Megyn Kelly takes the two assholes Dobbs and Erickson to the wooodshed.

Where does Fox find these assholes?


DE sent this to me and I, as that crusty old fart Dobbs would say, “Oh Dominant One,” couldn’t resist. Incidentally, fuckwad, my mother ran a business with several hundred employees at any given time– and worked every day — and I know what a crock of bullshit you guys are pimping. Go make your own goddamned sandwich!

Like I said, I couldn’t resist.


…….And how could we possibly have fun without imust?



In closing,

Seriously, Fuck these guys. If I were married to one of them, I’d kill him in his sleep.


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  1. But Uppity…..the rolls! What about the rolls!???

  2. Shit I could go to Cinnabon, eat a roll and not have to put up with that guy’s bullshit from either of his chins.

  3. You gotta really piss me off to get me to stop and do a post right now. lol.

  4. Ok stop tweeting him before he hits spam block. lol. He’s just childish enough.

  5. Always fun times at UW’s.

  6. Yeah, I’ll get suspended again. And I did promise.

  7. Always fun times at UW’s.

    Always DE! Why don’t you hang around and join us!

  8. But I don’t have any pie.

  9. DE no pie????

  10. Great video!

    So sorry to learn of Ms. Stapleton’s death!


  11. Edith!!! Comedic Timing par excellence. And a damned good drama actor too!


  12. DE! Baby!

    Do you know what you did? I haven’t posted for some time and you got me all going.

    My favorite Pottererererer.

  13. Here’s an Edith Bunker classic that actually in on topic for this post.

  14. Gotta get the clay off my hands every now and then. Brutal tweets btw.

  15. I about wet myself when I saw Amy’s post, I just had to share.

  16. Oh that was priceless, DE. You knew I’d jump in on that one.

  17. Hey imust why don’t you do a post on edith for tomorrow. I bet there are some GREAT clips out there.

  18. Hey Scott, I am assuming business is getting better every day, yes? I mean you got your stuff in chef’s magazines, how good is that?

  19. Yeah, I’ll get suspended again. And I did promise.

    Hahah. I’ve promised too. 4 times.

  20. Business couldn’t be better UW. Need to find some eager intern/apprentice types to work for free.

  21. I am blasted. Got out in the garden at 5 AM before it got too hot. Just stayed there. I definitely got a tan. And so I am out there, and needlenose suddently comes to the back door and starts barking like Jack the Ripper is in the house. I tell her to shut up. She won’t. I notice she keeps barking and turning, backing up, coming back. It dawned on me she was alerting. So I go inside and get hit with this fog and horrid smell. I had put eggs in a pan to boil and forgot them. Wouldn’t have been too long before there was was a fire. The burner was red hot. My stainless pan destroyed. Eggs all over the stove. Muh girl. She saved the day.

    Uppity <—————— Idiot.

  22. Along with all the pet stuff we have a few things that we just can’t make enough of. Spiky mugs, French butter crocks and shave bowls.

  23. Good dog!!!!

  24. I think Needlenose needs a new doggie bowl and maybe a doggie treat jar!! 😉

  25. Hey a shave bowl is what you buy a guy who has everything.

  26. imust, she’s already got a nice treat jar and doggie bowl SET.

    I would buy her an impressive collar, but the truth is, you could use an old rope around a Rough Collie’s neck and nobody will ever see it. I will buy her those home made huge biscuits made locally that she loves so much.

  27. Have you seen these dog biscuit makers?

  28. Awe geeze here I thought I was going to read all about Needlenose alert and a further story about how Uppity has a whole lot of plaster repairing to do due to a Possum in the house and a glock going berserk. Fine just some over cooked blown up eggs and a stinky house. Nothing to see here folks move along. Damn was looking for a great laugh.
    About the crack heads on FOX. What can anyone say that would really ring their chimes ? Nothing. Waste of time and breath. I saw Greta going off about it the other day. Eh boyz will be boyz right ladies ? The bastages.

  29. Now you have pi and the formula to make as much more as you want.


  30. Want to really see how important a woman being assaulted is to cops ? Yea we’ve come a long way baby

  31. Did someone mention PI?[zza]

  32. Hey those biscuit makers are cute. I made biscuits for The clydesdale a few times. Except she recognizes them as “Biscotti”. Anyways, I guess they came good because she ate them with gusto. But then she eats wilted lettuce with gusto too. Anyways, I figured making doggie biscotti was a bit over the top, so I stopped doing it.

  33. I’ve been groomed. Worship me.

  34. Utah, you know bullets just bounce off those bastage possums’ skin like rubber. Creepy things, but I haven’t seen one since Der Nadel killed that one. I left it on the lawn as an example to the other possums and I suspect they had a meeting and moved on.

  35. Uppity, I sent you an email!

  36. Wow. I am very worshipful!!

  37. imustagree! A beautiful dog worthy of worship!

    I can’t stand possums either!

  38. Bowing down to Needlenose the Magnificent! Awesome the way she saved your kitchen. She is wonder-dog for sure.

    Sat thru the sexist pig interview. God, the old men are really terrified of change, aren’t they? Pathetic. I sure haven’t raised my son that way. The tweets were very well done!

  39. mcn, loved that article you linked to. LOL!

  40. I’ve been groomed. Worship me.

    She’s so purty.

  41. Ah you have all bowed and scraped. It is fitting and just.

  42. Well she is A beautiful dog worthy of worship Worth her weight in Gold. 🙂

  43. Yeah foxy, her weight in gold. She wouldn’t go out this morning because it was raining. I had to hold a freaking umbrella over he and then wash her paws when she came in.

  44. @ socal

    It is a good article. I’m wondering how many of those men avoid Megan? LOL

  45. It is a good article. I’m wondering how many of those men avoid Megan? LOL

    She always wins the debate. lollol.

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