New York City – 1939


1939/40 World’s Fair



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  1. Japanese footage of Pearl Harbor.

  2. US Soldier footage of Pearl Harbor.

  3. All this new footage being dug up, it just fascinates. Well, at least it fascinates me…

  4. it just fascinates me too Upps. Thanks. 🙂

  5. OT: Brought you a very Uppity GIFt!

  6. OT: New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg (D) passed away this morning due to complications from viral pneumonia. The Senator was 89 years-old and was the oldest currently serving member of the Senate.

  7. Hahahah Greenlantern! Perfect!

  8. Yeah well that seems like the only way Congressmen stop monopolizing Congressional seats. Now our Congress is a skilled nursing home. They stay till they die. The place is starting to look like Weekend at Bernie’s. I’m sorry but it’s true.

  9. I guess I won’t be writing that post on Lautenberg overstaying past his productivity years I had on the back burner.

  10. Sorry to hear that.

  11. Fucking pig and another POS who will die in Congress, treating the chambers like his personal Skilled Nursing home, Saxby Chambliss says we can’t stop sexual assaults and rapes in the military because of “The hormone level created by nature”.

    Yeah that’s right, you fucking asshole. rape is a natural thing, you piece of shit.

  12. Hormones are one thing, but booze and drugs are a very different thing and are frequently involved in the sexcapade investigations that frequently occur in the US military academy here in my state. So, Saxby is dead wrong. Stop the military from getting shit-faced drunk and acting like bunnies, then having buyer’s regret. Next thing you know, NCIS is spending more tax dollars on investigations involving future officers already getting a taxpayer-funded $100,000 education. Once that occurs, I suggest throwing all parties into the fleet to swab the decks.

    The latest investigation involves one who got so drunk that she has no personal recollection of events, but she read on social media that someone had sex with her. And these people will be commanding ships and flying jets? They can’t control their own behavior, but will be trusted with multi-million dollars airplanes and vessels?

    Hormones is not an acceptable explanation.

  13. Here’s a real scandal that sure is not being covered by the media and that conservatives don’t mind spending our tax dollars to fund.

  14. Bill is in trouble…again. Detained by Russian police for smuggling cellphones into prison.

    Bill sez halp! Sen muny!!

  15. Bill, Bill, BIll dubbed a “kot kontrabandist” by Russian media!!!

    From the Telegraph (UK)

    Authorities at Correctional Colony No. 1 in Verkhny Chov said the black and white courier had been “detained in the act of trying to deliver forbidden objects” after being intercepted on a 6pm patrol of the perimeter on Friday.

    Was there a James Bond Marathon on over the weekend because it seems old Bill got the idea that he was the feline equivalent of 007. I am sure he will be offended at being described as just plain old black & white cat and not as a smooth talking Tuxedo.

  16. Erick Erickson is an easy target::

    In an interview on Lou Dobbs’ radio show today, the founder of conservative blog RedState was asked why he thought there had never been a female president and responded in typically misogynistic fashion.

    “Well there’s no mystery there,” Erickson responded. “The laws of nature dictate that males are intellectually superior to females. In order to become president of the United States, you gotta have some brains to work with.

    “It’s not like no woman has ever tried. Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was gonna be president, but she got outsmarted by a man. Most don’t even get that far; they get outsmarted at the Congressional or Senate level.

    “Women are dumb, Lou. Most species of monkey are smarter than women. Not gorillas necessarily, but certainly chimpanzees, orangutans and baboons.”

    P.S. The Daily Currant is a satire site!

  17. I figured it was either the Daily Currant or the Onion. But it’s not too far off the mark. Those sexist pig dumbasses might not come out and say it, but they think it!

  18. Pile on guys–now let’s blame working moms for the downfall of education.

    According to Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant (R) education started to go down hill once women started working to support their families.

    Note: Not from a parody site.

  19. I think the only way we’ll be able to tell if they’re parody sites is when guests start talking about their cinnamon rolls….oh wait…..

  20. Hahah you’re right. I actually believed that dipwad Erickson said that. I mean he’s so into his two chins, he doesn’t even realize that he looks like the A Hole he is.

    Bill. He’s so out of control. His twitter has taken off an they are coming to take me away soon, as I am actually enjoying interacting with other cats. And dogs. Somebody halp me.

  21. Hugo what some of these military pricks need to hear about is a few of them having their packages removed by the women they assault. that’ll cure them. See, that’s the problem here, women haven’t figured out that the punishment, when it fits the crime, makes them shiver with hesitation. It will happen one day. I personally look forward to writing about it when it does. And make no mistake. This crap starts at the top. Look at the scandals of these so-called Generals. despicable men.

  22. I want to say something about that story of the 10 year old awaiting a lung transplant. What is going on here is JUST PLAIN WRONG. For starters, Sebelius has NOTHING, government has NOTHING to do with UNOS. They are limited to the law that allowed UNOS to occur.

    Do we really want fly by night HHS directors jerking around with decisions better left to the MEDICAL COMMUNITY? Isn’t this what we are complaining about with Obamacare?
    This is NOT Sebelius’s fault or even her immediate business. Thank GOD Sebelius cannot intervene and swoop down and pluck organs for special people. Can you imagine the precedent!? That’s ALL she CAN do is talk about checking out policy. Thank God. Thank GOD!

