Did Someone Mention OccuPIE :)

Per SophieCT:


Mic Check
Mic Check
Uppity is on hiatus from the blog until #tbd
Uppity is on hiatus from the blog until #tbd
but the blog WILL stay up indefinitely
but the blog WILL stay up indefinitely
so you don’t have to worry that you’ll click here one day and it will be gone
so you don’t have to worry that you’ll click here one day and it will be gone
so long as it doesn’t turn into a flame war
so long as it doesn’t turn into a flame war

What say you Uppityites?  Can we get a twinkles up?

We are Uppityites!! We ARE the 99%!

Okay then……we’ll need a few things.

1.) Tents

An Uppity Tent.
Deal With It.

What??  You were expecting some dirty old pup tent?  For Uppityites??

2.)  Supplies

Hmmm…..something’s missing…..

Oh yeah!

Will one be enough??

One probably won’t be enough, but I’m sure we can get more donations!

3.) Finally, no self-respecting OccuPIE would be without a Drum Circle!

Is everyone comfy cozy now??  Twinkles up!!

So what’s in the news?  Hillary of course!  Hillary joined twitter and made a splash with her first tweet:

Over 300,000 followers in the first day!

But my favorite tweet was from Chelsea Clinton who tweeted a “selfie” with her mom!

So Uppityites, that’s my first #occuPIEuppity’sblog post.  Let your voice be heard!  Power to the 99%!  Comment, but don’t forget to tip the NSA monitor on your way out!!

……I almost forgot…..here’s my selfie:

Does this selfie make me look fat?


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  1. What a nice surprise to open my email and see a notice that there was a post up. Carry on!!

  2. Awww….fredster! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh, Your Royal Pieness–I love it!!

  4. Thanks Sophie! Have some pie!

  5. Thanks–what kind of pie pairs well with Scotch?

  6. What DOESN’T pair well with Scotch? But seriously, maybe an apple, peach or pecan?

  7. Pecan it is.

    I have to say, we have the most Upscale Uppity Occupy site ever! The tent is glorious. The refreshments are decadent. The drumming is outstanding. You are a most excellent event planner and hostess. We must occupy more often!

    Oh, and by this morning, Hillary had half a million Twitter followers. Pass the Scotch.

  8. First class accommodations! Love the tent and the occupie. Looks like healthy eating to me.

    Love Chelsea’s selfie. So proud of her activities with CGI.

  9. Thanks Sophie and Hugo. Not to toot my own horn….but I have been known to throw some pretty awesome parties…just sayin’.

    As for Hillary, yes, I just checked she has over 506k followers! Lots of tweets to #textsfromhillary too! She seems to be settling herself in to CGI as is Chelsea. Love that they’re moving it from Chicago to Denver.

  10. Still4Hill has some photos from Hillary’s appearance today at the SHRM http://still4hill.com/2013/06/16/today-on-hillary-clintons-agenda-3/

  11. Wow! I’m gone for a day and a half and look what happens!
    Love the tent, the supplies and the fellow campers !
    And Happy Father’s Day to all !

  12. How late can we keep drumming? Do we need to reach a consensus at an assembly meeting?

  13. Good point! We need an assembly meeting! We need consensus!

    Here’s our hand signals:

  14. Course we could always use these signals:

  15. Funny, the Point of Order sign looks like something else in ASL.

  16. Oh really Sophie, what?

  17. So when is the assembly meeting? I need to practice those hand signs.

  18. Interesting food for thought, imust. I’m all for more women in power (political and economic), but not just any women. We know there are women who make their living and garner attention by acting like old guys or by backstabbing women to please the old guys or out of jealousy. More power to women who’ve risen above the petty conduct and who genuinely work for the greater good.

  19. Yes, true Hugo. But maybe that’s because the men still way out number the women. If 52% of the positions of power were held by women, maybe there would be a different climate all together that wouldn’t encourage women to backstab or try to please their male co-workers or bosses. Just a thought.

  20. imust, there’s data somewhere to suggest that the dynamic you mentioned happens at 30%. Yes, I’d still like 52%.

  21. Unbelievable Sophie. I’m surprised they didn’t add a provision to throw the woman in a pool of water and if she doesn’t drown, she’s a witch.

  22. Anyone here in Florida? It is now illegal to sell any drug paraphernalia whatsoever. No pipes, bongs, or anything.


    We are definitely never occupying Florida.

  23. Aren’t you so happy to know that the Obamas are in Ireland looking for their Irish roots? Of course Barry O’Bama found out:

    President Obama’s great-great-great-grandfather was born in the village of Moneygall, where some of his distant relatives still live.


