is in constantly CYA mode.

  76. The bar has also been lowered for honesty/integrity. Significantly. Indeed, in some quarters (think education) cheating is considered a skill.

  77. I have some thoughts on that Uppity, but I should probably keep them to myself.

  78. No you don’t have to, sister. I was referring to a couple of things, namely the percentage of students who admit to cheating and dont see a thing wrong with it and also, the cottage industry of buying written papers from ghost writers. I have a link on that one I think…wait..I’ll update this comment.

    Same kids waiting around for a high paying job.

  79. Ok this is priceless. DE, our own now-world-famous pottererrerrer, sent me this. Hilarious!


  80. I hope Amy Siskind does get invited by Greta to discuss this! Loved the “eat your own rolls” tweet Uppity!

  81. Yeah she sent me love and kisses over that. I should have added, unlike your rolls, you are NOT awesome.

  82. Hey imust, tweet that to him off the twitter thread. Stay on the thread. Let’s have some fun with this SOB.

  83. Okay Uppity. I’ll have to check to see if my twitter still works! LOL! That sounds funny! Can’t tweet if I have a broken twitter!

  84. Full video, Oh Dominant One

  85. Uppity, my account was suspended for tweeting to unsolicited accounts. I guess someone didn’t like one of my tweets! Sawwwyyy! Anyway, I had to promise that I’d never-ever do that again!! 😉

  86. You got hijacked.

  87. Maybe. I haven’t used the account for awhile. Okay. Here I go….tweet-tweet!

  88. It worked Yay!

    New post up!

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