    The organ donor rules are in place for good reasons. To try to push a person ahead of others using publicity is just plain wrong! Right now, that young girl’s region has dozens of OTHER children in the same condition she is in, and many more adults in the same position. At UNOS, no one person’s life is more important than another person’s life. That is not how organs are appropriated. Only people who don’t know SHIT about UNOS would dare to DEMAND that government tell UNOS to KILL SOMEONE ELSE for a person who has publicity. I don’t think people understand how many people, children included, who are in the same terrible shape as that girl. Shall we kill a 17 year old because a 10 year old needs that organ just as much? Can you wrap your head around the ethical involvement here? Or shall we appropriate that organ based on the best chance of success combined with level of need. BOTH are important.

    It looks as though the child is only registered in one region. That doesn’t have to be so. Secondly, who is to say an 18 year old awaiting a set of lungs should die in her place? She has been at the list top for a year. I have known people at that point who had to wait for years. People die every day waiting for an organ. You don’t stick a set of lungs from a 50 year old who weighs 250 pounds in a ten year old’s body for chrissakes!. The organs go to the people who are the closest to PERFECT match. UNOS is not in business to stick organs in people whose chances of success are low because of publicity. To do such a thing is to see the recipient die AND the OTHER recipient who lost out die too.

    This dog and pony show incenses me. It’s a shame, a travesty. If anything. To put pressure on UNOS for this is simply wrong. We should be careful what we ask for. UNOS has been around doing the job for a long time. If government could intercept UNOS, only big shots would get organs. You know it.

    There are dumbos out there who think something just has to up and die and poof! We make transplants. It is not so. A transplant lister can register in multiple regions, providing they are able to get to their surgical site within 4 hours. That’s a large swath via airplane. Point being, the patient is NOT limited to where they live only. As for how organs are procured: The deceased has to die a certain way, conditions have to be right, timing of harvesting has to be just right, for their organs to be viable. They don’t just grab any dead person’s organs and find them usable just because they have a donor card.
    What UNOS is. Thank GOD they have NOTHING to do with Washington DC. They are governed by hospitals and the medical community, with very precise rules for maximum SUCCESS. You don’t get to skip anybody in line who is just as bad off as you are, this is not a supermarket checkout line. I do wish people would learn a little bit about UNOS before turning it into a political football and a tool for a political party.

  23. It is sad this little girl is in this shape but she is no more or no less important then any other. Getting government involved in health care is wrong no matter how you slice it. I am happy to see there will be no intervening in this. If we did you can bet your bottom dollar you would never get an organ EVER ! Only the rich would get one or important people.
    We need to leave well enough alone and stop believing we can save everyone. People die it is what we do. How long you get is chance. What I am pissed about is the high cost of health care and Obama care has sent it to all new levels and many will die that should not have had we left it alone or allowed across state line buying. The insurance companies won the people lost.
    Medicare is a fricking joke now more then ever. Trust me I am going broke on hubby’s care. Soon I will have nothing.

  24. As it is, we already have big boys swooping down on the organ system. I give you Mickey Mantle, Steve jobs, Dick Cheney. They got what they needed pretty damned fast. As for Mantle, any other person would have been rejected as a recipient, considering he was a fall-down drunk, which is how his liver got eaten.

  25. Add the late Larry Hagman to that list Uppity. He was a 40+ year drunk and rotted his liver and bam he got one and someone that needed it and was not a drunk died. It is already a some what corrupt system so need we foul it up worse ? Folks need to stop grabbing special cause and running for the government to get into the act. I would think by now we have all felt a little sting from having our illustrious leaders becoming involved .
    If you have not been bitten by the government interference bug yet trust me you will.

  26. Glad to see Sebelius stay out of the pediatric organ transplant issue. Just goes to show how two-faced we are in the US when it comes to bigger government/smaller government. We hate the nanny state until we want it to save our own butts. I’m very sorry for the child and her family, but it’s not up to the government to procure a new organ. Feds don’t generally get involved in the practice of medicine and that’s really the issue here.

    Still not a fan of Sebelius. She is politically motivated and does not act in the best interest of the average person. $$$ talks.

  27. Uppity, no doubt that military sex assaults need to be prosecuted and punishments handed out, but prevention should include looking at the incubators of military leaders where not a year goes by without some BS involving NCIS investigating sex, drugs, and drunken behavior. These are supposed to be the elite and they end up being the leaders who will eventually have to deal with sexual assault or sexual harassment cases. It does start at the top and where the top level is created.

  28. Hugo, don’t forget the child porn bust on government computers. At the PENTAGON. notice how you never heard a word about what happened. That’s because nothing filthy is ever a big deal with this bunch. You can bet they are all still employed. There are other orgs too. I have posts on them, just too tired to look them up right now.

    Utah, what I think guys like Cheney and Jobs etc did was register in all regions, which is legal. They had the ability to fly out on their private flights and get to a transplant in time. They also had the money and the golden insurance to get evaluated in every region possible. This increases odds of getting the match exponentially. Once again, it’s about Money, because it would be too expensive to pay for all those evaluations and trips if you weren’t rich enough. In the USA the truth is, health care is the very best for the rich always. That is why Michael Douglas isn’t dead right now with one of the most aggressive cancers, which he now blames on women. Just like his pig of an old man. His father treated women like dog shit. Said women had one thing in common with dogs. You gotta beat them now and then.

    As my grandmother used to say, “Money makes the blind see”.

  29. We hate the nanny state until we want it to save our own butts.


  30. That Saxby Chambliss is a pig, but he is dissing men as well. According to his theory about hormones, men are animals without the brains or self control to keep themselves from raping a woman a they see.

  31. Those WW2 vids were chilling.

  32. Police in Beijing give women advise about groping on public transportation. Cover up. Poor men can’t control themselves.

  33. Well we are pigs.

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