  24. Mic check!
    Mic check!

    Are Sophie, Hugo and I the only ones occupying this place?
    Are Sophie, Hugo and I the only ones occupying this place?




  25. imust, your point about the 52% is well taken. But, I’m thinking of the conduct during the 2008 campaign and of Uppity’s post regarding the early feminist history, and I hope we can do better on our way to 52%.

    Here’s some help for Michelle in her search for her Irish roots. Irish mac-n-cheese.


  26. Need.Mac.n.Cheese.

  27. Nice campout! Has anyone seen Karen around?

  28. Not for awhile socal. 😦

  29. I still drop by and read. You guys crack me up and lord knows I need it these days seriously. Sophie my garden is rocking. I will be canning my heart out soon. Keep up the good work gang. Uppity may need a break but the rest of you keep it going. Do not let this blog go into the zone.

  30. Hey Utah! Thanks for the encouragement! We will do our best, but I dunno….I’m watching the stats go…..down…down…down…. People come here to read Ms. Uppity and her righteous rants! Hey, you’re quite the ranter yourself….care to write a post or two….?? Maybe some stories about Uppity, like the possum story???
    Twinkles up???

  31. Claire McCaskill is ready for Hillary!!! She sent me an e-mail telling ne that after kissing obama’s butt, she’s now a passionate Hillary supporter. How exciting. Guess putting all her eggs into the Obama basket didn’t work out so well.

  32. imust, when I searched for this blog, only the 6/7/13 post comes up. Could be my search engine, but this post does not come up. Maybe that’s contributing to the drop in the stats. Just guessing.

  33. Claire! Did she ask her kids if she was Ready for Hillary? Did her kids give her permission??? I wouldn’t trust Claire as far as I could throw her.
    As for the stats…don’t know if that’s it Hugo, but you never know. Hey, I bet you have a righteous rant that we could post, no?! 🙂

  34. Let me think on it, imust. Ranting is one of my sports. And I do have a few burrs under my saddle these days.

  35. LOL! I knew it! Let it rip! 🙂
    I’ll give you a pie!

  36. I’m tired of smelling flowers 😦

  37. Did she ask her kids if she was Ready for Hillary?

    ROFLMAO!! No shit.You really can’t make this stuff up.

  38. Flowers smell better than stinkbugs. I’ll trade ya.

    I was just perusing the Helen Keller International FB page and learned that she as been labeled by one researcher/writer as the Mother of the Occupy Movement. She was one tough woman. Nothing held her back. And she’s still having impact on an international level. Reminds me of Hillary in terms of the never-ending work to improve the lives of others.

    Meanwhile, the Griswalds, I mean obamas, are chowing down on fish-n-chips with Bono on their summer vacay in Ireland. Fish-n-chips are really good for combating essential fatty acid deficiencies when used in conjunction with potato doughnuts. Finger-lickin’ good. They washed it all down with Guiness. No kidding.

  39. The House passed the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection
    Act” by a nearly party-line vote of 228 to 196.

    Full text of the bill here:

    Scroll down to the “Congress finds and declares the following” part so you can see how anti-science gets codified into law. This is a medically disputed theory and it is written into the bill.

    Given my age and my orientation I remain unaffected by this bill, yet it disgusts me to no end.

  40. Meanwhile, the Griswalds, I mean obamas, are chowing down on fish-n-chips with Bono on their summer vacay in Ireland. Fish-n-chips are really good for combating essential fatty acid deficiencies when used in conjunction with potato doughnuts.

    M. Obama didn’t mean that SHE had to eat healthy!

  41. The Bush admin had real problems with science, and there was a big backlash, including a government wide survey to establish how many government scientists believe their work was dismissed or altered for political reasons. But things did not improve with Obama–politics continues to trump science.


    So, the Congressional asses can just make up phoney medical “facts” too. Scoring political points and sucking up to the base by any means necessary. Both sides of the aisle stink on this and are dishonest to the core.

    This bill is offensive for a number of reasons, but does it really have to define “woman?” Now we’ve been defined!

  42. Interesting Hugo. The first thing the article mentions is the BP oil spill. Gosh, we haven’t heard anything about that for a long time! Well, since the oil went away magically that is.

  43. LOL yea Uppity and the Possum. Now I have to say she was on a real rant about the poor critter. I mean she was all worked up ! Me I knew what a Possum was and looked like but her description of this giant rat with teeth that could eat through a brick house was killing me. On she goes about this thing that is going to get into her house and eat her and I have to admit I never laughed so hard at a story in my life. I mean I was about to wet my pants. Seriously ! I had coffee spewed everywhere and needed to get to the bathroom in a hurry. You would have thought it was an alien the size of a Cadillac on her porch!
    I did get a tad worried ( between bathroom trips from laughing) that she might have a heart attack so I told her it is a Possum.
    I have to admit that my daughter and I have had many hours of fun at her expense. What with the bear and other critters lmao. She is a very good sport to be sure.
    My daughter and I were on the telephone as we were writing about her trip to the woods in a cabin and jeeze Louise we were laughing so darn hard it was crazy. Uppity started reading it and I do believe we made her spew coffee that day too.
    I have had many a year of great times and sad times with her and love her to death.

  44. Awww….nice Utah. But in Uppity’s defense, possums are pretty ugly creatures!!

  45. I’ll say.

    Evil oppossum

  46. there was a possum on my back porch last night. It was fierce! I was scared enough to stay indoors.

  47. Although, if I had opened the door, it would probably scampered away. (I hope)

  48. My dog got ahold of one recently. It was a baby I think. We thought it was dead and scooped it up with a shovel and put it in a trash can. Well, true to its name…..the next day it was gone~it had played possum.

  49. Eeek! That possum is terrifying! We get quite a few of them here, Sometimes they have fights with the racoons or cats that roam around. They like our backyard tree and are always hanging out there. Nasty critters.

    I read this interesting piece last nite by Robt Scheer about the private company that is doing all the spying on us and its connection to Carlyle. Those Bushies are always into whatever is bad for this country and its people. Anyway, would love to hear what you guys think about this whole issue. At first I thought the whistleblower guy was an idiot, but I’m having second thoughts.


    I’m glad you guys are still here. ❤

  50. socal, We’re glad you’re still here too. 🙂

    Interesting read, that article you linked. I am so pissed at the NSA rhetoric. I think those folks are incompetent. They spend a ton of our money (even before 9/11) and prevented nothing. They’re claiming the prevented 50 terrorist attacks since 9/11 but I don’t believe them for a minute. I think they may have prevented a few crimes, but terrorist attacks? No. Unless they’re counting the fake ones that were FBI stings. But still not 50. It is in their best interest to let bad things happen so that their budget increases. As far as I’m concerned, if we’re spying on Americans like this, Al Qaeda won–we have no freedoms.

  51. @socal. My understanding is that nothing that the whistleblower disclosed has put the US in danger. He didn’t reveal names of undercover CIA agents or assets (unlike Bush) or give any secret plans for operations or weapons. So I’m thinking right now that I’m glad he has exposed the spying on law abiding Americans. He has shined a light on something that could be very dangerous and erode the civil rights that we expect in this country (if it hasn’t already). Time to require actual transparency from the so-called “transparent president”. JMO

  52. I agree Sophie. That “we stopped 50 attacks” is BS. What about the Boston Bombers?? They weren’t the sharpest tools and were making phone calls out the ying-yang so why didn’t they catch them??

    socal, We’re glad you’re still here too.


    Group hug!!!


  54. Interesting point about the Bushes and Booz Allen Hamilton. During his two terms as POTUS, Bush worked hard to dismantle federal agencies under the executive branch by contracting out more of their work. The most troubling point of this NSA story to me is that a private contractor has so much access to our national security secrets and that that contractor hired someone with limited qualifications to peruse our operations and take it upon himself to decide what’s legal and what should be publically disclosed whether or not the info compromised agents, ongoing investigations, and/or our national security. That’s a lot of power entrusted to contractors and their employees, who do not swear the oath to uphold the law, as do real government agents. Booz Allen Hamilton should loose all government contracts based on its failure to vet this rogue employee.

    Booz Allen Hamilton holds lots of other government contracts, even in non-defense agencies. I had the misfortune of dealing with one of their crappy computer programs they developed specifically for my employer. Taxpayers pay them bug buck to design garbage programs that waste time. No surprise they have cozy connections to the Bush money changers

  55. Thanks for weighing in, all of you, great comments. I always understand an issue better after its been thrashed out here.

  56. Vintage imust wit. Thanks for the laugh. (Love the Uppity Tent!)

  57. Thanks NES! But what about the scotch??

  58. Well, it wasn’t my favorite Scotch. But, hey, I drank it anyway!

  59. LOL! You’ll have to tell me what your favorite Scotch is so I can order it up!

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